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  1. Hope it's based on the Ginter plans and not anigrands er "interpretation " with the 18mm too shallow fuselage depth...
  2. Thanks for the sprue shots .....doesn't look too bad so far
  3. Yes it's staggering how wrong the shapes are /yet it still looks like an HL 10. On my kit I've done massive amounts of sanding to restore the curved feel . (The resin is thick enough) fixing the fin shape is worth doing to improve the look ....don't get me started on the anigrand xb 51 tho ...it's worse
  4. Don't forget to reshape the fins on the HL 10 as they are not even remotely accurate ...:(
  5. You forgot the FW 190 and Little Nellie /Wallis autogyro (the first of the 124th flyers !)
  6. I have to say that the nose shapes on the contrail kit are way off ....the Merlin kit has a way more accurate nose shape. Very much like the Kora...
  7. Would strong double sided tape help ? That way you could still remove the top dome and hopefully close the gaps ?
  8. Mines just shipped ....also on their bay of E listing there's photos of it in their store
  9. To be fair the Mach 2 lifting bodies are WAY more accurate than Anigrands HL10 which is like a squared off caricature of the real thing ....
  10. I'm in the "buy it so we get the 1/32nd Fairey Fruitbat sooner camp !"
  11. Agree totally .it's part of the absolute brilliance of the show
  12. Loving this ....in all the years I've rewatched Thunderbirds its never dawned on me that TB1s upper hangar takes up most of the house !
  13. Funnily enough I'm building the old comet miniatures kit atm ...lovely vacform .just watched the whole series on Blu Ray which inspired me to deep dive in my stash
  14. Actually heard from him and got an order posted a week ago . So all good
  15. Are you sure the pilot didn't just run up the wings and jump off the top ?
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