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  1. The resin conversions and plastic dito all have very peculiar noses, too short is just one observation.
  2. I have his SARO Princess which looks amazing. The surface is a bit rough but for the price and size it’s fantastic value. Personally I like the challenge of non-Tamigawa kits and the building effort, and in this case it is not insurmountable, far from. The HP.42 is already on its way !
  3. Have ordered the kit but requested to skip the panellines which are way too wide. A lot of sanding but I am used to build balsa planes so no problem there
  4. I had a look at their Convair 440 and the windows are totally wonky, seems to be a reaccuring problem with Mach2?
  5. Wow, imagine it in BEA red box livery: https://sv.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/De_Havilland_Comet#/media/Fil%3ABEA_de_Havilland_DH-106_Comet_4B_Berlin.jpg
  6. Totally agree with this attitude, I am trying to stop making a b——y university thesis every time I start a new build. Too many shelf queens prove my personal point that it’s not a workable method. Have also stopped competing for the very same reason. I build for my own enjoyment only. Here we finally have a 1/32. B-24: get cracking at it!!
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