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  1. What if............. Tamiya were to take over the WnW’s molds? Would be right up their alley. What if .....
  2. The resin conversions and plastic dito all have very peculiar noses, too short is just one observation.
  3. I have his SARO Princess which looks amazing. The surface is a bit rough but for the price and size it’s fantastic value. Personally I like the challenge of non-Tamigawa kits and the building effort, and in this case it is not insurmountable, far from. The HP.42 is already on its way !
  4. Have ordered the kit but requested to skip the panellines which are way too wide. A lot of sanding but I am used to build balsa planes so no problem there
  5. I had a look at their Convair 440 and the windows are totally wonky, seems to be a reaccuring problem with Mach2?
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