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  1. Hallo Thank you all for your nice comments. Despite this, I constantly want to improve the quality of my models. Each model is a challenge. The Mig-25 was a heavy challenge, since I searched for photos, not from the scrap yard, from operative aircraft. Operative aircraft from military operators. Color photos were not at my disposal. Happy modelling
  2. Hallo Thank you all for your nice comments. Despite this, I constantly want to improve the quality of my models. Each model is a challenge. Happy modelling
  3. Hallo Now at the beginning, my resin parts from Blackdog. A joy, when looking just a fast look. If you go into detail, oh my goodness! All bent in the forward section and so thin, that the light shines through already. To use it, I would have to eliminate the front step. It should be all level after the head cushion. If I would do this, I would have a film and all would fall apart. It is a shame. Maybe I can use the engine. Do not know, because the support legs are broken too! I prefer less detail but accuracy to install the whole conversion part. To give my dog a little joy, I put some goodies in the Reskit box. She liked it a lot! Now, let’s rest the bad thing. I progressed on all etched parts. Interior is finished, seat belts are done & also the back seat cushion in scratch. Exterior is also finished, as far as it is not outside the fuselage, and cargo cabin is also finished. Now I will focus on the engine compartment. Maybe I can use the resin engines. The rotor gear box I have already in resin anyway. After this is done, I will check it all over and think about spraying so far. Happy modelling
  4. Hallo Now today was resin day. All resin parts from my rotor kit from Reskit are done. It was a very delicate cutting. Many tiny crispy parts from a 3D print set. With my tools as US-cutter and Japanese saw an easy job actually. Some grinding and some drilling. Now I got the assembly so far, to decide what I really want to do. Waiting for Blackdog resin kit or a mixture of resin kits or to work with kit parts. I was doing from 08:00 to 14:00. Happy modelling
  5. Hallo Today I started at 13.00 and finished at 15.30 right now. I proceed in detailing the cargo room. With etched parts and some plastic parts too. On the other hand, I finished the cockpit equipment with etched parts & scratch & plastic parts. Now I have to do the seat belts and cushion. And I will start with the resin gear box and rotor. I hope to get my resin parts from Black dog on Friday. To decide how to proceed. Happy modelling
  6. @Mike, the Mi-35 is also in the pipeline. The Yak-130 and a lot of Su-27 derivates. 30, 33, 34, 35 Happy modelling
  7. Hallo This is the start of my Mi-24. All you see is the job from 08:00 until 15:45 this day. First of all I had to get a picture of this kit. How do parts fit, what is the overall design and how about handling. Well, after that closing up process, I got to the etched parts and made many cross switches between instruction from Zvezda to Eduard. In my mind I had to place two sets from etched parts in. Cockpit interior and cargo interior. With both in mind to check what makes sense, and what to leave out. Actually the instruction from Eduard surprised me until this hour. No flaw noticed and as you see all parts fit. The instruments at this set are much better from production as all seen before. However, I proceed that way, that I install prepainted etched parts before spraying. I mask them and this works well. So I can hide the gluing margin or leftover. · For tomorrow I have left some interior for the WO, still to finish and some electronic boxes from unpainted fret. · And to finish the big rear bulkhead from the cargo room. · The back seat cushion I will probably create by scratch. The next challenge is my resin rotor. Here I have to be careful. Since I am not sure if I will use the resin engine installation from Black Dog which I get by the end of this week. The rotor I think I will use in every case from the Reskit. The gear box from Reskit or Black Dog? This question I will decide at weekend. Happy modelling
  8. Hallo @exdraken, the cockpit, to my information, was that color. Analogy to Mig-31. Color pics from the Mig-25 RBT I have none. Do you have any reliable information from an Russian RBT? Happy modelling
  9. Where and when was your a/c flown? This is the first question to you before you can get a reply! Happy modelling
  10. Hallo This is my 1/48 scale Su-25 from Zvezda. I used the Quintas cockpit decals and the masks from NewWare. The probes are from Master. In all, it was a nice built. I did one Su-25 UB from KP, but I had to give up due to poor resin parts in the Master series. So it was a happy building now this kit. The parts are well designed and the instruction is quite logic. Have a look: Happy modelling
  11. Hallo This is my 1/48 scale Mig-25 from ICM. I used Eduard etched parts for interior. Also I used the Reskit exhaust nozzle and the masks from NewWare. The ladder is from LD in 3D print. The gear is from Dream Model. Well in all it was a nice built. The instruction was fine and with the Mig-31 already done, it was a nice built. Somehow also relaxing. The legs for the gear are in much more detail as SEC gears usually are. The price is, the legs are a bit softer. The Reskit nozzle was easy to build and to install. The Eduard parts also no great hazard. The masks from NewWare are simple the best I have. No matter which a/c. The spraying was done with Gunze C, CX and MC, M and SM colors. Well, so have a look: Happy modelling
  12. The Albacore in Yeoville, has as far as I remember the rigging bare flat metall. It was an aircraft for day ops. About night ops, we can guess. No pic will show you this, since there is shade anyway. Happy modelling
  13. @Black Knight, you are right. But at the picture above you can also see the cowling! The flat steel of thr wires would be equal like the cowling! Happy modelling
  14. Ok I searched all pics on the web, I found in a short time. No operational aircraft shows this item. But, they show bomb facilities like German aircraft which have a fairing. So, maybe a utility to carry little anti-personal bombs, like pencils? Or smoke generators? The suspension and rigging of this item I miss on the photos! This is in opposition to my clue. Happy modelling
  15. Oh, interesting! I guess to have clue. I need an overall pic or scetch to get further. With position on the item in question. The duty of the a/c in question was? Stationed where? Any info? Happy modelling
  16. As I see, you are looking for colors of Luftwaffe late war aircraft. Anyway, you are on a long time engaged in this matter, as I found threats from you of 2015 alredy. First of all: The RLM 76 late war, which you need on both versions there are lots of result on the web already. Not to mix up with the early 76 blue grey! Top color is a ground camo only! Therfore RLM 81 & 82 or 83. Color at this time was used at a minimum! Saving recurces. Happy modelling
  17. Hallo It looks generally good. If you want to improove something? Take a flat varnish. I recomend Gunze CX 113 or 114. 114 is smooth flat, 113 is more rough. Happy modelling
  18. You may stretch the question to RAF early twins too. Blenheim, Anson, Whittley, Hampdon.. I worked on these subject a decade ago. I came across of de-icing paste. But devenitly the ops under icing condition I remember on late Wellington from Italy after 1943. Happy modelling
  19. Hallo Yes, @Giorgio N, the thing in railways is a bit more complex. I follow of interest all news and accidents in Germany & Austria only. The systems are not equal, but the basic iscequal.Each path of track has a critical temperature. Beyond the track will moove sideward. This is the problem. The onboard scaning is not deployed yet. The time range between examining the path is not a constant one. Depending on many factors. The last accidents in Austria & Germany are not solved yet. The safety margin in pushed trains is far below pulled trains. This is a risky thing. I am on the way to get more insight. But to understand it is the switch from a well prooved system - pulled trains-- to an unsave but ecconomicaly more profitable - pushed train- from today. The passenger in the first 3 cars bears high risk. To understand the heavy locomotive is on the rear end! Just profit. If an accident today may occure on such a fast train we have a stock on causalties. No safety margin left. On the other way, we can not build all tracks new. Since axle load increased enormous and lateral forces too. Old bridges can not be built new within few years. Like you fly with a present day airliner and land on a gras airfield. On the other hand consider mixed trafic. Cargo trains v max. 80 or 100 km/h and next track fast train with v max. 230 km/h. The aerodynsmical effects are extreme and mostly not obeyed. As pasenger waiting on a platform and a train with 150 km/h passes by! So far, just little inside the railway. I like new things if they are better than old. Sometimes it is not thought over all aspects neccessary. Happy modelling
  20. @ckw Hallo, you all In design I can talk after 40 years in my job of mechanical engineering. The example 737 max: This aircraft was designed against basic laws of creating a stable a/c at all. So you needed computer to counter the big momentum created by the engine. Actualy in the past we often designed self stabilizing systems. At this time there were no computers on hand. Even in static, if you know much abput loads, load and stress distribution, you can choose a better way, as you depend only on computers. If you calculate with FE elements on stress analysis, you must understand the random. The boundary. This must be done by hand and understanding. If you do not understand it the calc will be wrong. If you can navigate without automatic, you will have a good life as a pilot. If you depend only on GPS you are a poor soul. Today: The railway system was a stable system. Why not today? We are going faster than 160km/h. This is like the sound barrier in mechanical for each railway. The harmonic sinus like path changes to a zickzack line. Much wear as consequences. Today: rails must be welded, because of high speed. Consequences are thermal expansions do not have to occure anymore. Therefore the base of each track must be more solid, better steel, deformation may occure. If they are not dedected on time, havy accidents may occure. And today we are not pulling trains only, we are pushing them. Consequences are heavy wear and they are prone to accidents. Passengers sit in the drformation zone! Not everything from today is good. Much things are far overstretched. The side ruler is and was a good tool. Today I hate to depend on costly updates of programms. Freedom should never be forgotten. Happy modelling
  21. Hallo There are websites available with all stencils on the F-4 in versions. I dl not know yet where. I worked with them. Happy modelling
  22. Just to add: The IAF was met with sich incidences of a broken suport chain: With the French. At matters of Mirage III which lead to the Nesher with all consequences. Todsy they design their own computer system for the F-35. In all other a/c mostly is Israeli frsign anyway. Only if you are independent you are free! Happy modelling
  23. Hallo Nice comunication. It is all said. One point at the end I missed: Present day a/c systems make every country depending on the distributor. This dependency may kill you. If you do not get the key to operate them on time! As in Austria weapon defence systems on the EF, we need a key each time we would need it. As far as I am informed from our AF. The same thing, also the back side of the coin, is the Iranien AF. If a country changes the sides, the 5th genetation fighter may be obsolete! This term should also be mentioned. In case of emergency you are naked. Happy modelling
  24. Hallo Sir, I assume you wanted to say F-15I Raam. Right? I just ask about the nozzles. As far as I know, the F-15I uses turkey feathers only. Look: BTW: IAF uses no E version at all! Happy modelling
  25. Excellent! The model & pics. Like a profi! Happy modelling
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