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  1. Thanks for the very positive reply’s everyone!
  2. I can’t even get an airbrush finish as good as that, very well done!
  3. I realise this type of project is nothing new, but it’s something I’ve fancied doing for a while and has been a refreshing change and a welcome break from the usual kit bashing. The kit was an impulse purchase from Aldi whilst doing the weekly shopping and at less than a fiver for a starter kit I thought it rude to pass up on such a bargain. Anyway, after a minor amount of flash was trimmed off the sprue the airframe was airbrushed using the little paint pots supplied which were diluted with Tamiya X-20A thinners. Everything was then lacquered with Humbrol Gloss prior to applying the decals af
  4. Very well detailed and finished at that scale. I’m currently building a Grob Astir at the same scale so I know just how much effort you’ve put into such a diminutive model.
  5. A very nice build, but as far as I can see from your photos the inboard lower flaps and upper wing spoilers are in the correct position and don’t impinge on the ailerons.
  6. You’ve done a terrific job of that especially given how tiny the model is.
  7. Nice job, and you’ve just inspired me to build a Harrier myself...and possibly a Buccaneer too.
  8. Another Airfix kit has found its way onto my building board, but this time in the guise of their re-tooled 1/48 Mk.22/24 Spitfire. The kit builds very nicely without any major issues, but the canopy could have done with being bought up to date as it’s far too thick and on my example it was crazed all over. Not wanting to spend money on extras it was simply built out of the box with the addition of just a couple of scratch built parts, ie. the aerial under the starboard wing, seat belts and rudder trim tab actuator. Exhausts , pitot probe and cannons were drilled out and the three lights under
  9. Very nicely done, and I especially like the prototypical rotor droop. Super model!
  10. Thanks for the kind words and heads up on the crow bar Joachim, I shall amend the colour tomorrow!
  11. Thanks Chris, much appreciated and I very much approve of your Avatar!
  12. Having built an amount of axis tanks and aircraft over the past years I thought it time to try my hand at an allied aeroplane for fear of favouritism . This is the 1/48 Eduard Profi kit of a Mk.VIII Spitfire and my first attempt at one of their kits and I have to say they are top quality with crisp detailing and almost perfect fit of parts along with many decal options, not to mention the photo etch parts. Suffice to say this won’t be the last Eduard kit I’ll be building! Anyway, this is built out of the box using Ultimate Primer, Tamiya paints, Humbrol lacquers, oil paint wash and weathering
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