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  1. Masterpiece! Did you deepen some lines? - in my kit on some parts they are barely visible.
  2. Yeah, I know that TBM was reboxed, but unfortunately kit was sold out in every shop which I checked... but half hour ago I found one kit (only one) on online auction so now it's mine. About chipping - it's a first time in my whole life when I decided to make them on model in other way than using crayoons. It was always my weak point, so I found (in my opinion) the best tutorial on youtube and painted them based on that. I used hataka paints for brush.
  3. So, it's my recipe: - X-19 Smoke; - XF-55 Deck Tan (I really love this colour!); - basic white from Hataka - at the beginning of the stains. Of course, all paints are very diluted and used low pressure. And I returned few times to each colour to achieve satisfactory result.
  4. Hello, uff, second model finished this year - maybe next year will be better, who knows. Two models are very close to finish, so maybe I will beat the record. I think that it's not the last "four leaf clover" in glass-case - but at first, I need to find TBM-1C kit in 1/72.
  5. Yep, you're right - it's IIb. I really don't know why I wrote IIa. Title has been edited. So, different images/plans and different shapes. So, adventure begins well...
  6. Hi All, as the newest AH model has been released, I would like to build AM358. There is only a one major problem - camera containter below fuselage. I know that there is KORA kit available (camera+markings), but I heard a bad opinion about the resin part, so I want to scratch/project it myself. So, my question is: where can I find fine plans of that container? Books, websites, etc...?
  7. Yep, it's not A or B scheme - but please compare with first photo, where the plane doesn't fit exactly in A or B. That plane was repainted from "black night" scheme by mechanics (probably using brushes), and I see a few exceptions to the rules - and I tried to map them + my little bit invention on right side, where only right wing tip is visible. More photos are available here:
  8. Thanks for comments. Chris, I'm looking forward for your finished model I'm not a photography expert, so I guess that there is a few steps to achieve that effect. At first, I use one lamp 125 watt/5500K with white translucent umbrella (but I need buy one set more). White balance in camera is set to "automatic", so the rest of the "magic" I do in Picasa 3. That photo is too dark at the beginning (a little bit more than the rest from the photo session) , but let's try to quickly fix it: Cheers Artur
  9. Hello, I had a long journey with that kit - it's easier than mk.I, however my low skills caused several problems on various steps. I cannot wait for 1/48 kit which should look as 1/24 in the box.
  10. Thanks! I didn't notice that discussion. So, I will paint canopy using Black Night + Dark Green + Aluminium paints. The last question is: what's happen in the tail section on the DG.
  11. Argh, I still do mistakes during using acronyms and RAF colours. Updated photo:
  12. Hi, I am building the newest Hurricane mk IIc from Arma Hobby and I need some help with LKoA paint scheme (blog). Arma Hobby chose black/OG/DG: However, my interpretation of LKoA is quite different. I am a little unsure about lighter tone on DG (rudder, rear fuselage, elevator, ends of the wings). In my opinion, it's not definetly "brush strokes" effect, because in this case we should see them at the front of the fuselage and on the other aircraft. Of course, OG put on DG is only my proposal, but maybe someone saw something similar on other RAF planes and k
  13. Hi all, this is my first post here. I am thankful for the opportunity to post my last finished model - Fokker E.V. from Arma Hobby /Junior Set/ - and the fourth model after my return to this wonderfull hobby. Propeller was painted using watercolor pencils.
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