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  1. Andrew Brooks said that after the Blue Steel missile had been released the doors closed to give the same underside profile as a conventional bomber.
  2. Interestingly the Eduard interior p/e set say to remove the rails for this seat.
  3. Thanks for the link to the decal sheets, I will use these if I find a good photo of a PFF B17 without noseart.
  4. The Pontos pe show the catapult sheeted over and no rails from the hangar. Was this used after the aircraft were removed but before the catapult was removed?
  5. Aeroclub still have the four bladed prop. I got 3 the other week. Contact John.
  6. Received mine this morning from SBX Models; £25 with free postage! Well done David.
  7. I am in the process of building a Seafire XV using the wings of the Airfix Seafire XVII and the fuselage of the Spitfire XII. I know I need a long air intake but does it have to be the more bulbous type as provided for the Mk XVII or can I use the more rectangular one from a MK IX? I will probably depict it in Canadian service.
  8. The Extracolour Russian interior blue green is too green/grey to match the p/e. I got close with Extracolour VASP blue plus a drop of Humbrol green no.2. Hope this helps. Gordon
  9. EagleCals do Spitfire IX BS104 in 1/32 scale on sheet 115. I have this aircrafts markings left over from my Tamiya build, email me if your interested.
  10. Mod 598 (14/4/42) introduced redesign of the gun heater pipe runs so this may have been when the bumps disappeared.
  11. gcds

    Matchbox Victor

    The Revell re-pop is on sale in Modelzone (Reading) for £7.99. Got one this morning.
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