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  1. Lovely looking build, I do love the weird lumps and bumps of the RJ! How was it to build? Is the Welsh Models conversion fairly user friendly? I'm looking at doing a UK RJ with their conversions, but I've never used any of Welsh Models' products.
  2. Important note - I have not built one of these! But I'd guess internally, given that is where it is in reality? Hopefully someone who has built it can verify.
  3. Always nice to get a little back! Looking forward to the build.
  4. I'll be watching this very closely. Big fan of the looks of the FULLBACK, and that's a nice set of aftermarket bits as well. Pricey kit mind you!
  5. Bloody nora, I would not want to be the observer in that if it ditched! Enjoying watching this Massimo, excellent work so far!
  6. Gents, thank you for all the advice - I'll give this a go in the coming days!
  7. That is STUNNING! Hard to believe it's 72 scale; the work on the pit, the sights etc. must have been difficult! Awesome work!
  8. For a supposed "dash to the finish" that's looking excellent! Great work with the seams and the paint work, she looks stunning!
  9. So I'm building a 1/48 SHAR FA.2 to get back in to the hobby, and I'm looking to use a sewing needle cut down to replicate the pitot on the tail. However, I don't own a vice, and the saw I have (which can cut through metal) hasn't made a dent when I have tried it! How do you guys do it? Anyone got any good pointers they can give? Thanks in advance!
  10. This has been an absolute pleasure to watch so far - stunning work, and I love your techniques for weathering and painting! I can't wait to see more!
  11. Awesome. Look forward to watching this develop - I've got designs on Trumpy's 1/32 Thud, so this will no doubt give me some good ideas in the riveting and painting department. Great work!
  12. Amazing work so far! Are you going to re-do the rivets in a softer manner or just leave them off?
  13. Pappy, Looks like a good kit, that tub is beautiful!
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