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  1. Alan , that all sounds good, this is another model I've been lusting after for so long , keep up the good work!
  2. I dropped Kit world a line last week, and it seems that things are still moving along.. Hi Colin, Finalising the sheets now, should be available next week. Regards, Nigel Franklyn Kitsworld colinR
  3. If I'd found this site earlier , I'd have saved a fortune in reference books! - still you live and learn!
  4. If you want a REALLY useful walkround of a Buc.. this site has become my main reference Buc Walk round Its brilliant ..
  5. Hi there , I was just wandering if there was any update re the decals , I'm slowly hacking away at my Buc, and I can start to see the need from Decals in the next 2-3 months 




    Colin Ritchie 

  6. Hi there simon , pylons posted this morning 1st Class, signed for , so they should be with you before the weekend - all things being equal



    1. Simon Cornes

      Simon Cornes

      Thanks Colin. I'll let you know when they arrive! 





      PS - How is your build going?

  7. Oh yes , the RAF pylons both inner and outer are identical to each other , and are completely different from the RN ones , RAF Buccaneer Pylons - in this case carrying Sea Eagles' - Yum.. Maybe not the best pic.. Definitely different -
  8. I wanted a challenge , too many Tamiya spits and mustangs, where's the challenge in that ! Just recovering after a session trial casting pylons, and replacing all the detail lost when joining the fuselage halves together ..Nice to do some real modelling rather than just assembling!
  9. At the rate my one is progressing , it'll be some time next year before I'm ready for paint - let alone decals !!
  10. That pic is perfect. just what I've been looking for ! I actually guestimated the structure and built a version of last night , and low and behold , its almost right! Thanks guys
  11. Another request for ihelp , Does anyone have detailed pics/ diagrams of the underfusalage Chaff Flare dispensers by the airbrake , I have the odd pic , but no clear details of the entire assembly , which is a pity as I'm in the process of scratchbuilding it for my 32dn Buc Thanks
  12. Alan , you're right about the dust! , I had to buy an oldfashioned apron to keep the worst of it off my clothes! As for the intakes, hah I'll pass I couldn't face the cutting , sanding/grinding and sheer messing around they would entail , FOD guards hide a multitude of sins, and add a nice splash of colour ro what can be a rather drab aircraft , even with those wonderful markings On another note I've started working on the production version of the RAF pylons and so far they've taken about half the time the original masters took over Xmas, learning curve kicking in I guess .. so by the end of next week I should have some completed ones ready for dispatch to interested parties.. ColinR
  13. Talk about mixed feelings , I WANT that sheet so badly , mainly because my last 3 projects have been completed with off cuts from delcal sets I've had to buy , so my Meteor 1/32 F8 conversion , because I wanted a camo'ed version ended up costing me something like £45 in decals alone , when the cost of the various sets I used was added up so while £35 seems a lot I'm prepared to pay is , albeit with a heavy heart I always had an idea that these markings weren't going to be just £25 , so I was sort of resigned to it ,especially since they're essentially bespoke.. so bring it on , one more expense in what is rapidly becoming my most expensive project ever!
  14. OK I surrender .. that pic was taken a while ago , on my first attempt at the academy 1/32 F-16I The library has basically doubled in size since that pic was taken , one of my few vices I'm afraid , that and modelling .. Since I seem to have opened myself up to ridicule, , it might be worth while to see who is on the receiveing end of all these comments Again some time ago, nowadays the beard is thicker, and greyed as is the hair, and there's a fair bit less of me in general!
  15. Cheek - I tidied it up specially for the pics, its usually a LOT worse! The pylons were fun to do , the modeller I mentioned , the one who shratchbuilds ships was a real inspiration, I spent ages watching how he did things , he has a fairly specialised set up , including a vac chamber to outgas the resin, but his approach of using wood for the basic shapes then skinning them with thin plastic to allow him to add detail seemed one that could be copied without a huge outlay in materials, and so far so good. RAF all the way , specifically 12 Sq Lossiemouth for me, partly because its just up the road from aberdeen, and because of stories I heard about them from a retires Ait Traffic controller who use to try and wort our what happens when lox flying buc scared guys flying to and from the oil rigs in the north sea,(How low can you go, was the question, And the reply produced the confession , "12 feet is my lowest recorded altitude" ) I'm playing around with the intakes, BUt increasingly the thought of FOD guards seems an option , the geometry of the intakes is a pain and I don't envy you trying to reproduce it ! The cockpit isn't too bad , some time with generic PE panels can cure many of the issues, , and frankly I'd rather have something I can work with , rather than having to build it from Scratch ! Oh - as for the workshop..
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