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  1. Hi thee a;an,, I'm glad you're feeling better , and as an employee of the NHS,(sort of), we'e glad to be of service! I read the comments over on LSP and to be honest as a long standing member I was more than a little disappointed in what I read. Comments re lack of quality , "mis shaped" pieces etc are fair enough when the manufacturer is one of the larger =companies , but to apply those same standards to the product of a one man operation such as your self just seems wrong somehow. I had a good look at the pics of the detail pics posted on LSP , and frankly I didn't see what the "issues" were, to me it looks like an eminently buildable model of a subject that will not, in my opinion , ever appear as an injection moulded kit, 20 yeas ago a one man band not entirely unlike you produced a vac form 1/32 Buccaneer and to my knowledge he never produced a single complete kit , not one was ever fully finished , and I should know I had one for a while, until common sense took over and I sold it. The news that you've finished the bulged bomb bay is very encouraging , since the RAF version was only the only version I really wanted , and don't sweat the Martels on my account, mine is going to have Flightpath Sea Eagles.. I'm delighted to hear that I'm on the list, and that knowledge has made my year , ,,,Keep up the good work, and don;t let them get you down PS On LSP I'm Scotsman over on the LSP forums just read the Buc posts on LSP , you've got an ally over there!
  2. Alan - Please take time and get well, modeling is fun , but you can't take risks with your health .. We can wait..
  3. Thanks for the update , one of these days I'll get back to Telford again.. Patiently waiting!
  4. Having cut my teeth on the Aerodynamix 1/32 Buc back in the 90's any kit that doesn't need to be cut out and sanded is a step ahead, ! Being a good Scot , my inclination is 12Sq Lossie based Camo'ed aircraft with 4 Sea Eagles, so a lack of Martels really isn't really that important, , so even if I have to scratch the Pylons , I'll be happy Oh and my stack of Buccaneer reference books is standing by!
  5. Thanks for that Simon, its great to know that Alan is moving forward on the Bucm I'm in regardless of how long I have to wait!
  6. I've got an original 1960s boxing of the kit in the loft bought a Very long time ago , and occasionally I'll haul it down look at it , suck my teeth , and back it goes.. What I'm hoping is that reemergence of this one MIGHT provoke some AM companies to so the necessary with cockpits/etc.. but I'm really not holding my breath on that, perhaps we might get a Gen 1 Harrier/Sea Harrier in 32nd for the 40th Anniversary of the Falklands, but again I've always been an optimist
  7. Patience is a virtue.. so I'm still looking forward to one , whenever it appears! Thanks fr the update Alan
  8. An S1, in EDSG/White.. Hmmm.. you bad bad man!
  9. Woo Hoo A Bulged Bomb bay and RAF decals , wonderful news, I currently reading "Buccaneer Boys " and I have "Last of the Buccaneers" sitting on the bench waiting ... Have a great time at Telford alan, I wish I was going, and we'll all wait patintly for what I'm sure will be a beautiful project!
  10. No apologies required , we're all modellers here , and what is being provided is a LOT better than the Aerodynamix kit! I am seriously looking forward to getting to grips with this beast , and to exercising my modelling skills .. bring it on we're all more than ready to get started on this wonderful project
  11. Yup , much as I'l love to do a korean war Night intruder, it's the thought of a 32nd K that really interests me , I've got a Bronco done, a T-28 Pending ,along with a couple of A-1's so a K would just slot into the COIN collection beautifully
  12. thanks for that chris , unfortunately got a bounce back on that address C'est la vie
  13. I think I need one of these buccaneers and I mean as soon as it becomes available .. anyone have contact details for the supplier
  14. Hannants are listing the Dragon Saturn 5 (Skylab) as a future release, at £126 , which is a heck of a lot cheaper than I've seen it on E-bay ..
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