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  1. Fingers crossed for the both the projects and Alan himself ..
  2. Put me down for a set , I'll make my resin legs detachable .. Thanks!!!!!
  3. My darling wife is a very tolerant soul , and very long suffering - probably just as well as it turns out ! Undercarriage - Hmm ,, well the first thing I did was to add dowels into the U/C bay to plug the legs into to give some lateral support , and then on to the axles. I'm still working on that , but 've added a sleeve through the centre of the main wheels to allow me to use something that'll take the strain, and as of this morning I looking at a wooden dowel soaked in Superglue and some subtle re-enforcing of the legs themselves - and the more of less permanent use of a cradle for those times it's not on display! I wish I had the facilities for lost wax brass casting! Hey ho on we go!
  4. Well havng been married to me for almost 30 years m it seems my charming nature rubber off on her , poor soul! Yes that was the sheet I meant , I found that the 24" nose numbers scaled down almost perfectly for the rear numbers used by 12Sq Just put in what I hope is my final order to Hannants for bits and bobs, including lights , both Nav and Landing , and An/ALE 40 chaff dispensers, saves scratchbuilding !
  5. At the risk or proposing yet more spending the refuling star symbols are available as part of any Phantom Stencil sheet , I ooked at them fro my one, but thankfully XX889 didn't have them later in its careerm, at least so the pics suggest Pals blue numbering , especially fro the 8" serials in Blue - have a look at the ModelDecal 1/71 V bomber set from Fantasy Printshop , it has a whole LOAD of numbers in Pale Blue that might be applicable Good luck - If anyone is interested , moving to the final stages with my one , c/C antennas just completed what my wife insists on calling the Bucc Butt Plugs , Engine Exhaust FOD guards Where does she get this language from!!!
  6. Got mine to-day as well , I'll be replacing and adding a bunch of stencils, but I think the rest of the sheet will be put to one side form my next Buc I'm no sure if the red walkways that go over the engine covers are the right size for the kit m I havn't tried them for actual size yet , but I'm happy enough with myscratcg built ones , using red stripes, - As fro being ready , well see you at Telford maybe!
  7. Quickest purchase ever , thanks for the heads up - even if I don't use that much of the sheets its the least I can do to support them
  8. Alan , whatever the weaknesses of the kit in your eyes, the fact remains that you brought to the market a buildable 1/32 Buccaneer and frankly that’s all that matters . Building this models has taught me more about model making in the 6 months I’ve been working on it , than any number of Tamiya wonder kits , for the first time on many years I’ve felt like a model maker m not an assembler of pieces . Problems have had to be solved , technique’s mastered and spares boxes raided ! The care ad hard work needed to turn the one off into a viable kit is obvious to all of us lucky to own one of them. Keep up the good work , and bring on the Phantom , Jaguar and whatever else , so long as it wears RAF roundels, is 1/32 , and is finished in Dark Sea Grey and Green , I’m in!
  9. that's really great news , thanks fri following that up , oity I have no patince, still the stenciling will be useful!
  10. Very tue , but with a little finessing... It's amazing what you can do As for the TSR-2 , gonna pass FRG-2 and Jaguar's are a lot moe intresting!
  11. I thought 1/72 was small.. Interesting to see markings for XX889 just like my slightly larger one! Overall if 1/144is your scale , it loos to be a really nice model
  12. Te Stencil set ism I think , out of production, but should be easy enough to track down on Ebay I guess.. and this is a pretty good starting point have at it !
  13. All tight , It's official Alan is Trying to bankrupt me , and I suspect other modellers, That is SUPERB news, and put me down for one of each As for the Buc, all large decaling is nor done, Roundels, walkways, sq badges etc, just the stenciling to go , Thanks goodness fro the Xtradecal Lightning Stencil set1!!
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