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  1. Those look wonderful - go on Put me down for one of these as well as the harriers - what the hell it's only momey!
  2. https://www.models2u.co.uk/contents/en-uk/d1164_aeroplanes-world-war-1-2.html IIb to begin with
  3. Think Helldiver - Plastic with Resin/Brass sets available if you want to use them
  4. Take your time Alan , we've waited a long time for a decent Gen 1 Harrier - we can wait a little longer!
  5. Now that is Very Interesting - I'll have one assuming it makes it to production
  6. I'm easily pleased, a newly tooled 1/32 1950s RAF subject - I'm buying it - the good news is that is it actually looks great
  7. Wonderful that these upgrades exists - and a dammed shame they're needed in the first place
  8. True - but a little too reliant on Resin details for my taste - and I'm still patiently waiting for the Revell effort later this year - hopefully!
  9. Say what you like about the Plastic in the box, but the Fly models box art is massively impressive
  10. Immediately after the 1/32 version hopefully !
  11. Jetmads is the closest you'll get to Injection Moulding without it being an IG kit , replace Normal glue for Supeprglue and really that's it
  12. I can't help with the money side of things , but after building the Viggen I can tell you that it's really a simple build especially since s the 3D printer parts are single pieces making the actual build fairly simple - if you are tempted don't worry about the build process AS for the Learjet , I'm passing on it , simply because I'm not too keep on all that white!
  13. Just posted this over on LSP , but I thought it might be worth posting here as well, The kit itself is like nothing I've ever built before , 3D printed , pieces such the U/C legs are single pieces There are issues with the model , especially the fit of the wings to the fusalage , and the rather crude Sidewinders, (I use the Eduard ones) and of course the infamous Fields and Meadows 4 colour splinter scheme , something that too weeks to complete even with a very impressive stencil set - so on to the pics The decals in the set are beautiful, very strong Opaque and they stand up to handling The access ladder and tow bar are included in the kit , and again are one piece printings - and beautiful So there we are a kit that may not be thick on the ground , but it it is great build and perhaps a sign of things to come Oh and a very happy peaceful and healthy 2022
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