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  1. The actual kit is really very good, , but ANY improvement to the original Dragon instructions would be a real improvement , The decals look good too at 49.99 its around half the price the Dragon kit usually goes fro , so yup , I may well have to invest in one
  2. Oh yes, I'll be having at least one, IAF, Light Attack for preference .. Nice work Danny , looks like patience and perseverance has paid off
  3. I really enjoyed the second episode , but one aspect of the the show niggled me , why didn't the careers officer at school tell me that there were professional model makers out there , the gentleman assembling the prototype Scalectric car , who wouldn't want to do that for a living
  4. colin ritchie

    F/A-18E Load-out

    That was a surprise , a post I made nearly 9 years ago resurfacing .. Talk about Zombie posts! - My I was a know-it-all back then !
  5. Despite any work required to make the parts fit , but it still looks a lot better that the Trumpeter version that's still gathering dust in my loft , the only issue I have with the kit is the main Undercarriage legs , they'll need replacing with something a little more substantial, but it looks a much better kit than the previously mentioned model
  6. I was just wondering this myself , I passed on the Saturn 5 when it first appeared , but if they do re-relese it , I might make the effort to get one , especially with the display options available now.. LUT Background
  7. Sweet Mother .. I thought the HK Lanc was impressive .. I Was wrong.. those pics are stunning ..
  8. Do we know for Certain that's a Re-box, agreed the chances are that it is .. but there's no harm in hoping for a new kit from Academy is there ?
  9. Paul Fisher has said that the Raedome will be available separately , as well as the revised corrected engine cowl, If you search on LSP, you should find a build of a FAA AEW Skyraider completed some years ago, as I recall it turned out to be a fairly simple job using a half drop tank for the upperfuslage bulge , in that case the raedome was taken from an Avenger AEW conversion
  10. Nice , looks my little man in Chine I buy from is going to be busy!
  11. That look really rather good, I might be in for this one , and speaking about FAA, wouldn't it look so good flanked by a decent Seafire 47 on one side , and a Hawker Seahawk on the other.. A man can dream!
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