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  1. Hard to tell but it looks like it only includes the small intakes not the large bore ones? Will wait till it comes out, will be getting one regardless.
  2. Hi All, Thinking about building DG202/G using Tamiya 1/48 kit up in stash (one with correct non airbarke wings) . As I understand it I'll need to make following changes. 1. Fair in gun ports in nose 2. Scratchbuild new rear canopy fairing 3. Rescribe ailerons to include outer balance horn 4. Fill in aileron trim tabs and rescribe inboard 5. Make accurate style tail codes 6. Remove tailplane acorn Is there anything I've forgotten? Also all my refs say Dark Green/Ocean Grey topsides yet Tamiya and existing aircraft in mus
  3. Well unlike Hasegawa it appears to have correct sized wings , and doesn't seem to have rows of rivet holes on rear fuselage to represent the flush spot welds. Closer inspection will no doubt throw up other differences.
  4. That's pretty much what I was thinking, will need to find a spare gyro sight, have some resin ones somewhere. Thanks, Andy
  5. Hi All, Currently building the new Airfix Spitfire FR Mk.XIVe, and will be finishing it in the No 11 (AC) Sqn. RAF, 2TAF, Buckeburg, Germany, 1950-51 option. Would this have been fitted with the later gyro gunsight or the original older type (as kitted by Airfix)? The one post war pic I have found of TZ112 doesn't show this clearly enough? Any advice welcome. Thanks, Andy
  6. c/o Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, Easter Bush Campus, Roslin, Midlothian, United Kingdom EH25 9RG
  7. I just bought one this weekend, still has the early moulding of canopy :(
  8. http://авиару.рф/aviamuseum/aviatsiya/sssr/bombardirovshhiki-2/bombardirovshhiki-1950-g-1991-g/frontovoj-bombardirovshhik-yak-28/samolet-reb-yak-28pp/ http://topgun.rin.ru/cgi-bin/index1.pl?a=units&field=3&unit=2334
  9. Got the kit in front of me. If you mean the lower front and rear corners of the quarter lights, either side of the central pane, then yes, they are rounded. HTH Andy
  10. Filling the joint on that separate fuselage top is going to be a pain!
  11. The Heller Super Etendard has recessed panel lines, there's a build review here: http://hyperscale.com/features/2002/superetendardlfh_1.htm and here: http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Gal7/6701-6800/gal6770-SuperEtendard-Williams/00.shtm HTH Andy
  12. Depends which ones it is? Be aware that some of the older ones are actually 1/50th. Also many of them are the same as the corresponding Airfix kits as they were owned by same company at one time. Most of the older models have been superseded by more recent toolings from other companies (though their Mirage IV.P is till the only game in town). Regards, Andy
  13. Tried this on Firefox and it works. Regards, Andy
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