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  1. Nevermind the minefield of camo colors for Malta Spits, I'm seeing a wide variety of interpretations of the colors of the CODES --- especially 249 Sqn. Seems like lately the general consensus is 185 Sqn used YELLOW codes (GL-W, GL-J, etc) and that 249 Sqn Spits may have had BLUE codes?? (T-L, T-M, T-N etc). What do we thing HERE? BLUE for 249 in late 1942? Or am I reading too much into this and the codes were probably MSG?? I cone build a Spit VB from late 1942. Cheers wally
  2. Are there ANY pictures of 213 Sqn Hurricanes DURING the Battle of Britain??
  3. Thanks, Peter! Cheers Jonathan
  4. Some time ago PD Models made a 1/72 scale decal sheet for Mk I and Mk V Spitfires that had R6883 YT-A on it. I can't seem to find any pictures to confirm this. I'm assuming PD got it right. Anyone know one way or the other?
  5. Thank you all. You helped me figure out that NOBODY really knows the serial or individual letter for this Spitfire -- which is a shame.
  6. 96 Squadron with Saint emblem. Pilot standing on the wing is Sherrington. Anyone know more? Serial? Individual letter (confirmed)? cheers wally 7506 at yahoo
  7. Thanks for the reply. Hadn't heard that one. Might explain why 105 Sqn changed to white codes with black outline ... or why 692 Sqn codes were black with yellow outline. Cheers JS
  8. Soooo, LNSF Mosquitoes Jan-May 1945 (139, 128, 142, 162, 163, 571, 608, 692 Squadrons) were they dull red?? or dull red with yellow outline?? white outline?? I know that some of these squadrons had simple dull red codes in 1944, but any help with 1945 will be appreciated. There were changes to some of the codes in 1945. For instance many of the fighter-bomber squadrons (like 487 and 107 for example) switched from sky codes to dull red. Cheers to anyone that can help. JS
  9. Why hasn't Fujimi re-released their 60s era Porsche 911s (911R and 911S)???? I have the RS kit (circa '73) ... Is there an aftermarket resin replacement for the lower from bumper?? or Is there a tutorial showing how to reshape the kit piece? TIA
  10. Thanks, Tony!! I was thinking 1/48!!
  11. Why hasn't anyone made resin interior sets for RAF Ventura Mk II yet?? Are there any drawings or good pictures of the radio compartment behind the pilot's seat? I assume they all had British radio sets .... right? Since I'm going to fix the bulkhead (need pics of that, too) I've got to put SOMETHING back there. Any help will be appreciated! TIA
  12. Nice catch Roy! #3505 raced TWICE at Brands Hatch in '62. In August she had the #76 in the white roundel for the Pecos. But in May she had the number 137 inside a ????? roundel (see pic). At first blush the roundel looks to be a light color, maybe Yellow or Lt Blue since those were known to be in use in the early 60s. However, at the Le Mans test (#21) and at Silverstone (#30) the roundels were white .... then white again at Brands Hatch and Le Mans (proper). 137 I cannot rule white at this point, either. Although the roundel appears darker than the bod
  13. I have seen this Ferrari 250 (#3505) with different numbers (15, 76, 20, 30, and 21) Now I see she had the #137 at Brand's Hatch that year (1962). What color were the circles on the body? She had white ones before and after that race, but black at Goodwood at the end of the season. Where they white at Brand's Hatch? or Yellow? or Lt Blue? TIA Jonathan
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