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  1. I notice the absence of the Airfix Scammells in 72nd scale, just as they are missing from the Airfix website even though they appear in the catalogue. Does anybody know if they have been dropped and why?.
  2. Before your post was edited, you mentioned "the designer": does that mean that it was a one man, or woman, design job?
  3. Apologies for the diversion and a possibly stupid question, but I take it from this recommendation that appliance white works well on a large flat surface: would it also be suitable for the underside of a 1/72 Skyhawk? I ask this because I can imagine a paint that is designed for something on a domestic scale to spray on quite fiercely and clog up the nooks and crannies of a small model.
  4. My guesses would be for a Ki-100 (because they can scan it at Cosford), a Douglas Skyknight (because I fancy one), a Mistel Ju88a4/Bf109f4 (because I read about it years ago) and a Tornado (because of the reference to P45's flying about). The first three in 72nd scale. The Tornado in 48th scale would be enough of a big deal for them to announce it at Telford.
  5. Yeah, brand loyalty can be a bit of a trap. Even so, the impression that I get from reading various posts is that Airfix's existence is more than slightly precarious and for that reason I would stick to buying their products.
  6. I don't really think it's a hint, it's just wishful thinking. I'd like an F 4 and would prefer to give my money to Airfix.
  7. The box art for the Mig 17 gives a hint to a new F 4b, so that's good enough for me.
  8. I found by accident a French site called Aventures de l'histoire from 2008, which quoted part of an interview with Darrell Burge and also gave a list of the top ten best selling aircraft kits for the previous year (all manufacturers, not just Airfix). Of that list, Airfix have produced seven; the three missing are:- the DH Mosquito (it wouldnt be a great surprise if that appeared in 2018), the FW 190d (maybe the cad file for the current FW 190 could be stretched), but , most strangely, number ten on the list was the Mistel combination. Maybe Airfix have been holding back on a Ju 88 in order to
  9. Firstly, I only know about the skybird 86 prentice from a snippet on another website and I am assuming that it is in 1/72 scale: if that is incorrect just ignore the following. The RAFDec decal sheet 7213 covers eight schemes for hawker hunters, but-possibly to fill up space- there are five squadron crests included as extras, one of which is for 22fts with a placement illustration showing a piston provost. Hannants are currently showing two sheets available.I hope that helps.
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