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  1. No probs mate, had a lot to catch up on anyways. That Red tarp looks just a tad to shiny to me, is it meant to be like that? It's probs just the camera though. Good work though! Brandon
  2. Man i have missed a lot, but that's what happens when you're in your last few weeks of school. Amazing work! Cannot wait to see this done! Have a good day Brandon
  3. Holy Sh*t, another one?! Wow, you are doing so many models. How do you keep track of all of them? Amazing work so far anyways Brandon
  4. This is going real quick. Are you in lock down by any chance? you seem to have a lot of time to do these models. I wish i had that sort of time tbh. Amazing work anyways. I do not have the patience to doing each single track. Brandon
  5. Sweet, thanks! The only issue may be finding them here in Australia, i have never seen a single Dragon around. Off to hunt for some kits. I honestly never thought that they would still be making those old kits. Thanks heaps! Brandon
  6. I am liking how this is going so far, good job mate! I am loving the damage from where the shell has penetrated the tank. I have been thinking about getting the Tamiya Panther for quite some time now, is it a good set? Brandon
  7. This is going very well, its a shame that you had to remove the first layer of paint, i was really digging it, but it is working out very well anyways! Keep up the amazing work! Brandon
  8. This is going well! Can't wait to see the final product! Brandon
  9. Hey! Welcome to the forum, I hope you enjoy yourself and learn quite a bit. Kind Regards Brandon
  10. Looks amazing! I always had a fascination for tau aircraft and space ships. Do you play tabletop Tau or just Aeronautica Imperialis? Kind regards Brandon
  11. This is looking amazing so far, i will follow this closely to see how it goes. I like how you have done the slight highlights on the base colour for the camo, it makes it pop out more. Kind Regards Brandon
  12. Thanks! I will keep that in mind if I ever do some flat dioramas. Thanks! I shall keep that in mind so I don't screw up. Brandon
  13. Welcome Ailsa! This forum is a massive source of knowledge and help, i have only been here for a couple of weeks and have learnt quite a lot! I hope you enjoy your time here and i await your models. Kind Regards Brandon
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