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  1. Thank you very much for the kind sentiment Nige Ron Thanks Rich...yes...I hope it put a big smile on Mr C's face...bless him Ron
  2. Many thanks for your kind words Andy The real bonus for me...is that you took something useful out of it to use in your own work...that makes it all the more worthwhile for me. Ron
  3. Thank you for your kind words So pleased the detail and setting appeal to you. Ron
  4. If you want the powders to work on Nickel plating...either abraid (sand) the area to be weathered or...give the exhaust a coat of varnish (mat/semi/gloss depending on how shiny you want them) then apply the powders. Ron
  5. Many thanks Gary...glad you enjoyed reading through the build...and pleased you found it worthwhile Ron
  6. Appreciate the kind words Andy And yes...it would be nice to see you resurrect and finish the Porsche. Ron
  7. Thanks Dan Scenic bases are not to everyone's taste...but I feel that capturing a moment in time (from the reference pic) justified this effort. Really glad you found it impressive in the end.
  8. Much appreciated Poul I actually like the lights for a different perspective...although a feature Mr C my not have approved of in the strictest sense...he would have understood and had a good chuckle. Ron
  9. Thanks Ian...glad you like the end result As for reaching my standard...not that difficult to achieve mate...and believe me...I wish I was as good as others on here. Ron
  10. Many thanks guys...very much appreciated Ron
  11. Whilst I am in awe of all the bits and pieces you create and refine...it's the smallest that have the most interest for me...and these fuel line retainers are a perfect example. Nice job mate Ron
  12. The new owner was finally able to collect the finished 312T at the weekend We took some final pics before packing it away for the journey to its new home..... And in her new home..... So ends a long but very satisfying journey...I hope Mr C would have approved of the end result...and I dedicate the final piece to his memory. Thank you to all those who joined me for the ride. Ron
  13. This is my go to shop for wires........https://www.componentshop.co.uk/chg1/super-thin-wires.html A search of their site will get you a good selection. Another source is Ebay...with old fashioned PC cables of the 'IDE' variety being among the best sizes for thicker wires...simply strip the outer away.......https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203446718342?hash=item2f5e5e8f86:g:IeQAAOSw~Gdgl-Zq Both the above options are considerably cheaper than after-market model supplies. Hope that helps some. Ron
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