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  1. A treasure trove of information from a master builder and genuine all round nice guy...enjoy Ron
  2. Rather you than me mate Look forward to seeing this come together. Ron
  3. Take a look at my last posted pics mate...the BBK decals I used...which were kindly donated to me for the build by Wim of BBK...are also thin...and I used satin clear under mine...with no sign of 'silvering' that I can find. I did experiment with masking on some spare red parts...and gave up...simply because...although there are a couple of reasonable sized white areas...they are bordered by fine lining. Main problem being...without a dedicated mask cutting machine...trying to accurately copy the curves and widths etc. was way beyond me.
  4. From what I remember of the 'Protar'...it's light on detail...and the plastic was a mix of 'soft' and brittle. Decals were very thin...with the white one's being weak over the red...would recommend satin clear before decals go down...as gloss makes that problem worse! Be interested to see it when you get it mate.
  5. I would normally regard the odd problem as a learning experience...however...this one kinda took me by surprise...more so when it's gets into chemical reactions between mediums...all got a bit too complex for my taste. Glad it will give you something to use as a reference source for yours mate
  6. I asked Dave for some more pics of the 'Rat Rod'...and he sent me these with a short notation..... Charlie (Mr C to us) would be deeply annoyed that my steam punk rat rod was not universally condemned.. I may be repeating myself, but the Mercedes has a scratch-built cross-flow cylinder head. ( I couldn’t find the sides of the cylinder head so I built new ones from styrene). The silencer is removable. The half-circle luggage saved me the trouble of building a fifth wire wheel. I hope the model does not offend anyone, but it is among my personal favorites. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did Ron
  7. A lot of complex assembly and more detailing to be done next...primarily on finishing the cockpit...then the rear wing sub-assembly can join the chassis...which means the last cables/wiring and hoses can finally be routed. If I can do all that without damaging any of the bodywork...I will be a very happy bunny Cheers for comment Chris.
  8. Cheers Ian...and what an effort it became
  9. I have often found the same over the years...it's why I preferred to do commission work...all the pleasure seems to diminish once a project is completed...so was always happy to see a piece go to the client.
  10. First class work as always Malc...I do love your attention to the little details...adds so much more dimension to the build. Ron
  11. To be honest Poul...if I hadn't had two sets of decals to work with...there is no way I would have been able to complete this stage! A great number of the designs are made up of several pieces...with the lines being the hardest to get down in as near to the right place...and some being too big/wide etc. for the intended area they are meant for. There are 18 separate decals for the shroud alone...with 19 on each of the side pods...so believe me...not an exercise I would want to repeat any time soon Many thanks for comment mate
  12. Glad you enjoyed catching up mate...missed your input of late. Tools were needed to complete the intended final presentation...and will enhance the 'story' behind the scene. Must admit...the issues I have encountered with plastic and paint I just wasn't prepared for...never had such problems in all my years Only thing I can say...I learned a lot of new tricks in trying to overcome them Your not the only one who wants to see the end result now. Appreciate your comments as always mate.
  13. Thanks Matt...your comment and support are greatly appreciated
  14. According to Dave...it was sacriledge to do that to a Pocher in the eyes of our friend Chas None the less...I am sure he is enjoying it from on high now Will pass all comments on to Dave.
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