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  1. I missed out on this one a few times over the years...so am really pleased to have it on the bench now Happy to have you along mate. Cheers Ron
  2. Always the comedian H Preparation H in the post mate
  3. Cat is on final warning By far my favourite of the F1 Ferrari's...it just has that special something for me. I will do my best to reflect it's inherent beauty in the build Roy and many thanks for comment.
  4. I find it interesting comparing your reference pic with your work Dan...we modellers strive for precision and neatness...whilst in reality...the original is far from those aims Usual very high standard of fabrication mate...a joy to view.
  5. In that case...welcome to the world of pain and suffering we endure for the love of our hobby I hope you enjoy the build...and please feel free to ask questions or offer criticism/advice or ideas as it progresses. Best Ron
  6. Cheers Nick...and yes...plates were added for that exact reason Be careful...enticement is followed by addiction Ron
  7. Happy to have your company Ian Stand kept me busy whilst waiting for bits to arrive...so has and will serve useful purposes. Cheers Ron
  8. Whilst planning the initial stages of this build...and also thinking about how I would like to display the car when finished...it occurred to me just how much gets covered up by the body...and how much work will go unseen thereafter. My answer was to build a 'work' stand...to support the chassis as it grows...and...once completed...it will allow me to display the upper body separate to the completed chassis and wings. After sketching out a few ideas...and using the cockpit tub and main upper body to guide the design...this is what I came up with... As you can
  9. Indeed a nice kit Poul...but one with a number of strange omissions on Tamiya's part...for instance...no mention of...or provision for...the seat belt/harness or it's fixings...fortunately...both are included in the PE sets. A lot of planning Mr C...I cannot count the number of times I have read the instructions...the pages of notes made...and reference pics acquired. Glad to have you along for the ride mate...will do my best to keep you interested Ron
  10. Following the demise of the RE20 engine build...and the very generous offers I received from members...life has been a little kinder to me in the form of one of the few Tamiya 1/12 F1's I never got around to building in my youth...along with early Xmas presents from my partner and son to enhance the build...in the form of the 'Scale Motorsport' PE set...which...for some strange reason...doesn't include brake discs or radiator meshes!...and a second smaller set which does...from Wim at Best Balsa Kits...although a few bits are repeated between the two sets...it does give me spares in case of ac
  11. Hi Rich...I found this guy on Youtube...there are 8 video's...but this one (part 5) covers the interior...hope it helps mate........ Ron
  12. Nope...still sulking in the corner...and still in awe of the 'master'...magnificent again Dan Ron
  13. Think I will just pack away my tools and go and sulk in the corner now...absolutely in awe of this Dan Respect Ron
  14. What's not to like...a masterclass of a build mate...superb craftsmanship in every respect. Ron
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