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  1. If you think it's too silver/shiny...then just give it a very light mist coat of white...keep it at arms length from the rattle can when misting...and move the can quite rapidly to avoid build up...subtle is what your after. Ron
  2. Nice job mate...and yes...'Zero' are superb paints...go through the airbrush supremely well...and...unlike other brands...they are very forgiving when handling. Ron
  3. No mate...ordinary acrylic rattle can matt white...believe me...it won't be fully dry in 20 minutes...and acrylic flat ali (Vallejo for example)...will then reawaken the matt white so to speak...allowing them to bleed together. Mr C (Codger) is a bit of a fan of my techniques lol Ron
  4. That's a very sound jig you made...nice one. If I may offer a little advice on how to achieve the look of your chosen header colour...I have done that same colour several times...and have a good method. 1...prime the pipes in matt white...wait 20 minutes then..... 2...'Mist' coat them in 'Flat Aluminium'...keep it nice and light by spraying from about 12 inches away...the idea being to let the white just barely show through the ali...because the white is not fully dry it will bleed into the ali...then leave over night to dry. 3...Mist coat some matt sealer...a couple of very light coats will do it...then leave to dry for 24 hours...after which you can paint in the band detail etc. ...which will appear extra shiny next to the pipes...as it is in your ref pic. Ron
  5. If I may...if you know what you are looking for in regards to photo etch...I used a company in Scotland to produce the radiator fins for my Ducati build...not sure if their open in these times...but I can vouch for their helpfulness and quality. http://www.ppdltd.com/ Ron
  6. Simply superb rendition of an all time classic record breaker. Respect Ron
  7. I am a great believer in 'if it looks right then it is right'...at the end of the day...it is all down to how you want it to look...clearly...either of the above would be correct at some point in time. Very nice build mate. Ron
  8. Brushes on equally well Mr C
  9. This may help you for future use...best colour match I have ever found for A&N fittings..... https://www.hiroboy.com/AN_Fitting_Hose_JointsEnds_Clear_Red_and_Blue_Paints_2x30ml--product--10989.html Ron
  10. Very nice work as ever Dan. May I ask...why the extreme of sandblasting? Ron
  11. Ooopsie! At least you worked it out in the end mate. Ron
  12. Much better mate...glad you are pleased with the result. Ron
  13. Stunning work as ever Dan...I truly envy your skills. Respect Ron
  14. Just remember to put pressure on the chuck before you power it on at it's lowest speed...you effectively become the drills speed controller and...yes...I do still have all my fingers.....honest guv. A superb build mate. Regards Ron
  15. It indeed comes from experience Mr C...which is why I mentioned the plaster on the finger...although all mini drills with variable speed will safely allow this kind of throttling back. Ron
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