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  1. Try these sites mate........ https://www.bestbalsakits.com/tamiya/tamiya.asp?man=71 https://www.hiroboy.com/Rivets_Nuts_Connectors_etc_--category--149.html Ron
  2. Almost as much as having your unique brand of work ethic available to us again Mr C
  3. It's all in the 'details' mate...and you have to make mistakes to learn...which will mean a better overall finish in the end. If I may...one trick I employed with any added fittings such as bolts...is to gently 'burn' them in...it's surprising how much 'realism' this adds to them with just the application of some heat...the resulting discoloration adds that extra layer of detail...and would certainly be applicable to those bolt heads (bungs) on the exhausts. You can use various heat sources...a lighter...heat gun...even a ring on a gas cooker (such as I did with the brake discs on the Panigale)...just be very careful with white metals/ali ! Ron
  4. Really pleased to see you back on this build mate.....nice work on this beast...light weathering is a nice touch. Ron
  5. Hi Olivier, the custom PE radiator fins I had made for this build came from a company in Scotland. There is a link to them in the pages of this build. I would suggest you e-mail them and let them know what you require. It was a guy called 'Craig' if my memory serves me well, a very friendly and helpful chap. Feel free to mention my name and the parts I had made, and I am sure they will assist you. As said, feel free to contact me for any help you may need. Kindest regards, Ron
  6. Hi Olivier, and welcome to the home of some of the best modelers on this planet. I am touched by your kind words, and feel honoured that my work inspired you to join the forum, especially when there a so many on here who's work far exceeds my own efforts. Sadly I am no longer able to continue my work due to many personal reasons, although I do like to keep in touch with the 'builds' in progress, which allows me to garner pleasure from what others are achieving. I may not be on here as often as I would like these days, but I can always be reached through the messages section if you need any help. I look forward to seeing what you are working on. Kindest regards, Ron
  7. Stunning work as always my friend. Enjoy your travels. Regards Ron
  8. Hi Jason, Eucryl is a smokers tooth powder...and is used to return the 'clarity' to clear plastic after the initial sanding to remove the pin marks. It can be applied by damp brush or fingers....simply rub it well into the surface...rinse...and repeat if needed. Ordinary toothpaste can also be used for lighter scuff removal....but needs to be allowed to dry on the surface after application....then buff and rinse. Jewellers Rouge does a similar thing if that is easier for you to source (Ebay). Hope this helps. Ron
  9. With regard to polishing out injection marks on the clear.....I always use smokers toothpowder (Eucryl) from Boots or Poundland.....or jewellers rouge (ebay). Always try anything on spare sprue first....and avoid the Dremell as others have said. Ron
  10. If I may offer this with regard to the 'shiny' tubing......neither paint or varnish are real solutions.....as neither will adhere to the tubing! A far simpler solution is to pull the tubing through some folded....and very fine.....sanding sheet....1000 grit is usually about right....as you don't want to cut the surface.....just remove the shine. Hope this helps. A nice build though mate. Regards Ron
  11. Dear Sam....this is an unreserved masterclass in building a MFH kit of this scale....and a superb effort in the name of our friend Paul. Congratulations on weathering the storm of delays and problems....all the while maintaining your composure....and never deviating from the chosen path. Stunning effort my friend. Warmest regards Ron
  12. You have my utmost respect for your methodology and skill....a stunning showcase by any standards. Ron
  13. Chas (Codger) your words are eloquent and heartfelt....and give insight and perspective to a very sad cause. Whilst we are simply three like minded people...who wished nothing more than to honour a fallen brother....this project has kept the flame of Paul's memory well and truly lit....and brought his work some of the recognition he rightly deserved. As a bonus....it has brought many on here to understand what this hobby means to us all....and how the loss of a 'brother in arms' can have a sad but positive effect on us all. Sam....your words and efforts with this project do you much credit....and your skills are there for all to see. What has not been said...is that your dedication extends beyond the completion....to personal delivery to Paul's widow (Zoe)...and that my friend....IMHO....makes all your efforts so much worthier of praise. From a personal perspective....I regard myself very lucky to have known a true modeller....and to have had the honour of calling him a friend. Most of all....I consider myself very lucky to belong to this forum....and have the pleasure of learning from so very many gifted people. In reality....this build has become a tribute to all of us...in that it has helped us all to share the pleasure this hobby brings to so many like minded souls. Thank you all. Kindest regards and respect to all, Ron
  14. Sam...despite your words of praise for Chas and I.....the praise must all got to you....stunning work that any here would be proud to emulate....bravo my friend. Respect Ron
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