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  1. Great to see you back with such an interesting project Dan...count me in Ron
  2. Usual high standards of work Nick. Strange you say that cutting a credible circle would have been difficult in such thick resin...would not a drill have sorted that easily?! Ron
  3. Thanks for heads up Malc After the issues with the 312T and ref pics...this time I am taking care to cross reference every pic with known ones of the BT44b Ron
  4. The Tyrell is a nice...if basic kit. TBH...when I looked into the FW14b detail sets...and the amount of cutting and modifying required...I decided no thanks and sold my kit. Where the MP4/6 is concerned...nobody does it better than this guy.....https://www.youtube.com/c/NIGHTROTROOM Many thanks for that link...whilst a refurb (2009)...it has some excellent reference shots for smaller details. Cheers Ron
  5. That's a serious stash you have there mate...that MP6/6 is a much sort after beast these days...and with the detail up sets...goes even further than the FW14B. The Tyrell is another kit that screams out for extra detailing...although just the added PE makes a nice difference. I really fancied the six wheeler for a while...but once Tamiya announced the BT44b...decision made Look forward to your choice. Ron
  6. Thanks Rich Cheers Ian...is this the 1/12 you were thinking about doing next? A new set of decals and a bit of glue is all you need mate. Hi Dave...so I know where to come for spares then Thanks for the link to that book...unfortunately...only one I could find would cost more than all the materials I need for the build...so above my pay grade mate. His website was interesting though. As said...the BT44b is proving to be harder to find detailed views than the 312T...although Malc2 kindly sent me this link (very useful).....https://oneformulagordonmurray.com/en/ So far...in doing research for the build...I have been focussing on which kit parts can be relaced with metals...however...this has high lighted a large amount of missing details as with the 312T...and created a growing list of things I need Ron
  7. With the 312T all but finished and ready for the buyer to take possession of it...time to think about my next project! This was gifted to me as an added bonus and thank you from the 312T's new owner...and is another of my favourite cars from that era (1975). This is the latest re-release of the 1/12 Tamiya Brabham BT44b...in which they have chosen to cut down on the PE...but included metal air funnels...personally...I would rather have had the extended PE. The obligatory box shot..... Much like the 312T...there are a lot of missing details...and with no after-market PE or detail up sets available...these will have to be scratched. I have begun to put together a 'build' diary...and also started a reference library...although there are even fewer detail shots of this than the Ferrari With almost all my stocks of fixtures and fittings used up on the 312T...I will have to buy things as funds become available...so it will take a while to get going. Having learned a lot from the Ferrari...I want to try and take this build a lot further with replacing kit parts with metal etc. At least I won't be fighting with 40 year old plastic! Ron to be continued............
  8. Much appreciated as always mate Ron
  9. No comparison mate...I know which I would rather have
  10. Poetry...pure perfection...I am so very envious of you Pascal Ron
  11. Absolutely breathtaking This will be something extra special in your hands mate. Really looking forward to this one Ron
  12. The new range of SM are almost a direct mirror of the BP and a lot cheaper.....https://www.swann-morton.com/ Would suggest this one....https://www.swann-morton.com/product/163.php With a wide choice of blades to choose from.....https://www.swann-morton.com/product_range/1.php Got mine from here.....https://www.scalpelsandblades.co.uk/handle-detail_541_swann-morton-genuine-no-5-ergonomic-1003-sleeved-handle-.php Ron
  13. Yet more superb scratch work and general improvements Nick...you really have taken this to another level Ron
  14. Pleased you like the helmet mate...much appreciated Ron
  15. Your wish is granted.....https://www.componentshop.co.uk/cable/ultra-thin-connecting-wire.html Ron
  16. Positively the last update for 2021...and the very last addition to the scene...this will be sat on top of the rear wing..... Have a good Christmas all Ron to be continued............
  17. I have just received an email from Chas beloved wife Ellie. She has asked me to pass on her very best wishes and thanks to the members for a Happy Xmas and New Year. Ron
  18. Enjoy your break and bench time mate. Will look forward to a 1/12 from you You know where to find me if you need anything. Ron
  19. Thanks Ian Where figures are concerned I have no issues having been a figure painter for 40 years (my other passion)...my only worry is the abysmal quality of the old Tamiya mechanic...he needs a huge amount of work to re-sculpt the missing detail from bad moulding! Niki is a 1/12 MFH figure...so shouldn't be a problem in that regard. My very best to you and yours for the holidays mate Ron
  20. Thanks Poul...great to know you find it convincing Ron
  21. Thanks Nick...it's all about creating a believable atmosphere and telling a story...if I can convince the viewer to accept that...then I have done my job. Ron
  22. That's a big complliment Chris...and very much appreciated as always. For me personally...it's the 'grime' that helps to tell the story...and it doesn't have to be much to allude to reality. Ron
  23. Thanks Andy...and yes...that's a real 0.2 mm drill bit So glad you are still finding it fun to follow. Ron
  24. Finally approaching the finish line now First...a reminder of what I was aiming for...you will note a couple more small items (circled in red) that I had to scratch..... Along with those two extras I have also included a box of spark plugs and relevant t spanner and ring spanner..... Then...using the above ref pic...time to start laying all the bits and pieces out within the scene...the jack/axle stands and wheel brace are the only pieces not glued in place. Whilst not completely true to the original...I have tried to capture the atmosphere and essence of the scene..... All that remains to be done now are a mechanic and Niki himself...along with his crash helmet (which will be perched on top of the rear wing)...then it will be a case of adding them and the car plus the main cockpit shroud/air scoop (standing on the earlier made pallet). Ron to be continued in 2022............
  25. From Dave... "Too complicated to explain quickly, but the pedals control the brake light switch, and have to carry the throttle motion to the other side of the car. Big crazy fun." And a few more..... My personal thoughts.....wow! Ron more when I get them............
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