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  1. SpaghettiFighter


    A T-34/85 in 1/72 scale, model by dragon.
  2. My first aircraft after a long time, slowly learning how to set decals properly. The interiors weren't really much detailed, the model even lacked the classic decals seat belts so i decided to model it closed, the fitting was far from perfect and it took me a long time to san everything and imperfections are still there. But I really love clipped wings on spitfires and this model was cheap, I couldn't resist!
  3. SpaghettiFighter

    Spitfire Mk IX Clipped Wings 1/72 Italeri

    If I remember correctly, I glued the nose together and then placed it on the the halves already glued. The good thing is that the kit gives the option for 3 different radiators and full wings or clipped. Iwould have liked a little bit of extra details in the cockpit but I paid it a really low price I cannot complain.
  4. SpaghettiFighter

    Spitfire Mk IX Clipped Wings 1/72 Italeri

    Glad you liked it! I tries fitting the parts dry, then I used a lot of filling and sanding, soft and extra fine sanding sticks helped me really a lot, it took quite some time.
  5. SpaghettiFighter

    Hotchkiss 35 in 1/72 scale

    Thank you all! Yes probably it's S-model.
  6. I found this little cute chubby tank at a fair stand, it was sold in a pack of 2 for a bunch of money, and i got it and divided it with a friend. I decided to mount the short 37mm gun (more like a grenade launcher, the long barrel version was also available). A really funny and short project, I am sorry the photo are shitty. I could make a small diorama with it further on. Thanks for the visit!
  7. SpaghettiFighter

    1/35 MiniArt SU-85 1943 Early Production Model

    I got a cold only by looking at it
  8. SpaghettiFighter

    AMX Ghibli - Kinetic 1/48

    This is awesome, really! How was the kit to put together? I would like to make an AMX one day but i don't want to spend weeks filling and sanding gaps.
  9. SpaghettiFighter

    Italian thoroughbred!

    Those decals are awesome!
  10. SpaghettiFighter

    Yakovlev Yak 3 Eduard 1/48

    Amazing, love the masking work.
  11. SpaghettiFighter

    FIAT g.55 centauro 1/48

    This is awesome, I have no words.
  12. SpaghettiFighter

    Macchi 200 Saetta 150┬░Gruppo, 1/48

    Really a nice weathering and modification on the windshield!
  13. SpaghettiFighter

    A-6E Intruder (Italeri 1/72)

    Really a nice aircraft! One of those you don't see everyday
  14. My first model in 1/350, also my first ship model. If you have tip on how to improve the weathering, I will take note. I used enamels but I think I could ave done a better job. Thank you very much.
  15. SpaghettiFighter

    U-Boot Typ VII 1/350 Revell

    Thank you both very much!
  16. Really nice model and interesting subject. Is that a boys anti tank rifle in the turret?
  17. You did a really good job! Ariete!
  18. I have always been fascinated by the North African Theater, the desert, the tanks, long range patrols, water problems, the sun filtering between the palm leafs of an oasis... I decided that my first 1/35 tank had to be from those battles, that little piece of war that sometimes is left behind the large scale battles that took part on the western and the eastern front. So, with this magic setting in my mind, I decide to model the Tamiya 1/35 M13/40 Carro Medio. Now some of you may notice that this M13/40 has many features of the M14/41 production, the major difference between the 2 was the engine and minor chancing in the exterior, like the number of rivets above the twin mg port, or the orientation of the engine grill. I decided to not mount the driving lights on my model, i noticed how some tanks in pictures idnt have them, maybe they were not really useful, and the crew removed them during the day to prevent damage from small arms fire. The camo is a mix of a true and a fantasy one, tank crew often added patches of green over the sand tone, mine decided to paint some irregular (and really badly painted, but that's my fault, I am not an ace of the airbrush) green stripes. Markings are for the first tank of the first platoon, maybe one day I will add a radio antenna. Here the photos sorry if I bored you! it's also my first time using pigments and enamels, i tried not to overdo the weathering, and i stil have some problems with decals, I need to buy a good decal softer. Outdoor photos! The sepia effect is really inspirational. Thanks for reading and for having posted nice tanks on the site for me to take inspiration from, see you for the next AFV model (probably an M20 personal carrier)!
  19. SpaghettiFighter

    M13/40 Ariete! My first large scale AFV

    Thank you all! You are right Italeri reboxed his old kit, not the Tamiya one.
  20. SpaghettiFighter

    M13/40 Ariete! My first large scale AFV

    Thank you all very much! I plan to do more Italians in the future. Italeri reboxed the tamiya one with some other minifigures (that I also have purchased separately and that are still on the working bench, if you are interested in the subject they are really nice, there aren't many plastic Italian infantrymen).
  21. SpaghettiFighter

    1/72 Hasegawa A-10A Thunderbolt II

    I love your work with the camo, those green shades are just perfect.
  22. A 1/72 L3/lf I found on a fair for a bunch of $$$, I always wanted to do one of these tankette, and the lf version is even better. The cart isn't aligned with the terrain even in real life. And here with the friends. Thanks!