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  1. SpaghettiFighter

    North Atlantic in a frame.

    I am happy you liked my dio and thanks for the suggestions! I live by the seaside of the Mediterrenean, I mixed blue and dark grey trying to make a cruel dark grey sea. Then I saw some photos of dios set in the Pacific Ocean and the light blue influenced me. I also got the ships colours wrong (probably the blue it's too light).
  2. SpaghettiFighter

    North Atlantic in a frame.

    Thank you mate! It's an M6A Seiran without the floats :D, from the top the 2 planes don't look too different on this scale.
  3. My first ever ship diorama, it's an Hunt Destroyer recovering an Hurricane pilot. The model is in 1/700 scale from the company IBG models, some photo etched were already included in the kit, this is my second ship built and the first with photo etches. Next I gotta learn rigging! The waves are made with DAS clat, then airbrushed and covered in vallejo water effect with some cotton near the ship. Hope you like it.
  4. SpaghettiFighter

    Pz.Kpfw 38H735(f), 1:72, S-Model

    I did the same model but in french colors, love your work!
  5. SpaghettiFighter

    Churchill Mk. II

    My 1/72 scale british tank, the kit was a bit on the cheap side and the rubber tracks are just...... meh. Nonetheless here it is. Hope you like it. See you soon with an Universal Carrier with individual track links.
  6. SpaghettiFighter

    Dieppe Raid Churchill with bailing crew

    Thank you, I need to find a way to craft my own, they weren't in mine. Do you also know how the fascine was carried?
  7. SpaghettiFighter

    Dieppe Raid Churchill with bailing crew

    I am doing a 1/72 dieppe raid churchill as well, were the exaust pipes included in the kit or did you build them yourself?
  8. SpaghettiFighter

    Italian F-104 G 1/72

    Thank you all very much, I still have to decide which plane to do next, in the meanwhile some tanks.
  9. SpaghettiFighter

    Italian F-104 G 1/72

    My second jet fighter model, I have always liked the look of the Starfighter and the Italeri kit had good reviews so I gave it a try. I didn't weather it much because I already liked how the panel lines looked.
  10. SpaghettiFighter


    A T-34/85 in 1/72 scale, model by dragon.
  11. SpaghettiFighter

    Spitfire Mk IX Clipped Wings 1/72 Italeri

    If I remember correctly, I glued the nose together and then placed it on the the halves already glued. The good thing is that the kit gives the option for 3 different radiators and full wings or clipped. Iwould have liked a little bit of extra details in the cockpit but I paid it a really low price I cannot complain.
  12. SpaghettiFighter

    Spitfire Mk IX Clipped Wings 1/72 Italeri

    Glad you liked it! I tries fitting the parts dry, then I used a lot of filling and sanding, soft and extra fine sanding sticks helped me really a lot, it took quite some time.
  13. My first aircraft after a long time, slowly learning how to set decals properly. The interiors weren't really much detailed, the model even lacked the classic decals seat belts so i decided to model it closed, the fitting was far from perfect and it took me a long time to san everything and imperfections are still there. But I really love clipped wings on spitfires and this model was cheap, I couldn't resist!
  14. SpaghettiFighter

    Hotchkiss 35 in 1/72 scale

    Thank you all! Yes probably it's S-model.