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  1. SpaghettiFighter


    A T-34/85 in 1/72 scale, model by dragon.
  2. SpaghettiFighter

    Spitfire Mk IX Clipped Wings 1/72 Italeri

    If I remember correctly, I glued the nose together and then placed it on the the halves already glued. The good thing is that the kit gives the option for 3 different radiators and full wings or clipped. Iwould have liked a little bit of extra details in the cockpit but I paid it a really low price I cannot complain.
  3. SpaghettiFighter

    Spitfire Mk IX Clipped Wings 1/72 Italeri

    Glad you liked it! I tries fitting the parts dry, then I used a lot of filling and sanding, soft and extra fine sanding sticks helped me really a lot, it took quite some time.
  4. My first aircraft after a long time, slowly learning how to set decals properly. The interiors weren't really much detailed, the model even lacked the classic decals seat belts so i decided to model it closed, the fitting was far from perfect and it took me a long time to san everything and imperfections are still there. But I really love clipped wings on spitfires and this model was cheap, I couldn't resist!
  5. SpaghettiFighter

    Hotchkiss 35 in 1/72 scale

    Thank you all! Yes probably it's S-model.
  6. I found this little cute chubby tank at a fair stand, it was sold in a pack of 2 for a bunch of money, and i got it and divided it with a friend. I decided to mount the short 37mm gun (more like a grenade launcher, the long barrel version was also available). A really funny and short project, I am sorry the photo are shitty. I could make a small diorama with it further on. Thanks for the visit!
  7. SpaghettiFighter

    1/35 MiniArt SU-85 1943 Early Production Model

    I got a cold only by looking at it
  8. SpaghettiFighter

    AMX Ghibli - Kinetic 1/48

    This is awesome, really! How was the kit to put together? I would like to make an AMX one day but i don't want to spend weeks filling and sanding gaps.
  9. SpaghettiFighter

    Italian thoroughbred!

    Those decals are awesome!
  10. SpaghettiFighter

    Yakovlev Yak 3 Eduard 1/48

    Amazing, love the masking work.
  11. SpaghettiFighter

    FIAT g.55 centauro 1/48

    This is awesome, I have no words.
  12. SpaghettiFighter

    Macchi 200 Saetta 150┬░Gruppo, 1/48

    Really a nice weathering and modification on the windshield!
  13. SpaghettiFighter

    A-6E Intruder (Italeri 1/72)

    Really a nice aircraft! One of those you don't see everyday