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  1. For that guppy grille you could just omit the part and add a chrome line round the opening and a bit of scribed styrene way back for the grill. Or for the more attractive late version just cut the vertical slats out of the kit part and put diagonal mesh behind.
  2. I like your experiments, the complementary colouring should help break up the colours in a less stark manner than black. My problem with persuading is laying down a thin enough coat of the final colour.
  3. I had HS Ultra and then picked up an Evolution which I now use most of the time. They are v similar so if you don't get on with the Evolution I don't see how you'll like the Ultra? The only difference between the two models I have is effectively the open nozzle on the Evolution which is great, I found excess paint would build up in the more closed head of the Ultra and then snot over the model. Yes the Evolutions internals are probably more sophisticated but the only other discernible difference is push vs screw on caps so not very exciting. I like the easy cleaning of H'S vs oth
  4. Sorry I got the JDM and mini fanbois mixed up! If you’re feeling left out there’s always something like this you could do to “improve” your car: https://www.fastcar.co.uk/fast-car-news/fc-387-666whp-toyota-mr2/ Apart from the dodgy Arctic camo I thought the Supra above was reasonably tasteful. I think I’ll stick to 1/24 Rocket Bunnies and Liberty Walks, they’re fun but the real things must be a nightmare! cheers Will
  5. Say the blokes with wide body minis bearing mad-tuned engines! Lol
  6. Very nice model. Nicely shiny and no chance of galloping tin worm! I might have to invest in one of these kits. I like the blue one too, the rubber bumpers didn't look so bad with darker colours; that said all the rubber B's I met were slightly later that had the deckchair seat coverings which would be challenging but colourful in 1/24, I guess also with headrests?
  7. Don't worry, I had already exceeded the car kit budget for a good few months ahead so not winning three kits that weekend was a bonus!?!
  8. Ahh, you beat me to it. Did you win the same vendors racing version which went for the same price 4 minutes later? It seemed an immaculate kit and had far less interest, which I didn't understand as it's the same kit plus racing bits and decals!
  9. malpaso

    Hobbycraft Stores

    I went to the Yeovil store on Weds as it was close to a site visit. Lots of Tamiya kits, Revell and Airfix, only a few italeri. Not only plenty of kits but X-20A in stock!
  10. Some siphon airbrushes have a little cup fitting as an alternative to the bottle, but not sure about the badger. Like this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Master-Airbrush-Brand-Metal-Siphon/dp/B00BYHWZLA Edit: I should have googled properly for you! https://www.wonderlandmodels.com/products/badger-14ox-colour-cup-model-350/ Or this one seems listed for 200nh - seems worth contacting them for advice? https://barwellbodyworks-shop.com/gb/accessories/252--colour-cup-14-oz-50-0483-.html Good luck
  11. If you just want to try a Tamiya there are plenty at around the £20 mark, especially road-type JDM. Best to buy new if available, the saving on secondhand ones vs those still on shop shelves isn’t worth the pig-in-a-poke of dodgy decals, missing parts or scratched clear pieces - aftermarket decals are nearly the price of a kit - unless it is a real, real bargain; which is very infrequent on eBay nowadays. on the other hand I recently had sensible (ie not taking the mickey) offers accepted on the Tamiya 7 and Europa by politely noting that they were about to be rereleased, so no on
  12. The "air filter" on the bumper is an oversize coolant expansion bottle. This looks like a nice kit though the box art seems to show a NW Europe SAS jeep in Desert paint rather than a typical SAS/LRDG one. Looks from the instructions like the typical guns are present, as you say a bit short on the Jerry cans and spare tyres!
  13. A site visit to the West Country saw a lovely S1 E-type coupe ( personally I think a much better balanced looking design than the roadster), an XK120 (140?) roadster in a rather startling blue; then a convoy of supercars on the A303 Ferraris, Porsche and McLaren off somewhere together? The Ferraris nearly fooled me as they weren’t red!
  14. There is Ronlines in Southampton though admittedly that’s a railway shop. Plenty of kits just up the road at AC Models in Eastleigh.
  15. I've built a couple of their car kits and they're really nice. Good fit, straightforward assembly and look like what they are meant to be. Perhaps not quite as marvellous as Tamiya somehow, but I can't quite define what the difference is. But Aoshima's recent car kits are really nice quality.
  16. This was a birthday gift from my wife. Possibly a record in recent times for getting built within two months of acquisition and not suffering a diversion into the stash! On opening the box I was surprised and pleased to see the decals were for un-PC Rothmans rather than the boxart “Racing”. The real car is just down the road at Beaulieu if you want to go and see what its supposed to look like. . The kit itself is somewhat ancient, originally by Esci and having been reboxed by both Revell and Italeri over the years. Now I love cars with massive flared arches as much as the next ch
  17. That's a very nice result. As for judging Revell progress from this kit, it's actually even more ancient than the helpfully moulded date, being from the early 60s. So it's actually comparable to one of the Airfix so-called "Classic" range!
  18. I just saw a matt black one. It looked pretty smart and had real presence. 2 in a day is impressive, the only other one I saw was a bright yellow one at Polzeath in 2019. At least the Lamborghini designer seems to have made a decent job of the car, unlike those who work on the big Porsches!
  19. It could be that Revell are handling Distribution for other companies? They have teamed up with Bandai for some Star Wars kits; all they did with my X-wing is slap on a sticker with a small Revell badge and company details on the outside of the box.
  20. Great diorama. Looks to evoke the period well.
  21. Err, technically I presume you meant to write “illegally”? Just sayin...
  22. I’ve gone a bit overboard on adding to the stash recently. These were all reasonably priced. I’m pleased to get hold of the Morgan. I know that the two Loti are due for rerelease but these ones were good prices and the extra parts added for the new kits are a bit underwhelming. I look forward to starting one of these once I finish the Rothmans Escort that’s on my workbench at the moment. Cheers Will
  23. I only paid 40p more for that Thomas Morse Biplane vac - 2 years ago!
  24. I wonder if it might have been an ibex? https://www.fwi.co.uk/machinery/4x4s/british-built-ibex-4x4-offers-land-rover-defender-alternative
  25. Wow, did they really have inertia rear seat belts in 74? I think my dads 73 Triumph was our first car with inertia front belts! Nice detail modelling, I’m building Revells 68 Charger and finding it “a bit old school” as regards fit and finish - I never bothered with filler back in the day on AMT etc that seemed much easier to find in the UK when I was a teen. At least the comments above make me feel better about painting the 440 Orange - a blue motor in a blue car model wasn’t going to zing!
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