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  1. A very lovely build. I have one of the older issue to build, I as thinking about going full on 70s purple (like the Matchbox Europa I had as a kid), but seeing it so beautifully done in black...hmm...
  2. The KP 1b, Vb and Vc all went together well for me. They are new moulds (possibly from similar mastering) compared to AZ, not the same as stated above. They have a full perimeter frame runner compared to AZ. The feeling is more delicate both in detail and substance than the Airfix 1a. Although not the finesse or clip together quality of Eduard’s 1/72 Spitfires, the modern KPs can sit next to them on display without jarring. Nor can I see any problems with shape.
  3. I don’t normally expect to see much of interest on the Monday morning commute, but today an immaculate DeLorean DMC12 passed the other way!
  4. More observations from this weekend on top of the fergies: big Healey - red over cream 2 dark blue Mk5 Cortinas beigey yellow early XJS Russet (poo) MGB roadster red TR3A White Shelby GT500S, 20teens type but not the latest i guess this haul reflects the late sunny weather, I expect spots will become less frequent as the dark and weather close in for the year…
  5. Phew luckily no one has picked me up on my appalling Landie recognition as it’s an S- reg SIII with later screen and roof and some dodgy aftermarket arches!
  6. Four Fergies and a Fordson outside the pub (far left - Country Pub 2021) at lunchtime yesterday. The LR90 was just along for the ride - literally. It was being towed on an A-frame by that TE20 to act as an accommodation trailer for the rest of their family!
  7. I’d also point out that just cos your compressor says 15psi “it ain’t necessarily so”. Most compressors come with a very cheap gauge which probably wouldn’t meet any proper testing, plus the length of your hose will also affect the pressure. Also the pressure is different spraying or static. You just have to find the pressure that works by trial and error and then use what your gauge says as YOUR baseline if you need to vary for different paints or effects.
  8. Those dimensions sound about right for standard gauge. UK sleepers were around 6” deep x 8”-10” wide x 8’ or 8’6” or 9’ depending on particular company’s standards or shortage of cash! Wider and longer sleepers would be used at points. So those German dimensions are plausible . Also the spacing of sleepers can vary slightly depending on traffic and finances, on older jointed track in the UK they were slightly closer at the joints, though i don’t know about German practice (though US also did). Apart from the sleepers UK track isn’t a very good guide to the rest of the worlds railways as UK traditionally used chaired bullhead rails whereas ROW was for flat- bottom rail profile.
  9. We've just converted to Yorkshire Tea and it's rather nice. Yorkshire seem to be making a bid for world domination judging by the recent increase in presence on shelves in our area! If PC were an armour modeller, rather than RAF (who only drink tea in proper cups and saucers with pinkies raised ), I would have suggested a proper wartime "Brew"; leaf tea, condensed milk and plenty of sugar, all left to stew on the fire for a few hours with a smidge of petrol (gasoline) and sand for that authentic taste. I've only had the closely related Aussie outback Billy tea, refreshing in the desert but probably too much for home consumption, especially the sugar load!!
  10. A trip to Yeovil down the 303 saw a nice red Sunbeam Alpine wearing a hardtop, a rorty red TR6 also with hardtop and an MGB GT (green). And multiples of each generation of MX-5. I would complain about all these sports cars with the hood up in the sunshine but it was a bit parky so my RF was closed for the A303. Also nearing home a green low-light Minor and a white 68 (F-reg) 911 which looks very nice (I see it quite often around). I also keep seeing a slightly battered but original S1 Landie parked up in various places round Winchester so it must be in regular use.
  11. Having done CAD (in architecture) for over 30 years and more recently 3D “intelligent” (haha) modelling, 1:1 is the way to go. But that said if you are making a scale model ( thinking particularly about product design, the full size item IS the 1/24 ( or whatever) subject. If designing a tool for model manufacture it will be more intuitive to design the model part thicknesses as 1/1 than have to multiply by the scale factor to get them right. For example a real car is made of around 0.5mm steel, if you work in 1/1 that’s a 1/24 model thickness of 0.021 mm which would be unworkable. But considering the other way round the product designer would design the wall thickness as say 2mm even if the outer shape was derived from a scaled down LIDAR scan!
  12. But, as noted above, Wingnuts didn't survive with their pricing strategy. One might suggest that the much higher prices of their kits circulating on eBay are what the "market" sees as the correct price and WNW underpriced all their models.
  13. And “everybody” now knows he must have meant to type “Sky” ; which it doesn’t look like either!
  14. Paint internals then gloss then externals is how I did my internal framing as per my earlier post (12 Sept). Looks okay if you zoom in. Please ignore the dust bunnies and the silvering of the radiator cover(?) decals!
  15. BL USA ran an ad campaign in the late 60s with a Spitfire camo'ed up with roundels. I'm not sure if it was just for the ad or a dealer option?
  16. I’ve no idea what an ex-LAPD Chevy Tahoe was doing in Alresford yesterday!
  17. The books are also very non-PC, with similar scenes described or inferred; but then all books, films and so forth reflect the mores of the period of their creation rather than when they are set - even the most researched and careful historical “artwork” of whatever media is laden with the creator’s biases, both conscious and unconscious.
  18. According to this handy website there are 2,200 MR2s on the road and another 5&1/2 thousand on SORN. You can break it down further by models if you know the type.
  19. Given we’re talking about a country that managed to build cars that needed muffs to stop LandRovers and Morris Minor radiators freezing solid at ground level or at least over-cooling the engine, de-icing seems eminently on a plane flitting around up where the temperatures are freezing even in summer!
  20. I was thinking Lancia Flaminia; but if so a coach built model rather than the standard model. usually putting in the reg plate solves the query but I can’t get a sensible answer this time.
  21. Out today I saw an MGTD ( not the same one I saw the other day) and my second DS of the week. Also a Reliant SS1, not sure when I last saw one of those!
  22. Luckily the dangling people get winched inside!
  23. They're fogs/spots not twin headlights and it's not a fastback so I reckon it's a tuned / modded formerly bog Hillman. Back in the day my mum had one of the last Sunbeam Sports (exactly the same as the one in the Forth Bridge brochure, even same colour "Wardance").
  24. I saw a Mk.2 Granada on the way to work the other day. Still looks a nice car. Today there was a really lovely dark grey XK150 fixed head at the pub we went too for lunch, and a fine Ford Anglia Estate passed by outside. Possibly a bit restomodded going by its alloys. Not sure I even knew such a model existed!
  25. Aerial on Vb is usually internal in NW Europe as VHF so just the mast, but Tropical ones could have the old External wire if the old HF radio sets were still used in theatre ( according to the Mk.V Manual). Look for terminals and insulators on the rudder or aerial mast to confirm on photos. Vb in NW Europe would have the cheese cutter IFF wires from fuselage (roundel) to tail plane tips but depends if IFF was in use where your Tropical Spitfire went.
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