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  1. Seeing the other one on steelies (as originally sold?) is probably more amazing in these days of resto-bling!
  2. I have a 1960? Revell GB catalogue (I’ll post some pages at some point) and it states all kits made in the UK - although 99% seem to be US prototype. I assume local manufacture was an essential in those days of exchange control, then dollars would only be paid for hire of the mould - costing for injection, printing and packaging etc would all be sterling.
  3. PK-35 Curtiss SBC-4 Helldiver USS Enterprise 1940 Who needs low-viz markings? In the late 30s there was no mistaking the arrival of US Navy aviation! This has been a great build, Matchbox kits always went together well back in the day. Many thanks to @Marklo who kindly sent me a home produced front canopy which was missing from my kit. Cheers Will
  4. Helldiver is now complete. In a fit of madness I installed the aerial wires as well. Even the propellor goes round in full 70s modelling style! More photos in the gallery. It’s been fun doing this old kit, Matchbox ones always fitted together well. Cheers Will
  5. De-masking I managed to unjoint the top wing! Luckily the rigging stayed attached and I managed to reset the wing without further disaster…
  6. How to touch up the top wing of a biplane! Yes - the rest of the plane is in there. A similar orgy of tape and kitchen roll on the lower wing too…
  7. Only 8 lengths of line, but a whole evening rigging! Getting the cabanes to stick and lines to pass through the two part upper wing were a challenge. Time to step away… As I’ll be touching up where the wires pass through I took the opportunity to correct the tail plane braces. I’ve also taken the masking off the canopy, quite pleased with how that’s come out. cheers Will
  8. No photos at the moment, but fuselage is all decalled and cleared, so I "just" have the rigging and top of the top wing and bottom of the lower wing to finish off. I've also spotted a bit of a faux pas by not reading the instructions or drawings properly - its visible in the photos above but I think correction will wait until after completion and the gallery!
  9. All parts now painted and clear coated, probably another coat needed on the tyres. Fuselage decals to add, then it’ll be the rigging. I won’t add the wing decals until the rigging is complete and any touching up finished. Hopefully can all get done by Sunday, though diary a bit full this week! Cheers Will
  10. To be fair to Matchbox (and Airfix), I have a 60s book with a TF.X flying along with empty rocket rails AND empty torpedo brackets! Perhaps it was just for publicity but if so why not "loaded for bear"?
  11. I've got a 0.4 pinch tip on my Ultra, transferred from my 2nd hand Evolution. Easily the best tip for any H&S airbrush - it should be the standard on the whole range.
  12. Marvellous looking interpretation of a Maltese Eagle.
  13. Plane is now all primed, the wings yellow and the tailfeathers blue. I used some of my daughter's nail art craft paint for the tail. It was the best match to the blue stripe on the decals, it thins with washer fluid though not as nice or easy to spray as proper model paint. I'll leave it overnight to cure before masking for the aluminium, which is most of the rest! Cheers Will
  14. @MR2Don - HarAld Ertl drove F1 in 75-78. He was one of the drivers who dragged Niki Lauda from the wreck at the Nurburgring in 1976. Only 33 when killed in a light plane crash. On a modelling note , his name is the driver on the old 1/20 Group 5 Celica by Tamiya.
  15. True, but there was some. I used Future (Klear) over Vallejo Model Colour for the metal cowling and panels on my WNW Camel: Assuming the OP meant to post this topic in the First World War section!
  16. Nothing wrong with an 850 if driven properly. My bog standard one could beat my dad point to point in his E21 323i and that was a rocket ship in 1981. Obviously if there was a motorway or dual carriageway it was a different story! Or if it rained as BMW had not mastered wet-handling balance on the E21...
  17. Greenhouse now masked using Tamiya tape. With all the framing there’ll be even less to see inside than usual at 1/72. Here is the experimental parasol monoplane version. The upper wing is temporarily glued (pva); it’ll be removed once the next stage has set. The upper wing allows positioning of the lower wings and interplane struts, and setting the lower dihedral. It’s a lot easier on kits where the lower wing is in one piece. I’ll leave this to set overnight, then tomorrow I expect the tail feathers will go on and painting can start. Cheers Will
  18. Whilst the actors (including Tom) didn’t fly the navy jets, they were in them, as back seaters, and had to do some of the camera operation themselves! As well as act while someone else flew them very fast and low…
  19. Brushed(!!!) or sprayed Klear (old UK version of Future) has worked for me over several different Vallejo Metal Color NMF finishes. Still looks metallic to me, similarly W&N acrylic satin gave a brushed stainless steel finish.
  20. Grey/Green was introduced August 1941. From May(?) 1942 the roundel proportions changed to the narrow white and yellow rings. So Revell may be right for that aircraft in April 42. This is old but generally well covers the colour schemes of NW Europe Spitfires. https://boxartden.com/reference/gallery/index.php/Camouflage-Markings/Supermarine-Spitfire
  21. Squadron codes should be sky on green/grey camo; light grey (medium sea grey?) codes was the rule on the earlier green/brown camouflage. HTH Will
  22. Well, I’ve corrected the spell checker’s horrendous typo to save @JOCKNEYfrom his troubling vision. With an extra two weeks I’m sure this plane will meet the GB deadline. Here’s the fuselage assembled and gaps filled. I cut off one of the front pegs, but probably should have trimmed the lot to allow proper lining up of both sides. That is @Marklo’s vacformed front windscreen, it’s clearer than the original MB parts. The carpet monster had two attempts at stealing it, luckily retrieved and now all in place, I’ll give the Micro Krystal Klear 24 hours to set before masking. Cheers Will
  23. Nicely built model, really looks the part. So either you can just clip the body on differently to get the right height or you have to mod suspension. Inquiring minds want to know as I have this kit too. Though I'll be stripping the chrome off the wires, too restomod bling for my liking! Cheers Will
  24. A trip to the coast led to spots of a Moggy Traveller and a very nice Beach Buggy on widened steelies.
  25. After three months, mainly trying to achieve a reasonable finish, I have completed the second of 2021's Christmas presents. As I was aiming at 1 completion a month, I am somewhat behind schedule. Anyway, this was a present from my in-laws. Tamiya's rather nice kit of the Heritage 370z. As usual with Tamiya it went together easily, most of the problems are of my own making. Negative points: A few inclusions in the paint or clear that still show after multiple reworks, at some point you have to call it a day A palmprint appears in the roof strip in certain lighting! I think it must be several layers of clear down as it won't polish out. A crack in the roof black stripe, as the decals are thick but brittle, and very grabby The black stripes are slightly pearlescent in certain lights - I clearly didn't clean my airbrush out sufficiently after silver before clearing! The orange/silver blanking decals on the headlights curled up and died, so are now absent! The headlight covers are somewhat proud at the front corner. Not sure what is wrong, Tamiya suggest "snapping" into place, but after multiple attempts I gave up as I was worried I would snap the whole thing to pieces in the process. Positive points Apart from the points above, it fits together marvellously The chrome parts are very nice, I oversprayed the door handles and wheels to better match the Heritage Edition. The mirrors look great using the stick on chrome, admittedly the rear view mirror had to be refitted several times due to carelessness. Superb tyres. Its very yellow. Here is the result: Hope you all like the cheery colour scheme! This is the sort of car its essential to wear shades to drive. Despite my moans above I have enjoyed the build, have learned some useful techniques, and have plenty more cars in the stash to apply them to! Cheers Will
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