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  1. Very nice. I imagine manufacturers could only dream of a full production run of 19,500 kits nowadays, let alone that as a limited edition!
  2. We watched it and it’s “okay”, unfortunately the tension is blown by the baddy being revealed way too early. A pity really, as it’s beautifully filmed in fantastic locations, the actors perform well and it seems to be set in its period convincingly (ignoring the sci-fi element!).
  3. The 184 strikes me as analogous to that Churchill saying about golf, a good car spoiled. But, hey, there are people who buy brand new Mx-5s to drive less than a couple of hundred miles a year, so it takes all sorts…
  4. I guess there must have been a US car event yesterday as I followed a tri-Chevy and C3 Corvette on the M3/M25. The Corvette didn’t seem so big amongst modern cars though the Chev loomed over the SUVs! A short distance further on an even bigger mid 50s Cadillac heading the other way on the A3…
  5. Let’s be honest, at least there’s a barely adequate mk2 (yes I’ve been there, done that). Where’s the Mini Clubman when you need it?
  6. I had a birthday Amazon voucher burning a hole in my pocket. I really didn’t need any more kits but then this popped up as I was searching! I’m not really into drag cars but it seems a nice book and Tim Boyd is a respected modeler and author in car mags.
  7. Some of those electric conversions are quite impressive. Though the costs involved seem eye watering and would pay the petrol for a round trip to the moon it seems! The last classic VW campers (from Brazil; mid 20-teens) had a water cooled engine and front mounted radiator. Not sure if it was VW (Brazil) or the UK importer who offered the dummy spare wheel cover to disguise - most I’ve seen have it.
  8. I thought it may be a late X which would mean it was an AustinRover company rather than BL car from 82, with the budget range being Austin badged and Rover for the less rubbish ones. But no it’s 1981 (entirely coincidentally first registered on my 18th birthday) so maybe they already had the badges ready or it’s been changed /repaired / restored with a later grille or badge since. I guess in theory Itals shouldn’t have been Morris badged from 82 to 84 as that company was dead but it seems they were as there are 1983/4 Morris Itals photo online - none with that Austin badge though!
  9. To be fair, even a S1 80” looked fairly shiny the day it drove out of the factory. There’s always a faint possibility the new Defender you saw was going wading, though I’d choose something more robust and/or cheaper myself! I see plenty of Landies with snorkels round here. I assume if they actually go wading the seals are good enough to stop the engine ingesting water, but given LR build quality they’ll need new carpets and seats at least, as I bet the door seals etc aren’t up to much…
  10. Years ago in N London I had an older neighbour who had converted a Sherpa van like this. He would drive it down every year to Yugoslavia for two weeks there then return. But he was an engineer so it was all immaculately built inside, labeled drawers etc! Nice Transit model by the way.
  11. My father in law had a Nikon that started playing up when only a year or two old. After a bit of back and forth it was completely repaired at no charge to him, but a lot to SONY for a whole batch of defective cameras they’d supplied the offending parts to Nikon for!!!
  12. Nice haul. That Competition Porsche is an early boxing, sometime in the 60s they retooled it with sticky out wide wheels!
  13. The 32 in the “ Cool Coupe” may well be the one on the cover of Beach Boys 32 Deuce Coupe album!
  14. Cool. Bet there’s some great content there. I seem to recall reading once (Chis Ellis’ books?) that US plastic modelling was hugely driven (pun intended) by car models, rather than by recreating WW2 as seems the main influence back in the day in Blighty. From here It seems like virtually every normal, not just sports, cars were available on an annually updated basis (ok I know that’s a slight exaggeration and I know the dealer promos made a large influence) whereas we had the rather tragic selection perpetrated by Airfix!
  15. Link as it’s not my photoAlways worth googling the make and reg. In this case it’s a 1957 356A and was raced at Oulton in 2008 sans bumpers, and no doubt there’s more info on the web…
  16. To me the uncoloured Prym on your Vimy(?) looks fine. But I may try the marker method to see, to date I had considered it but was concerned I might get into an unholy mess of marker pen ink leaching out onto the model! Or that the ink might affect the longevity of the elastic thread.
  17. I’ve used Prym as is. Seems fine for 1/72 or 1/32, the transparent look seems to work for me, gives a light effect against dark backgrounds or vice versa; it always seems that when looking at real biplanes from a distance you are “aware” of rigging even though human visual acuity means it can’t physically be seen. 1/72 1/32 Double flying wires on the Camel, I probably wouldn’t try that in a smaller scale. Only slight concern is whether the knitting in elastic has a life when exposed to air / UV / sunlight etc. I also tried: stretched sprue - too hard to get consistent sewing thread - too fuzzy invisible thread - impossible to see what you’re doing! fishing monofilament - ditto plus danger of pulling out of square metallic embroidery thread - looks marvelous but hard to avoid pulling out of square and/or getting a saggy line somewhere. Hope this helps Will
  18. F reg was Aug 67 to Jul 68 - it was first year of August change that ran though to the major change to 21st century March/Sept new system, though it had changed to a prefix in mid 80s
  19. Yesterday afternoon a white Stag outside the neighbours down the road, then within half a mile another one, russet brown this time, driving along! Then a bright pink D-reg Fiat 500. Always a shock to see how small they are compared to how I remember as a kid; mum had two…first a Nuevo with suicide doors then a newish 500F.
  20. He’s probably meant to be an architect. But rolled drawings is more of an American architect trope, in 30+ years of the profession I’ve only transported drawings in a roll on a handful of occasions, there is a British Standard way to fold up drawings which is marginally simpler than the German DIN standard! He’s obviously not the boss or he’d be wearing a bow tie in 1972!
  21. I use meths to clean up VMC which works fine. But you have to be very thorough with clean up as the metallic pigment is very fine and can easily appear in subsequent painting if you are sloppy cleaning up. Don’t ask me how I know this!
  22. Yes , it would be so much more calming to be staring at an unstable bomb of an engine right in front of you! interesting kit, though is it based on a real one or a Tom Daniel’s fantasy?
  23. I've occasionally had the white staining or more usually lightening from decal solution. This was microset/sol over Klear (Future) on Tamiya acrylics. It's always disappeared after a day or two, and/or because I put another coat of Klear over - because I read this evens out the glossiness of paint vs decals - before applying a satin or Matt varnish.
  24. I use the blutack sausage method, infilled with tape or copydex (rubber cement) as the mood strikes. There are these templates you can cut out or use to trace. I haven’t done so to date but I will probably try them out on one of my builds!
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