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  1. All the major bits glued and painted. Trickiest bit was the orientation of the A frame lower landing struts, instructions were unclear if front-to-back or left-to-right. Much staring at internet pictures of Storch landing gear later, it was determined that front-to-back was the correct positioning ie both legs of the A on the same side of the fuselage.
  2. Todays grump involves a chewed TV power cable, a chewed Blu ray player power cable, a chewed 30m ethernet cable, a chewed network hub power cable, a chewed power extension cable and a miraculously unharmed escaped pet hamster.....
  3. Not just the main BBC channels either, Dave programming replaced with a flashcard saying "go and watch BBC 1". Obviously it is right and proper that BBC1 devote its programming to a moment of national importance. But in this day and age of streaming, youtube and on-demand services, trying to control the nations viewing is an out of date concept, one which arguably is a mistake to try.
  4. Yeah, asked for 99 ice cream and all I got was a cone with a flake in it.....
  5. A sad loss, not only for the Royal family but also to the nations and organisations he dedicated his life to.
  6. At last, an application for the 5G chip in the arm
  7. Agreed. The first two were decent enough US military hardware porn, but after that it suffered from "how many new toy characters to sell can we stuff into a movie itis" and got a bit silly.
  8. Agreed. As soon as the scripts became all about fighting social injustice instead of monsters and aliens, it was toast. Not Jodie's fault, but that of the overly PC script writers who cant hold a candle to Steve Moffat's best efforts. Now if they recast Idris Elba to be the Doctor trying to cancel the Dalek apocalypse, that I could watch....
  9. umm..... I liked the first Michael Bay Transformers movie....
  10. Gave up on first episode after 30 mins. Falcon and The Winter Soldier on the other hand is much more exciting Marvel spin off.....
  11. Got the glass bits glued on for the cockpit. John was not wrong about it being a little awkward ! Fortunately got it all painted up first before assembling.
  12. Todays grump is..... Nestle's 9-pack of Kit-Kat chunky. Time was, a chunky Kit Kat was, well, chunky. Not now. These anaemic half-height, shortened excuses for snacks are barely more than "fun" sized. With barely a brush coating of chocolate. And thats compared with just 2 years ago ! Worse than 1:2 scale !!!
  13. Well what do you expect, nobody has banned another nations imports or blocked a strategic waterway in the last 12 hours edit : just watched news. normal anti-AZ service has resumed
  14. I don't know how much Tamiya Tape there is in England, but I reckon I've just used a fair portion of it on the canopy pieces ! Yes, another nomination for the "unnecessarily fiddley number of pieces" award....
  15. Here's another in what looks like H187 :
  16. Spent the last while agonising over colour choices. Instructions show something similar to Humbrol 118, but the box art is Humbrol 187. 187 looks better for hiding in sand dunes, so thats what I'll go with
  17. What you need to do is carry a suitcase nuke round in the boot, and then much better cameras will keep an eye on your car for you
  18. Todays grump is knowing that even if somebody released a kit of the Ever Given, I'd be too scared to build it in case it got stuck halfway across my desk...
  19. Airfix's new 1:1 scale Hawker Hunter ! https://uk.airfix.com/community/blog-and-news/news/hornby-ceo-donates-hawker-hunter
  20. Being labelled a monster by the kids for suggesting they just ring someone without texting them first ! The youth today....
  21. no idea, but from a pragmatic viewpoint I'd suggest its not worth the hassle , especially when the difference is less than the price of a takeaway pizza. If you were ordering 1000 of the kit, maybe, but just 1 - life's too short.
  22. Nothing cheers me up quite like seeing a new grump thread opening...
  23. IanHx

    Covid Jab

    24 hours later, one has nothing more than a sore arm, while the other has joint pains all over and generally feeling a bit
  24. IanHx

    Covid Jab

    Both grown kids jabbed with A-Z this afternoon. Will see what the morning brings...
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