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  1. "buy this car or the kid asks if we're nearly there yet"
  2. .. no "might" about it ....
  3. Once again NHS Digital is trying to sell your medical data to "interested 3rd parties". Not meant to be a political post, just a heads-up to anyone who may have missed it and wishes to opt out before an impending deadline. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-57400902
  4. Still, the warnings at the front of films are useful, if it doesnt contain at least 3 of violence, bad language, drugs and nudity then I know its not worth watching
  5. I'm sorry, but its just not a streaker if a policeman's helmet doesn't have to be strategically positioned !!!
  6. Interesting viewpoint. For sure, lack of space in stash slows down rate of kit purchases. Maybe Airfix/Revell should expand their ranges to include 1:1 scale garden sheds ?
  7. If they are parked opposite the entrance to your drive such that it impedes you getting out, I believe this is technically illegal. Completely sympathise, this is an ongoing issue we've had have with the house opposite for many, many years. Although its been less of a problem since the wife's blue badged car reversed into their thoughtless visitor...
  8. IanHx

    Lockdown Meals

    In an attempt to broaden the menu, it was Pizza Hut's "Roast Dinner Pizza" with roast beef, roast potatoes and stuffing topping on a gravy sauce base. It actually tasted a lot better than the description !
  9. Extra marks for too much glue and runny seams ?
  10. Another 2 pairs of arms and hands wouldnt go amiss when glueing fuselages.... oh wait, all the interruptions from Spiderman....
  11. I didnt think I'd drunk that much, but could have sworn that at times the German entry was being sung by someone dressed up as a giant jumping willy !
  12. Sadly I have not managed to imbibe enough alcohol yet for my ears to block out the caterwauling coming from the tv.... yes the missus has got Eurovision on !
  13. Stash completion will be a certain number of years after finding an answer to the unanswerable question "so where are you going to keep them all when they're built ?"
  14. According to the missus, the knitters down here have their own version - STABLE - STash ABove Life Expectancy. All I know for sure is that there are certain cupboard doors that I cannot open without re-enacting the Star Trek "overhead storage bin full of tribbles" scene with balls of yarn.......
  15. Depends whether our universe is on some higher-dimensional being's shelf of doom......
  16. Amazon / Morrisons. Which is why I was so annoyed as the big A really should be expected to know about cybersecurity and GDPR. Short dated items was a problem at first with Tesco, but the missus was hot on sending them back and after a while the supermarket eventually got the message. Current pet peeve with Tesco is their refusal to bag anything or use tray liners, so now it takes AGES for delivery driver to complete a delivery. Trying to be trendy and green is shooting themselves in the foot at the doorstep.
  17. Todays grump is ending up with no groceries after refusing to hand over my date of birth to a complete stranger at the doorstep. They only need to know my age , not my d.o.b .... has nobody ever heard of identity theft ?? But the young lad delivering them couldnt see past "app says enter d.o.b" , so whole delivery rejected at retailer's expense.
  18. IanHx

    Covid Jab

    The "stick a swab up your nose" PCR antigen tests detect if you currently have an infection. The antibody tests on the other hand pick up whether you've ever been exposed to covid in the past. Came with very specific instruction that it was NOT to be taken as gospel and if you thought you might have covid then get a swab test.
  19. IanHx

    Covid Jab

    Thats how the PCR antigen tests work, looking for fragments of virus DNA. The thing I was talking about was an antibody blood test, which looks for antibodies produced in response to coronavirus. Thought the point of the vaccinations was to train the immune system into producing antibodies, but then I'm no medic.
  20. IanHx

    Covid Jab

    oh, I dont know about mediocre, the missus's 1.8 was nippy enough 20 years ago
  21. IanHx

    Covid Jab

    No, these are the ones where you stab your finger and drop blood on a plastic testing kit (not Airfix ! )
  22. IanHx

    Covid Jab

    Well here's an interesting one... just did one of those REACT2 covid antibody blood tests , would have thought that after 2 jabs it would have shown something, but nada...... edit : apparently the antibodies being looked for are different from the ones generated in response to vaccination. So no conclusions to be drawn yet.
  23. IanHx

    Covid Jab

    got my 2nd jab earlier this week, some 3 weeks earlier than I was expecting. No different to first time round - sore arm for 48 hrs then back to normal .Or so the 5G broadcast in my arm tells me
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