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  1. Didnt know that, thanks for the pointer.
  2. Canopy painted, just a matter of getting the darn thing to fit next. That, and painting some red stripes...
  3. IanHx

    Airfix 2023

    Thought Revell had tried that with Star Wars stuff ? Problem is that licensing fees put such products well beyond the reach of young modellers' pocket money.....
  4. I guess Sandra Dee will no longer be getting physical RIP
  5. Metric all the way... apart from miles and pints !
  6. Varies by subject - Harrier GR9 over GR3, but F/A-18 C over F/A-18E.
  7. On the aircraft front, a small number of 1:100 kits. An interesting scale... a 1:100 Tomcat is large enough to be detailed, while taking up considerably less shelf space than a 1:72. Whereas a 1:144 Tomcat is a tiddly PITA to assemble. Of course we now have the debate about when did the 'Tomcat' become a unit of measurement.....
  8. Without going into banned territory, I'd like to put forward that the chances of the public following any future public health advice are effectively zero after the Partygate and Wine Time Friday debacles. Back to modelling.....
  9. Judging by the pair of Apache gunships circling over South Rugby, the last thing I posted on BBC Have Your Say.........
  10. IanHx

    Womens Euro's

    Great result. Makes the men's team look like a bunch of over-paid and undertalented primadonnas !
  11. IanHx

    Airfix 2023

    +1 vote for Cessna O-2
  12. Setting a very low (and dusty) bar. Built in the days when I didn't varnish models - tried to blow the dust off and a good portion of decal on the wing disintegrated !
  13. That cockpit is a work of art, especially in 1:72.
  14. Apparently this and the Vigilante were designed at the same time, and there was fair bit of information exchange between the 2 teams at North American Aviation....
  15. The eagle-eyed can see the horrible beige colour around the lid of the tin... And here's the model as it is today, resplendent in box-white
  16. Opened a tin of Humbrol 130 and slathered it on.... what's this ? Why is my model a disgusting dark browny beige colour ? A quick trip to Hobbycraft and a few tins of something I've never heard of before - "Revell Email Color" SM304 - and it's properly NASA white again. Now where did I put my sunglasses ?
  17. well, its standing on its legs and its not (yet) a tail-sitter.... score that one as a small win. Onto the next battle... boy does this thing not like Humbrol enamel ! First coat of white paint has left what can only be described as a "stretch mark" paint job ! Hoping coats 2-4 will cover up my ineptitude with a hairy stick....
  18. ... and the many American vessels (Navy, NASA and Starfleet !) called 'Enterprise' ..... ?
  19. excellant description !
  20. IanHx

    Airfix 2023

    My thoughts for 2023 : Exactly the same as 2022 but 20% more expensive !!
  21. IanHx

    Feeling the Heat?

    Main requirements are I would imagine : 1) tolerant of midge bites 2) never want to go shopping on a Sunday 3) did i mention the midges ?
  22. IanHx

    Feeling the Heat?

    The thermometer on the windowsill in direct sunlight hit 48 C ! Rest of the house behind closed windows & curtains still hit 32 C. Antarctica or Greenland for the summer hols next year methinks...
  23. Getting there..... Next hurdle on the horizon is the landing gear. This large lump of resin is HEAVY - not sure the simple stalk legs are going to hold up. Think I'll hold off cutting up the gear bay doors until I see how it holds up - may yet end up being a gears-up build....
  24. Slow but steady progress. Still got some sanding to do on the seams.....
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