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  1. I'm still scratching my head at the use of "Haggis" and "enjoying" in the same sentance .... next you'll be telling us that bagpipes are a musical instrument and not an ancient Scottish torture implement !
  2. I'll put in my £0.000000002 (inflation adjusted tuppence worth) I think we're in for a protracted period of prices rising faster than incomes, not just a blip. That does make we worry about the continued future of this hobby, which is after all a luxury based on discretionary spend. I understand that manufacturers employ people, and they all have to earn a living, and face the same inflationary pressures we do. But if you're chasing an ever smaller pool of people able to afford your products, its not going to end well for many of the current mass-market producers. Lower sales means greater pressure to make only dead-cert commercial money spinners, means less variety as nobody willing to take a punt at producing the more exotic subjects and instead the catalogue is 50 shades of Spitfires. Everyone has got their own limits when it comes to what they are prepared to pay. And irrespective of my bank balance, I'm not handing over £100 for a 1:72 Vulcan. Or even half that amount. I'll go read a book instead. (last year I'd have said 'play on the computer' instead, but with the price of electricity it's back to paperbacks...)
  3. What do you expect, I mean he is taking over from Jabba the Hutt !
  4. lol, you've got another whole 7 seasons of is he ? isn't he ?
  5. Alright, I may have been a tad harsh. I think ultimately I was expecting something as good as Avengers Assemble / The Winter Soldier, and this just... wasn't even close. Give me Tony Stark / Steve Rogers over 12 dull PC robots any day.....
  6. Yes, been watching this for many years. Raymond Reddington is just such a great character ! Each season tries (and succeeds) to be more convoluted plot-wise than the last.
  7. Oh dear, it's finally happened. Marvel have let off a bit of a stinker. Haven't been overly impressed with any of the MCU Phase 4 films so far, but this one easily the worst by a country mile. Disjointed, time-jumpy, over-long, over-blown. Not even the star power of Angelina Jolie or "Jon Snow" paper over the cracks. And despite all its attempts to appeal to as broad a spectrum as possible, still casts the bad guy as a Brit.....
  8. Just finished season 6. First 4 seasons are epic, 5 & 6 not quite to the same degree but still a good watch.
  9. IanHx

    RIP. Meatloaf

    I thought he was talking about building a Starfix kit.....
  10. IanHx

    RIP. Meatloaf

    Oh no ! Now we'll never find out what "that" was !!!! "I'd do anything for love, but I won't do that..."
  11. Still only half a job at best ! The maIn components are all fairly simple, so yes it may well appear to have materialised out of thin air, but in truth I've only glued 10 pieces together
  12. For all that we may regard the 2 colour plastic and lack of detail as simplistic, there are some things this kit does right which many today don't. Take for example the horizontal tailplanes - 2 identical looking pieces, easy to get the wrong way round or out of alignment. But not with this kit ! One side has 2 lugs and the other only 1, which slots into the gap between the 2 on the other piece. Simple, but effective.
  13. You wait ages for a Buckeye build , then 2 come along at once... Where to start ? 'Basic' doesn't begin to cover it. So its time for a few random splodges of paint in the cockpit to approximate instrument panels (not even a decal provided). Going for the red and white T-2C Navy trainer scheme.
  14. Thanks for the clarification.
  15. Always good to see a Beaver.... New 48th Buc will go down well with a lot of folk. The one thing that left me scratching my head though was the scale of the starter kit cars - is 1:43 normal in the model car world ? That, and the 20% mark-up on the Victor......
  16. I passed on it first time round when I thought £60 was a bit steep.... can't say I'm inclined to rush to get one at £72 !!
  17. May I be the first to say.... NICE BEAVER
  18. Academy 1:300 XB-70 Valkyrie. One of the few Valkyrie kits that will fit on a shelf ! Picture posted purely as evidence that I actually finished a kit in 2022
  19. Once upon a time there was a 'Less than a tenner' group build. (well, 2021 to be exact ). There was a dismal attempt at a cheap-as-chips Academy 1:300 XB-70 Valkyrie, that sort of got given up on due to hiding behind the sofa from coronavirus. But in a valiant attempt to finish it off, I've added the wheels, slathered it in paint and stuck some decals on. The best thing I can say about this kit is ..... it doesn't take up much shelf-space ! Certainly lived down to 'less than a tenner' expectations ( pictures a bit blurry, but you try catching it at mach 3 ! )
  20. Many months later........ It's finally finished. In 2022.....
  21. But on the other hand... Ranger Seven of Nine.....
  22. Instead of introducing strong female role models , Hollywood's answer seems to be to neuter all the strong male role models..... Was not impressed with the ending.
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