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  1. Not built this year but, I entered my models in a competition for the first time at Gaydon truck model show, and came away with some prizes MAN snow plough,highly commended in 1:24 other makes red AEC, 2nd best weathered and highly commended in best British Mercedes got 2nd in best Merc
  2. No, MG Mouldings have only taken the Transcontinental. modellers resource have the Leyland Marathon, Leyland T45, Scammell Trunker, Seddon Atkinson 401 (and a separate kit to convert to a 400), ERF A Series, Mk2 Atkinson Borderer & Volvo F10
  3. That’s very nice, Scania do a nice T cab. I ‘almost’ brought a 141 this year but the wife ‘convinced’ me it wasn’t a good idea
  4. I’ve got this in the stash with a dually conversion from an American company
  5. I’ve puts. KFS RL cab against a built O type and it’s massively bigger. KFS do some military conversations for the O type, and they should be more available next year
  6. More should be available next year, but he is doing some of his own kits, including a complete Ford Cargo 4x2 tractor unit, some 80’s king low loaders, mk1 transit conversion for the italeri mk2, and a Volvo F7 transkit first. id recommended a visit to his page, he does some lovely British lorry kits, inc a Commer and Austin/Morris FF
  7. they have some detail but fairly basic.
  8. The new web site will allow you to order online and not have to call or email when it’s up and running, all the range will be re-stocked except the sold transkits, and new items are being planned
  9. I’m 99% sure it’s completely different, the O is a much lighter lorry and the RL is heavier and larger in all ways
  10. KFS has been sold, Howard is retiring. The company has been sold as a whole and will continue in British ownership. they haven’t concentrated on just military stuff, the truck range has been added to until he made the choice to retire. the Transcon kit is now with MG mouldings and will be available again soon
  11. A few this year in a smaller scale for me, all 1:50 and based on corgi models 2 Foden S21 tippers with Tarmac Truck Models decals Next a pair of local ERF tippers, again modified corgi models with custom decals Corgi Bedford OB, knew the real bus well and it was still on fare stage work until a few years ago Horice Kendricks classic, scratch built body and Tarmac models decals lastly another Walsall company, corgi model with custom decals
  12. Take it to a car paint shop, they can scan the model and supply a custom can of spray
  13. They never made a 8 wheel O type, there was 6 using an aftermarket company like Boyes or Primrose. Would be an interesting conversation They did plan to expand the range but the pattern maker passed away
  14. Look at RTI here is one Im building in 1:24, with rare resin cab and scratch build chassis
  15. I’d go for the Haynes version, I know they normally have lots of pics from a full strip down and rebuild.
  16. I had a rear steer on trial a few weeks ago and that had the same set up as I’m trying (badly) to describe
  17. I’m 100% sure the Haynes workshop manual has that detail in, but possibly not dimensions. Contact the British Motor Museum at Gaydon, they hold lots of Land Rovers archives and they can send stuff via email or you can visit (and it’s well worth it)
  18. Just seen it’s an 8x8 but it would look very similar, but you would have a hydraulic ram from a fixed point on the axle housing to the swivel one on each to give the power you would need to turn the wheels
  19. Ive a shed load of pics on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/truckdetails/ a few close up 8 wheel chassis and linkages but also try KFS, the part isn’t available but it is a good clear replica and a good image to copy
  20. Not true, the engine will be built and painted and fitted to a painted chassis, on mine the engine is a green colour, gearbox is silver, some air tanks are bare aluminium, all plumbing is different colours throughout the chassis. They build a basic chassis and add stuff after. when Frank the painter gets hold of a truck to re-paint later in it’s life then he will just blast all one colour but quickly paint will flake off rubber and plastic cables and boxes and burn off the hot bits and when you replace a part it will be manufacture colours.
  21. Not the facelift Iveco but some ideas. Link
  22. Have a look at Haynes manuals, always a mine of info and cheap, can get online or even try local charity shops
  23. You can get nice diecast models in 1:24 of the defender
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