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  1. No, there is just a hump of the top of the wheel arch under the seats
  2. Czech truck models https://www.czechtruckmodel.com/kosik just have a look as they do lots of shapes and size etched lights for 1:24 truck models and they are
  3. I wanted to build a correct model of the Hoveringham Gravels Foden S21 as the corgi model is so wrong! a friend is producing the correct Neville body, the decals, headboard and much finer detailed mirrors for the corgi models. the model has been stripped, rear seagull mudguards removed, new guards scratch built onto the 3D printed body, the headboard was glued to the cab and smoothed into the roof as per the real lorries then a coat of orange and red mine and the original corgi attempt The original corgi on its own the real lorry
  4. Looks a bit better in primer, not had as much work as I expected to get it here, a few more rounds of filler and sanding to get a smooth finish
  5. A chap called Mike Lawrence had one and he lived in Burnham on Sea, he ran a plant hire company in Highbridge. I’m not 100% sure he is still about, or that the truck is still there but may be worth seeing what you can find. He is/was a nice approachable chap and would probably be happy to you to go over for a look if it’s still with him.
  6. I’ll just scribe the side door, as I have cut the original roof out I don’t want to take any more structure out of it, plus there would be a pile of work to modify the interior tub
  7. Just make sure you have more fuel than that has electricity
  8. Looks nice. Some of these military trucks lasted a long time post-war and where highly modified especially in the low counties for re-building. They gained locally built cabs and looked very different. Terberg and GINAF started with these conversations
  9. Following a great holiday in Barbados there is a few Bajan models planned, first is a ZR bus, or as we called the Suicide buses. they come up behind you and blow a dixi horn to see if you want a lift, it’s BB$3.50 flat fare and they absolutely fly along! that’s not my photo but shows what I’m looking at building. Brought a Aoshima Hiace kit in 1:24 to make a start….. looks good but the roof is too low. After looking at it a few days I remembered a cheap Merc Sprinter van toy I got at a car boot a few years ago, chopped the roof off, but it was too long and wide so it needed a lot of hacking to get any where close to working, but it’s on, it’s rough, it will needed a stack of work but I’ve got it glued on! Just need to order a few buckets of filler and a stack of sanding equipment Oh, and it’s red, so that will be fun to get painted white and not pink off we go…..
  10. Very nice, it’s a good looking build. Ive made a start on mine today, just chopped the roof off to make a high roof
  11. I give you the future……..
  12. richellis


    G-VGEM fight VS187 28/6 Heathrow to Barbados. thanks
  13. richellis


    Hi, I want a screen shot of a flight on the 28/6 for my holiday memories for the kids showing the route. Got a screen shot off FR24 but only have the free version
  14. it’s not a Scania colour, asked in the dealer. They have a code for the Golden Griffin but that’s the R6 not new-gen S, and it looks a completely different colour
  15. Thanks, I’ve been offered an A340 kit and will use some Braz bits to convert it, with TwoSix or Authentic Airliners window and doors, and custom decals for the Virgin Atlantic livery.
  16. richellis


    Hi, does anyone have the full access and can look back at flights? I only have the free version but want info on a flight from 28/6. thanks
  17. Hi, yea it’s a 330-3 VGEM out and VLUV return I was on.
  18. Thanks, looking at the price of Revell kits the correct Authentic Airliner isn’t bad value. would anyone know if Virgin have RR engines?
  19. Just flown on an A330 and want to build a model, the Revell A330 is between rocking horse and hens teeth to find, can you convert the equally hard to find A340 with Braz engines? also, any sign of another kit being available of this aircraft?
  20. The golden griffin is an earlier R6 Scania, the S730 is the new gen S. you will struggle as that truck was probably supplied in white and painted by the owner or dealer.
  21. I have a few books at home and will have a look when I return from holiday. I’m not 100% sure it could be one of 2 systems
  22. Brilliant, I’m in Barbados now and these are everywhere. Had a look on eBay and will be ordering one when I return to build one of the Taxis that are all over the island. They come past blowing a Dixie horn see if you want a lift
  23. Ballast blocks, probably concrete blocks with lifting rings on the top, probably 4 or 6 with chain, spare wheels, big blocks of wood, useful bits and bobs
  24. I would doubt any plans where ever made for the cabs, there was a chap in Burnham area that owned one, Mike Lawrence I think but that was a few years ago to my knowledge.
  25. That’s a MQB platform, the old Mk3 chassis is exactly the same.
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