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  1. Can anyone help me with the dimension of this vehicle or a data sheet - just cannot seem to find any. Thanks William (mechinf@netactive.co.za)
  2. Its clearly a Springbok emblem, no stag has horns that look like this! Its not a British vehicle!
  3. No, these are Paint or Dope colours for aircraft, the order was possibly issued by the Air Ministry c. 1935. I have a number of references from paint manufacturers to this order referring to colour schemes. No specific aircraft mentioned, possibly only the colours that had to be used. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Can anyone help with a copy - what does the HAIS stand for? Regards William
  5. Still a couple of small details to add then we are at the painting stage! Matchbox Morris and Zwezda Bofors.
  6. I always suspected that SCC.16 and the Far East 207 were the same, now confirmed. Directorate Special Weapons and Vehicles Liaison Letter No 26. See:
  7. The pics you supplied does not seem to match the description, as the 25 Pdr mounted would have a 360 deg ability to traverse, the pictures show a fixed type of turret.
  8. If I look at the suspension this seems to be a A10 Cruiser tank mod! Very interesting all the same! Thanks very much for the pictures!
  9. Came across a Tech report (1944) stating that a Crusader had been mounted with a 25 Pdr and handed to the School of Art for trails. Does anyone have more details of this, drawings, pictures, info, etc would be much appreciated. Regards William
  10. British Engineering Standard Association (B.E.S.A.) 2D. 103, March 1922 “Air Ministry Nitro Dope Coverings and Identification Colours” In principle all the major paint formulations (PC 10 etc.) should be in there as well as the pigmentation. If possible do you have a copy of this standard or do you know where I could get a copy for research purposes? A scan would be great - send to mechinf(at)netactive.co.za
  11. Jamie The BCC was used for material colours ie: uniforms and also other horticultural uses. Thus one finds colour cards of military badges and uniforms quoted in the BCC colours for when it was necessary to produce the badge or uniform the correct shade of any particular colour could be used by the material manufactures. I am looking for a copy of this document as it refers back to paint colours and their names as well.
  12. I seem to recall: a couple of years ago a video was doing the rounds about the painting of trucks in Caunter camouflage in one of the RASC workshops in Egypt. Would appreciate a copy or the URL of that particular video. Can anyone help? Thanks William mechinf(at)netactive.co.za
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