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Waffentrager Pak 43 in Eberswalde March 1945

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For my BR 52 diorama, i am building 2 trucks this Waffentraeger and later many other vehicles. I want the Waffentrager to be detailed, the second one, which will be largely displayed as a destroyed one, is going to be the ALan one (a very bad and basic kit, but just the right thing to depict a smashed second one. It is not a very common build and I want to work on it again this weekend, had it in the backburner in the last while. Maybe someone on here is also tackling this thing?!


The first steps were to design and add together the bits and pieces I found in my books and magazine, online and on photos.


After a long time, the basic layout was obvious and the main dimensions could be laexed out. As there are no interior plans, some fits inside may have been different, but as for possible research, this is as good as you will be able to pin down the detials inside of the thing. I covered parts of my digital stamp btw.

Amongst others this. Don't want to bore you to death with drawings and designs...




Careful examination of the only surviving one in Kubinka, the kit needs major changes.

The vehicle will be displayed receiving field repairs on the transmission or so, therefore all hatches need to be open an the interior visible and built.


*1) All real tank pictures taken from and, for discuttion only.










Foot pedal spring in place and a weird thing, no clue what it is.... but check in the following photo... (I heated the handle too much, and later redid it witrh lead wirde, so it is now nice and correct again.







The zig zag brass rod is the pipe which houses the radio lines and connects the driver to the gunner.  It will be visible to the left of the driver, then run right behind him and then zag back to the rear and up through the centre of the gun mounting.


This is the one to the left of the gun openingin the shiled. The radio line goes/speaker cable goes from the gunner point down to the driver.



Adjusting the roof and or floor elevation




The TRKM engine:



This one being an earlier prototype:



The travel lock needed quite a fe adjustments as it is just too crude and off.



Some interior stuff, where no photos exist:

The morphing of the seat and driver's area.



The battery might be too big and ugly? any ideas? but nothign will be seen of it anway.



The front transmission got smashed (due to meaterial fatigue) and parts of it got hammered into the engine cooling fan protection.



The engine:






The hull with the engine in place:


I had begun adding the fuel lines (.15mm silver wire) 


The fuel tanks and the power generator are the only parts glued into the hull as of now. So if things seem misaligned, well it is because I just put them there for the photos and fitting. The mad wiring for oil controls, telcoms and stuff will all be angled, and inserted later once readily installed, for now they just look shitty, but nothign I can do about it. There are severe problems with Trumpeters ammo rack. it is so bad, I mean utterly useless, you would not even be able to take 3 rounds out of it :D  missing my photos of it, will add them at some point later when discussing it in further detail.







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You're doing a stunning job !

I admire you scratch builders a lot 

you have finese and ability sir 

watching with interest .


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Cheers Jim,

stuck with researching the BR-52 atm. Both will go together in a Diorama^^, so plenty to work on and I need to find the 1x2m piece of wood, on which to build it :D. I hope I cann add a little progress tomorrow though, had some ideas about the damn ammo storage.



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I can tell the level of research your putting in its showing through your work ! Keep it up mate it's going to awesome . Love the BR-52 too !

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I prefer building very few things but as accurate as possible replicas while learning about their history. I did some test fitting with a paper ammo rack.


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Many detailed job, awesome scratching build, and very accurate work i see...:popcorn:, cheers mate

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Francis, there are much better modellers and scratchers out there, I am totally new to this, so it is still a fight for me, but as time goes by, things become easier.  But I am happy with the results so far. I like your M109 a lot btw


Photobucket is annoying these days, some pics are lost...

For anynone building a WT, here some measurements and basic layouts.



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Thx for your kind comment (about M109), but Your work does not deserve anything, I would go, cheers mate

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Amazing attention to detail.....Following with interest as, inevitably enough, I've got a couple in the stash, mine are 1/72.  :popcorn:

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SThx Francis^^.

Squarehead, 1/72, that will be like torture^^. I am building a WR360 C12 but converting it into a C14 in 1/72, those things are soooo small. Will hopefulyy get some WT work done next week though. Can I have some of your popcorn? I want some, too!


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:o those details!!! :wub:


Very impressive so far, I keep getting taken back at some of the work around here and the attention to details and research that goes into each build.  Hopefully one day I might be able to make something 5% as impressive! Subscribed and watching with interest.

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Teutonic Error,

you could build many things, or if you do research and go deep into the topic, build only extremely few models in your life...I have finished none so far^^ Many different approaches, so just do what you like and enjoy!!!There is no need to do scratch building if you enjoy assembling kits.


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