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  1. Great stuff, Thank you! Has this removed the old account, as I will no longer be using it anyway. Thanks again Julien
  2. Yes it was! Im glad someone remembered. I was not sure if I was Scalepanzers or just my regular screen name I use on most sites. Also thank you everyone for the welcome
  3. Hey everyone, Returning member here, lost access to my old account and honestly can't remember my access for it. Looking forward to catching up with members and all the posts I have to look through Anyroad, my name is Chris and I love building tanks, currently got a few projects on the go which when I upload the images to a hosting site I will post here.
  4. Got a little more work done this evening, painted the sandbags and did some weathering on them and started to add mud to the jeep and to the field also, here is my progress: this is as far as I have got, hopefully tomorrow I will get a delivery I have been waiting for and be able to make more progress Regards Chris
  5. awesome looking build, watching with interest
  6. Hello Everyone, It's been a while since I have posted, but today I would like to share with you all my latest project. My driving force behind this project is a Christmas present for my Father. My father owns a real M38A1 jeep and I wanted to present him with a Scale model of the real thing as he is unable to build kits himself due to lack of time and failing eyesight. Anyway without further delay, here is what I will be building: So I started plodding away with the build, it's very tricky due to the size of parts, but I was very impressed with the snug fit of everything and the level of detail to the kit itself. There is very little to say about the build itself as I am building it straight out of the box with no extras added to the jeep unless I add a few Scratch Built items to give it some more interest down the line. The kit took me around 5 hours to assemble and then it was time to start the painting. Just for a little comparison, this is the jeep against the Tamiya Panther 1/35 scale: Painting: Again at the moment, I have not done any dirt washes or added any mud. The only thing I have done is a bit of work in the engine bay, with some oil splats and fuel spills to make it look like it's been through it all. I will be adding further wethering once I have the diorama setup, I have a lot of work to do and a short time to do it in. So now it was onto my first ever diorama build, I had no real idea where to start but after visiting my local hobby shop and HobbyCraft ... I found some products to get me heading in the right direction. For the sandbags I made them using the Milliput, it was easy to work and I think they came out rather good! At this stage, I decided I wanted to setup some kind of Field Station for refueling and supplies ... however looking around at the tents available in 1/35th scale ... I was far from impressed and decided to try to make my own, this is still very much a WIP but I feel like it has the potential to look good once finished. The tent is formed from cardboard then I have set about with some trusty PVA and Kitchen Roll. I am not worried about everything been perfectly in scale, it's just a little fun and a learning curve for more serious dioramas I have planned. Next was onto painting the now dry modelling clay with some kind of base colour, after a few coats I would then apply spray glue and start adding the pigments that create the field look: This is as far as I got last night, I am waiting on the delivery of a few ferns and still have some bushes and twigs to add but the spray glue was taking a long time to set. Hopefully, I will have more to share with you all later this evening. I do hope you like it and I would love to hear feedback from you all. Chris
  7. Richard, No problem glad I helped in some form! As I said I was not having a dig at all .... just owning a willies jeep it's something I noticed is all .... still ..... staggering work! loving every minute of this build
  8. Just another thing I have just noticed here Richard, The Bridge Plate on the front is incorrect with a trailer attached. I don't know how accurate you are going and please don't think I am picking. The correct Bridge Plate with a trailer on would be 3/2 ... so 2 Ton for the jeep or 3 Ton with a trailer on. If you google it you will see what I mean Also a quick question, how come you have fitted the crank handle? I have never seen one fitted before and thought it was an interesting choice and wondered if I have missed something. Cheers Chris
  9. Such wonderful work ... every time I check the updates I'm left with my jaw on the floor in a pool of dribble. Love the canopy and the method used to create it. I was wondering if you was going to make on, and thought you may whip out some canvas and a miniature sewing machine and whisk one up ..... but this looks as good if not better Keep up the astonishing work Cheers Chris
  10. Loving the build and the way you are doing the updates with titles and such! That is a beast of a build and certainly looks interesting. I have never even thought of building something like this but it is now on my wish list haha. However, seeing as I have 5 tanks as a WIP at the moment ...... I shall hold off. Shame it's an old discussion that seems to have died I was enjoying reading it. Cheers Chris
  11. Hey Everyone, Managed to get a little time on the bench last night to strip my first attempt at camo from the Tiger and reapply it. I managed to pick the wrong colours for the darker camo but hoped that a filter wash would correct this, I'm fairly happy with the result even though the colour is not correct. I did not want to spray over it yet again to adjust the camo as by this point I'm going to start loosing detail with the layers of paint. So I started with a fresh base coat and more pre-shading: At this point I applied some Iron Oxide powder to the tracks and gave it a good rub to make the tracks look worn: Then on with the new camo, The lighting is not the best here and the photos are taken on my phone which makes the camo look really light ... it's not as light in person ..... either way I definitely picked the wrong colour and only realised after a few minutes of spraying : And the last thing I did was gave the tank a coat of Klear before switching over the enamel based washes, I have read a few debates regarding this. A lot of people paint Enamel paints / washed and oil straight over Acrylic paints with no problem, However in testing I have done on plastic card this has not been the case and the Enamel has reacted. With a good coat of Klear over the top I should be able to work without issue. Here is how it looked after a coat of Klear and a Tan Filter: The Klear is Semi-Gloss but I will be putting a Matt varnish over to seal everything after I am done. The Tan Filter definitely made a huge difference to the paints finish. Tonight I hope to get some dark washes and some more details painted on like the Tow wires and a few other bits. Let me know your thoughts. Cheers Chris
  12. Thanks for the tips Rob and the kind words. I used this as a practice at different camo but now I'm looking at it thinking .... it was a nice kit and I may as well build it with the correct marking for the early type that it is. When I get home tonight I will be covering it in the base colour again, more pre-shading then apply the top coat and subtle markings. I have ordered some Klear today and some oils also .... only to realize I forgot to add the Filter to my cart and my order is already at the packing stage so I think it will be too late to change that. I will have a look at making up some thinned base coat and having a play with that option. I ordered the Klear in order to use my enamel washes and detailing kits that I have along with the oil paints to add some more modulation and grime along with some rust and other bits like that. Also wanted to play with pin washes for rain and dirt ... I'll see what I can come up with. I came across a YouTube channel last night and the lad has some wonderful models and has an excellent tutorial on the weathering techniques he uses: It really has given me some great ideas and it's nice to see how the different effects come together. I'll update later when I get cracking on with finishing up the Tiger 1 and I might be able to get some more work done on the actual King Tiger this discussion is about . Cheers Chris
  13. Thank you for the kind words Rob, I feel bad for the way I stated "cheap" kit. I did not mean it to sound that way, all I was meaning was its a practice kit. Anyway, been having a bit of a headache today trying to get my airbrushes to spray camo correctly I've played with pressure, different nozzle and needles and still can't get it right :(. Anyway here is some more progress on the practice tank: First up I got the Tamiya Flat Rubber on the wheels after I have it a base coat of the yellow sand colour And here is the camo pattern, I freehanded it as I don't have any of the Camo masking gear. I can't say that I am 100% happy with it, this has been my worst fear over any of the build process. The next state will be picking out some of the details on the tools and tow cables and guns, and then adding some chipping and wear to the edges of things before it gets a Matt Varnish top coat. Let me know your thoughts please guys, any tips or advice would be awesome Cheers Chris
  14. Hey Everyone, Sorry I have not posted too much the last few weeks, as I mentioned I have been pretty busy. However I have got cold feet over painting the outside of the King Tiger with it been such a lovely kit, I did not want to mess it up. I had to pop to my local hobby shop the other day for some more Tamiya Thin Glue and spotted the Tamiya Tiger 1 tank for £15. I figured with it not having any interior to it and been a cheap kit, I would pick it up and build it and practice my painting techniques. Anyways here is the kit in question: As I was building this kit I have to admit, the parts all go together wonderfully and it's a very highly detailed kit for the price. I'm not going to turn this into a build log as like I said, for me this is a practice kit. I wanted to check the paints I had chosen for the kit along with playing with weathering and various painting techniques I have never used. Anway I built up the kit, laid down some of the One Shot Gray Primer, then applied some one of the base colours to the main tank, I then decided to try and do some Pre-Shading using Tamiya Flat Black, Here is the result of this: Please ignore the various tools and implements wedged into the tracks haha, I had just fixed the tracks in place and wanted them to correctly mold to the wheels. I thought I may have gone a little heavy on the pre-shading, however after getting a nice mist of a slightly darker shade of the base colour I have come up with this result: I'm really happy with the way this has turned out and can't believe the difference a bit of pre-shading makes. Tomorrow I plan on playing a bit more with some chipping, weathering and some other techniques that I hope to apply to the King Tiger and the Tiger 1 that has the full interior. Let me know your thoughts so far guys Cheers Chris
  15. It is an amazing kit to build, some parts I have to admit are either vague in the instructions or do not line up as expected and a little bit of sanding is required but out of the hundreds of parts I have already put together, very few fail. I do hope that Takom come out with some more Armor with the full interior sets, I really like the full interior builds but I will never be able to bring myself to seal them up. I'm going to leave these in section on a stand type setup, I just can't hide all this wonder detail. Anyways guys, thank you for the wonderful feedback so far, I am hoping to get some more picture online and a bit more progress tonight and over the weekend, It's been a busy few weeks Cheers Chris
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