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  1. Very nice job, well done Matthews. cesar
  2. Another TOP JOB my friend, Superb build and finish. Cheers Cesar
  3. You have done a great job LM, I like that a lot. Cesar
  4. Many thanks Ed and Rob, more news soon as possible. Cesar
  5. Hi folks, here new progress with painting jwork, chipping and Bofors platform initial weathering.
  6. Looks the real thing, very nice; Cheers
  7. Exactly Darryl, I looking forward to see the result of the process. Cesar
  8. Many thanks APA and Lazy. More news soon... Cheers Cesar
  9. A little more progress, now painting a simple wood effect over the rear platform, because it will be covered with khaki drab paint and then the chipping technique can be applied. So, very little of this painting will be visible and I decided not to waste much time with this wood effect.
  10. You did a excellent job so far Filippo. Loooking forward to see more progress. Cheers from Brazil Cesar
  11. Great project Darryl, looking forward to see more news Cesar
  12. Great job só far lazy, I like that a lot. Cesar
  13. Great job so far Vytautas. Looking forward to see more Take Care Cesar
  14. Many thanks LM Cheers From Brazil Cesar
  15. Hi Ned, although old this Italeri kit is very good in general. With a little work the cabin is perfectly assembled. The cab doors, with careful bending, can be opened. it's a good idea to change tires, by others of resin. Enjoy your kit. Cesar
  16. Great work Stuart. Cesar
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