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Found 48 results

  1. hi all, As this is my first WIP report., i thought that i would start with something a little bit different, namely the Academy 1/48 MH-53 Sea Dragon. I managed to pick up the kit itself very cheaply on a trip to Heiden model show in Germany. Then along came some help from an under-the-table Big Ed set from Eduard at a Cosford model show and the update set from Wolfpack, mainly for the seamless exhausts. The only thing that was lacking was some decent markings for a Japanese helicopter based at Iwakuni in the minesweeping role. Wolfpack did an extremely over-priced special edition of the decals and kit (which of course i didn't need), so it was a case of waiting patiently until the decals were released separately, which happened just recently. This event was combined with some fantastic walkaround photos of a JMSDF MH-53 from a Japanese modelling friend and i found myself unable to put off the build any longer. So here goes.................. A very big box The contents The only reference book i could find The decal sheet I had already started the rotor head and added some extra detailing before i decided to do the work in progress report, so here are the photos so far. The kit doesn't include any extra pipework and the rotor head is quite bare, so something needs to be added. All good fun but taxing on the eyes and patience even with a large magnifier and good light. The colours on the rotors are used to code each blade to each arm. The red one has no hydraulics as it doesn't fold, so at least you only have to repeat the pipework six times! A bit more painting and weathering, then it's on to the tail rotor Andy
  2. This is the ancient Airfix kit I can remember building as a child, revisited for old times' sake. I bought one on eBay, and found the parts needed a lot of filling and sanding to produce an acceptable result. The decals were yellow with age, so i replaced them with the (in any case much more accurate) Apollo 13 recovery set from Old 66. I was driven very close to demented by the rotor blades, all of which had twists and kinks as supplied. I'm still not happy with them, and I think I've drooped them excessively, but I was so relieved to have them all roughly the same shape I just stopped while I was ahead.
  3. Over in diorama land I've made a start on this As I want the door open and crew looking out I've broken with my normal practice and gotten hold of a resin crew which are coming together nicely Unfortunately the kit interior (test run just so I could figure out the positions on the diorama) looks rubbish and the instruction colours seem really wierd (flouro orange seats and an emerald floor anyone?) Guided by the thread below and some of the current beautiful WIPs of Sea Kings I'm going to try and smarten this up a bit so that posing it with the door open doesn't expose a blank cavern
  4. Finished this nice kit a few weeks ago, I added Quickboost seats and Begemot Decals. The model depicts a well worn aircraft Yellow 35 of 396 Ship Based Antisubmarine Squadron in 2004. Painted with Mr Paint Laquer.
  5. Hello, I'm wanting to kitbash/scratch build a helicopter from the anime film "Ghost in the Shell". What would you recommend I do? It has the features of a Hind, but it has a bay where snipers are perched. Any scale will work. https://goo.gl/images/Yq9vxn Yours truly, Sam
  6. Hi! Check out http://www.neomega-resin.com/kamov-ka-26-661-p.asp We actually have this in stock, but are still waiting for instructions and Begamot are doing a decal sheet for it, with at least 3 variants, Aeroflot, Gai Militsia and Interflug GDR. However, if anyone wants a kit now, please email us. Regards! Gordon.
  7. Defence Helicopter Flying School

    Does anybody know of any decals for the Defence Helicopter Flying School Griffin HT1 1/72 scale. Cant seem to find anything on the interweb Rodders
  8. AW161 Peregrine AEW

    It was a very sad day at AugustaWiffliand when the prototype AW191 destroyed itself in a blur of blades but the engineers decided to use some of the wreckage for the prototype AW161 Peregrine AEW. The only problem was that very little survived the accident, but with the Navy chasing them for an update on the conversion programme any changes needed to use as many standard parts as possible.
  9. Bristow Birds

    Hello, I decided on these when the GB was first suggested since then whirlybirds have made life easier and issued an aftermarket set specifically for one of the aircraft I want to build. Not sure when I'll get to start or how much time I'll get but will see how things go. Two builds, in tandem so I'll keep them both here. First up is an Bell 205 used by Bristow helicopters to transport land rigs around Indonesia. Don't have much more info that that at the moment but the decal set is from S&M (SSM72-007 civil choppers) and the kit will be Italeri's UH-1D. second is G-BALZ. AB212 used by Bristows in the North sea (around the Brent Oil field during the 1980s into the early 90s I think?) It spent some time based on the treasure finder as well. I'll post some links at a later date with photos of both aircraft. Italeri AB212 kit with, as mentioned, whirlybirds G-BALZ set which includes resin parts, some PE and decals for G-BALZ in 3 schemes. I also have the Eduard PE set for the 212 as well. cheers for looking
  10. Hi all, started this one a few days ago intending to make it a quick holiday build. The kit is the Australian Navy boxing of Mach 2's Squirrel. Parts require a lot of flash cleanup, no great problem in itself, I was still expecting a relatively quick build. I'd heard rumours of Mach 2 kits so perhaps I was naive - this one is fighting me all the way. The rear of the engine housing looks all wrong to my eye: And the exhaust is less than convincing: As a result I ordered some styrene tubing and will have a go at fashioning the exhaust myself. The rear of the engine housing has been hacked away and will hopefully be rebuilt into something a little more likelike. Whilst waiting for the styrene delivery I cracked on cleaning up the skids. As you can see, the fit is perfect . Cue another order for some brass rod to replace the 'legs' - which are completely the wrong shape anyway judging by the photos I've seen. And to top it all off, I still can't find anyone with the decals willing to sell . In the end I've started a Merlin build to run alongside to keep me sane.
  11. So after building a couple of cars on the spin, I thought I'd opt for something a tad less shiny. I was tempted to build an SAS Jeep but have now opted for a Chinook which is going to be a Christmas present for my nephew He's in the Air Cadets and can't stop talking about them following a recent flight in one. In addition, my brother-in-law is ex RAF and used to work on Chinooks so I've opted for the RAF Odiham 1981 version Let's start with the usual 'box and sprue' shots.
  12. I have my name day in April, so there will be new models on my channel . First is Apache Longbow in 1/48 scale made by the Italeri company. Enjoy the review
  13. Seaking HC.4 - need help with info/pics

    Hi gents, I am in the research for my Gulf war Seaking HC.4 I am planning to build in 1:72 from the new Airfix kit. My friend and I are planning a small PE sheet with some resin parts, so I am looking for some detail shots or info. 1 - rear view mirrors - I have a few pictures of them, but more pics are better. when they were carried ? I have pics with and without them 2 - cargo hook assembly - the kit completely lacks the cargo hook assembly, so we are thinking to make resin hook and PE mounting points for the cables - I am looking for detail pics of the cargo hook itself 3 - side mesh on the left hand side of engine cover - already sorted out 4 - and probably the most problematic part - racks for the chaff/flare launchers. I know that in modern HC.4s they are mounted just behind the sliding doors, but I am looking for the mounts on the aft of the fuselage, just above the tail wheel (they are on both sides) - picture is here: 5 - IRCM frame - different frame than it is in the Eduard set (this one has round lightening holes on sides, Gulf war version has one big lightening hole in triangular shape in the side) We are planning to make a small update set. If you think of anything else which might be included in this set, let me know. Thanks a lot and happy modelling. Jakub
  14. New in for Scale Modelworld at Telford - 1/72nd Mil-14PS conversion and 1/72nd Mil-14PS conversion for the Hobbyboss Mil-17 kits, http://www.neomega-resin.com/mil-8mtv-5--mil-17v5 http://www.neomega-resin.com/mil-14ps-haze-c Something to fill the gap in your collections!! Come and see us there!
  15. Griffin HT1 (now finished)

    Bit late in starting but as i dont take long on models It will be finished well before the deadline. Griffon HT1 of the helicopter school using the Italeri kit with no aftermarket (except MAYBE the decals) I will use Revell decals for the most partput anything up on the site and had nearly finishe So on with the show. I suddenly realised that I had not put up anything on the forum and had fished the cabin. Those who have seen my builds before know that I do tend to get on with it and am not too fusy about the accuracy of the kit unless it is glaring I leave it as it came in the box. First pic is picture of the box (duh) There is enough of the basic 2 blader being build so the spure only shows the Griffon bits Decals x2 will be using bits from both Sorry no cabin being built pics but got carried away. I used a modeldecal wessex instrument panal cut down for the instruments I think it looks better and under the glass its very hard to see properly anyway. From another angle Rodders
  16. This is an older build back from 2011 and the first one after a long hiatus. Learned fast that this kit ain't a proper starter. But anyway, I learned a lot about scale modelling the hard way. It shows the first serial produced helicopter, a Flettner Fl 282. V14 means that it's the 14th produced prototype. It was used for calibration flights and completed 116 starts along with 28 operating hours. It had intermeshing, counter rotating rotors, so no tail rotor was needed to equal engine torque. The kit showed great moulding quality with very fine and detailed parts. Its the only quarterscale kit of the one-man-company named HUMA that quit business in 2002. I added PE seatbelts, some brass rods to stiffen the under-carriage and self made decals. Cut out the rudder, too. Paintwork is Vallejo Model Color - RLM 65 / 71. My gun and me had a hard time with 'em. Best regards, Torben
  17. I love birthdays! No sprue shots, sorry, but there are heaps around on the internet. Straight into it! Instrument panel: And sink marks filled: Here the instrument panel is dry fitted onto the console, on the floor of the heli. Assembled the Sea Skua missiles And Mk 11 depth charges. At least that's what the instructions say, but the blurb on the side of the box says something about Sting Ray torpedoes, so I'm not sure what they are!? (I'm no expert on such things!) The decals look fun: I want to do the black cats version though, so I probably have to invest in some decal-settling solutions. Then I noticed this: A crack on the otherwise crystal-clear parts... Spares part has been requested! Thanks for looking!
  18. After a disaster with Humbrol matt varnish yesterday, I have just about managed to salvage this build now. It left a white residue on the surface, meaning I had to weather the helicopter more than I wanted to to blend it all in a bit and make it look even slightly acceptable Revell NH90 TTH in 1/72 Painted with Revell aqua colours, weathered more than planned with Eazi weathering powders. Thanks for looking, Jason
  19. Helicopters are not normally thing but here we have my recently completed Rega Helo built OOB. The reason behind the build came about after a 2014 visit to see the Swiss Air Show at Axalp. Wildgarst was our target for viewing the show but unfortunately the show was a no-go, so down we came. Well, I made it up no trouble but down was a different matter, and legs started to cave in a third of the way down. Needless to say, my fellow enthusiasts gave me lots of support with 'Rega'...and here we are. As I said, this was built OOB. Some parts didn't particularly fit well, mainly the glazing. I used the Revell red as suggested but it wasn't a good match, . No problems with the decals. BUT, when I tried to remove the Maskol from the front glazing , it was coming off in bits and seemed to be taken chunks out of the glazing! It transpires that Maskol has an ammonia base and it 'attacked' the Clear polish I'd dipped the glazing in! After about 5 weeks, Revell kindly supplied not just the requested parts but the glazing sprue . The damaged glazing was levered off with little damage and the new bits fitted and paintwork touched up. Job done.
  20. Well hello there everyone, what can I say, having just taken part in my first ever GB with being part of the F-5 STGB I have enjoyed the experience so much I have decided to dive straight back in with my first ever attempt at building a helicopter. For this I have decided to use the AZ Models TH-1G Training Cobra kit that I picked up the other week. I will be representing her as TH-1G c/n 34270, 70A scheme as shown on the box art. I've had a quick look at the kit and it looks quite nice, the instructions are a little confusing but compared to the Tiger Hobbies sheet I have been working off lately they're almost encyclopeadic in comparison. Anyway heres my box and sprue shot, all layed out and ready to begin when I get in from work tomorrow!
  21. This is my 1/72 AZ Models TH-1G Training Cobra I have built as c/n 34270 in the 70A scheme as shown on the box art for the kit. I built this for the helicopter group build currently underway. I picked it up for much cheap on a special offer over at the big H to build as my first ever helicopter kit and when I saw the group build it seemed the perfect opportunity. There are quite a few things I would like to improve but I get the feeling that it doesn't matter how much I touch this one up its not going to improve it any, truth be told it would probably end up making it look worse. Almost all of the issues I had were of my own making, fits really nice, details good and it comes with a small fret of PE. Decals are few and far between but are ok to work with. It's completly out of box with the exception of the light next to the main rotor which is just clear sprue stretched and painted. Painted with Tamiya acrylics and finished with Newton & Winsor acrylic varnish. Here's a couple of pictures for you, there is more in the build thread here, although I am waiting for some decent natural light before I add any photos to the group build gallery. I hope you like her!
  22. A few pics of my recent Italeri Hu5 Wessex with Eduard PE.. Regards John
  23. Attention all Fleet Air Arm modellers, the new Airfix 1/72 Sea King HC.4 has just arrived in stock and is available to order now. The kit has decal options for 2 aircraft, 1. ZA314/WT of 848 NAS in 2011 in the basic Olive Drab colour scheme 2. ZF115/WV/R of 848 NAS in 2009 with the white stripe winter camouflage
  24. Have had great fun following Andrew's gorgeous Sea King build, so I thought I'd throw mine in as well. Fell in love with photos of Qatar Emiri Air Force's Exocet-armed Sea King/Commandos in the old World Air Power Journal during the Gulf War, and it's only taken me 2+ decades to get around to it as a project. Kit is Revell Germany's lovely Sea King Mk. 41 w/Skua missiles. Some of the bits I need (like the six-blade tail rotor) are included in the kit as unused parts, much is being scratch-built. Exocets are coming from the Italeri 1/72 NATO ordinance set. This is what I'm going for, courtesy of Planespotters.net: http://www.planespotters.net/Aviation_Photos/photo.show?id=212004 Been hacking away at this one for a few weeks now, but the only photos so far are of the interior. Cockpit is stock kit with "spares" Eduard color harnesses added; aft cabin (which will not be highly visible) has generic frame, stringer and wiring detail added from styrene strip and rod, thread, wire, stretched sprue and assorted leftovers. All questions, comments, or accusations of diminished capacity cheerfully received. I'll try to get some photos of more recent work up this weekend.