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  1. The PE just did not look correct with plastic underneath . So I removed the PE cut out the plastic . Cleaned area and re installed PE . Looks so much better . Looks more like vent Rick
  2. This picture is for my friend Nigel , this was his pizza dough recipe Nigel may you rest in peace . Rick
  3. The copper wire just did not look the part. I removed and install plastic round rods. Looks better I just got to do some small clean up . no biggie Rick
  4. There is some kind of tubing above the door . The kit tubing is kind of generic looking. So I added small copper wire to bring out the detail just little more . Rick
  5. Shark 64 quoted the nose is two separate doors that open to access the engine, Did u putty the nose has one piece? Yes he is correct . I did not know this . I seen a good photo on the nose . Since i glued and filled the line , I re scribed a panel line I hope this looks the part . Thanks Shark 64 Rick
  6. Yes I did putty them together. I guess I need to put panel line in the middle rick
  7. I took tamiya file and file the plastic down to level surface Rick I applied Mr Hobby 1000 primer by brush to feel in the file marks
  8. I took knife cut away the biggest part of the plastic card , then took Tamiya file to level out .
  9. the bottom of the fuselage did not fit good at all , I must not set the interior correctly . I add plastic card to fill the gap and applied liquid plastic glue . Rick
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