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  1. this kit plastic is soft and little on rough side . Rick
  2. As always bath time with Dawn soap before the build
  3. ICM 1/72 The Ghost of Kyiv Straight of the box build Its been some time since I posted here . I should start this build this weekend
  4. I have the body painted . i used MRP 001 Heritage Edition. Looks spot on . I added two red decals
  5. I need to update the interior work , maybe later today I'm working on the body
  6. I decided to cut out boxes to paint them aluminum
  7. I black based the inside . Then taped to paint parts silver
  8. I been on this build for several weeks . Sorry I did not start the build thread at the begin Ford Gt40 Meng 1/24 scale
  9. Would you remember how you did the paint for the engine? the manual say n9 + n8. . Does this mean mix 1 part to 1 part thanks rick
  10. The PE just did not look correct with plastic underneath . So I removed the PE cut out the plastic . Cleaned area and re installed PE . Looks so much better . Looks more like vent Rick
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