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Found 124 results

  1. Zvezda is to release in 2013 a 1/72nd Sukhoï Su-27SM "Flanker-E/-F" kit Sources: V.P.
  2. Zvezda is to release in 2015 a 1/144th Ilyushin Il-76MD "Candid" kit - ref.7011 Source: V.P.
  3. Hi Pals, I finally finished the kit, to my taste. Not exactly as would have imagined that over, but I like the end result. I tried some new methods for me as the most severe pigmented and do some snow. I also decided to add at the end some leaves and dried herbs, to see what they looked like, and ... there they stayed. The kit is OOB except for the slogan in Cyrillic As a final point, I have taken pictures with a SLR camera, which is, I think, the perfect complement to a finished work, for good or ill. Thanks for commenting and watch, and the support and good wishes in the thread. Included link to WIP, and vice versa the RIP To WIP: Cheers to all
  4. Hey everyone, So I finally managed to get this MiG finished to a point where I am reasonably happy with it. It was for UKscalemodeller on Youtube's group build but I thought it would be worthwhile showing the process and the finished result here too! If you're quick I'm sure you could get an entry in if you wanted to. Here it is! The camo was a time tricky to do. 4 tones, 4 post shades, 4 highlights. 12. Twelve. T w e l v e colours. I can see why everyone goes with the natural metal finishes. This came from the Zvezda tooling in 1/72nd scale... It is actually a nice tooling for the price, crisp recessed surface detail. The packaging was a bit rough, everything thrown in the box inside another box without bags, decals and perspex and all. The only way the packaging could have been more Russian was if the kit came in a metal can I should mention that the paint scheme I went for wasnt one in the box, I just spare decals to make it possible. The thread to the build I posted... Lastly the video I put together, it shows the whole build in a hopefully in a fuller light than the build updates in the thread above. Hopefully this one doesn't get taken down like the Harrier's did. You can watch the video embedded here from Youtube. Hopefully the admins wont mind seeing as everything is here... Thoughts? Cheers!
  5. looks like a beautiful kit, the level of detail is insane compared to the Eastern Express IL-96 kit I have just done. I think you can get more detailed resin engines for this kit but at the moment I don't know if it is worth it - the engines look satisfactory to me fuselage is a similar size to the IL96-400/ IL96T + IL96M. note the curved fuselage at the rear for the civil IL86 (above) a snippet of the colour scheme i intend to do. decals are not available but they are available for the 767 the fuselage is obviously larger on the IL-86 but I still think the 767 decals will be suitable for the logo on the tail and the red stripes separating the blue and green (painted areas) from the white fuselage.
  6. Zvezda is to release in 2015 a 1/72nd MiG-29 (9-13) "Fulcrum-C" kit - ref.7278 Source: V.P.
  7. Here's my contribution for the 70's NATO v Warsaw Pact GB: It's my second GB of the year so far as I'm currently busying away on the F-16 GB. This seems to be a nicely detailed kit with fine panel lines and some nice cockpit details. So far everything seems to be going together nicely. This is my progress so far: Next job is to work on the nose cone and exhaust and then look to close her up and start bringing everything together. This is my first Russian jet so I'm enjoying the challenge so far - hopefully I can do it some justice.
  8. Moving this over from WIP to inspection time. There are more thoughts in the WIP on the kit. All in all - I really enjoyed it, until getting to the transparent parts - which I was not a great fan of. The scheme was marginally informed by archive photos, albeit with more of the winter camo remaining than I have seen anywhere. But I like the hairspray method, so went of piste a bit. Painting was rattle cans and brush work. Weathering (under the white) was oil-dot wash, and very thinned oil pin wash on top of white. Wing markings were painted on, and tail markings are leftovers from an old kit. Thanks for looking.
  9. I am going to attempt something a little more exotic than my first WIP build. And back to my preferred scale. This kit caught my eye after I saw a very impressive build of it on this very site, here. Though I doubt I will be doing as good a job as that, I will give it a crack, and it's nice to have something to aim for. I plan to finish mine with some worn away winter camo over-paint. There don't seem to be a lot of photos of the SU-2 with this scheme in action, but a quick google threw up a few examples, albeit very small and pixel-y ones: I had a look in Osprey's Russian Aircraft 1875-1995, and though there are some nice photos of the SU-2, they are in what looks like one-colour schemes: In what might seem a rather perverse move I finally took on an enormous He111 that's been hiding under my table for a year now as a practice run for the winter camo on the comparatively small SU-2. I had never tried the hairspray technique before, and was rather daunted by the idea of it. Turns out that, as promised, it's remarkably easy - and very rewarding. My only problem was that it was so satisfying seeing the white coat chip away that I had to really force myself not to rub all of it off. Anyway - He111 is below. And with the hairspray technique demystified I will now plod on with the SU-2.
  10. This is Zvezda's 72nd kit of the Bf 109 F-2, backdated to the earlier F-1 model. It mainly involved removing reinforcement strips on the tail , and adding riveted strips and wing spar covers in the wing roots area. Fuselage codes and victory markings are home made decals. WiP can be found here: During the month of October 1940, Werner Molders would receive one of the first F-1 models, and at that time his tally stood at 42 aircraft. With the Friedrich , he would reach 50, and continue to add more while flying this particular frame, well into 1941. regards, Jack
  11. That's it. Source: V.P.
  12. Boeing 777, Draw decals 'Etihad' livery. Zvezda 1:144 This was an eagerly awaited kit of the Boeing 777-300ER, which made it to the shops just at the end of last year. I bought one immediately, and set to work on building it straight away. I already had Draw Decals 'Etihad' decals in stock, ready for the moment the kit was released. It is well up to the standard of previous Zvezda airliners, that is to say it is a real beauty, with excellent fit and surface detail. I did have trouble fitting the 2 small heat exchanger units in the underbelly, but aside from that it went together faultlessly. The jet engine fans are real works of art, and actually rotate in the nacelles if you blow on them! The Draw Decal sheet is the new 'Digital Silk' type on continuous carrier film, once you cut each item from the sheet they go on beautifully, and match the quality of the kit itself. Be sure to read the instructions, and press them down with a hot cloth after application, and the carrier film will all but disappear. Unusually this model was painted with ladies nail varnish! As suggested in Draw decals instructions, I used 2 bottles of NYC 'Mulberry street' thinned with laquer (obtained on ebay in the uk), and airbrushed on for the main colour.It gives just the right pearlescent finish needed. A tip is to spray an undercoat of a very pale sand first, (I mixed a shade from Tamiya Acrylics), as when I did it over white, it needed a lot of spraying. On with the photos. It is big and difficult to photograph! And 'With something else'. A smaller brother, the Boeing 737-300 with Draw Decals 'Jet 2' livery. ~(It shows what a monster size the 777 model is!) Both these aircraft are frequently seen at Manchester Airport; And a final 'something else'. I spent 2 weeks out of every 6 in Thailand with my day job in 2015, necessitating a lot of flying to and fro from Manchester via Abu Dhabi on Etihad, hence the inspiration for this build. Mostly it was on 777's (and more often than not A6-ETC seemed to be doing the Manchester-Abu Dhabi sector), but sometimes A300-200's were used. I snapped a few shots on my phone over the course of the year, a few of which follow; Taxying in at Manchester; It's one of those! 6 AM disembarking at Abu Dhabi. No terminal gate, so out by bus to the transfer lounge to wait for the next flight. Shame about the bus window reflection. It was TC again. Lifting out of Abu Dhabi headed for Bangkok Ahh, Thailand! And who could forget the restaurant opening on the the beach, with the warm breeze and setting sun! Maybe I will do an A330 next. Cheers John
  13. Finally finished, this was supposed to be a quick build that started back in November - there is a WIP if you go looking. The kit was bought on a whim after Paul, the owner of my local-ish shop dangled it under my nose for the sum of £19.99. It went together well, a couple of little stumbling blocks but nothing major, the kit instructions were okay, mainly in Russian with some of the drawings a little vague but we got there. The crewman is an Evolution Miniatures figure & has that suitably hacked off look common to suaddies everywhere. Railway ground covering on a Trumpeter base (clear box on top) and the plate comes from Signomatic. Everything is brush painted with Humbrol enamels and Winsor & Newton varnishes. There's a couple of bits from the spares box to dress it up a little. The nationality of the vehicle is deliberately vague with no markings. Terminator 25 by phil da greek, on Flickr Terminator 24 by phil da greek, on Flickr Terminator 23 by phil da greek, on Flickr Terminator 22 by phil da greek, on Flickr Terminator 21 by phil da greek, on Flickr Terminator 20 by phil da greek, on Flickr All in all a good build of something different that I enjoyed. Off to give the bench a wipe off and hoover up the carpet monster and then see what's next on the stash build list.
  14. Done! Here are some pics from my buddy Jason: Eduard boxing of Zvezda plastic AKAN paints Thank you!
  15. Tupolev Tu-134. CSA and Interflug Zvezda 1:144 with Avia Decals The kit is the beautiful Zvezda 134, one of my favourite kits of recent years. It really is a beautifully moulded kit with almost perfect fit, and a pleasure to build. Add to that the fact that is a beautiful looking bird, combining good looks with toughness and it is an all round winner! I already built one with the kit supplied Aeroflot markings, so got hold of Avia Decals sheet from Hannants, with CSA, Interflug, and LOT options. It is slightly pricey, but good value when you consider that you can do 3 models with it. All 3 options have a slightly different window layout to the Aeroflot version, with an extra window on the starboard side at the front, and the small forward window relocated nearer the front. It is pretty simple and Avia explain it all. They even supply a vinyl template that you line up on the existing forward window, and it has holes in to tell you where to drill out the new windows. Simple and very effective, I was very impressed with this set, the decals themselves went on beautifully. Thats a 10 out 10 for Avia from me! On with the photos. First up CSA; Interflug version. Very similair, I know. But I like both, so built both! Both together; And with the glass nosed Aeroflot version, built straight from the box Thanks for looking, John
  16. Hey guys! First post, I'm a relatively new member, although I have watched from the sidelines for some time. This was the first build I decided to document the process of, figured what better way than to just take videos of it. I'll be publishing the videos probably on Youtube. (If you're interested in seeing this particular full build video at some point, you'll be able to find it on MURRODELS (once I finish editing it), so be sure to sub if you don't want to miss it!) But I'll also be uploading them here. So back to the SU-2, its a great kit, falls together, except for the turret perspex. The cockpit is really quite visible through the canopy so if I was to do it again I would use a PE fret in there, also would consider an amended engine cowl which is missing ribbing, and a wheel well that has entirely too much ribbing! All in all, a good bit of fun! Cheers!
  17. So I nipped into my local-ish shop for some paint and tape and this caught my eye. Now, Paul the owner is no fool, he dangled it a little & saw my interest, let me look inside the box and quite happily took the £19.99 off me! Untitled by phil da greek, on Flickr It's impressive cover hooked me, but inside is rather nice, you get a box within the box with half a dozen sprues of light grey, all nicelyformed not to much flash on the initial look, all seems pretty nice. Untitled by phil da greek, on Flickr There are no decals in the box or in fact any information on the instruction sheet for markings, so I guess something from the spares box will be used, nor are there any figures which is a shame, I think armour (in particular) benefits from a crewman to show off it's size. So I'm off to peruse the web for some images and colour schemes, never having built Russian armour I guess I'm open to suggestion. Has anyone built this or in fact any Zvezda kits? Any tips or tricks would be welcomed. I'll be building at my normal slow pace which isn't helped by being about to start a set of days! Chip in if you like!
  18. Hi fellow modellers, Just in the nick of 2016, I’m able to post these images of my latest completion. It’s the 1:72 Zvezda MiG-21bis built up as an izdelie 75AP in Hungarian Air Force colours in the early half of the 1980s, just before the camouflage pattern was standardised throughout the MiG-21 fleet. I took this kit out of my stash completely contrary to my initial plan, which was to build something Phantom-ish. But I went with it and here it is. After market stuff: Kuivalainen (Eduard) MiG-21bis PE cockpit set, True Detail’s KM-1 seat, and two HAD models decal sheets with MiG-21 stencilling and generic Hungarian markings. I also used a length of copper tubing both as an exhaust can and as a way to forcibly deepen the aft fuselage, to make it more in line with what I saw in pictures. Gaps were filled with plastic and filler. Paints used: Gunze Sangyo Mr Hobby, different colours, all mixed to approximate photographic info. I wanted to reproduce a weathered finish. Especially the green used for the camouflage faded quickly; this is -approximately!- what I was going for: The kit as a kit is fairly nice. Parts fit together quite well, and if I had avoided modifications this would have been a comparably quick build. The plastic too is quite good overall - not too thick which pleased me. Especially the wings and horizontal tail look suitably thin. The wings are molded as one piece and the main gear leg housing is molded in the plastic; which is where the ejector pin marks are located. Filling these is difficult without damaging the surrounding surfaces but the marks can be hidden by overlapping added detail. However I discovered most of the panel lines on the kit were either misplaced or completely fictional; the tail fin in particular being a tableau of criss-crossing lines to nowhere. I always thought later MiG-21’s fins looked fairly distinctive, in part because of the big vertical panels in the centre. Remedy: filling, rescribing. The wheel chock was made with plasticard using the HADmodel PE part as a template. Thanks for looking! Have a nice 2017! Jay
  19. Good evening. Another of my older builds: Zvezda's Bf 109F-2 1/72 snap kit, built as the plane flown by Hans Philipp of Stab I./JG 54. Enjoy!
  20. This just in........ Zvezda's Su-33 box art showing a Flanker-D launching from Admiral Kuznetsov - with a Kirov-class battlecruiser in the background. The back of the box shows a made-up model..... Unlike the previous Su-27SM kit, the upper fuselage is a one-piece moulding - with correct contours around the canard mounting shoulders... The lower fuselage moulding - with correctly aligned main wheel wells!!!....... Half of Sprue C with the intakes - note that there are no mesh intakes mouded into the intake sides - they are provided as decals... Sprue B - with the correctly-raked fin tips...... Ken
  21. Hi guys I'm attempting to convert zvezdas 767 kit from a -300 to a -200. I think this model is the ER version which I think has the larger cargo door. The things I will have to do will be *cut out 2 pieces of the fuselage *remove the tail bumper -if theres anything else i need to change please feel free to tell me I wish to do this in a landing state, so I will be presenting it with *gear down *flaps and slats extended (ambitious....very ambitious for me) I haven't decided on the colours yet, I'm thinking either traditional Amercian Airlines or Britannia
  22. A while back I bought the MiG-29 (9-13) and was very impressed with the kit. I see Trumpeter has a SMT (9-19), but was wondering if there was some news I missed updating the eventual Zvezda release? I would love one from the same company.
  23. At the request of 172flogger ( I've the pleasure to open a thread for the Zvezda's future 1/72nd Yakovlev Yak-130 "Mitten" - ref.7307 Source: V.P.
  24. Hello, Hannants has this kit in their future releases. Does anyone know is it a variation of their excellent 9-13 kit or their old mould with new decals? Regards, Martin
  25. This is the 1/144 Zvezda 777ER kit built as a display model for a very good friends' little daughter who likes both 'Hello Kitty' characters and aeroplanes It's a nice enough kit; the engines are especially good and I was very pleased with how they have turned out. I had to use a little putty for the fuselage join, and the locating pins for the tailplanes are very small which made them the most difficult aspect of this build. The decals are by 8A and are a delight to use, though the window spacing doesn't quite match up with the kit. They're laser-printed and have to be used on white only, but for this particular model that was no problem as the whole of the fuselage is white. The painting was good old Halfords appliance white plus Humbrol acrylics for the wings, tailplanes and engines. The base, which comes with the kit, is for display purposes only and won't be used when it's handed over to the recipient