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Found 75 results

  1. Perhaps two is not enough to make a clutch, but it's what I've got. I've stalled out on my Jaguar build for now, and feel the small-scale bug biting again, so I conjured up some phantoms (all one needs is goat's blood, backwards chanting, and some baking soda). I have a Hasegawa F-4C and a Fujimi FGR.2 I've also got two sets of Truedetails rocket chairs, and have placed an order for two sets of Airwaves Phantom canopy details. The plan is to build the FGR.2 as a 92 squadron's XV414 based at Wildenrath, Germany in 1979. For this I'll be using decals in the box, along with some spare 4s from a second Fujimi sheet I found laying around. Photo credit: King Cobra 92 The F-4C will be built as a mid-1970s F-4D from Lakenheath, UK. These aircraft were in S.E.A. scheme, but a few got a bad batch of tan, which turned to a light pea green, as seen in the photo below. I have ordered the Xtradecal sheet from Hannants to make this possible. Photo Credit: Fred M ( I have some writing to finish first, but wife is out with friends tonight, so I hope to get started later!
  2. OK, so for my next build I've decided to build the MFH 917K 1/24th Ver B in the JW Automotive Gulf colours ( yes I'm doing the Gulf Colours! ) This is my first MFH kit too so I'm kinda excited and a little nervy as I have no idea what's ahead. Another learning curve I guess. Also haven't decided whether to build the No.19, 71 Sarth 24 hours or the No.1 Monza 1000Km version yet. I'm leaning towards the Monza car at the moment. But anyway, the kit arrived this afternoon. And very nice it is too. Santa came early in my house. So basically I now have to start sorting though this lot. Unfortunately, and annoyingly, it's all gone back in the box as the kit is completely missing the PE parts and the bulkhead section. Not a good start really. I've contacted the supplier and I'm waiting for an answer on that. Anyway.... To mix it up a bit. I also have the Fujimi 22 Martini 1971 Le Mans winning 917K. Which I intend to build in tandem with the MFH kit using the MFH as reference to see what kind of standard I can detail the Fujimi. Whether I can get it anywhere near the MFH kit only time will tell I guess. On order for the Fujimi are PE parts, upgraded brakes and the Historic Racing Miniatures HRM-303 engine and bulkhead transkit. I'll be scratch-building everything else; including the frame. I'm also thinking about moderately weathering both kits for a bit of race authenticity. So there you have it really, bit off way more than I can chew again. What could possibly go wrong? Thanks for looking.
  3. Hello All, I have had this one on the back-burner for years. I have finally decided, what with the FIAT 500 nearly done and another couple of cars nearing completion as well, to resurrect this one. It's the Fujimi 1/24 246 Dino. It's one of their 'enthusiast' kits, meaning loads of fiddly tiny parts. I have already done a couple of the Porsche enthusiast kits and apart from a few niggles, they went together well. I just wish I knew where I had put them in the loft for safe keeping. I started it a while ago and then put into storage, where it got forgotten for a long while. I have painted all the major body parts in Halfords' 'Broome Yellow'. It has come out quite well, even gloss cover and no serious imperfections. This is the dinky little engine: I have put a few more parts together since these photos were taken. I am planning to add ignition leads as it looks a little bare without. Thanks for looking, Alan.
  4. My next one for 2017. Must be the third, I think. I handed it over to my daughter last night, and she was well pleased! The smile on her face said it all. (She's 20 by the way) So, here are the images: I like the 'arty' 'up-hill' look. Actually, it was me with the camera at a skew angle! On the whole, a very pleasant build. I had a few problems during the build. Some of them were my own (The clear-coating being the major one) and one was the kit (The wheels!). I have just noticed that on these pictures, the little 'sting' aerial is a bit off straight. I corrected that after the pictures were taken. Any comments, positive or negative are welcome. Thanks for looking, Alan.
  5. While I have the Lotus 88 proceeding slowly in the background I have decided to try and get a quick build out of the way, so inspired by @Borez and @shood23 I'm going to build another Fujimi 917K, this one is Helmut Marko (yes, that Helmut Marko) and Gijs van Lennep's Martini Le Mans winner. This will be a quick build, oob, with just the Studio 27 PE for some extra detail. So far I have started on the bodywork, just a bit of clean up and glueing, with a bit of filling to do.
  6. With the Lincoln done, it's time to make a serious start on the Scout. I've started with the old Fujimi 1/50 Westland Wasp kit, which isn't too bad in outline but is low on detail. As many here will know, the Wasp differs from the Scout primarily in the undercarriage and rear tail areas. I've removed the offending undercarriage support areas and antenna lump from the lower fuselage and cut the rear part of the fin away (saw disc on the Dremel works wonders!). Unfortunately, it's left a rather ragged hole which I'm going to have to fill after joining the halves permanently. There are a lot of rivets on this kit and, in this case, I need to retain them as much as possible as they are quite prominent on the real aircraft being domed rivets, rather than flush (pretty much the standard for helicopters due to their low speed). I reckon some of the bits I cut off the Lancaster for the Lincoln conversion will fit the bill nicely, as they already have rivet detail on the plastic but if not, I've bought some stick-on rivets to add later. I'll use the same for the fin and (possibly) the horizontal stab, both of which will need to be made from scratch. The instrument panel is extremely basic and incorrect, so I'll build a new one from plasticard using my new punch set from MicroMark and the excellent Airscale decals. Scratchbuilt instrument panel is in progress, as are the internal mods needed. I'll be tinting the upper canopy windows with Future and blue food colour, too.
  7. Kits – 1:72 Fujimi FG1 Phantom (original issue) & Revell Eurofighter. Paint – All enamels. Decals – Modeldecal 097 (Phantom) & Xtradecal 72230 (Eurofighter) Extras – None, both models are completely from the box. McDD Phantom FG.1 43 Squadron RAF Leuchars Mid 1988 Built for the ‘Micro Modelling Month’ Campaign (GB) over at Modellers Alliance, Exactly three weeks from opening the boxes until finishing today – well I say finished, both models have a little ‘tidying-up’ still to do. The Phantom needs its ECM aerials on the top of the fin painted, blue 'concrete Sparrows' in the forward bays and the nav lights on the wing-tips. The Typhoon needs the IR sensor painted and again the nav lights on the wingtip pods. The Phantom is the last one in my stash and was bought with around five or six others when they first came-out in 1987 – yes they are thirty years old this year – the others were all built and enjoyed but are no-longer with us. I have to say that I enjoyed every minute of this build and after five previous attempts at building one these things, this is the first time I think I got it right !! – that said a MASSIVE amount of credit must go to Modeldecal, Dick Ward really knew what he was doing back in the day, the decals are around twenty-five years old and behaved flawlessly. Stay tuned more in a min... Ian.
  8. Hi to all , here's my latest build : 1/72nd scale F-14A from Fujimi. Decals from FCM This is the link of the w.i.p.
  9. This was the second build I did for a cancer research fundraiser GB. The kit was built without any aftermarket from Fujimi's kit. The suspension was modified for a lowered appearance, this and the scratchbuilt seatbacks were the only additions/changes to the kit. This was a first pass at a car/truck model in 20+ years. I struggled a bit with the paint finish, and in the end I'm still not all that happy with it. It came out ok, but lots of room for improvement. I figured this would be a nice kit to get my feet wet again with cars before I tackle some of my more expensive/rare/involving kits. I'd rather screw up and learn on a $20 kit than a $50-70 one. Needless to say, I'll be taking on a few more before I try tackling the FGT, Mk1 Escort, Mclaren GT3, or the Benetton F1 kits. On to the pics. The seatbacks. Cheers!
  10. Hi, bought this Fujimi 1:72 Phantom FG1 a while back off ebay and thought id give it a bash! Finished as XT865/U of 111 Squadron, RAF Leuchars, mid-80s, in "triple Air Defence grey". Really good kit, and i love the rubber tyres A bit of license used with the decals as i thought i had a larger 111 tail emblem lurking around somewhere but i cant find it so had to use the smaller one from the kit. Built OOB, hand painted, and then weathered to make it look like a standard filthy machine nearing the en of its RAF life! Prior to weathering: Fujimi 1.72 Phantom FG1 XT865-14 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr and after colouring in: Fujimi 1.72 Phantom FG1 XT865-7 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr Fujimi 1.72 Phantom FG1 XT865-6 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr The canopies do actually fit perfectly, but i still haven't decided on up or down! Fujimi 1.72 Phantom FG1 XT865-2 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr Fujimi 1.72 Phantom FG1 XT865-12 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr Fujimi 1.72 Phantom FG1 XT865-9 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr Fujimi 1.72 Phantom FG1 XT865-13 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr Thanks for looking Jon
  11. Hello, Here are my two 1/72 Fujimi A-7E Corsair II's that I just finished. The US Navy one was done in VA-146 markings during the 1971-72 cruise on the USS Constellation. Decals from Wolfpak, Rockeyes from Eduard, painted with Modelmaster and Tamiya. The Greek one was inspired by one of the Corsairs that participated in that big live firing demonstration that was all over the internet a couple years ago. M117's are from Eduard, decals from Icarus, painted with Gunze paints. And both of them together. Thanks for watching. i hope you like them. Pete
  12. I started this for the Helicopter II GB 3 ½ years ago, and ran out of time because an elderly relative died near the end. It sat gathering dust almost complete for a while, and then I dropped it when my dog was around; he ate the starboard skid and starboard horizontal stabiliser end plate before I could get it from him. Anyway, as people who have been kind enough to read my Sea King WIP thread know, a few days ago I decided it was about time I resurrected my lovely Gazelle. A couple of hours of scratch building later, to replace the terrier-ingested parts, and here she is. I will take some better pics over the weekend. Original build thread here: Finished helicopter here: the airframe in which I flew my first rotary-wing solo, on Trafalgar Day 1985. Hope you like it! Crisp
  13. Here's another build I am going to complete in 2017. This is a brace of Koenig Specials Ferraris that I have had on my 'books' for a considerable time: They are the 'Real Sports Car' series by Fujimi. They are both models that were started some time ago, one by my son (who was probably only about 11 at the time), the other by me. They then got abandoned for no particular reason. So without further ado, here are the pictures: The box art: The 'red' car sprues: The 'white' car sprues: And finally the two model bodies: As you can see, the 'red' car was painted red and then stripped. I had originally painted it with Humbrol gloss enamel (19), but I decided that the finish wasn't up to scratch, and needed some TLC, in this case stripping with caustic soda. I don't think that the 'staining' will come through when I re-prime (hopefully). I will be using zero paints for primer and top colour. As for the 'white' car, my son had painted various parts, but I have decided to strip the part-assembled model (mostly done) and re-construct it. The only issue I have for this is removing the front suspension & steering from the floor pan. I might just leave it there and attempt to work around the moving parts, i.e. the steering. I hope you enjoy this. Best Regards, Alan.
  14. First off, a quick introduction - first post on the forums, long-ish time lurker. My name is Aiden, I'm a student - studying Aviation Management and Operations, and I'm 19. Thanks for having me - onto the good stuff. As with all modelers, I'm always looking to pick up something not too expensive that will keep me occupied for a little while. One day, in the depths of the eBay servers, I stumbled onto a set of three 1/48 Fujimi kits, an FW190, BF109, and a Spit Mk. V, circa 1980-ish, snapped them up and got to work. Smashed out the 190 quickly (maybe I'll post her here one day), before school swamped me for the better part of the autumn. When I have had a break though, I've been at work on the 109 and Spit. They are remarkably simple builds, don't fit bad, and have decent surface detail. Interiors are lacking, and landing gear are the single biggest PITA I've put up with in recent years. Poorly designed to say the least, but for a grand total of $15USD I can hardly complain. Built completely OOB with Tamiya acrylics and decals from the kits (can we not talk about those ) into a BF-109G2 Trop. of JG77 in Summer 1942 and Spitfire Mk.Vc Interceptor - both desert, both the premiere single engine fighter of their respective nations. They aren't perfect - not by a long way, but they were fun and good practice with the airbrush. Decals were torn, hair follicles stretched to breaking point and there was swearing, but in the end, here they are. Alright I've held you long enough, enjoy! Criticism is always welcome. Sorry the pictures are a bit rubbish, best I can do at the moment. \ Together at last. I hope you enjoyed, best regards and Happy Holidays! Aiden
  15. Hi, One of my models completed in 2015. FIAT 500 New from FUJIMI in 1/24 scale. Additionally, photo-etching parts from Aber were used (24 026)
  16. Hi all, Just finished this ship, though still working on the planes. I usually do planes, but thought i'd give Japanese aircraft carriers a go. I was kinda drawn to their rather colourful decks of stripes etc. I was initially looking for a good Shokaku model, but couldn't find one for a reasonable price in Australia. But then Fujimi came out with this release of the Zuikaku 1941 earlier this year. I painted the main white stripe markings and the red/white stripes. A misalignment resulted in the middle white stripe ending up slightly off center at the front of the deck. I only used decals for the diagonal lines at the front of the deck, the circle towards the after and the name symbol. Thoughts: - relatively simple to construct. - hate dealing with the tiny pieces. I've broken the side antennas so many times. Broken the hooks under the stern of the deck and had to recreate one of the 3 anchors - I'm trying to use PE parts for the 1/700 planes for their canopy frames, which is very tedious, Definitely won't be finishing them anytime soon. - I was hoping fujimi would also have released wooden deck detail parts, but didn't see any and don't want to pay the ridiculous prices for the ones on ebay. - Having seen the older Tamiya version, I think the Fujimi is the better of the two. slightly better details. I wanted to have one of the middle elevators lowered and put a B5N2 kate on top. I chose the middle elevator and cut out a thin plastic sheet so it can sit at the bottom of the hangar tub. The original elevator wouldn't fit without sanding and was too thick. I also made the elevator sheet a tiny bit smaller so it can fall out if I turn the ship upside down. This way, I have the option to have it displayed raised or lowered just by swapping out the pieces. Paint: I used Tamiya IJN Gray (Kure Arsenal) for the hull and Wooden Deck tan. I thought the gray looked a bit too dark, so gave it a very light coat of white to lighten it up. Anyway, thought i'd share my pics
  17. Hello all, This is my recently finished model of F-14A Tomcat in 1/72. It is a nicely moulded Fujimi kit with additional items like pylons, bombs, bombrack, LANTIRN and Sparrow from Hasegawa kit, resin seats (the kit's seats are lost somewhere) and Fightertown's decal. I detailed the cockpit's side walls and wheel wells as they are completely bare. I found a fret of Tomcat PE from old Fujimi Royal Collection that I used some of them. Painting was done using Gunze lacquer paints and weathering by oil. I chose modex 107 (BuNo 161296) as this particular bird dropped 32 bombs and also the only Black Knights' bird to shot her gun during VF-154 Final Combat Cruise 2003 in supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom. She was one of five that based at Al Udeid, Qatar to support mainly Special Operation Task Force CTF-20 inside Iraq. My model is not historically accurate as the crew names and bomb marks were painted after the squadron left the area. However, Tomcat is one of my favorite fighter and in this September, US Tomcat has been retired for 10 years. Enjoy the pics...
  18. Hello everyone, My last few models were without WIP posts because I knew I would make them quickly and so the WIP wouldn't have more than three posts from my part. However, this kit is different because it is discontinued. Also, it is my first Fujimi in 20 years and a kit I had already done twice when I was a kid, so I hardly remember about in anyway. This decal set is what's discontinued and even though scalemates sets it at 1997, the instruction manual was printed in 1987. So I would like to share with you guys the WIP for the Chinook. I will take my time for this build as I get the right paints from the right brands and chances are, it will be in the backburner while other kits swift through... For some mysterious reason I'm nervous about this one. Needs slicing pieces in half and removing bits of plastic, things I'm not familiar with and don't want to mess up, either. At the corner of the table, my last two models. They were painted with olive drab and I thought of painting the Chinook Olive Drab too but desisted. I'll wait to get the right paints for hand painting, Vallejo paints...
  19. Hi all, A quick snap of my latest, although sadly not a great photo as I took it with my phone in the excitement of completion! She is one of a batch delivered from McClellan AFB to Venezuela prior to the 1958 revolution, hence the older style roundels. She is a Fujimi kit with some added resin. The decals were partly home made, partly robbed from a F-47 and partly reprinted from a dreadful Aztec set I had acquired that I was fleeced on! . I painted the tail stripes and added 1mm white stars individually. A few mistakes, particularly the positioning on the red rear fuselage line, but it was a too late when realised. The fuselage roundels are slightly too big too, but hey ho!!! I hope you like her. Martin
  20. Good morning, it's time now to present some better photos of my Scooter, which was part of the Vietnam GB finished end of last year. Not much to add from the WIP, it's a nice kit with some minor problem areas (like the fuselage joints). Decal sheet was missing the AJ on the fin,which I airbrushed using a mask I cut out of a tape. Weapons are from the hasegawa weapon set, the tank is from the kit. It was the first time I used a photocube, some people think the photos were initially too brownish, so I adjusted them online. Next photos will be better, I hope! Thanks for attention, and for running the GB! Alex
  21. This is Fujimi's 1/72 scale A5M4 Claude in the kit's provided markings of a Soryu based aircraft, Dec. 1940. Clear orange was mixed into aluminum and steel metalizers, and sprayed on to simulate the possible protective amber varnish. A final satin clear was applied overall. Masks for the Hinomarus were cut from masking tape using a circle compass cutter. regards, Jack
  22. A bit late, but with a small kit, even I should manage to finish on time. I chose the Fujimi A-4, it's a small kit, and I always liked the scooter. Small, but powerful ( a bit like me! ). I will use decals from Super Scale International, which has a nice A-4E from the VA-152, based on the Shangri-La. The starting picture: the first colour, some grey for the cockpit. Anyone knows what colour the bangseat was? I've seen both grey and black... And a close up. After some airbrushed grey, I brushed the black and some white and yellow buttons. it will do, as the cockpit opening is tiny... btw: that's a picture of the original: Alex
  23. I'm running a little behind on this one; too many irons in the fire. I know many modellers dislike grey schemes, and I completely understand that stance, but my favorite Phantom scheme is the final RAF grey one. When I was young, I came across a National Geographic article about the Falkland Islands, and it included pics of 1435 Flt Phantoms, and I was hooked. My plan is to build a Fujimi FGR2 in the grey scheme of 92 Sqn with a blue tail using a Modeldecal set. Then it can fly around the living room, I mean sit respectfully on a shelf, next to the blue-tailed 92 Sqn Lightning I built in the Lightning STGB. Full circle! Hockeyboy and 3rd Placer have been building the same kit, and I am going to copy them as best I can. No really, I've been taking copious notes. Note #1 - Invent amusing names for the pilots. Let's see... Flt Lt's B.L. "Blight" Youtale and R.E. Heat. Note #2 - Post a pic of the box and decals. Oh, already did that one. This is going well.
  24. Hi guys and girls this is my latest build. Ever since this kit came out I have had it in my stash (2 of them actually I have built one already) then when Michael Schumacher had his skiing accident at the end of 2013 I wanted to make this into the best model that I could so as you will see in the pictures below I have got a lot of extra bits to make the base kit better. Right so on with the build The obligatory box shot On the the extras I have a new wheel a brake system Photo etch With the above bits I also have the tobacco barcode decals and the exhaust tips So having already made this kit once I can happily say it isn't one of fujimis best attempts, actually from the ones I have made it is by far the worst thought out as you will see by the modifications I have made A quick mock up of the main body parts I cut the rear section off of the engine cover that supports the rear wing, on my fist attempt of this kit this was a problem area for fitment Then I went a step further and cut the engine cover off of the monocoque which was moulded as one big bit, really bad move fujimi Then on top of the I cut the fuel filler cap off One of the main boo boos with this kit is the front section goes together, under the red areas is a black inner part that if you follow the instructions would leave a massive join line down both side of the body So I cut the cockpit section out to ease the later construction The nose cone has been put together The side pods areas a really badly thought out as the bottom section need to be attached to the floor and the rest to the engine cover The upper front suspension arms have been cut up so they can be connected once painted Thanks for lookin More to come soon Shaun
  25. I managed to find this little gem on eBay recently... One of my favourite aircraft of all time and a legendary combat plane, i have very fond memories of watching these at Mildenhall and Weathersfield as a kid so im really looking forward to this build. The plane in question is 68-0493 which had a confirmed Mig-21 kill in July 1972. Its a good looking kit with plenty of detail, very little flash and a really nice decal sheet so it should go together quite well. Im going to try some different paint on this build, im usually a Tamiya kinda guy but ive heard good things about Hataka paints and the colours are apparently a really good match so looking forward to giving these a try.