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Found 268 results

  1. Hi guys. Welcome to my latest WIP of the lovely Academy P-38 Lightning. 1/48 Ive been itching to start this for some time now and was held up only by my Eurofighter's canopy malfunction. which has now been remedied and can be found here in RFI (link to be added) I bought this kit a while ago having a yearning to go all silver something I tested out on my Vampire build last year. I'm planning on doing some new techniques on the weathering and painting of the silver panels so fingers crossed all goes to plan. I had also planned on doing the "droopsnoot" variant but while waiting for the Eurofighter parts I ended up falling out of love with the kit decals and falling in love with the brash American nose art that adorned these planes so I went and bought some rather saucy after market decals and some other bits and bobs while I was at it, what was that about the devil and idle hands? So here's my homage to Bold American Aeroplanes with a penchant for rather inappropriate nose art. I hope you will join me it's going to be fun. (Probably) after all it's nearly Summer. First up some pictures of what I'm starting with. The box art is lovely. And here are the decals I'll be using. I love the olive strips on the nose but I'm still not decided on which scheme to go for. this one with a yummy yellow tail and red nose. Or this one with swirls and stripes. any preference? also while checking over the kits office I noticed the lack of detain on the IP and other areas so I couldn't help myself and bought this. looks rather pretty. I doubt if I can make a start tonight but I thought I'd at least start the ball rolling. Thanks for joining me and as always. Happy Modelling. Johnny boy.
  2. Well, here goes! In at the deep end for my first WIP. All my previous builds have been projects that have several WIP's against them, but this is not seen so often. Continuing the theme of jets I worked on in the RAF, this will be a Hunter T7 to go with the Buccaneer in 237 OCU markings. I'm using the Academy Hunter F6 kit with the Heritage T7 conversion along with a few AM extra's On top of the conversion work, I'll also be trying to correct some of the Academy kits errors. Don't expect work to progress at a blistering rate, it took 6 months to build the Phantom!!! All the bits. The Heritage conversion set. The main fuselage components marked ready for cutting. Just off for a stiff drink before I get the razor saw out! Rob.
  3. Hi all, I recently completed this a few weeks ago and I decided to upload it here. The build wasn't that enjoyable and I'm not to pleased how it turned out to be honest . The decals are just a bunch of markings I had spare so it is in no way historically accurate
  4. The Academy catalogue 2017 is online here: News pages: Just one new aircraft tooling: the 1/72nd McDD F-15E & K Strike/Slam Eagle - ref.12550 & 12554 - thread: All the other "new" kits being repop (with new decals) or variants from old kits. Nonetheless interesting is a 1/72nd single seat F/A-18E Super Hornet kit (thread: a variant from the FA-18F Super Bug - ref. 12535 - released on July 2016 (thread: Not even a 1/48th F-4E (derived from F-4C/D kit) nor a FA-50 (derived from the T-50 kit)... And a few other "things" V.P.
  5. Well you just can't have enough doras ! This is an older project but i finally managed to take some photos . Very nice and simple model . I added the rivets to make it more interesting . Hope you like it ! ( until the next dora ! ) IMG_20170304_181530 by Dionyssis Vacalas, on Flickr IMG_20170304_181541 by Dionyssis Vacalas, on Flickr IMG_20170304_181609 by Dionyssis Vacalas, on Flickr IMG_20170304_181557 by Dionyssis Vacalas, on Flickr IMG_20170304_181619 by Dionyssis Vacalas, on Flickr
  6. Hi all, me again! Well, the postman dropped this wonderful kit off last week: The tooling looks excellent: (and so does this chap): Anyway, my aim is simple*- convert this Phantom F4J into an RAF grey/green FGR.2 F-4J(UK) *Simple, meaning a process that requires a metric crap-tonne of work.... - The main points to be aware of are threefold: 1. Decals 2. Shape of the tail 3. Shape of the engine exhasuts As of a few moments ago, I ordered a set of decals from Hannants to partly solve problem 1 (stencils will need to be scraped together from the spare decals box) And as for the other 2 issues, I can solve the shape of the tail by using scrap plasticard to replicate the rectangular shaped fairing at the top of the FGR.2's tail and for 3.... well I'm not sure about that. I could try and see if I have any spare nozzles or cylindrical shaped objects from other kits lying around or I could find a 1:48 bomb of the right diameter and cut that into sections to be shaped into the nozzles? I was tempted to go for the aftermarket resin nozzles that are available but at £10 for a comparatively small item is a bit much. So, that's it for now. Kind regards, Sam EDIT: Changed from F-4J to FGR2 to --> F-4J to F-4J(UK)
  7. Long time no see Britmodeller, but I have not been resting on my laurels. Here's the Academy 1/72 Hornet from the 1986 Libya strike. At least I hope it is. Markings come from one of the Aeromaster Stinging Hornets set and has aircraft 203 from VFA-132 Privateers. I'm not sure if this particular aircraft flew in the strike (I know 200 did) but I will assume that it did. The aircraft is armed with a pair of AGM-88 HARM missiles as in real life, with accompanying AIM-9s and AIM-7s. The aircraft is painted using Gunze colors in the original Hornet colors of Light Ghost Gray (FS 36375) over Light Gray (FS 36495). I'm still not quite convinced about the accuracy of Gunze's LGG. I feel it has a purplish tint that shouldn't be there. Metal surfaces were painted with Citadel metallics (old formula). I used white missile markings as I have seen some pictures where they were still carried around this time. The HARM markings were taken from a Revell F/A-18F decal sheet and the HARMs themselves from a Revell F-16C kit. A Windsor & Newton pigment marker was used for the red edges of the bay doors. I love the Academy legacy Hornet. It has some fit issues (dry fitting strongly recommended) and the nose is a complicated 4-piece setup but it looks gorgeous once built. There was no aftermarket used as none was needed although the cockpit, while detailed, might not be enough for purists. A bit of filling and sanding was needed to remove some of the bumps that are not appropriate for a mid-1980s Hornet. Thanks for looking!
  8. This was a straightforward build for a cancer research fundraising GB, with the only additions being the Kormoran 1 courtesy of Eduard, and a modified brass pitot for a Jaguar. This is the Academy kit from the 1985 boxing (I was able to utilize the original decals), based on 1970's tooling. Had I noticed when I was ordering the Kormorans that the package included one 1, and one 2, I would've ordered 2 packs to hang a pair of Kormoran 1s off the pylons. Oh well, so be it. I've always kinda liked asymmetrical load outs anyways. Or perhaps he has just fired one at a target..... On to the pics, because I know that's the only reason anyone is looking.
  9. Hi folks, After a looong period of starting plenty of kits and finishing none, I decidced I'd do something quick to get the modelling mojo back. I chose Academy F-4J, with decals from SWS. So here goes my F-4J(UK) Phantom, with Mr Paint paints (yeah, I know) for the FS36440 and FS36270 greys and Tamiya XF-25 for the very peculiar blue-grey found on these Phantoms. Cheers, Sébastien
  10. Hey guys, here's my try at Academy Fortress. Almost OOB, with exception of QB gun barrels and scratchbuilt landing lights. Markings are from Revell, since i always wanted to do "Shamrock", with it's replacement tail, it makes otherwise dull overall Olive Drab looks interesting. I preshaded the model with Gunze Tire black, and then gradually painted OD in about a dozen thin layers. I used Gunze OD and faded OD, and repainting of markings is done with MM OD. Wash is Tamiya, weathering done with Tamiya Smoke + Tamiya D set. Sligh chipping is done using artist silver pencil. Comments are welcome, thanks for looking!
  11. Me 262 build starts here! I started this build on Sunday 28th August. I've cleared up my environment so I'm free to make models once again, although it has been some time, so I thought I'd brush up on my skills again before I finish/ruin that harrier! So far I've been working on a mister craft hawker hunter which is near ready for paint and the aforementioned Airfix harrier which I've been dabbling with...... So, on with this build.... I decided it's going to be fast and from the box! A few parts make up the nose section and wings the fit is excellent, the wing/fuselage joint just clicks in, as does the cockpit assembly. This area was a bit fiddly! I superglued the console to my finger and I lost the control column to the carpet monster.......which, on a clean wooden floor is some feat.... (Oh yeah, there is also a big glue finger print melted into the port wing. Once dry I sanded this up. Looks ok now..... Glad I chose to practice!!,) After getting bored of searching for the missing part I picked out a few colours and laid down some paint.....first use of the gun in a while! Felt goooood! Went to bed, woke up, found the control column. Happy days. I used tamiya paints; German grey for the cockpit. RLM 02 for the undercarriage legs, doors and bays. Me262 round 2....... Cockpit. Some parts of this type I'm unsure of, I couldn't help but look for some pics to see what you should have here. Clearly seatbelts and seat cushion are missing. Also the gunsight is missing. There are a few more little details but I want this to be quick! The piece of foil that holds headache pills has a light embossed pattern. I've read about using this for belts. Why not have a go? It took longer than expected! Cut with a steel rule and scalpel, the "belts" were fixed with superglue. Seat cushion from styrene sheet, rounded a bit with a file so it looks more ummm, cushiony? Painted with games workshop acrylics. Browns on the cushion and bone for the belts. A few (because they were nearest) Airfix acrylic colors were used in the tub for switches and dry brushing. Tamiya flat black for the dials and green for the rediscovered control column boot. Looks ok. A fairly accurate representation of what should be. Except for the gunsight. Not sure about building one yet, I wanted a quick build. Sidewalls could do with something GAP filling... It should be fairly straightforward, looks to be parallel. Maybe next time? The fit of the tub assembly to the fuselage is excellent, it just snaps in... No glue! I just tacked it in with superglue. Me262 Weight and Luck! According to the instructions you need 5-8g in the nose. I found some appropriate sized weights. This time I'm using little screws, this turns out to be a lucky find! The small screws are about 0.5g and the big screws are about 1g. I could only fit two screws in the nose, so I had to remove the cockpit, that's the lucky bit, I'm glad I just tacked it with super glue. I got 8 small plus blu tac between the bulkheads, and I can fit 2 large into each engine nacelle. That's enough! This time I used the scalpel handle and blu tac to form a counter balance, just add screws! Me262 cockpit 2. I had to remove the cockpit to get some extra weight in! While it was out....... I broke the instrument panel off, by accident. While it was off....... I thought I'd add some of the wiring which can be seen through the glass... I discovered this detail while looking for the cockpit references. This took ages but I advanced my skills my a bit. I made some little instrument backs from the spares box, drilled some holes for the wire which was sprayed yellow and everything was superglued into place and trimmed to length with cutters. Then the panel complete was refitted to the tub. I think the wire was too firm for the task, I must try and get some lead wire. That's it for this part! Too much time wasted time for the engines. (Pic to follow......)
  12. HI again fellow modellers, Some of you out there must have had the experience of building a model that at some point during the build you think 'this is the best model I've ever done; my magnum opus !' This was such a build, everything was going swimmingly, I'd got the 'patchy' Hornet scheme off to a tee and it went together well(my first Academy build) until decal time This was the Blue Angels version of the kit but I fancied a proper 'warbird' so bought some aftermarket decals(Techmod) from Hannants. They were pants. Kept breaking and the ones that didn't seem to have a really visible carrier film. I compounded this by doing my usual overweathering. To add insult to injury when I'd virtually finished I noticed various decals had 'disappeared', despite being matt coated, including the all-important 'Dirty Dan' title which was the major point of the excercise Then I forgot to do the false canopy until after decaling and the masking ripped off the national insignia(to spares box for a hi-viz insignia which I attempted to tone down with some dilute grey paint(partial success)). Anyway enough of my it is, warts and all !! PS: I know Marine Hornets rarely carried GBU's during Gulf I as they had no self-lasing capability, However this has a spot tracker/strike cam so it could drop these if buddy or ground lased..............that's my excuse anyway
  13. Hi Guys. Now that I recently finished 2 projects (one Bearcat and one Lavochkin), it's time to move on with another one. My next client will be the Bf109D in 1/48 from Academy. I intend to use the Eduard zoom set for this kit also. Because I want to convert it to a Bf109 A, I bought myself also the Kagero Top Drawings edition dedicated to Bf 109 early (A to D) series. I hope that it will guide me in order to obtain a decent 109 Anton replica. First, I present you the mandatory pics with kit box and its contents. Hope I will be able to finish this one. It will be a long-term project anyway, because I'm such a slow builder... So, I'm thinking about Spain...1937...
  14. The 1/48th McDD F-4B Phantom II announced by Academy (ref.12232) should be out for the third quarter of 2012. Source academy homepage: V.P.
  15. here is My current build, Academy F-4C , Robin Olds USAF markings. Box and parts plus two Eduard sets and Aires resin cockpit. First I started with armarment... ... than some cockpit details, (Aires resin is great) Here some estra paint work need to be done, ..and front wheel bay, still work in progress..
  16. Hello, just few weeks ago i finished Su-27 from Academy. I used HDL Decals, Eduard Pe set, Correct Nose from QB and Pavla K-36M Zvezda, also i added a wires on landing gears and wheelbays. Just like always my Su-27 has got few mistakes (i broken canopy, the color and paint scheme are incorrect. Another mistake is incorrect Nose paint scheme (it should be straight, and i made paint it curve). I hope you will enjoy.
  17. Howdy Folks It has been a very long time since I finished anything at all so I was very glad to finally get this one to the cabinet of glory. Very typical 1/72 Academy. Quite nice detail, good price but geez I had to wrestle with the decals! Paints were Testors Model Master. I chose to do a reverse wash on the wings and fuselage with sort of a greyish artist watercolour thinned with water and with a drop of detergent added. Some weathering and chipping with a silver pencil. Exhaust stains etc were my dry artist pastels scraped and dusted on. Some oily stains around the top filler forward of the canopy were just some thin artist watercolour Aerial is ezy-line. Seat belts are little fabric ones from Kami Zukuri (5 bucks for 6 sets) touched up with a silver pen for the buckles Here's the pics.....hope you like her. Thanks heaps for looking Cheers Bruce
  18. After the two-seats F/A-18F Super Bug - ref.12535 - (, Academy is to release in 2017 a 1/72nd USN Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet "VFA-143 "Pukin Dogs" kit - ref.12547. Source: V.P.
  19. These are the completed builds from the recently finished P-51 STGB III which I did not complete on time. The original thread is here which has the work in progress. Quick summary of the three aircraft: 1) P-51D "Jumpin' Jacques" (Tamiya). Built OOB except for Eduard superfabric seatbelts (amazing stuff!). Decals were some spares from a Hasegawa kit. Paints were Mr Metal Color for the NMF and Gunze/Tamiya for everything else. Weathering was done with Flory washes, with Tamiya Smoke for the exhaust stains. 2) P-51D "Detroit Miss" (Tamiya). Same as above except decals from an old Microscale set. 3) P-51B "Bonnie B" (Academy). Same as above except decals from Xtradecals. Color was Gunze H73 as Olive Drab. I was extremely pleased. Gunze totally botched RAF Dark Green (which is what it was supposed to be) and unwittingly created a very nice faded olive drab with just the right amount of green and brown. H73 was also used for the olive drab anti-glare in the other two aircraft. Weathering was done with Humbrol enamel wash. There are a few inaccuracies in the markings, some my fault some from the decals.In particular I was not pleased with Detroit Miss as the markings seem somewhat oversized. Also I think the Bonnie B markings on this set are incorrect (no locomotive kill mark and Bonnie B should be white). I used TallyHo decals for the insignia of the first two planes which ended up being noticeably translucent (and did not conform to panel lines). Terrible stuff. Anyway, were fun builds and reminded me why the Tamiya 1/72 Mustang is my favorite kit in the universe (and the Academy P-51B is nearly as good)
  20. Academy is to release a 1/72nd KAI T-50 "snap tite" kit - ref.12519 Sources: V.P.
  21. Also shown on the flory Models site, so firstly apologies for duplication! This is a flight of fancy, but let's pretend there's no BAe Hawk, and that the RAF still use the classic red/white/grey colour scheme..... Academy kit Xtradecal decals (for BAe Hawk) except serials that came from a Revell Typhoon tamiya paint Flory models 'wash' Just a fun build, never done a 'what if' before, hope it's acceptable! IMG_0108 by bryn robinson, on Flickr P1010799 by bryn robinson, on Flickr P1010801 by bryn robinson, on Flickr P1010802 by bryn robinson, on Flickr P1010804 by bryn robinson, on Flickr P1010806 by bryn robinson, on Flickr P1010807 by bryn robinson, on Flickr
  22. This got started several years ago after reading a couple of articles by Tony O'Toole in a modelling mag. There has a lot of work gone into it, including changing the dive flaps and there is a three blade prop bought for it along with resin British bombs for the bomb bay. It has sat not quite finished for a few years. The paint finish is pre my Flow Enhancer revelation but the transfers went on fine. It has taken dive bombing practice at least three times, unfortunately without the benefit of being giving able to pull out at the bottom of the dive, one of which was about 8-10 feet. So there has been a bit of repair work and replacement parts done. Now is the time to finish it and I have an Xtradecal sheet with the correct serials, markings and squadron badge. The first job will be to get the ingrained dust out of the panel lines and the find the box with the rest of the bits in.
  23. After more than 10 years of entering AFV's in the competition at Telford, I finally picked up a trophy. This one got the best model of an Allied AFV of WWll from IPMS Czech Republic. It's the Academy Honey M3 with AFV Club's suspension and tracks and MB Modellbau's horseshoe turret. There are also a lot of scratch built items such as the sand shields and the large stowage box over the engine deck. AFV Club's suspension and tracks are superior to Academy's items and fitted to the Academy hull with no problems. I changed the turret for the MB Modellbau one as Academy's hexagonal version is incorrect for this tank. The figures came from various sources and have had their arms and legs repositioned and the heads placed with Hornet items. The stowage is a mixture of Resicast, Value Gear and Accurate Armour. The .303 mg is from RB Models and the decals are curtesy of Bison Decals. A very enjoyable build. Regards, John.
  24. As promised, I am in with this GB. After reviewing my options for the build I chose the Academy P-51 Mustang "North Africa" boxing. It looks like a nice kit and this GB gave me the chance to start one. I do plan to start out slow as I still have a number of kits on my desk, including a CG-4A and a Mc.200 for the Mediterranean GB as well as a Tu-95 for the "Smaller than 1/144" GB over on Hyperscale. I have already begun to putter on this kit though, as I did a few steps on the cockpit this evening. Greg in OK
  25. This is what I have done this year: I am a huge fan of Kinetic Su-33. It is a brilliant model. It is our of box apart from wingtip pylons, decals and PE cockpit which were required to turn it into a J-15. The pylons are from dream model J-15. I enjoyed it a lot. J-11 is kind of inspired from an old Su-27 picture I've seen with 36 FAB-100. These are FAB-250 though. I think this has been the most expensive model I've ever built with all the aftermarket stuff.. Exhausts, pylons, bombs, nose, cockpit, masks etc.. F-15E demo is kind of a what if since it has the cannon and the wrong seats for the original one but still it was a huge fan with all those 22 rockeyes. All of them are missing some parts but I would say they are 98% complete D