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Found 314 results

  1. I began this with the 2017 Sukhoi Flanker STGB group build but wasn't able to finish in time. To recap it is the Academy Su-30MKK kit with the Sol Su-35 (Su-27M) canards, scratch built instrument panels with the Neomega Su-30MKK cockpit, Aires wheel wells, new resin nose, A.M.U.R. Reaver burner cans, AKAN paint and Begemot decals. Bort 01 Neomega cockpit with MKI instrument panels being made. Tried to make some resin extras as backups but my casting wasn't very good. Canopy mechanism work Days of putty and sanding to come. I ended up filling it with foam to give it some internal strength to compensate all of the cutting of both fuselage halves. A.M.U.R. Reaver exhausts are a lot bigger than the original Academy pipes but look great. No complaints with AKAN's Su-30MKI demonstrator colors. The overall pale blue the dark blue were perfect, I grayed the middle blue just a bit to get a better match. I always use little 1/144 kits as color testers G Gear is on it's way. I found some photos where that wonderful Russian pink sealant was used on this plane's gear which certainly adds a bit more color. I'm using the resin Armory wheel set with the nice sagged tires. Thanks for looking, more to come.
  2. Hi, I finish few days ago new Academy F15E kit. I added Aires exhaust nozzles to this kit. I'm happy with the work, there were no bigger problems. Unfortunately I destroyed decals for weapons under the wings. I painted the model with Gunze and Tamiya. The new project will also be Academy:
  3. The Thunderbolt has always, just, been my favourite of the US piston engined fighters, though it faced tough competition from the Corsair. I used to drool over the colour profiles in Bill Gunston's Aircraft of WW2, and wonder how it was that the biggest and heaviest could also have been the fastest. But there are no P-47s in my display case, and it's about time that oversight was rectified. I shouldn't really be building this. I promised myself that I'd finish off some of the half-built models first, and there's a bottleneck of models awaiting paint (I can only airbrush at weekends, and only if we have no household guests, since the spare bedroom is the designated spraying area. But after a two week modelling hiatus (thanks, Aussie 'flu!), I really wanted to start something new. I have only one P-47 model in the stash, and it's the Special Hobby reboxing (with added bits) of the Academy 1/72 P-47 bubbletop. The SH parts are intended to soup the base plastic up into a P-47M, with improved engine parts and airscrew, resin wheels and tanks, and a couple of PE parts. In the box it all looks rather neat: I've not photographed the Academy plastic - that's the SH sprue, resin, and decal sheet. All the P-47Ms served with the 56th Fighter Group, so the five decal options cover the three, wildly varied and unusual, schemes sported by the three constituent squadrons. My preference is for the blue/light blue markings of the 63rd FS, and Cpt Flagg's Darling Dottie, UN-F. The belly and leading edges are natural metal, which will be a first for me. Captain Flagg went on to serve in Korea, and then worked with NASA on the Gemini missions (and apparently also the early work on the Shuttle). I found some gun camera footage on Youtube that is apparently from Darling Dottie: Hopefully this won't be a taxing build, though I do need to double check my paint stocks. Thanks for looking in!
  4. This is a project I finished on my last leave. I forgot got I had these photos with me here so here it is, my first helo built as an adult.😁 Looking at this I feel I really need to perfect my filling and sanding technique. 😣 (Amongst other things 😂 )
  5. Academy 1/72 Tempest Mk V

    Hi all, This just turned up in the post today so I'll be starting this soon. I just haveto wait for a new airbrush nozzle to turn up Thanks for checking in, -Cam
  6. And finally, the last of the trio of Vipers that I finished recently. This is an Academy F-16C Block 42 in the super attractive new Have Glass scheme. I used, for the first time ever, Mr Paint. It went on beautifully although I would have liked it to be a bit darker. I would strongly recommend MRP to anyone else, my only impediment to using more of them is living in a relatively small place in London where ventilation is an issue (it's lacquer-based) and yes, it smells bad. The much-maligned Academy kit has its major issues, namely a nose that is too straight and which shows when looking at it sideways. It comes in either Block 40/50 or 42/52 boxings with different intake/exhaust combos. The Block 40/50's wide intake is horrible, looks like the grin of the Cheshire cat. However, the narrow intake is much better, although I think it is a tad bit too small (about 1mm); still, it looks ok next to the Revell. On the plus side, the Academy is the only Viper kit in 1/72 that includes the holographic HUD that is standard on the Block 40/42s. For that reason alone, I felt I had no choice but to use it, rather than base it on the Revell kit which aside from the HUD also requires the bulged wheel covers, etc. The Academy also has much better fit than the Revell, with less fiddly bits to worry about, like the landing gear which can get tricky on the latter (I have yet to build a modern Revell kit that does not have some landing gear issues). Block 40/42 need strengthening plates, and these were taken from a vinyl set. The decals came from the Caracal sheet which is good... except for the fact that the walkway lines are too short. WAY too short, like 3-4cm more needed to cover the whole airframe. This is rather annoying, coming from a sheet that costs £13.99, it was not that hard to have added enough for two aircraft. I therefore had to mask the missing section (the part beneath the national insignia on the starboard rear fuselage) and paint with Gunze 36495. You won't be able to tell the difference unless you really really look (the painted line is slightly wider than its decaled opposite). Weapons came from the kit. Masking the JDAMs was a bit annoying but looks great in the end (note the instructions do not tell you that the tail of the JDAMs is usually grey too). The kit has a nice assortment of pods too. I left the aircraft with a satin-ish varnish even though it looks flat in the pictures. I need to find a way of replicating the metallic sheen seen on these birds... Finally, for some reason Academy does not want you to build this with an open cockpit, however, this is not too hard to arrange yourself, I was just too lazy and wanted to take pictures of it first. Later I'll find a way of leaving it open. Thanks for looking!
  7. On 9 October 1966 Cdr. Richard M. Bellinger became the first Navy pilot to shoot down a MiG-21. He was flying an F-8E (149159 AH 210) leading three other “Hunter” F-8s as escorts for A-4s from the USS Intrepid. During the flight they were intercepted by a group of MiG-21s which were the newest communist aircraft and a real leap in technology. Using two Sidewinder missiles, Bellinger was able to nab one of the MiGs marking the first Navy kill over the new MiG-21. Back aboard Oriskany, Bellinger said, "I've waited 20 years for something like this. It was a tremendous feeling.". Cdr. Bellinger was awarded the Silver Star by Defense Secretary Robert McNamara aboard the Oriskany one week later. Now to the kit. Academy's F-8, eh... One of the best F-8 Crusader kit around, and the reputation is not without reason. I could go on and on about it, but I won't bore you guys since you can read all the reviews on the internet. Long story short, this is a build I really enjoy despite several complexities like the main landing gear. The reason why I decided to take 149159 as my build subject is because of the story of Cdr. Bellinger's kill that I read once when I was a little boy. As for the decal itself, Academy didn't actually provide decals for BuNo 149159, so I have to improvise by looting numbers from my friend's F-8C conversion build, and cut out the colourful stars on vertical tail plane decals and in place painted the rudder in yellow so I can get the normal all-yellow stars. Now some of you might notice that orange rusty panel on the gun ports, that was because I followed Academy's painting instruction a little too far and forgot to check my reference back so that's that. Enough banter, now for the (not-so-good) photos taken with my Sony Xperia Z1 phone camera. There will be more photos from my actual camera soon but for now this is what I got. Any comments and critiques would be more than welcomed.
  8. So here's my entry for the GB:
  9. Corsairs Bronco build

    Hello all heres my entry for this build. Im going with Academy’s OV-10 Bronco. Im going to stick with the USMC Vietnam markings. Here are the obligatory boxtop and sprue shots. Boxtop ⬆️ Sprue shot ⬇️ As you can see its still all in plastic so the 25% wont be an issue. If i can change up and get a hold of VAL-4 Black pony or a VS-41 Shamrock decals. Then i will go US Navy. Enough for now see you in one week. Dennis
  10. Academy catalog 2018 show a new tooling (yes another one!) 1/72nd Grumman F-14A Tomcat "VF-143" kit - ref. 12563 Source: http://www.greenmats.club/topic/4437-academy-172-f-14a-vf-143-№12563-анонс-на-2018/ V.P.
  11. After 2017 (see here) while waiting the new catalog 2018, here's the first Academy newsletter of 2018 (1/4). Source: http://www.academy.co.kr/6q/board_news_main.asp?pMenuId=BOARD00002&pCode=10688&pCategory=NEWS2 Two aircraft repop. - ref. 12324 - 1/48 - Vought SB2U-3 Vindicator (new decals) - ref. 12564 - 1/72 - McDD F/A-18C Hornet (new decals) V.P.
  12. Hi, That's my latest build. Israeli Apache, AH-64D Saraf. Kit made by Academy, bought cheaply for 8 quid if I remember, it was ok at first glance. Then I bought a Aires cockpit set and a set of decals by Armycast. On top, I wanted to paint it with Hataka IAF paint set for modern rotors. Oh, and of course Eduard masks for canopy. Ok, where do I start.. Oh yeah, I had to adjust a cockpit to fit Academy kit (originally designed for Hasegawa), a lot of mess, but quite easy. Cockpit itself is absolutely BRILLIANT! Well detailed and well designed. Then I moved to the kit.. First disaster. Bad fit, even worse instructions, flash on most parts, etc. I was on a brink of depression. But at some point decided that it's not gonna be a masterpiece (never meant to be:P) so I'll just do whatever is necessary to just finish the model. I wasn't easy, trust me. Finally got to the stage of painting. Another disappointment - Hataka paints. I bought them because I've read some reviews that they're hassle free, easy to use and working well. I was struggling to even finish the first coats. Couldn't find the right ratio, airbrush constantly clogging etc. I've managed to spray base sand colour and gave up. Finished with some mixture of Tamiya paints. Very disappointing as set wasn't cheap. At least decals were brilliant as the cockpit. Anyways, managed to get to the end of the build and the result you can see below. I know, that there are parts missing, I know there is vast amount of errors referring to israeli version of the aircraft, but I simply couldn't care less after a disaster that this kit was. Please be kind.. Thank you for your attention! Bart
  13. Seeing as my scammell is a flat coat and some photos away from the finish line, i thought I'd have another bash at armour, so I'm entering the fray with academy's m4a3 calliope kit, as i had no luck finding some academy photo etch for this kit i took the plunge and ordered the tamiya m4a3 set, i'll use what I can and put the rest in the spare pe box Glynn https://i.imgur.com/FjZpYEu.jpg
  14. Decided to go for a 1/72 FA-18F SuperBug for my next build. Always been a fan of Naval aviation, and have really been enjoying the Academy new tool 1/72 kits as well. I know they're snap-fit (sort of), but the detailing is superb and the size is perfect for my shelf. I am going for a Fleet Interception/ Air to Air specific loadout. Payload will be 6-7 AIM-120s and 2 wingtip AIM-9Xs. I am using 2 resin dual LAU 115/127 launchers from Attack Squadron, and 2 single LAU 115 launchers on each side. An additional AIM-120 is possible for mounting to the lower airframe right next to the landing gear. Will likely forego this, but it is possible. Part 1: The build. Began with the cockpit and airframe: Intakes installed: Cockpit: Dark Gull Grey. Part 2: Final build and weapons. Had issues with the nose fit, so putty was a must. and after: Good fix, and looks solid to boot! Weapons and launchers: Weapons are from 3 different sources: 1/72 f15e eagle, Hasegawa Weapons V pack and this kit. I decided to use 2 dual resin LAU lanchers for the AIM-120s, to bring the real Air to Air/fleet interception mission to life. I think these came out quite well, and will bring the total possible number of AAMs on the bird up to 8-9 depending on if I go for 6 or 7 AIM-120s with the 2 wingtip AIM-9X's. Final pre-paint assembly: Part 3: Priming and paint. Primer is Alclad grey primer and microfiller: Paint: Bottom: Light Ghost Grey MM enamel. Top: Dark Ghost Grey MM enamel: Bottom: Impossible to note difference between primer and paint. Top: I purposefully did the top with some thick blotches of the dark ghost to give me a head start on weathering. The blotches are to simulate salt air eroding the paint unevenly. Next update will be post shading and further weathering (maybe salt crystals on topside). I will also try to finish weapons, and paint the LG bays, gear, and doors. Stay Tuned....
  15. Here's my take on the Academy Helldiver, a VB-3 machine flying from USS Yorktown. Nice kit to put together, no problems apart from some trouble with gloss varnish, but that was probably me! Build thread over on the 'Radial Engines Rock' GB. Kit decals, Vallejo ModelAir paint. Didn't use all the stencils, got bored with that part of the build very quickly!
  16. As Prince Harry goes public with the next chapter of his life, what better day to begin a build reflecting his service career. This build is the AH-1 Longbow Apache from Academy, which looks both good fun and comprehensive. and yes, @Procopius and @CedB, it's a flying thing, albeit not much in the way of wings, and yes, it marks a return to the gentleman's scale after recent larger excursions. The model also has another significance, as it was the first online order fulfilled by @Duncan B's BlackMike models. No connection other than as one very satisfied customer. So what are we building? Augusta Westland AH-1 Apache by jongwinnett, on Flickr Augusta Westland AH-1 Apache by jongwinnett, on Flickr Augusta Westland AH-1 Apache by jongwinnett, on Flickr Augusta Westland AH-1 Apache by jongwinnett, on Flickr
  17. Pair of P-47s

    Built the ongoing radial engines GB. Revell (camo) and Academy (bare metal) Thunderbolts. Academy seems to have too much rake on the undercarriage but by far the nice kit. Thanks to @warhawk for helping me out with decals WIP here
  18. When I first joined BritModeller, a little over a year ago, the first model that I posted in RFI was an Israeli M51. At that time I had a few problems with posting photos from a hosting site (nothing to do with Photo Bucket, more to do with my incompetence). When I tried to upload the photos (from Village Photos), all that appeared were links. I didn't know what the problem was (I still don't), but it's not occurred since, so I thought that it might be an idea to post the photos again now and hope for better success. So apologies for doing this twice, but here goes. First, a brief run down of how the model was built. The tank that I depicted was what was referred to as a Batch 4 model. Batch 4 M51s were the last ones produced by the Israelis. In 1/35th scale, there are three M51s produced by Dragon, Academy and Tamiya. The first two have got their problems, not least of which is the grossly oversized muzzle brake. The Tamiya kit is a beauty, but it is of a Batch 1 version, but as it is by far and away the best “51”, I used the Tamiya kit a the basis for this build. Without going into a WIP, the conversion consisted of the following; Rear upper hull sliced off of the Academy kit and attached to the Tamiya hull to give an increase in length of 5mm. Extra louvre added underneath. Dragon diesel engine deck added in place of the Tamiya radial engine deck, along with the main gun travel lock from the Academy kit. Extra stowage bins each side made from card and etched brass. Rear stowage bin from the Academy kit. Raised serial numbers (Academy) front and rear. Turret weld lines beefed up with Milliput (beefed up a bit too much!!) Extra turret bin on rhs from card. All of the jerry can holders were replaced with ones from Eduard etched brass. The headlamp lenses are Little Cars. The Eduard set for the M51 was used throughout. It was sprayed with a mix of Tamiya XF57 Buff and XF24 Light Grey in a ratio of 3:2. Decals included in the Academy kit were used and are for an unknown training unit in the 1980's. The casting symbols on the glacis were later removed as I found out that this hull had not been cast by that particular foundry. There are a couple of mistakes/omissions that are in the photos but have since been rectified. As always, thanks for looking. John.
  19. Hello Phantom Phans. This WIP is for the forthcoming Brigade Models conversion set for Academys F-4B into the prototype F4H-1. I have obtained from Kevin a pre production test shot of the mouldings as seen at SMW this year. This does not include canopies or decals as they are not ready yet. Availability of the set should be March next year. Kevin has agreed to add a second seat so later small radome aircraft can be built. Any changes for this will be up to the modeller, as the main purpose here is for a first flight aircraft. Also, there are no instructions (I suspect I may be writing them now). Onto what you will get. This first picture shows what you get. This first pic shows the parts, except for canopy, decals, and the pitot probe, which I do have. This pic shows where to cut on the wings (for the perforated airbrakes) and the fuselage. Close up of the wing where the airbrake goes. Note that either the wing can be cut, or alternatively, the resin part could be used as a master to drill your own holes in the wing. Here is a close up of the fuselage cut point. And the cut made. Another part that needs cutting is the forward under fuselage (part F40) The resin intakes and the kit trunking is being joined. Some fettling may be required for a perfect fit. Airbrakes being sorted. Airbrakes fitted. Note that the gap is my fault, not the kits (my cutting skills still need work). First look at the front fuselage. The black parts are kit parts. They mate to the resin perfectly. That is all for this introductory part. Ted
  20. Hi all, This is my first ever model aircraft build. I chose the new tooling of the Academy 1/72 F-15E from the 333rd FS out of SJ airbase. Straight build out of box, painted and decaled. Apologies for mediocre image quality. I just ordered a light tent on Amazon, and will repost pictures once I have a chance to use it. I began this build in the middle of August, and ran into many issues, like dropping the assembled kit into a pool of plastic cement, and melting the piece where the NMF is up top of the aircraft. I then made it all the way through my build, and proceeded to use an acrylic wash on top of an acrylic sealer coat (future). So, I scrapped that kit (using it as my test-bed) and began a brand new one, same kit, lessons learned. This is the result. It certainly is not perfect, and round two was no walk in the park, but she is done, and I think she looks halfway decent. Let me know your thoughts (good and bad)! Enjoy!
  21. Academy P38J 1:48

    Hi guys planning on evicting some shelf of doom residences, first starting with this p38. I'll probably move some more models into the shelf later, due to doing this one and not the ones I'm meant to be doing! Anyway I got it to the decal stage but looking at it I've done an awful job on the building of the model as none of the joins line up. So first to fill them and then paint job, which has more patches than a pirate. For some reason I started weathering before all the decals went on... what on earth was I do?!! Stripping of the decals sanding back any blobs in the paint work. Then a quick rivet job finished by an OD and NG paint job. Sounds simple enough doesn't it Here's what I've got to work with and who knows what's under that canopy Anyway wish me luck and let's see what we can do! Regards Joss
  22. This is a leftover from the F-15 GB. I will start this one up after the Telford show. Here is the link of what alread has been done. Cheers,
  23. 1/48 F-15C MSIP II, 493rd FS.

    Hello all, Here is my entry for this GB - 1/48 Academy F-15C MSIP II, marked as 86-0156 of the 493rd Fighter Squadron 'Grim Reapers' based at Lakenheath. 86-0156 shot down 2 Iraqi Mig-29's during Operation Desert Storm. Started for the F-15 GB, I lost interest, mainly due to the poor fit of the kit. But I don't like leaving kits on the bench so here I am! State of play at the minute: Decals: Hopefully get it done this time! Dave
  24. Aussie P-40N

    After vowing not to start another WIP after my recent Huey build I immediately went out and started........ a new WIP. Oh dear. Anyway here it is. I'm continuing my Aussie theme and building Academy's P-40N. After being terribly ham fisted and heavy handed with the Huey I'm going to try for a little more .....well....."restraint" this time around I'm underway so here's some photos.... Chocks away! This is the version I'm doing Sorry that photo was a bit hopeless IP came up well just with some black and then a white dry brush highlight. I'm going to "dab" a little gloss clear onto the dials for fun but I'm sure they'll never be visible when assembled! And this is the rest of the bits and pieces before starting main assembly Might pick a few highlights out before it get's buttoned up....again just for fun. Thanks for looking Here we go again! Cheers Bruce
  25. P-47 Thunderbolt double build

    About time I dipped a toe in the group build waters. In the stash I happen to have sets containing a pair of P-47 Thunderbolts that would fit the remit. and Unfortunately on inspection the box art on the Academy one is waaaaaay off and both actually have very similar colour schemes which would be a bit dull. Thankfully @warhawk kindly came to the rescue with decals for two alternative schemes So mulling over what to pick for the jugs I realised one set depicts a plane called Ole Cock III and another is Balls Out and the immature Viz reader in me had the casting vote over which decals to use.