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Found 416 results

  1. Friends, My name is Andrew and I, obviously, am a new member on this site. This being my first post, please allow me to briefly self-introduce. I'm from the States, currently located in Los Angeles, CA, and have been building models intermittently for the past 20-ish years. I used to build airliners regularly about 10 years ago, but have not built any models in the past two years. I recently answered the call to build some airliners again, and so here we are! The reason I joined this site, among other things, is because a lot of the references and resources I came across in my return to modelling led me here. I have found an incredible amount of new information on this site, along with some amazing model builds, airliners and otherwise. In short, my current modelling psyche has been heavily influenced by the members here, so I hope to make my own small returns. Enough babbling! The present model is the historic Revell 737-800, cut down to the length of a -700. The last time I built one of these I used resin engine and winglet replacements, but this time I wanted to build the airliner without aftermarket pieces. As such, I modified and reshaped the winglets with sheet styrene, a-la Viking's sticky in the Civil Modelling forum, and used styrene tube to create the engine intakes. Panel lines were preserved and/or re-scribed, because I'm one of THOSE guy when it comes to panel lines, and antennas and pokey-things were scratched from brass rod and/or styrene sheet. I'm not 100% content with the build: It has obvious problems that I'm happy to acknowledge, but it feels good to build an airliner, learn some new techniques, and actually finish my first model in years. And my apologies for the picture quality: My cell phone has seen better days, and my girlfriend took my lightbox for some project she's working on... PH-BGO, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines:
  2. I am still awaiting the arrival of my Welsh Models Albatross kit, so had another rummage around and came across this little fella. There are not a lot of parts but the masking for the paint should prove to be enough of a challenge to keep things interesting, I may even make an attempt at rigging it too.
  3. Just a placeholder for the moment because I am waiting for the kit to arrive for this build. It was due to be despatched on Monday so I am expecting it any day now, I will post photos just as soon as I can I have wanted to make a model of this very sleek looking aircraft for a while now after spotting it on a display of models representing aircraft used by British Airways/BOAC/Imperial Airways at Scale Modelworld a few years ago. I thought that it would be a nice addition to this group build and set about finding a suitable kit. A brief, but fascinating, history can be found here on the Old Machine Press site.
  4. Friends, I'm planning to make some headway on my Revell 777-300ER. I had started this kit months ago, but it sat shelved due to work and life priorities. I am also working on a Zvezda 767-300, and learned by working on that model that I absolutely will never again use the clear plastic styrene window pieces unless I'm trying to have the windows open. To that end I cracked open the 777, which I had already closed, and ripped out the clear styrene to be replaced with apoxie sculpt. Having left the apoxie to cure overnight, the plan this morning is to re-seal the fuselage and get it ready for primer. The ultimate objective on this one is B-KPL, a Cathay Pacific 777-300ER in the OneWorld scheme, and I hope to try a few new tricks that I've learned from the other modellers here. Thanks for taking a look!
  5. looks like a beautiful kit, the level of detail is insane compared to the Eastern Express IL-96 kit I have just done. I think you can get more detailed resin engines for this kit but at the moment I don't know if it is worth it - the engines look satisfactory to me fuselage is a similar size to the IL96-400/ IL96T + IL96M. note the curved fuselage at the rear for the civil IL86 (above) a snippet of the colour scheme i intend to do. decals are not available but they are available for the 767 the fuselage is obviously larger on the IL-86 but I still think the 767 decals will be suitable for the logo on the tail and the red stripes separating the blue and green (painted areas) from the white fuselage.
  6. If there would be an award for "The worst kits ever produced", the Eastern Express IL-96M / T would win this price miles ahead of any other competitor... I am used to the "not so easy" kits as I build a lot of yesteryear kits.But Eastern Express' offering makes even Plasticart kits look like state of the art. Not one single piece had a decent fit let alone a seriously warped fuselage that was not only warped,it had also a different diameter in the back end which resulted in tremendous use of putty and hours of sanding sessions. I worked on and off this kit since early 2016 and finally managed to get it through my production line last weekend.Seeing this airliner now done is a big reliev. Paints used for this build are Revell gloss white 04 for the fuselage upper half,Revell grey 374 for the lower part and the wings and Testors silver for the leading edges.All applied with my airbrush. Sealed with Revell 01 gloss clear. The decal set comes from a russian ebay seller (Pimenov2010) and the quality of the decals is very good. The only thing I have to change is the display stand as the model is not sitting comfortably on it. The finished model represents this elegant airliner nicely and as I really like the IL-96,I really hope that Zvezda or Amodel would produce decent kits of both IL-96 versions. And as long as this is not going to happen this IL-96T along with my IL-96-300 will be the only ones as it is very unlikely that I have the nerves for another Eastern Express offering of this type... This IL-96 version was equipped with Pratt & Whitney engines as well as a digital 2 man cockpit by Rockwell-Collins in the hopes of selling the type also in the west. Sadly,the interest was almost non exsistent,even Aeroflot chose used DC-10s as freighters over the IL-96T. It was also probably because the IL-96 came to the market after the break of the Soviet Union when they were also able to buy western airliners The aircraft was later refitted with russian engines and cockpit as the parts had to be given back to its respective manufacturers.If this plane is still active somewhere I cant say surely. Cubana showed interest in the bigger IL-96 version,but if they will ever be delivered is unknown now that Cuba is no longer under US-restrictions. cheers, And with my usual "something else" even though they seemed more interested in whats going on in the neighborhood...
  7. I wanted to have an EC-135 ARIA version of the KC-135 in 1/144... and I only saw one way to accomplish that...! So, out came the saw, plastic sheets, glue, and references... Minicraft KC-135E is the starting point... http:// I didn't take any in progress pics (like I should have) but after adding epoxy wood, miliput, super glue, plastic putty, Mr. Surfacer, and primer... here's where I am now... http:// http://
  8. I've had this model in my possession since the late 1980s, my dad put it together when I was a kid and its deteriorated to the point where I considered chucking it out - but rather than that I think I'd rather have a crack at restoring it The model is missing its horizontal stabilizers although I think I know the location of one. one engine has snapped off and the landing gear is mostly history. My intention is to strip the model completely and sand down the individual parts i couldnt sand away all of the paint as it was ingrained into the plastic. I used some paint stripper but this weakened the plastic and some parts snapped like all my models I like to display them flying so the gear will be up, this requires filler for this area
  9. Bought Revells Balair CTA a310 kit (with the yellow wings) with the intention of doing it with the decals provided however I've noticed the kit comes with GE engines rather than PWs that its meant to have. I have decided to crack on and do it in alternative colours of siberian airlines I've filled the windows anyway but i did note how small they looked, obviously another error. lots of excess plastic but the fuselage halves went together better than I thought with the exception of one small section on the base of the aircraft cockpit window nicely sealed also started with the wing section. Firstly i cut a hole just big enough to fit a stand rather than glue the stand directly onto the surface when completed. also as the plane is in flight i needed to seal the undercarriage doors, there is only pieces 2 thirds of the gap so the rest has to be filled. to do so i glued spare plastic to the inside to help with that process fuselage problem area filled and sanded cleaned up this area too before gluing to fuselage now onto fitting the wings to the fuselage plastic now cleaned up and polished (horizontal stabilizers not glued - just a lovely fit) and now primed. Wing tip fences to be added later as well as stabs and engines
  10. Hi everyone. This is either very stupid, or it could be a hit. What about a 1/72 Group Build? Anything goes, as long as it is in 1/72 scale. It would be nice to see a 1/72 build "win" a GB, and with this proposal it's guaranteed to happen! Any takers? Cheers Jimmy EDIT 2017-02-03 I changed the thread title to "Small Scale Group Build" because it's much more inclusive than 1/72, which is mostly aircraft. EDIT 2017-02-06 Just to make the rules clear, "small scale" in this scenario is 1:50 or smaller. Time to bring our those big (although small in scale) naval vessels! Participants 1. JimmyZ 2. TrojanThunder 3. Arniec 4. snapper_city 5. PlaStix 6. PhantomBigStu 7. milktrip 8. CliffB 9. Caerbannog 10. Grandboof 11. vppelt68 12. bootneck
  11. Already in the works ...Soon the first casting
  12. Hi Folks! I'm not newcomer here because registered since 2010 and actively using as reference for many cases related to plastic models building, but that is my first topic here. So... I would like to share with you here my build is ongoing on Greenmats.Club Original body: Airbus A300-600ST BELUGA Model: Revell 04206 Scale: 1/144 Aftermarket parts: no Livery: to be announced later I'll not talk about Revell kit here, just put some pictures that show what plastic parts you'll find in the box. (+ building instruction and decal)
  13. Does anyone produce a decal set in 1:144 scale of the Harrier 'final flight' markings: I have a few Harrier GR.7/GR.9 kits in 1:144 scale and would like to build four of them in the markings of 800NAS FAA, 4Sqn RAF, 1 Sqn RAF and the one painted in 1969 grey/green pattern. cheers Mike
  14. After the CL-215, Amodel is to release a 1/144th Canadair CL-415 kit - ref. 1476 Source: V.P.
  15. Something a bit different – an Airbus A330-200F, the cargo version of the A330-200 passenger aircraft. It’s quite rare to see an A330-200F as only 36 have been built to date. Apart from the main deck cargo door, the most visible difference from the passenger version is the distinctive hump under the nose. The passenger variant has a marked nose down attitude while on the ground, so the freighter’s nose gear has been lowered into a fairing beneath the front fuselage to lift the nose so that the main cargo deck is level when on the ground to help loading/unloading. I’ve converted Revell's 1/144 scale Airbus A330-300 into an A330-200F. This is quite a straightforward conversion – the front and rear fuselage shortened, all windows filled, together with fitting a new shorter tail fin and RR Trent engines (both from Braz Models). The nose gear fairing was made by mounting the kit’s nose gear bay in the lower position and sculpting the fairing using Milliput. The open main deck cargo door and crew door are scratch built. The Turkish Cargo decals were home made inkjet printed, with some of the kit’s original decals being used for the detail. I thought that this cargo version would look far better with doors open, so I’ve included some ground crew and equipment: > the cargo loader and pallets were scratch built > the passenger steps are from a Dragon 747 kit > the aircraft tug and towbar are from an Eastern Express aircraft tugs set > the people and transit van are N-scale railway accessories A few more pics below. Hope you like this conversion and cargo apron scene. Thanks for looking Tim
  16. My first build of the Zvezda 777. Its a superb kit with lots of details.The only problem I had was some warped parts. No idea if this is a common problem with this kit or if I was just "lucky" to get a "monday kit"...I have another one in the stash and and a quick glance it seems ok. The build itself is pretty straight and the overall fit of the parts is good. Paints used for this bird are Tamyia Pure White from a spray can,Testors Voodoo Grey for the wings and engines,and Testors metallics.Sealed as usual with Testors metallic sealer and polished with Tamyia Wax. The decal set for this special livery of Air New Zealand comes from PAS decals.They are very well done and they fit on the model without much trouble. The only problems are the cabin windows as they tend to disappear on the darker parts of the Hobbit decals.Here I had to use windows from my Doyusha 777-200 kit ( this kit is also up here in the RFI section) as they had silver frames around the windows which makes them better visible. The finished kit is huge and an impressive size comparison to the classic 747... Another nice addition to my fleet of special liveries. Cheers and on with the pics. And with my usual critic...Kitty Merry christmas to everyone...
  17. This kit is quite difficult to find nowadays. It was released somewhere end of the 90s by Doyusha with Japan Airlines decals. The kit has recessed windows on the fuselage which need to be filled and sanded if decals are used.The cockpit windows are too small anyway. Panellines are also deeper as on actual kits so the Doyusha 777 shows a bit its age.Its nonetheless superior to the Minicraft offering though...ok,that was not difficult but I had to mention it anyway... Fitting of all parts is very good and as the kit consists only of a few parts,like the Hasegawa 1/200 Boeing 777 kit for example,the build is quick and easy. A nice addition are the 3 different engine options provided by Doyusha,so one can build every version and airline with this kit. The engines are of course much simpler in design compared to the Zvezda kit but they do the job. For my build I opted for the British Airways Landor livery as the first 777 for BA had been delivered in this elegant scheme. The decal set comes from Xtra Decal (Hannants) and provides registrations for 4 aircraft. I chose to build the very first BA 777. Paints used are Revell light grey 371 for the upper fuselage,Humbrol 15 blue for the lower fuselage and engines,Testors Voodoo grey for the wings and Testors metallics. All sealed with Testors metallic sealer and polished with Tamyia Wax. The finished kit,although much simpler than the Zvezda 777-300,still represents a nice 777-200.Too bad as this was the only one in my stash.I would like to make another one...hopefully I find one somewhere ... Cheers,
  18. Aircraft in Miniature is currebtly designing a AEC Mandator, Blue Steel Transporter, 1/72nd 1/144th (and 1/48th?) resin kit for release in 2015. Source: V.P.
  19. I love the Swoose - I built the Northrop XP-56 Black Bullet two years ago and this is Vultee's design proposal to the same USAAC directive. XP-68 Tornado The XP-68 was actually based on a slightly older design than the XP-54 and is closer to what Vultee was originally looking to achieve, so it's especially interesting to see this kitted up by Anigrand. In short, the Swoose was initially designed with a number of engine options - one of which was the 2,500hp Wright R-2160 Tornado. This was a hugely ambitious, hugely powerful but overly complex radial engine design that never made it past testing, leading to a whole lot of scrapped designs (an XP-69 I built last year was also a design that was abandoned when the Wright Tornado was cancelled). The XP-68, also named Tornado by Vultee, was a September 1941 derivative of an early XP-54 design, the Vultee Model 78, which was intended to utilise this Wright engine. The design never got off the drawing board. The kit is included with Anigrand's C-82 Packet. I find both of these designs fascinating, of an era and very predatory with their inverted gull wings and aggressive stance. Of the two, I think the Tornado is the more handsome. The kit went together beautifully with no dramas anywhere along the line. This was even from a more recent era of Anigrand kits where the props come moulded to the hubs - such luxury! I replaced undercarriage doors with thin plasticard but otherwise this was OOB. The instructions say to paint this natural metal overall but I thought that sounded very tedious and went with olive drab and neutral grey like the first XP-54 prototype. I added a yellow serial from my spares box just to liven things up a touch, and some prop logos on those big old contra-props. I weathered with pastels and prismacolor pencils (I figured that Tornado engine would need a lot of maintenance...). XP-54 The XP-54 was based on a subsequent Vultee design, the Model 84. This did get off the drawing board and two prototypes were built. A sad tale of design intent frustrated by ill-fortune, client whim and over-ambition. Vultee was under pressure from the start to ensure that the airframe could accommodate the Wright engine should it become available, so inevitable compromises were made in the layout and proportions. Then the backup P&W engine was also scrapped so Vultee was stuck with a less powerful Lycoming powerplant. Vultee also (rashly) promised to include a nose section that could pivot upwards enabling the armament to fire at a target in a turn-fight - incredible stuff for 1941, but predictably overcomplicated and heavy. The mission brief was then abruptly changed in September 1941 to high altitude interception - meaning turbo-superchargers and more armour were needed (read: a load more weight). The performance estimates for the XP-54 with a compromise engine and lots of flashy gadgets (see also: ejector seat, pressurised cockpit, ducted wings) were successively revised downwards until it was clear that the aircraft was unlikely to pass the Air Force's tests. The project was shelved after flight testing in early-1943, which confirmed its dismal performance. The second prototype, which I've built from Anigrand's XB-31 Raidmaster box, was left in natural metal but only flew a couple of times before being transported to California by road and scrapped as a parts donor to keep the first aircraft in the air for a few more flights. A sad end to quite an intriguing design. The kit was good in most parts but pretty basic. I did a lot of work on the nose gear with plasticard and wire as it's pretty prominent. I also had to drill two holes in the spine to accommodate some brass tubing for the supercharger outlets which were curiously not moulded onto the kit at all. I also did some work sprucing up the cockpit with radio equipment and so forth - some of which is pleasingly visible. I painted it with a brushed base coat of Humbrol Metalcote 27002 followed by AK Interactive's TrueMetal Aluminium. I then varied some shades but this hash' t come out in the photos really. Also added steel on the spine for the engine covers, as the few reference photos of the second prototype show. Hugely enjoyable build. Tempted to get hold of another with which to do the first prototype. And finally - who doesn't like a scale comparison?! An F-Toys P-51B I'm planning to restore/repaint. It's a big old thing, the XP-54.... Thanks very much for looking (and reading, if you made it this far!). Angus
  20. I finished these recently for the Mustang STGB III. Red Dog XII was built OOB whilst Petie 2nd received some interior work in the cockpit which included sidewall details and instrument panel using the Airfix 1/72 kit as a guide. I also split the one piece canopy to give the fixed and sliding sections on this aircraft and added some tape belts to both models. I painted Red Dog XII using Vallejo's Metal Color Acrylic Aluminium after a Gloss Black primer coat from the same manufacturer whilst Petie 2nd had Mr Metal Aluminium applied and this was buffed to a shine with kitchen paper towel. For those who are interested, more details of the build can be found here P-51D Mustang x 2
  21. Kuat Systems Engineering Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft Slave I Bandai Slave I (1/144 scale); completed in Tamiya and Vallejo acrylics, MIG enamels, and Secret Weapon Miniatures pigments. The stand and the Star Wars decal are from the Fine Molds version of this model and the mythosaur skull was made with my Cameo cutting machine. All and all, I think this kit turned out great. I was pretty nervous about starting it because the paint job is pretty complex, but once I got in the thick of it I was okay. It could probably stand to use some more weathering and I'll probably do some before I take it to the model club meeting next month, but for now I'm calling it done. The work in progress log can be found here. Comments and criticism is welcomed as always!
  22. I've been longing to build a model of one of the coolest Star Wars ships of all time, Boba Fett's Slave I. Like all Bandai kits, this 1/144 scale version of his iconic ship comes premolded in various colors but unlike most Bandai Star Wars kits, this one has to be painted if you want to accurately represent the ship. Having the parts organized by color makes painting it pretty easy given how complex the rear of the ship is. I removed and cleaned all of the parts from the sprue and organized them by what color they were to be painted. After I got all of the rear pieces organized, I started painting the cockpit. Most sources show that the cockpit should be army green but I much prefer grey, which was Tamiya Neutral Grey (XF-53) in this case. I highlighted a few bits with some Vallejo light grey and silver and gave everything a wash with MIG Dark Wash (enamel). The front console was painted with Tamiya Deep Green (XF-26), I applied some liquid mask with a sponge and then gave it a coat of NATO Black (XF-69). The bottom dark grey layer of the rear was painted with Tamiya German Grey (XF-63) and given a wash with MIG Dark Wash enamel. The engine nozzles were undercoated with Tamiya Buff (XF-57), had some liquid mask applied with a sponge, and then given a coat of coppery brown mixed with a few Vallejo reds and browns. I preshaded the green bits with Tamiya Flat Black (XF-1) and gave them a coat of Tamiya Field Green (XF-65) followed by a wash with MIG Dark Wash enamel as the first pass of weathering. The grey parts were preshaded with Tamiya German Grey (XF-63), painted with Mr Color 315 (Gray FS16440), and given a wash with MIG Neutral Wash enamel. I also applied a few of the small decals on the grey parts. I love how layers of parts are stacked on top of each other to make a complex surface. There is even parts that can't really be seen unless you hold it just so; it really is quite impressive. After all of the pieces are in place, more weathering will be added to dirty everything up, mainly chipping on the raised areas, more enamel washes, and possibly some pigments. The stabilizers were painted with Mr Color 315 (Gray FS16440), the yellow markings/chips were painted with a mix of Flat Yellow (XF-3) and Yellow Green (XF-4), the red strip was painted with a mix of Flat Red (XF-7) and Hull Red (XF-9), and the entire assembly was given a pin wash with MIG Neutral Wash enamel. After everything dries, they'll get a coat of matte varnish and then more weathering. Moving on the the front "skirty," I started with the base coat of pale green. According to the painting guide supplied with the Fine Molds version of this kit, the "correct" color is supposed to be Tamiya J.A. Grey (XF-14). This was a little too green for my taste, I mixed in some Tamiya Medium Grey (XF-20) and Flat White (XF-2) in a ratio of 3:2:2 to get this wonderful pale green. Also, I took this photo while experimenting with a new 50mm lens I bought for my Nikon. I would like to take all of my work in progress shots like this but it's much easier to grab my iPhone and snap a few quick pictures. After giving the skirt a nice coat of chipping fluid, I sprayed on the redish brown. All and all, I'm not entirely happy with it. I decided to use chipping fluid instead of liquid mask applied with a sponge. It's not bad, it's just not the finish I was aiming for. I guess it will be cool because the chipping on the skirt is going to be different than the hull, where I will be using liquid mask. The colors I used were Hull Red (XF-9) and Buff (XF-57) for the red, Pink (X-17) for the chipping, German Grey (XF-63) over Medium Grey (XF-20) for the grey panels, and Vallejo Model Air Tank Brown (71.041) for the brown panel. After this picture was taken, I managed to get a panel line wash on with MIG Dark Wash enamel. Once that is sealed in with some matte varnish, I'll move on to more weathering.
  23. A pig of a kit and not totally happy with it, but she's done and over. Unless I come across a better kit to replace it in the fullness of time. But anyway... In 1989, the decision was taken to consolidate the remaining F-5A's and E's and replace them all with a single type to lower costs. Although the Hawk FGR.3 was considered, a supersonic replacement was deemed necessary to replicate the MiG-21 still in service across the world. With the end of the Cold War, several weapons manufacturers began to feel the pinch, one of these being Focke-Wulf of Hanover. In an effort to assist sales of the new F-20, a design bought from Northrop with the African and Asian markets in mind. Forteen complete airframes were purchased, along with a further seven for the forces based in Brunei, as well as a service contract to ensure a good supply of parts. As an almost like for like replacement the transition was smooth and the aircraft performed its duty well until being replaced with the Falcon TF.4.
  24. Hello All, Dragon Models Panzer Korps Series Early Hetzer and Jagdpanzer IV A-0 in 1/144 scale. Good detail for the size but the rubber tracks are abysmal.... Happy Modelling all, Hope all goes well on the modelling front in 2017! Ian