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  1. High Speed Siver

    Unfortunately Hannant's listing of such paints (Alcald 2) only goes as far as ALC124, then starts again at ALC201! Could you possibly re-confirm the number as there are lots of other 'Silvers'!
  2. Airfix - 2018 Release schedule

    Tempest ll, V and Vl: Airfix seem to be choosing subjects that can be (re)issued in different variants.
  3. Ta 152H colours: Is there a definitive answer?

    Can anyone suggest a reason why parts of the underwing (possibly complete panels?) should have been left unpainted
  4. ***Finished*** Pioneer Sea Fury

    A posting (which I now can't find) compared the main u/c legs of Frog, Pioneer and Trumpeter as part of an overall kit review. Now although their length will vary according to how much the a/c is loaded, Trumpeter was definitely the poorest, and I think Pioneer the best. It occurs to me that Pioneer and/or Frog (the latter often picked up quite cheaply at shows) might supply an inexpensive replacement. If anyone can find that review, do please post details here.
  5. Ta 152H colours: Is there a definitive answer?

    Sky it is then: at least for me. Since my original post, I've found another reference that I just knew I had somewhere! EagleCals EC4 for those who are interested and available in 1/72 and 1/48, though without resin part. If it didn't have the same code (brown 4) and serial number (500647) one could be forgiven for thinking they were different aircraft. Yet both sources imply verified authenticity. However it's not just the difficulties of interpreting true colours from black and white photos. EagleCal has a 'sky' rudder, perhaps repainted with the rest of the f/u. AML has a blue rudder with brown patches: surely the differences would be discernable in black and white? Now if it had been cannibalised from another a/c of the 190 series, how many had such a scheme on the rudder? Interestingly both schemes have significant bare metal on both wing undersides. Would the paint have been stripped off (surely not) or was they really unpainted (and therefore ex factory component)? Unlikely. And why were only some of the panels unpainted: replacing damaged panels would probably be a factory task. Surely easier to find another wing. For my part, I'll use Sky as the predominant colour and paint the rest much as I please knowing it would be hard to prove me wrong.
  6. Ta 152H colours: Is there a definitive answer?

    So does this mean that, essentially, any colour or shade could be used? Presumably the AML diagram was produced from a photo, so could it mean that the exact colour couldn't be identified?
  7. Ta 152H colours: Is there a definitive answer?

    May I add another 'late War Luftwaffe' colour, which just about qualifies being here in that it supposedly appears on a Fw109D with a Ta152 tail. AML accessories offer a resin tail to be added to a Tamiya 190D to produce a machine found at Husted April 1945. The instruction sheet shows quite a mixture of colours suggesting the a/c was built parts of several machines. What's really interesting is a colour I've not seen before, RLM 99, described as 'Light Yellow Green' looking like a drab, slightly grey-ish version of RAF Sky. Interestingly it is shown on the fuselage side/underside (right from the nose) and the tail (though not tail planes) even though the latter would have presumably been from a separate source. Suggested preparation 5 parts x Humbrol C117 with 1 x C126 or Agma N27M Fantasy, perhaps through mis-interpreting presumably b&w photo(s)? Any suggestions what it might have been?
  8. Quite possible as it's one of their older subjects not yet re-tooled BUT There are many, many, variants (and there's even a book called 'The Consolidated Mess') depending on where the a/c was built. So, without extensive break-down of the parts, it would difficult to give an adequate coverage. For example, although termed B-25J, Ford built a/c had a special 'style' of nose and such machines were not supplied to the RAF. This might not have mattered too much in the past, but Airfix certainly would not now tool a Ford built machine and issue it with RAF markings. Others may be able to be more specific but hopefully explains the problem faced.
  9. Has Airfix gone Hollywood?

    Remember that in USA as elsewhere (except UK), Airfix sell to Wholesalers/Distributers who then sell to Retailers. It follows that they can't really be held accountable for Store Prices.
  10. Why leave at that? Surely the same could be said (for every version) of the Spitfire, Mosquito, Halifax and every other aircraft not forgetting the Scruggs Wonderplane! Seriously though, there's a limit to the number of toolings of the same aircraft any manufacturer would be willing to make. I suspect that there is something of a law of 'diminishing returns' whereby the nth Spitfire, Hurricane or whatever, sells progressively less than the first. Reverting to the actual topic of the thread, it is ' ..re-tool more of their old kits..' Here Airfix seem to have a policy of 'oldest first', though I know there are exceptions. The Wellington is surely no surprise, and other 'senior members' (all military aircraft) likely to be chosen include Lysander, P-38, Seahawk, Auster, Sunderland, Halifax, the much requested Buccaneer. Others too have been re-tooled, notably by Eduard eg F6F, at a price/quality unlikely to be matched . Sure, we all have our hopes: subjects that were good for their day, but now hard to find. Mine is for an Avenger, but this time with folding wings. If a 'Kate' is viable, then surely is a TBM/F, even if it isn't near the front of the 'seniority' queue.
  11. Revell 1/72 Spitfire Vb - new tool ?

    I think you have missed my point A Vc wing (and some other parts too) could be used with two different fuselages produce, as separate kits, either Vc or Xll. It should also be possible to 're-use' the Vc kit but with a Vb wing, again as a separate kit. I put this to KP at Telford and they dismissed the idea out of hand.
  12. Airfix 2019

    Couldn't agree less. I find it inconceivable that HH Management and the Banks would be prepared to underwrite such a scheme. As a modeller with a 'substantial store' of unbuilt Airfix kits, I wouldn't buy a single one of the above. But I would buy subjects (and there are lots of them) either not previously tooled by Airfix eg Me410 or in their range but in need of re-tooling to modern standards. I'm still hoping for a folding wing Avenger or a Sea Fury both in 1/72
  13. Revell 1/72 Spitfire Vb - new tool ?

    With a little forethought a Vc and Xll could be produced more or as easily. That said the Xll isn't that well known with only 100 built so might not have enough appeal especially in the home market, Germany
  14. Looking further into the future, Hannants have an impressive list of Future Releases. Are these still 'underway' and in particular 72023 Banff Wing Mosquitos?
  15. Seafire NN460, 894 Sqn

    Or simply that because of the backlog of work and they didn't get around to it till 6th