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  1. British Pacific Fleet aircraft decals & kits

    A good reason for Airfix to re-tool the Avenger, complete with folding wings.
  2. British Pacific Fleet aircraft decals & kits

    There's also Modeldecal Sheet 118. In 1/72 this had the Large and Small sizes of 'Barred Roundels' with some white letters and numerals. I believe Hannants now own Modeldecals, though this sheet isn't currently listed so I suppose not much help, just noted for completeness sake.
  3. Airfix 2019

    It doesn't matter if it was important to the RAF or not, it has to SELL to the general public, many of whom we are to believe are 'toy buyers'. Sorry, but that's how I see it.
  4. The above referring to the choice of F6 and with reference to FGA 9 This surely wasn't by chance. It must have taken hours of research, extending over years to decide which variant to choose: those who have repeatedly asked 'why no Hunter?' please note! The same goes for other types of which the Venom\Sea Venom come to mind. Though a 'serious modeller' ie the top 20% of kit buyers, to me it's pretty much a case that a Hunter is just a Hunter. So with the possible exception of a 2-seater, only 15%? would buy (and that's what really matters) other variants as well. Careful tooling may enable other single-seat variants to be built with aftermarket help but the extra sales would surely be minimal. Going back 2 generations, I'm sure that's why Airfix are most unlikely to tool a tin wing Hurricane, ditto a Spitfire XlV and quite a few others. Weep not: there are still many, many other subjects which are 'in need' of (re)tooling. I'm still hoping for an Avenger with folding wing.
  5. I'm told that the view of the actual aircraft is NOW taken from the computer design of the model. The Lightning without a tailplane should now be a thing of the past! So it depends when the Sea King artwork was produced and does the position of the undercarriage depend on whether it is in flight (uncompressed) or on the ground (compressed) ? I hope too that Airfix are now checking the 'technical' accuracy. My very first BM posting, commenting on the P-40 artwork, noted on the absence of cartridge cases falling from the wings and the dispersed Zeros which the AVG (based in Burma and Southern China) never encountered: only the IJAAF. I have one or two other minor quibbles such as the 1/72 Typhoon, both a/c dated to winter '44, firing the rockets against a background of green bushes.
  6. No chance whatever of a 1/48 Hampden in 2018 with a Wellington and 1/48 Blenheim already announced. But if they sell well, then surely a 1/72 Hampden will follow and only then perhaps a 1/48 Hampden.
  7. Yes: it does seem if the way Airfix make announcements has changed. I guess the only requirement now is that anything 'of substance' ie not just a photo, be in time for the Nuremberg Toy Fair - end Jan. And since as even the smallest subject takes at least a year to tool if there's nothing of substance to show then it won't be released in the current year. Does anyone know how other parts of HH used to make their announcements and has this in any way changed? Is it perhaps that Airfix is being brought into line with the rest of HH?
  8. Sorry, can't see the logic. A 1/24 Spitfire, costing over £100 and 3+ years in the making mustn't be allowed to 'steal the thunder' from 3 smaller subjects 2 of which have been known for a year, and one for around 6 months.... Previous Telford announcements (Typhoon, Phantom and others) have never suffered from such restrictions! A little academic really as I can't see that in HH's current situation such a costly long-term project would have been given the 'go ahead' As I've posted before, expect very little truly new. Re-issues of older kits, perhaps overdue 2108 kits (I think the Sea Fury was due Sept), Starter Sets, Dogfight doubles, and maybe 100 years of RAF (see separate post) set aimed at 'toy buyers'. The Camel wasn't the RAF's first fighter so maybe the Tornado can represent 'present day' (not sure if it's still in service). Like I said, aimed at 'Toy Buyers' not BM readers. Hope I'm wrong in what is truly new....
  9. Did Airfix in the past ever issue a Camel? If so, and assuming the tool is still 'useable' then could still be included in '100 years of RAF' Gift Set. Never mind if he quality is no longer of current standard: after all the original 50's Mosquito was included in the Me 262 \ Mosquito Dog Fight Doubles The Eurofighter? Well there's nothing to stop them including some one else's Eurofighter at a price. The set will surely not be aimed at BM readership, but at those who buy through Amazon, Argos, Toys are Us and see it as a suitable gift for little Johnny.
  10. Sorry, but find that hard to believe. Something as 'big' as a new 1/24 (3+ years in the making) would have taken precedence over 'known' subjects. Though Airfix might be 'small' others in HH could surely have helped.
  11. So why was it not announced at Telford? The same goes for anything else in 1/24
  12. Good, clear, thinking. Don't overlook the fact that even the smallest subject takes at least a year to tool, others proportionally longer. Those making pleas to Airfix for this or that on Tue, should realise the subject(s) were already decided months ago. Dream on. Remember too that HH are deeply in debt, and rely on their Bank Manager to approve their forward budget. I feel they wouldn't approve anything much more than 2 years ahead, even that. So no 1/24 or even large 1/48. As for Tuesday's announcement I expect little more than 1 x 1/48 (small) ie single engined, and 1 or at the most 2 x 1/72 again both small, though perhaps a small twin such as Mosquito or Me410
  13. KP 2018

    I hope they follow it up with an Xll: so many of the parts are the same
  14. You won't get either from Airfix as there are no extant examples nor makers engineering drawings.