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  1. Frog Sea Vixen

    Thanks for this. Knew there was a lot of work to make an accurate representation, but as my kit is part-built I'll just limit myself to the nose extension. Bring on the putty.
  2. Frog Sea Vixen

    I recently 'rescued' my part built Frog Sea Vixen from my shelf of doom. I understand it's most obvious fault is the 'too short' forward fuselage. As I've yet to add the radome (suitably counterweighted) I would hope to correct this by adding a suitable spacer. Could anyone advise how much this should be and also any corresponding increase in diameter of the rear part of the radome. Bring on the putty.
  3. Will Airfix do a Sea Venom in 1/72????

    Like anyone else, there are many, many other subjects they could tool: that is presuming they 'survive' under their new owners. That said, I don't feel a Sea Venom would have the same world wide appeal as would a 1/72 Sea Fury. The latter will surely come though not for a few years yet.
  4. P51b Question

    Monogram: Often favourably described but engine profile is quite wrong. I made a posting awhile back for those really interested, but I'd say 'leave it be': the kit that is! Hasegawa: Radiator intake very blunt. Exhaust must be installed from the inside. With my build one has 'fallen free' and I still have to figure out how to recover and re-install it..... My 'best build' would be a Hawkeye (if you can find it) replacement wing, designed to fit the Hasegawa kit. I'll pass on the others as I've not examined them.
  5. Airfix 2018

    How do you know that ? I've never seen any separate accounts for different entities within Hornby Hobbies.
  6. Airfix 2018

    The individual I spoke with was very upbeat about Airfix's future.
  7. Airfix 2018

    I was told in January: guess they must like reading (and laughing over) this thread!
  8. Airfix 2018

    The last of these (though not sure which!) was 5 - 7? years ago. Since then Airfix have surely become sadder and wiser. I suspect there may be something of a law of diminishing returns ie each subsequent issue sells less than the previous. If there is anyone out there with a career in Marketting I'd be glad of their comments: not just somebody who thinks because they want something it would sell! Seriously though, tooling of say a XlV can only be at the expense of something else. The cries of 'not another Spitfire' will come from those might have bought the 'something else'. Again to many a Spitfire is just a Spitfire and they've already got one (so won't be buying another) but again might have bought the 'something else'. Perhaps an XlV would be something of a 'niche' subject and that doesn't seem to be Airfix's strategy. There are still many, many subjects of broad appeal that are 1) Hard to find 2) Inaccurate 3) Available but expensive (hello Hasegawa) 4) OK but not up to current standards 5) Not previously tooled. Don't get me wrong: I'd love to see an XlV but even more want to see Airfix thriving ie making money. That's their business, not providing variants of an aircraft without which no line up would be complete.
  9. Airfix 2018

    And those that are suspended. They move: not much, but a lot compared with the wavelength of the LIDAR beam.
  10. Airfix 2018

    Airfix's objective is to make money, not to provide an 'adequate representation' of a particular type, nor 'complete the line up' of a Service, or per above post, 'homage to Airfix's very first model of it'. To many potential buyers, a Hurricane is just that. The differences between the various Marks are of no concern and this is why I'm sure calls for, say, Griffon Spitfires falls on deaf ears. Yes, Airfix could tool a Griffon Spitfire, and it would sell, but apart from the 'no more Spitfires' brigade', there are many who would say 'But I've already got one'. Unlike subjects such as Whitley, He111, Blenheim designed ab initio to be (re)issued in different variants, another Hurricane or Spitfire would need a totally new tool. Airfix, like anyone else, has only limited resources and this could only be at the expense of something else.
  11. Airfix 2018

    That a subject has been in the catalogue for many years doesn't necessarily mean that it's selling! It could still be listed because there's a pile of unsold/slow moving stock. Were it removed from the catalogue there'd be no chance at all of selling any because nobody would know it was there! There could be audit problems too. I wonder how well the 'new' Zero sold? It seems always to be the subject for the 'Build and Paint' (or whatever) on the tables for younger modellers..... A useful way to dispose of 'dead' stock? Reading between the lines, part of Hornby's problems were high levels of slow moving stock. How does one value 1000 Wonderplanes selling at 100 per year? From what I know of accounting (a little only) the same as if they were selling at 5000 per year! Others may know better. Recently the Chairman, Chief Executive and Finance Director have all 'departed' the Hornby Board. Let's hope Phoenix Asset Management can put Hornby 'back on the rails'. Ouch.
  12. Airfix 2018

    In the past Airfix have 'always' offered 1) A Jet Aircraft 2) A Luftwaffe subject 1+2 = Ar234? Hope so but I feel a Me 410 is more likely 3) US type: yes, you list a Hudson 4) Something from the Cold War For my part I confidently predict a P-51 / Me 262 Dogfight Double. Nothing in 1/24
  13. Airfix 2018

    Not so. I asked Simon Owen at one of his talks which subjects had done particularly well. 'Typhoon' (meaning bubble top) he replied in a tone with a note of surprise that I should even be asking.
  14. Airfix 2018

    Let's say that a Lincoln would be a credible (or even creditable) choice by Airfix, and probably nobody else. So there's no rush? and perhaps something that could be tooled when matters have 'stabilised'. Manchester: I don't think so. May have been a sound design, sired the Lancaster, but really not much more than a footnote. Then there's the question of reliable engineering data.
  15. Airfix 2018

    A senior member of Airfix told me at one Telford that the original 1/24 Typhoon had been so tooled that a car door version could be produced if sales warranted it. You know the rest...