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  1. Fairey Barracuda

    A Barracuda build, how did I miss this? Shift over everyone, I want a front row seat.. Nice progress so far 825..
  2. SBD-2 BuNo 2106 1/32 Trumpeter

    Great finishing..
  3. Blackburn Roc Floatplane Target Tug

    I too used to frequent the back row of the Maths class, though with 40 odd kids in the class it was pretty easy to disappear in full view. You have inspired me to use your float trick here (the frame not the floats) to try and mount that bloody upper wing on my Sea Gladiator.. BTW Here is me with my head stuck up a chickens a... from a Stephens (Boxing) day rugby match a few years back. It is sound sensitive and dances to Jingle Bells whenever it here's a loud noise. It was busy that night
  4. Astounding. Museum quality...
  5. 1/48 Sea Hurricane pt.2

    Really great pair of Sea Hurricanes there Darby, ready to take to the skies..
  6. Great job there Jonners, Coming on really nicely, You're inspiring me to start cutting plastic on my Tamiya version this weekend.. 1836 NAS I think...
  7. Here in Ireland they have an interesting approach to referenda - in that if you don't like the result, ask the question again until the public get the "correct" answer. Anyway, I had a similar issues with the white wing black wing IFF markings on my Fulmar. I went down the not quite black, low lighted with black route. I mixed a little dark earth into the black that gives it a grey/khaki dirty/weathered look. You can lighten this with a little grey. Mix the colours into the black little by little then try it out on some scrap before committing. Do a wash of thinned black to low light the panel lines.. It is a really hard finish to achieve though, right up there with Sand & Spaghetti.... Good luck..
  8. HMS Queen Elizabeth arrives in Portsmouth

    Great pictures - the first I've seen that really convey the size..
  9. Down in West Sussex

    Nip over to Goodwood and watch the Spitfire T9 for half an hour. The airstrip is in the centre of the motor racing circuit..
  10. I think I've perpetuated a mistake on MB156 Ø°6G. The Special Hobby Torch marking instruction show the British roundel on the upper surface of the wings US stars on the fuselage. Looking at various marking sheets they seem to suggest US Stars on the upper wing as well as the fuselage. I cannot find a photo of MB156 in Torch markings but logically if you are going paint the fuselage star you would also paint the upper wing star. Does anyone have a photo showing the upper wing? Or at least and 885 US marked Seafire? One other thing, I think there are aerial wires from the fuselage to tailplane tips (IFF?) but not from mast to rudder tip. Is this correct?
  11. Pet hates.

    Pacific and specific.... Drives me mad.....😡
  12. De Havilland Dh 89 Dragon Rapide

    Nice work. I like the Rapide, probably one of my favourites, I think it's the elegance of the design..
  13. Whats on your want list?

    I want all the Serial numbers of Seafires attached to 24th Naval Fighter Wing (887 NAS & 894 NAS) for May, June, July and August 1945 and their matching tail number (S1xx) with a dated photo of each in an easy readable and searchable format. Not too much to ask?? 🤓 Oh and someone to get the upper wing of my Sea Gladiator fitted straight... 😡
  14. Ah lads, shift over and make a bit of space would yer... I have Guinness it should go well with the Ruby.... Open a window over there would you?
  15. Nice work there Jonners. I am looking forward to see how this one turns out. I am just about to embark on the Tamiya F4U-1D to build a Corsair II or IV. Mine will be TSS BPF though. I'm definitely going to rob your exhaust idea. I was going to get the MDC conversion kit but I'm now tempted to scratch up the CO intakes and vents I just need to figure out sizes but wasn't there a third bigger vent under the fuselage pointing aft?