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  1. Hurricane coming tomorrow

    @noelh, @Dermo245, how are ya getting on Lads? Still blowing a gale here, settled down about 6 o'clock but the wind seems to have ramped up again now. Looks like the commute into work is going to be a pain in the bottom tomorrow, buses but no Luas until later. Hope me your safe and sound..
  2. Seafire III 1/72

    I use Xtracrylics and spray them. They can be brushed but I only brush small areas, never tried a whole aeroplane. Exra Dark Sea grey, Dark Slate Grey and Sky. The Xtracrylics dries nice a smooth and shiney and makes it easy to varnish and decal. I spray the aircraft Halfords Aluminium (which is acrylic) rattle can whilst still on the sprue then scrape off for seams to let the glue do its stuff but you could spray after building. The Halfords paint is harder than the Xtracrylics so there is not salt or hairspray technics when you want to show the metal through you can scrape the top layer off with a cocktail stick and localise the wear.. The two Seafires are the colours straight from the jar. The Fulmar has had its colours lighted to represent the fading whilst based in the Mediterranean. Lightening was one drop of Ocean grey to four drops of camouflage colour (both lightened to the same extent). Hope this helps..
  3. Seafire III 1/72

    i have a couple of Seafires on here if you're interested..
  4. FAA Fighters and Aces Collection.

    So Storm Ophelia allowed me a few moments at the bench. I am now going to declare my Martlet II Finished.. Grumman Martlet MkII AM968/8M 806 NAS HMS Indomitable, Operation Pedestal, Apr-1942 12.08.42 S.79 Destroyed, Re2001 Destroyed SLt JA Cotching Thanks for stopping by
  5. Hurricane coming tomorrow

    Where are you Dermot? Noel is Galway, I'm Dublin, I understand parts of Kerry are starting to suffer. Wind is getting up here. I can can also hear the Skua calling me from the stash... "start me, start me", I'm trying to resist...
  6. Hurricane coming tomorrow

    Yup we are on the edge compared to you but being parallel on the map we should cop it about the same time. The wind is noticeably getting stronger now, still distinctly balmy though. Did you do all the stuff about filling the bath (for the use of flushing), candles torches, electrical devices charged, cook the diner whilst the electric is on etc? I too am ready, just a little thing I have in the cave, bit of protection from flying debris...
  7. Seafire III 1/72

    Operation Iceberg was the RNs operation to cover the left flank of the invasion of Okinawa April & May 1945. During Operation Iceberg, the BPF had spent 62 days at sea, with a break of 8 days anchored in Leyte Gulf. Aircraft from five of its fleet carriers flew 5,335 sorties and expended 1,000 tons of bombs and 500,000 rounds of ammunition. The fleet destroyed 42 enemy aircraft in the air and more than 100 on the ground and prevented the Japanese from staging aircraft to Okinawa. In exchange, TF 57 lost 44 officers and men killed on board ships and 41 aircrew. All four operational carriers needed dockyard repairs on their return to Sydney to make good defects and damage inflicted by the enemy. Unfortunately most of the Royal Navy's actions in the Pacific go largely unknown. It was the most powerful Fleet the Royal Navy had ever assembled, fighting a war at ranges never conceived of by the Admiralty. The British Pacific Fleet is known as the Forgotten Fleet.
  8. Hurricane coming tomorrow

    I have been contacted by my client and have been asked to work from home today so no travelling into work. I wonder if I can get that Skua Perseus engine started or maybe the P&W for the Corsair MkII.. Ophelia is supposed to arrive here in Dublin at around 1300 at the moment there is a strange calm foggy drizzle (grand soft day) but I understand she has arrived in the far south west. @noelh not sure where you are in the country but keep your head down..
  9. Seafire III 1/72

    You need to have a chat with @iang about which Seafires were involved in the "last fight" as a lot of the serials purported to be there might have been Iceberg Serials and the airframes replaced by August. I know this because I had a specific question for Ian because I am trying to track down S135 an Indefatigable 885 NAS Seafire flown by his Grandad, SLt Malcolm Brown. One item of note is that by this stage Implacable's 801 & 880 Seafires were on P40 drop tanks (famously traded for cases of whiskey) but Indefatigable's 885 & 894 seem to have been on 45 or 90 gallon slipper tanks. Now, after writing all this, I can feel a repopulation of my Seafire stash coming on. At least one SH BPF 1/48 Seafire III to be purchased this side of Christmas... Hope this helps...
  10. Hurricane coming tomorrow

    Funny thing is there is not a screed of wind currently. Light drizzle but still really warm 13c.... For some obscure reason this just came to mind...
  11. Seafire III 1/72

    Mind if I just cruise around here. Just declared my SH Seafires II & III finished (Ops Torch & Iceberg) and you can never get too much in the way of Seafires... Good luck with the build..
  12. Hurricane coming tomorrow

    I see RTÉ have announced the entire country has now been upgraded to a RED warning zone. Maybe I need to reconsider my plans tomorrow. The waves hitting Baltimore, South West Cork are already over 40'... BTW I lived in Kent and slept through the Great October hurricane...
  13. Hurricane coming tomorrow

    Not due to land here in the Amber zone until 3 tomorrow afternoon. It'll be a mere 90mph breeze at that time. Maybe I should shelter in Marks Models as it's below ground a safer, but then again it is below the level of the Liffey so maybe not... Good luck, stay indoors and keep you head down.. Candles at the ready..
  14. FAA 815 Sqn Build

    Great idea to build to a theme - something I do myself. Sometimes it makes the research harder and certainly means you will need to cobble up your own markings but the thats what Xtradecals sets are for and it makes it far more interesting. It also keeps the stash down because the stash is focussed on the theme (well ish.....).. Great start with the Swordfish, you did a good job on it.. Maybe, as you say, a bit dustier and a bit scruffier but that is largely a matter of taste, it also depends on where the airframe is in its career, fresh out of the MU and it wouldn't be as tatty... Keep up the great work and keep showing us the progress..
  15. FAA Fighters and Aces Collection.

    I'm going to call MB156 complete. Vickers Supermarine Seafire MkII MB156/Ø°6G 885 NAS HMS Formidable, Operation Torch Nov-1942 08.11.42 Douglas DB7 Destroyed SLt JD Buchanan And Whist im there I am also claiming PR256 finished. Vickers Supermarine Seafire Mk III PR256/S146 894 NAS HMS Indefatigable, Operation Iceberg Apr-1945 01.04.45 2xA6M Destroyed SLt RH Reynolds For those that I haven't bored to death yet the Martlet II AM968 806 NAS is nearing completion when I have the time in the next couple of weeks. I am also going to repost a couple of pictures of my Fulmar which were lost to the great Photobox tragedy.. Fairey Fulmar MkI N1899/K 806 NAS HMS Illustrious, Mediterranean Nov-40 04.09.40 S91 Destroyed 28.11.40 CR42 Destoyed 10.01.41 S79 Damaged, Ju87 Destroyed, 2xJu87 Damaged 16.01.41 Ju88 Destroyed 05.02.41 Ju88 Destroyed SLt SG Orr This should allow me to get on with the Blackburn Skua II and another Vought Corsair II.. Thanks for stopping by..