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  1. [yet another] 1:48 Tamiya F4U-1a

    Hi Johnny, i have previously built the Corsair, and have one on the go at the moment. I have built both with wings unfolded and flaps up. TBH I thought that if you folded the wings the flaps automatically dropped until looking at pictures of Corsairs parked on RN decks the other day, then I realised a number had folded wings and flaps up. The Tamiya kit needs a bit of fetling to get the flaps up, not sure I've done a good job of it. I think I've clipped a little to much off the wing tips and am trying to work out a)if it notices, if it does notice, how do I put them back! And then how to fit the Nav lights... if you're bored at all, here is my small collection, Corsair in there somewhere..
  2. [yet another] 1:48 Tamiya F4U-1a

    Great job on the cockpit. Much better than mine. I'm going to pull up a chair if you don't mind. I'll be especially interested when you get to the flaps as this kit is engineered to be flaps down but if you want it flaps up you need to do a fair bit of fitting..
  3. Add an A frame hook and some fuselage strengtheners to a Spitfire MKV and your there a Seafire MkII..
  4. Iceberg and After

    Looking good there Cookie, I really love the job on the Corsairs. Good luck for the Seafire which will seem tiny in comparison. What comes after the Seafire? BPF Avenger? BPF Hellcat? Save my seat I need to get more popcorn..
  5. Spitfire Tr.IX

    Don't know if this helps. This is the Boultbee T9 based in Goodwood. I was getting in whilst the wing tanks were being re-filled. I am pretty sure there was no armour plate and notice the wing gun position..
  6. That has come out really crisp. Great work again... (You see what I did there)...
  7. Looks great. Just the right level of weathering.
  8. Iceberg and After

    Great work Cookie. My current (WIP) Corsair II will be three tone (TSS), but now I'm thinking I might need to do another in Sea Blue maybe X115.. if so I'll be using this page for reference material..
  9. I quite fancy doing one of the British Pacific Fleet, Fleet carriers and one of its fighter compliment (ties in with my FAA Aces collection) but as an aviation modeller trying out ship modelling for the first time, I can't find a reasonable priced injection moulded British WWII carrier kit. Any ideas? Preferred carriers are Indefatigable and Implacable with Seafire III's (got the Seafire covered it will be another 1/48 SH Seafire III).
  10. 1/72 Academy SB2C-4 Helldiver

    Nice one Cookie. Seafire and one of Victorious' Walruses up next then?
  11. Some kind of a very special AAA battery

    Before settling on the amount of filler you need, you need to take a look at the wing unfolded. I have yet to fit mine to my Skua but I strongly suspect that the fixed upper wing surface is not going to fit too snugly. I am going to try fitting the wing outboard sections (mine will both be unfolded) to the lower centre section before fitting the upper inboard panel. When I'm fitting the upper inboard panels I'll fit it to work out which side will be easier to fill..
  12. Hold my place I'm going to get my knitting.... youre pushing the boat boat out this time Crisp..
  13. Great work on an unusual subject. Excuse me for being thick - is it self ahhesive foil you are using or is there some voodoo about kitchen foil that holds it in place?