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  1. Fairey Fulmar

    I would be a fan of the Fulmar myself. Frequently when operated in a CAP role they operated with a pilot only and no observer. They did need height though as there top speed was marginal over the Axis bombers they were defending against.. I built the SH 1/48 Fulmar flown by Stan Orr whilst he was a Lieutenant in the Med... It's a nice model.. Good luck with yours...
  2. @trickyrich I am probably going to do the Firefly I DV119/S281 for this Group Build. It was the Firefly in which SLt JP Stott shared in the destruction of 2xKi51s. This action took part on 12.04.45 whilst escorting a Martin Mariner on a SAR mission. I might save the Walrus for the Pacific build (or will I do an Implacable Seafire for that? )
  3. Dare I.... could I.... or even.....should I?

    Real modelling - personally I just nail things together but this is real modelling. I'm in...
  4. OK I have taken a butchers at Sturtivant Fleet Air Arm Aircraft 1939 to 1945 and I can only see one of the three Walrus. I am reasonable sure I have seen a picture of Victorious with Corsairs in the foreground and three Walrus at the aft end of the flight deck (though I was looking for Corsair P/136 at the time). I would be reasonably confident that they have been mentioned on the forum before. Anyway this is the entry for the one I have identified (remember that there are some errors in the book and that more recent research may have an updated view). Supermarine Walrus MkII W3085. Delivered Lee SS 17.02.42 Mombasa to RNAY Nairobi 05.09.42 700 Sqn in Gambia (B) 05.09.42 Cowdray Park SS to Lee 29.08.43 To 1TMO RAAF ex UK 19.01.44 Quantas Rose Bay for erection 07.02.44 2FBRD 19.04.44 6CU 22.05.44 1FBMU overhaul 10.02.45 1FBRD 22.03.45 2FBRD 18.06.45 Retired Schofields 22.06.45 RNAY Coimbatore VICTORIOUS (P) 07.45 EF (engine failure) during rescue, sunk by gunfire RN Destroyers 10.08.45 In terms of markings by July '45 the aircraft of the BPF were supposed to have had the Blue/White roundel and bars. Which came in standard sizes:- Small Outer Ring 32" Inner ring 12" Border 2-3 Inches Medium Outer Ring 42" Inner ring 14" Border 2-3 Inches Large Outer Ring 48" Inner ring 18" Border 2-3 Inches Victorious at this time had the deck letter "P" which should have been applied to the tail. I do not know if the aircraft had individual aircraft letters. Not sure if you are interested in this but a good few years ago I built the (I think) Revel 1/72 Walrus. The kit came with markings for W3085 on VICTORIOUS I do not know if these markings are correct or not. Perhaps someone in the forum could show a photo of the Victorious Walrus to confirm the markings. In the meantime a couple of images of my representation of W3085..
  5. Welcome to the Jungle – RA-5C Vigilante

    A green Viggie... Mind if I sit over here?
  6. Airfix Seafire F.XVII

    Err. 😡.. Bloody Crabs...
  7. Frog Barracuda on Tirpitz mission

    Nice choice. I built one of these before colour was invented. Good luck with it. My Dad was an aircraft electrician. He always used to tell me the story that when working in the Barracuda he leaded back against the observers window, which was supposed to be kept latched, and fell backwards through the window to the tarmac below. Thanks to the rather long undercarriage that was a long fall. CPO came over - "Can you move your arms? Can you move you legs? - Well get up then and stop slacking"....
  8. Gran Canaria: anything aviation related to see

    There is an aviation museum at the airport. Can't tell you what it's like as I've never been in.
  9. The Pacific at War GB

    For validation - Operation Meridian was the attack on the Palembang Refinery in Sumatra. Are you including Sumatra as part of the Pacific Ocean or the Indian Ocean? It's ok if it's out, I would do the subject in the "Things that fly off things that float" GB and do something else from the stash for the Pacific War GB..
  10. Airfix Hawker Hurricane 1/48

    Hi Colin, The Sea Hurricane is looking good so far, nice finish on the paint work. There are a couple of things not in the box that your Sea Hurricane needs though. The Pilot needs a head rest which at its simplest is basically a leather covered cylinder on the headrest but if you really want to get into it had a Ply wood frame behind it. It wasn't in the Hurricane I but it was in the Sea Hurricane. You also need the Oil Collector ring on the nose just aft of the spinner which is a thin part circle of metal which I think was slightly domed forwards to stop oil from spraying on the windscreen (google is your friend). Neither of these parts are in the box - so its not that you missed them - they are just not there.. They are small changes but they do call the aircraft out as a Sea Hurricane..
  11. Advice sought on paint finish

    Chris, Can I suggest that you mask off the nose before the fading as the black there looks in reasonably good nick. After the fading paint in around the panel edges in the original colour. You could also fade the odd panel slightly more.. Oh and let us know how you got on...
  12. Advice sought on paint finish

    There's a couple of shots here of the Corsair that I recently finished. You can see how light the overstaying/fading is.. There's a couple of shots here
  13. Advice sought on paint finish

    Looking at a few pictures on the internet I think I would do a general fade with an overall thinned mist coat with the flow turned right down pressure turned up a bit to ensure the mist. It is very noticeable that there is fresh paint around the the panelling on the nose and that the edges of that fresh paint are straight. I think I'd be breaking out the post it notes for that. Remember do do a little bit then walk away....
  14. Advice sought on paint finish

    I recently did a British Pacific Fleet Corsair MkII on which the paint looked a bit fresh. I over sprayed it with a light mist of thinned Tamiya Sky Grey having first masked off some areas I wanted to keep fresh. If you do it unevenly some panels will look more faded than others. The advantage is that the markings will get faded too... a liitle bit then stop and walk away is the key...
  15. Eduard 1/48 FAA Hellcat Mk.I

    Good so far. This one is going to finish up well.