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  1. Yup did mine as 3mm wide for 1/48 which works out to 6”.
  2. Funnily enough I was looking at this before Christmas for a 1/48 Escort Carrier base for a Hellcat I. This was built up in PowerPoint so I could print it on a sticky label and put that in turn onto a foam board square. I think I estimated the plank size from a photo - if you like I’ll measure up a bit later on and see what I came up with. Remember there is a strip if tie down metal pierced plank once every 16 planks I think I counted. Hope it helps..
  3. Martlet MkVs I think. HMS Persuer or Maybe Searcher I think I’ll check in the morning..
  4. Thanks Lee. Always worth asking every now and again - just in case. That Hellcat will just have to stay in the stash for now. I’ll do Bill Foster’s Hellcat that he used to rob Bill Atkinson’s Mytr in the meantime...
  5. Thanks Ian, it was worth a try. It’s not in Atkinson’s log book either..
  6. @Lee Howard @iang whilst you’re there Lee & Ian, would either of you (I’ve asked Ian before), have a side number for Hellcat II JW779 which was either an 1839 or 1844 NAS Aircraft - HMS Indomitable flown by SLt WHI Atkinson 12.04.45? I am distantly related to Bill Atkinson and would love to model this aircraft.. Thanks in advance..
  7. This may not be a lot of help and you have probably seen it before but I have referred to it quite often. http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/wildcatfaaba_1.htm
  8. L2927/A Flown by CO 803 NAS (Lt Cmd JM Bruen) Ark Royals Sky Blue undersides.. Hope this helps..
  9. Great work there Tony. Yes I found pictures of your model whilst doing a web search yesterday. Great model, I love it. I only hope that mine comes out nearly as good as yours.. I do have a problem though. I am going to have to extend my display case. The Swordfish, Albacore and Avenger are not small aeroplanes, added to which I also have a Walrus in WIP, three Fulmars (Brabner, Bruen & Sewell), three Hellcats (Atkinson, Foster, Wilson) and a Corsair (Sheppard) in the stash and need to procure yet more including a Barracuda... Ikea, get one of those Billy bookcases dusted off, I’m on my way...
  10. Great job Roger. Lovely finishing.. It’ll look great in the cabinet..
  11. I’m trying to work out, 4B, 4Q & 4P does that look like the overwing roundels have been painted over and a smaller Roundel painted on or is it my imagination?
  12. Thank you all gents.. For information, Pilots name was Lieutenant Gerald Joseph Connolly RNVR DSO MiD. B. 21.05.21 Romford Essex d.22.08.95 Bedale N.Yorks
  13. So to confirm JZ186/Q4P is the 854 NAS Aircraft flown by Lt GJ Connolly? I will add a note to my book. I’ll now go and see if I can find a picture of both the aircraft and pilot..
  14. Thanks again Ian, is there a combat report from LtGJ Connolly’s 854 NAS? Aircraft is listed as being unidentified in Sturtivant - “Avenger shot down a Tojo with his forward firing guns”...
  15. Thank you Ian. I would be interested in JZ186/Q4P if I can’t find anything further on JZ552.
  16. Thanks Graham, By the time of Meridian I & II 857 was the only Avenger Squadron on Indomitable which would account for the Squadron designation of 1. Im starting to rethink this aircraft as although the incident is listed in ‘Fleet Air Arm Aircraft 1939-1945’ it is not referenced in ‘The British Pacific Fleet’ by David Hobbs, or the Armoured Carrier web site (which seems to quote Hobbs). Maybe i’ll Look up LtGJ Connolly’s 845 NAS Avenger who shot down a Tojo with his forward firing guns..
  17. Secret Santa was very good to me this year. He managed to bundle up the Tamiya 1/48 Fairy Swordfish MkII, the Special Hobby 1/48 Fairey Albacore and the Hobby Boss FAA Grumman Avenger all in one parcel and get it down the chimney at Chez Grey Beema. As is my way I have been looking at aircraft to represent by each model. I have identified several Swordfish MkIIs that sunk U-Boats that I could build and have also identified an Operation Torch Albacore from a HMS Formidable to build. But now I’m on the hunt for a suitable Grumman Avenger. I am looking at 875 NAS Avengers aboard HMS Indomitable in 1945. This is where the Britmodeller bee hive mind cuts in. Perusing ‘Fleet Air Arm Aircraft 1939-1945’ I saw this aircraft which would fit right into my collection:- JZ552: 857 NAS HMS Indomitable. Operation Meridian II raid on Palembang. TAG shot down Ki44 29.01.45 SL AH Hunt & LA M Rees. I know the serial but what is the side number? So I am calling on the usual suspects @iang @ClaudioN @Lee Howard @Graham Boak @Seahawk @85sqn @Dunny @Giorgio Nand anyone else who can help. Looking at other 857 aircraft I find:- JZ563 W1H:W357 JZ565 W7N:W1N JZ566 W7O JZ576 W1C:W372 JZ592 W1S:W386 JZ594 W1A JZ614 :W372 JZ615 W1A:W370 So I would conclude that the side number on 29.01.45 was either W7? or W1? I am wondering if anyone could help identify 7 or 1 and the individual aircraft letter? If you have also com3 across a picture - that would be handy too.. Thanks in advance..
  18. Great job there Roger lovely finishing. Something for the TAG to fight back with and the aerial & mast and you’re done.. Mine was Green Flight ‘A’ again with the support of @iang and it’s arrival post dated L2963..
  19. Happy New Year Roger.. I have seen the Anti Spin Chute lines on early Skuas but examining later photos it doesn’t appear to be there so I’m not sure how consistent the fitting was (it wasn’t on the Skua I based mine on). The last Skua that I did was the COs Aircraft 803 NAS HMS Ark Royal flown during Operation Catapult Mers-el- Kébi (French Algeria). Dakar July 1940. 803 seemed to act as escort to 800 NAS who carried out the Dive Bomber Operations. I suspect that the bomb crutch was removed for 803 for this operation. I have also seen a third hand reference to a blanking plate for the bomb recess. I’ll take another look and see if I can find it..
  20. Magnificent - great set of builds..
  21. Crappy year Alain but hopefully 2022 will be much better and things will get straightened out. Great modelling out turn and a fine collection built. Only two sailors but he’ll next year you’ll be churning out Corsairs to beat the band... Good luck and Happy new Year me Ol’ China..
  22. Great work Roger. You need to go back to your wing tips. There should be a hand hold through the wing just by the tip. It’s moulded as an oval but should be drilled through..
  23. I have been using Xtracrylics for FAA Colours that seem to give good colour matches. I recently acquired Hataka FAA & Coastal Command which are slightly lighter in shade and seem a little softer. I have also bough the AK FAA colour set but haven’t yet tried them yet but bought them because they are supposed to be harder. I usually give a light grey misting overspray to fade out the colours and markings anyway.. On this model I used Xtracrylics as the base coat then during weathering over painted some areas with Hataka to simulate repainted areas. Hope it helps..
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