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  1. The Percival P.56 Provost 1/48

    Any news !?
  2. Bn-2 Islander 1/48 ?

    I have seen the Danish Islander a few times, but I like the small air force users of it more!
  3. Dominican F-47D NMF and F-51D

    Hi Martin! The caza ramfis with sharkmouth never flew with p-51a/b/c models only P-51D. Let me know if you need help! https://www.google.dk/amp/s/dominicanavuela.wordpress.com/2016/11/03/los-p-51-mustang-y-su-servicio-en-la-republica-dominicana/amp/
  4. Bn-2 Islander 1/48 ?

    If I Can find some good drawings...
  5. Bn-2 Islander 1/48 ?

    Hello guys! Is there any kit of the bn-2 Islander in 1/48? Best Regards Mikkel
  6. Dominican F-47D NMF and F-51D

    Hello! Go for the Hobbycraft Mustang kit, it has decals for the early Dominican caza Ramfis mustangs. http://www.kingkit.co.uk/product/hobbycraft-aircraft-1-72-1325-p-51b-c-mustang this kit! Hope it helps!
  7. Any news ? if Anyone have info/pics of Ghanan chipmunks let me know!
  8. Ohhhhh Yes!!!! Peruvain sharkmouth decals please !
  9. Is there a F-51D in the works too? all those latin American options ...
  10. Bolivian P-38 Lightning

    Hello! I'm trying to build a few latin American P-38's and the Bolivian one is on my to do list. According to my Google fu, the Bolivian goverment bought one, wich crashed into a Dc-4, killing all onboard... I want to know What kind of P-38 it was, did it receive Bolivian markings? hope you guys Can help!! -Mikkel
  11. Salvador Corsair soccer War camo quesiton

    Hey Armando! hehe I'm trying to get the wonders of building latin American planes out to the masses! The Salvadoran corsairs are some of the must interesting
  12. Salvador Corsair soccer War camo quesiton

    Buy the Aztec decals if possible, they have all info you need. Some of the FAS corsairs during the 100 Hour war where a mix of different planes, that doesnt make it easier! First off: the yellow bands on the cowling, fuselage and wings where added AFTER the war. Second! Only 5 corsairs flew during the war, FAS 202,204, 215, 219 and 220. Third... Before the corsairs where re painted in camouflage colours they where ethier painted Dark navy Blue or light Grey. As said, some planes where a mixed bird with parts from other birds, like a fuselage with dark Blue underside and light grey wings... Hope it helps a bit, you should really get the Aztec sheet - Mikkel
  13. African FW-190

    Hey bud! Well everything I guess... It's proably smashed now sorry Cheers Mikkel