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  1. Hi Will Thanks. I didn't do all the assemblies for this kit. I only glued the ears, left and right hands and right ankle. Compared to GW figs which go together so easy I found it a poor fit. Spent a whole evening warming up and "bending" the resin back into shape so it would fit when put together. And still used some green stuff as I got to a point I was worried about snapping bits. For an expensive model it was a bit of effort. But in all of the "bad" aspects of this I really can't see this as a reason not to get forgeworld stuff. I have spent 6 weeks on this and thoroughly enjoyed almost every hour spent on this kit. It was pure joy to paint. So I will be popping to Nottingham to see what else I can buy. Simon
  2. Thanks Beggsy Such a shame most of it disappears! I managed to get a bit done, main bits together. little bits to do now before masking
  3. It is a fantastic figure, I kept discovering details as I was painting it, things I hadn't noticed when I started.
  4. About 20 minutes ago a very low Curtis Hawk 75A-1 heading to Sywell
  5. Was hoping for shiny but looks good. The black looks a bit mottled on the right wing or is that just the light playing tricks?
  6. Well I better pull my finger out as I have realised there is only just over 3 weeks left. Got the seats done and got it all glued to one side. I can close the fuselage up tonight and make a start on putting the rest together. Hopefully I should have enough time to get her done
  7. That paintwork looks brilliant, hope I can get mine to look like that Have a good holiday
  8. Nice I like the water release doors. Really can't wait to see the paint go on
  9. 1/72 Awesome stuff, I would not even try at that scale.
  10. Nice Patrice Great work on the clear parts. its certainly looking the part. Simon
  11. Thats cool, may not be accurate but it looks the part I haven't even tried anything creative on my build.
  12. Thats taking shape nicely, still got just over 3 weeks. Plenty of time
  13. Hi All Here is something I have just finished. The Troggoth Hag from Forgeworld for Warhammer. This was a commission for a friend. It is a lovely figure and tremendous fun to paint. There are so many little details that you don't notice until you are actually painting it. I would show you the Octopus in the net or the snotling hiding in the staff but I forgot to photograph them before It was collected. It took about 6 weeks to do complete. Hope you like it! Thanks for looking Simon
  14. Well I have finally restarted my B-25 Got a bit of interior panted. Still got the ICP to do and the seats (which somehow managed to disappear completely) And I finally managed to reorder stuff from the Big H. Got a mask (not in pic?), some decals which I shall be mashing up to make 180sqn and some seats to replace the missing ones. So I now have no excuse to get a move on!! More soon Simon
  15. I would throw some criticism at you but I wouldn't know what to criticise!! That looks stunning Craig, keep it up
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