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  1. The project is not buried We just have some technical problems, which do not allow to speed up production. It is sure to be.
  2. You confuse the S-5 and the S-6. S-5 had no modifications.
  3. This is not a wing. This is a stabilizer
  4. the new set must have the correct details.
  5. When was that? What is your name?
  6. I know who is working on it at 1/72
  7. We are waiting for the order from Hannants. While they do not report anything. Those who have informed us of their addresses we are already sending the corrected details. The new kit Hunting-Percival Provost T.51 / 53 will already have the right. And it is already on sale.
  8. mikromir.dnepr@gmail.com
  9. Hi,

             Looking forward to the new canopies. Would you like me to send them from here? I personally know of 3 more people who would like one if that's OK with mine.

    I can supply small boxes for sending them too free of charge to people but not sure how you would reimburse postage? Unless I add it all up and sent you an invoice?

    Anyway, I'm willing to help if you wish.



    1. praded-dembelya


      Thank you, we found a cheap shipping method.  It will cost a little over 1 pound.  Please send your and their addresses to  mikromir.dnepr@gmail.com    Tomorrow we start the mailing list.


      Regards Sergey

    2. keithjs


      Good morning Sergy,


      That's good news, thank you.

      To save you on postage you can send all 4 to me if you like as we all belong to the same model club.






      HP12 3UE



  10. We plan to begin sending letters by the end of the week. In addition to newer clean parts, there will be a new mask for painting.
  11. praded-dembelya

    Kaman H-43 Huskie blueprints?

    I want make new in 1/48
  12. praded-dembelya

    Soviet armored personnel carrier BTR-60 1/48

    Give me please a photo of your problem. I'll figure out how to solve it. Sorry for the silence, a lot of work.
  13. praded-dembelya

    Kaman H-43 Huskie blueprints?

    Who has the blueprints? Or does he know where to get them?