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  1. Yes, I have a book on the Horten brothers' planes. Start of work on V-2 in the near future
  2. We finally overcame the plastic. We are currently working on instructions and decals
  3. We are collecting materials on this aircraft.
  4. Unfortunately, we can't prevent shops from making money. This model is quite expensive in production. There is no other way to make a wing that size. And this is significantly reflected in the price. By the way, the test build is complete. We are preparing a photo session.
  5. How do you get it, can you talk about the content? I would not want to get a book without a book. I already have a collection of books with an interesting cover, but useless inside. at considerable prices
  6. Yesterday I issued a task to develop a 3D model for this helicopter. Do not rush to suicide.
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