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  1. Italeri, FIAT 806 ... 1/12th

    Best model on here for a long time. Love it!
  2. Lotus/Caterham Super 7

    There's a BAC Mono die cast from Auto Art. Not a kit, and quite expensive. When I have lots of time (and increase in talent) I would love to scratch build a 1/24 or 1/12 BAC Mono. Fabulous cars. As for the Caterham/Lotus 7 - Tamiya made a 1/12 kit in various versions including cycle wings, long wings and a JPE version. @roymattblack built one a couple of years ago. I have one almost finished. It has been almost finished for well over 10 years, and I even managed to build a 1:1 Westfield since starting the Caterham! I think someone on here also converted the 1/24 Tamiya kit into a Westfield... Here it is:
  3. Just ordered two of these babies that have been re-released:
  4. Another Tamiya Mercedes Benz 300SL

    The body paint looks beautiful, definitely worth the effort! Such a lovely kit.
  5. New McLaren

    Thanks very much, Mike. Looks like they only ship to Europe, though. I'll wait until some come into stock at my usual suppliers - I really should finish a couple of other cars first anyway!
  6. New McLaren

    Is that why Hiroboy has now sold out? 😥 Cant find anyone else who has them apart from Plamoz themselves, and I tried ordering from Plamoz but the website can't calculate postage - possibly means no stock?
  7. MFH Brough Superior SS100

    I'll take a wild guess and say it's MFH and 1/9 Edit: Check the tags on the post title - I've not noticed them in the past!
  8. MFH Brough Superior SS100

  9. Tamiya Kawasaki H2R - detail up set?

    This has just popped up on Hiroboy: http://www.hiroboy.com/112_Kawasaki_Ninja_H2R_DetailUP_Set_For_Tamiya_14131_PreOrder--product--11204.html
  10. Another McLaren 570S

    Some painting of the bodywork today. All Tamiya TS sprays. Gloss black, metallic gold and clear orange. I forgot to do the doors at the same time (sigh) so I hope they come out the same colour. I'll do the roof in carbon fibre.
  11. New McLaren

    And now some detail parts, including a better engine cover with mesh grilles instead of decals. http://plamoz.com/products/124-570s-photo-etched-detail-up-parts-set
  12. Excellent! Please post a work-in-progress for both. I'm sure the bike nuts on here will appreciate them. I will, especially as it's a new Tamiya 1/6 kit and the Morbidelli is an unknown bike (and kit maker) to me. Hope your wallet recovers soon.
  13. Tamiya 1/24 Honda NSX (2016)

    Nice job CWT. Love the choice of colour too!
  14. Another McLaren 570S

    Despite having 3 other cars not yet finished I decided to try and get the paint on the body of the Mac. Just primer so far. Can't decide on carbon fibre or paint for the roof. I'd better check how much cf decal I have as the one provided with the kit is not correct, it's printed as one piece, when the real car has a join in the middle. I've also painted the real light lenses with clear red and put some chrome on the back so the stand out a bit when fixed on the black rear panel.