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  1. Sorry, Codge, I misinterpreted your post. Not sure why they were painted, it does seem a bit odd for something that's going to be hit with a hammer, even a soft faced one. I wonder if it was just that particular car, or a fad at the time?
  2. It must be expensive. Looking forward to the new one - movie and soundtrack. I enjoyed the Arrival soundtrack.
  3. Nope, for some reason they were black on the car in the movie (but not the restored car, where they are bare aluminium). From Octane magazine...
  4. @Pete in Lincs I like your owl. It's artificial?
  5. Thanks very much Andy! I will give it a try on some plastic spoons. Kev.
  6. Got my first ever sci-fi kit today. Bandai's 1/12 Star Wars Rogue One K-2SO droid.
  7. This is an incredible build, and it has inspired me to buy my first sci-if kit (K-2SO of course!). Thanks very much Andy, I've really enjoyed reading this build, and also your AT-AT and AT-ST. Do you have any tips for your "hairspray" technique? As a car modeller, I haven't heard of that before. cheers, Kev.
  8. Nicky Hayden has died following a cycling accident in Misano. Very sad news.
  9. Will there be a lighting kit for this model, or can the C-3PO kit be adapted?
  10. Typical. You wait ages for a Model T fire truck, then two turn up at the same time!
  11. Revell made a '59 Fairlane and '59 Impala. Not really Tamiya's thing, old American cars.
  12. Now coming with a clear body! Pic from HobbySearch
  13. Jumpers for goalposts... CAPSTICK COMES HOME ( 'Hovis' Advert Parody ) by Tony Capstick I'll never forget that first day at t'pit. Me an' mi father worked a 72 hour shift, then wi walked home 43 mile through t'snow in us bare feet, huddled inside us clothes med out o' old sacks. Eventually we trudged over t'hill until wi could see t'street light twinklin' in our village. Mi father smiled down at mi through t'icicles hangin' off his nose. "Nearly home now lad", he said. We stumbled into t'house and stood there freezin' cold and tired out, shiverin' and miserable, in front o' t' meagre fire. Any road, mi mam says "Cheer up, lads. I've got you some nice brown bread and butter for yer tea." Ee, mi father went crackers. He reached out and gently pulled mi mam towards 'im by t'throat. "You big fat, idle ugly wart", he said. "You gret useless spawny-eyed parrot-faced wazzock." ('E had a way wi words, mi father. He'd bin to college, y'know). "You've been out playin' bingo all afternoon instead o' gettin' some proper snap ready for me an' this lad", he explained to mi poor, little, purple-faced mam. Then turnin' to me he said "Arthur", (He could never remember mi name), "here's half a crown. Nip down to t'chip 'oyl an' get us a nice piece o' 'addock for us tea. Man cannot live by bread alone." He were a reyt tater, mi father. He said as 'ow workin' folk should have some dignity an' pride an' self respect, an' as 'ow they should come home to summat warm an' cheerful. An' then he threw mi mam on t'fire. We didn't 'ave no tellies or shoes or bedclothes. We med us own fun in them days. Do you know, when I were a lad you could get a tram down into t'town, buy three new suits an' an ovvercoat, four pair o' good boots, go an' see Frank Randall at t'Palace Theatre, get blind drunk, 'ave some steak an' chips, bunch o' bananas an' three stone o' monkey nuts an' still 'ave change out of a farthing. We'd lots o' things in them days they 'aven't got today - rickets, diptheria, Hitler and my, we did look well goin' to school wi' no backside in us trousers an' all us little 'eads painted purple because we 'ad ringworm. They don't know they're born today!!!
  14. I doubt this one will turn out as nicely as Shaun's, but here goes anyway. I wanted a nice bright colour, and really like Volcano Orange, but also wanted to try out a Kawasaki candy green. I did a few plastic spoon tests with Tamiya spray paints. I know that Gravity Colors make a 2-part orange but postage to Aus is as much as the two bottles of paint, so I wanted to see if I could get the same effect with rattle cans. First, pics of the body and a comparison with the 917 that is still not finished. And now, the spoons. From left to right - I tried two different base coats under TS73 clear orange: TS84 metallic gold (over TS14 black) and then TS76 mica silver, next TS52 candy lime green, and then clear orange over white primer and with the TS65 pearl clear over that. The green is nice but doesn't "pop" as much as expected. The pearl clear is interesting with its mica chips but they only show under very bright light. Of the two oranges, I like how the particles in the mica silver catch the light, but prefer the "glow" that the gold produces. Here's another test test with a better coat of gold over the base black and two coats of clear orange. This is the colour I'm going to use. It would look better in our bright Western Australian sunshine but it's dark outside now, so electric light will do. I hope to get the 917 finished first, (and ideally the Lotus 88) but enjoyed messing around with the colours.
  15. Leaf springs?