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  1. Beautifully smooth paint on the roof! Amazing stuff and a fascinating car.
  2. Vive la Resistance! Lovely work Borez!
  3. Gravity Colors (They make and sell colour-matched paints for cars and bikes) have a YouTube channel produced by David Thibodeau.
  4. Absolutely gorgeous!
  5. He lost an eye in a racing accident, too! I chose this one as it was on special! And I do like the Martini livery, although I'd really like to make the no. 20 Gulf car from the Le Mans movie. If this build goes well I may buy another 917 and make that version.
  6. Thanks, Lee! Wish I could remember where the photos of the real thing are! it was a 1980 model that I bought when I lived in Holland, and I put later model carbs and exhausts on it as the early LCs ran badly. Managed to get new Yamaha exhausts from the dealer Croydon and took them back to Holland on the plane! Wish I still had it. 😢
  7. While I have the Lotus 88 proceeding slowly in the background I have decided to try and get a quick build out of the way, so inspired by @Borez and @shood23 I'm going to build another Fujimi 917K, this one is Helmut Marko (yes, that Helmut Marko) and Gijs van Lennep's Martini Le Mans winner. This will be a quick build, oob, with just the Studio 27 PE for some extra detail. So far I have started on the bodywork, just a bit of clean up and glueing, with a bit of filling to do.
  8. I had to go up into the roof today to get a box for some speakers I'm selling, and found my old bike models. Here is the RD350LC that I made over 20 years ago, painted to look just like my real bike. Must get it cleaned up and repainted. Also need to find the photos of it.
  9. I think the problem is getting hold of the HRM engines.
  10. My name is Kevin and I have a confession. I recently bought two Airfix aircraft kits. Please be nice to me. In my defence, one cost under $10 (about 6 quid) and is arguably the most beautiful plane - evah. I also plan to paint it to match my own car! It's also a pig of a kit made from 1950's moulds. The other is a kit of the last plane I flew in (upside down at times!) and I plan to make it in the same colour scheme. Don't worry, though, I still have plenty of cars still to make.
  11. Definitely witchcraft.
  12. Shaun, Excellent idea! And goo on ya for having a go. There's a topic on the WIP page by Capri-Schorsce about moulding a BMW M3 body. Not quite the scale you'll be working in but maybe worth a look? Looks like plenty of help on the inter web... how to mould resin model car parts And a book... The 917 looks great, I'm looking forward to seeing a grid full of your 917s!
  13. Looks lovely Shaun!