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  1. This is a truly sickening and wicked act of spite. It’s well known that model railways are not seen as a “sexy” hobby but it has to be one of the gentlest and unassuming past times. Nobody deserves to have their treasured work destroyed in this way. What is so heartening about all this is the reaction it has provoked, not just in the railway modelling community but the broader modelling community in general and across the world. I was an avid railway modeller until I came back to plastic modelling and am pleased to see the solidarity being shown on this forum.
  2. Looks great. All I hear are good things about this kit (nose error excepted) so I am looking forward to building mine.
  3. I don’t know about fish head cabs but the HAR3’s I worked on all had gloss white gear bays, even the grey whale cab that loitered around on D flight had white bays. Interestingly, I do recall that the legs were DSG but the drag stays were white on some or possibly all of them, one of the DSG legs had a white mooring ring thought. The wheels came in a variety of DSG, white or yellow and any combination is possible, as this photo of XZ596 (I think) at Benbecula shows.
  4. The NLG outer cylinder (as opposed the the inner cylinder and trailing arm with the axles) doesn’t look white to me, less dirty perhaps but not a different colour. I see no reason, though still possible, why an overhaul shop like Dowty would release a LG with the cylinder and trailing arm in totally different colours, different shades perhaps but not in grey and white.
  5. XV370...? Not to be confused with ZE370, that other stalwart of the Sea King fleet.
  6. Watching with interest. FAST is a little gem of a museum, Grantham is a long round trip to make for it though
  7. Have you tried shining a torch at the area the hole should be, sometimes the thinner flashed over plastic can be revealed.
  8. According to my profile page I am an array who lives in array and is interested in array
  9. I think the first vinyl album I bought would have been one of Big Country’s but I don’t remember which one. The first vinyl single I remember buying was by Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians. But I count the start of my music listening odyssey from when I bought my first CD player, stopping off at Our Price in Queensmead to buy the album “Leisure” by Blur and “Hit” by The Sugarcubes.
  10. Does anyone who has this 78 sqn kit know if the instructions have the additional build step for the RWR fairings and if Airfix have corrected the HF aerial wire layout instruction? The previous boxing has a mish mash of HAR3 and 3A. TIA Rick
  11. I like your rotor jig thingy. But one thing has always bugged me about the rotors that model makers produce (and this is not intended as a criticism of your model), to my mind having main rotors all equidistant from one another isn’t strictly accurate - no account is made for drag damper lag when the rotor head is at rest.
  12. This aircraft crashed on part of Cove Junior School in Farnborough, by coincidence my daughter attends it. you can read more here - http://www.airsciences.org.uk/FASTPressRelease_70thAnniversaryofCrashofDornier335atCoveJuniorSchool_v1.0_12 Jan 2016.pdf
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