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  1. I used Game Air Gold Yellow 72.707 with a gloss coat of Pledge Floor Care. It sprayed nicely with a drop of thinner and retarder. The colour looks okay but it’s the under coats that haven’t come out so neat.
  2. Some paint, I hate yellow. Part way through painting I considered changing to DSG and adding the RWR fairings but decided to plough on.
  3. Thanks for the help, but the letter D should be red with a white border I believe and the squadron markings don’t seem right to me.
  4. I consulted with my in-house GSE expert (my wife is ex-Gen Tech GSE) and she thinks it could be a 28V made by Murex. Some links below but no other data that I can find. https://www.gracesguide.co.uk/File:Im19530911FL-Murex.jpg https://www.aviationancestry.co.uk/?searchQuery=Murex&startYear=1909&endYear=1980
  5. I recently read a fascinating story of a flight of 312 sqn Hurricanes shooting down a Ju-88 over Bromborough docks on Merseyside during the war and am interested in building a model of said bomber. Does anyone know of any 1/48 decals for Junkers Ju88 (works number 4068, coded M7+DK) from 2/ KGr.806? I’ve tried Hannants with no luck. TIA.
  6. I thought this was discussed before; thanks for the reminder. I need to read up on Wethersfield now.
  7. That doesn’t look like Lossiemouth to me.
  8. Nice work. The winches on our yellow cabs were always covered in spatters of oil/grease/muck over the housing. And I thoroughly detested doing which washes which were just about every see in.
  9. Thanks for the quick response - need to go find a copy now.
  10. I recall recently flicking through a modelling magazine in WH Smith that featured a build article of the new Airfix Sea King boxing in Norwegian Air Force colours but can’ remember which magazine - can anyone remind me please? I was in Bodo last week and saw one of 330 sqn’s cabs on the pan and now I have the urge to build one. Thanks.
  11. In this month’s AMW magazine there is a tantalising box art type image of a RN Buccaneer making a deck landing, in the background is a Wessex. Now I have a recollection that Airfix revealed that they dropped a hint at a future release by featuring two Bucc’s on the box art of their Victor tanker, could they be at it again? Don’t forget, a Wessex also appeared on the box art of their RN Phantom. Just saying...
  12. Very nice. Hope to see it at model club but might miss the August meeting.
  13. Don’t believe everything you hear on the BBC. If they said told me Boris Johnson was the next PM I’d fall of my chair laughing....OW! That floor hurts.
  14. I struggled to get the bomb Aimee’s side windows to fit, the cockpit bubble window panel was a pain to fit, I prefer the Shackleton wing to spar join over the Lancaster but my main problem was paint. The green and DE from AK went on nicely but is very prone to damage when handling. Stupidly, I used Maskol to achieve a hard edge between the two colours but it just peeled the paint when removed so I switched to blutac worms and had to settle for the softer edge this gives. I used Tamiya for the black and just couldn’t get a smooth finish, very rough and grainy so the gloss coat also had a rough finish. I polished the areas where the decals were to go to avoid silvering (result!), but I only applied the roundel a, serial number and unit markings. Because this was donated to my daughter’s class (named Lancaster) I didn’t go to town or even bother weathering it. I picture this hanging from the classroom ceiling and used as target practice by the kids with biro blow pipes and chewed up paper. The class teacher was thrilled with it as an end of year token of appreciation for her hard work. P.S thanks for all the likes and comments.
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