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  1. ICM do a version of the Mig-25, just google the instructions for their kit to find the paint code - Revell 371 pr Tamiya XF-80 is what I found.
  2. This is the bits box, it contained blanks, blade socks and tail rotor gust locks amongst other stuff. I think it just sits on the floor in the aft cabin before the fuselage tapers up to the tail boom.
  3. Great work. These Eduard Mig-21’s kits are really nice to build.
  4. Oh yeah, troop seats! What a pain they could be to fit, good job we had the Swiss Army crash axe at hand to manipulate them into their fittings. The dirt on the floor boards looks effective and in the typically correct place where smelly pongoes would tramp their muddy boots.
  5. Perhaps the cynical tone of my original thought and rhetorical question may have gone unnoticed in the written form. I wondered what the suspension of these sections of the forum achieved - as far as I can see it hasn’t stopped BM members from trading elsewhere whether through online shops or eBay, if the intention of the suspension was to stop or reduce this then it hasn’t worked. In fact, I am sure one or two retailers with pages here on BM have notified us of new products as being in stock on their on-line stores for order. As another member has mentioned, eBay sales can be a way for some people to generate extra income during these times; for those who do I’m sure they would justify that going to the post office to send their sold items is essential if it puts much needed cash in their pocket. Those BM members who might have made use of the Sales forum for extra cash now do not have this possibility and eBay (If that is the chosen method of sale) get a cut of the sale price. I don’t doubt the good intentions of the BM staff in this action but I do question whether it achieves anything.
  6. I’m not convinced the Aircraft RFI Section needs any further breakdown but the AFV section (large armour excepted) lumps armour in with soft skins, so why not have a section for tanks & APC’s and another section for soft skinned military vehicles - trucks, jeeps, ambulances, refuellers and artillery etc? Or military vehicles that fight and those which don’t?
  7. I do wonder what is being achieved (or avoided) by having this suspension, how many latest acquisitions have been posted in the last 6 weeks?
  8. The photos of the Ulster museum Puma are your guide. The floor is black but a layer of laminated wood panels coated in non-slip light grey paint were fitted throughout the cabin (the cockpit was not covered in grey panels). In the NI std role the folding panel around the load pole often did not have a wooden board over it. These wooden floor panels were removed at every 28 day (I think) servicing and repainted With non-slip paint and refitted with black bodge tape the seal the edges.
  9. There was also a freebie in some magazines. I like the versatility of the kits and the opportunity to create endless buildings from one download. Many of the kits can be adapted to military airfield uses. I watch your hangar builds with interest.
  10. If you weren’t already aware, Scalescenes do card buildings for model railways but also a scratch builders selection of brick paper, tiles, doors and windows, it looks like you may have some of their stuff in one of your posts above.
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