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  1. Great job, excellent finish, and fantastic subject. Well done.
  2. With apologies to our French friends, I do not find this to be a good looking machine, but the modelling skills on show are very impressive. Keep up the good show.
  3. Convair xfy-1 pogo

    Welcome back to the bench S5, interesting choice for a comeback kit. Have you thought about her coat yet? NMF as the original or a WHIF for painting practice??
  4. RAF Grumman Tomcat FGR 1

    Hats off to you Sir! Glad you took the plunge with this, can't wait to see the finished article.
  5. 1/48 Felixstowe flying boat kit now available

    Really did fancy this kit but the postage may be just as much as the kit.
  6. Hawker Hunter F6.

    If you can live with the innaccuracies then build it. It does look like a Hunter when all is said and done, and you'll get a head start on your Hunter research ready for when the Airfix kit arrives. And as Paul says......plenty of pics please.
  7. I've been following this thread in absolute awe of the wealth of knowledge being displayed by all you major players. While not wishing to detract too much from the main discussion, I'd like to raise a point that appears to have gotten lost. In another thread the photo of UF-S appeared and our fellow modeller Doug Rodgers suggested that it may also have a black rudder (a possible replacement perhaps). Doubt was cast upon this for some quite justifiable reasons, but I would like to think he is right. In the pictures troy used to illustrate the change in the size of 601's code letters UF-S appears again, along with UF-U from roughly the same perspective and still showing the same rudder colour (different from the camo). But I think the clincher that proves Doug was right is the picture of UF-N taken with the sun behind. I think it shows the fin has the same tones as the propellor blades. It's only a small observation, but would make an interesting scheme if Doug's correct. Anyhoo........discuss on gents, this thread is brilliant!
  8. RAF bomb rack color in North Africa

    Cheers Selwyn. Think I'll add some unusual-ness to my T-Bolt then.
  9. RAF bomb rack color in North Africa

    Interesting point. At the risk of hi-jacking the thread (apologies) would the same apply to the Thunderbolts in SEAC??
  10. Hello everyone

    Welcome aboard Jim, looking forward to your input and finished builds. Enjoy the company of like minds...
  11. KC-135A Stratotanker

    Well done........love the scheme
  12. North American Harvard I.

    What markings do you intend to finish her in?
  13. Early A.A.C. Apaches......

    Cheers guys, thanks for the info. That's one kit for the sale box then.
  14. Early A.A.C. Apaches......

    Am I right in thinking early Army Air Corps Apaches operated without the rotor mounted radar, or am I well wide of the mark?? Any info to put me right is much appreciated.
  15. Academy F4F-4, Don't laugh!

    A fine effort after such a long lay off. Keep up the good work, and keep posting. Do you have any particular areas of interest?