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  1. Thank you for the heads up. I assume then that the problem are the fuselage struts? They are mixed in the same side or are crossed? Regards
  2. Thank you for the answer... do you know about where you have to do the cut? In reality, at this stage any British or Dutch Buffalo will make it for me. It looks like a good kit, but appears to be the least desired variant. Regards
  3. Looking to model a British Buffalo I from 243 Squadron... what changes in lenght are necessary? Regards
  4. Hello! Can be this kit modelled as a Buffalo 339 C/D or E? Thank you!
  5. Another TF.X doesnt appeal to me that much, but i love the early desert schemes of Beaus I...
  6. Hello. After a long break im back to this helpful forum. Hope to be of asistance and contribution. Greetings to all
  7. Thats a great model.... congratulations As Ozh said, the Academy C and E always look good with a good set of decals... I have one C waiting with Aeromaster decals. Cheers
  8. Thanks to all, for your responses.. if anyone has any info, please dont hesitate on comment Looking forward to contribute on this great site, first time to register but following it long time ago Cheers
  9. Hi! I am doing ValeĀ“s aircraft on Greece, V7795. Hasegawa calls for Dark Earth, Dark Green and Azure Blue undersurfaces. Maybe Azure is too early for 1941? I am thinking of using Sky S instead Looking forward on your opinion Thanks in advance Luis
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