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  1. about the same as peace in the middle east
  2. Hi Adrian, good question, on reflection there are more than one reasons.. - I like to make models with some uniqueness about them - I like my models to be colourful and attractive I have taught myself how to design and print my own decals so this has allowed me to do this.. why British? well I have gone through several civil aircraft building phases.. Papua New Guinea, Australia, Italian and a few randoms, but with my wife being a "yorkie" we go to the UK every year since my retirement, she visits family and during that time I go fell walking and go to airshows and museums... and I fall in love with aircraft I had previously ZERO interest in and hastily look for the appropriate kits hence: 1/72 vacform with home made decals, then I had an Avro York conversion which was going to be the Australian GGs aircraft but after seeing it in museum I preferred this: (these decals came with the conversion) The Viscount was going to be RAAF or an Australian airline but while I was searching for Britannia references I saw the BMA viscount, I thought that was a great scheme so I started the Viscount almost straight away after it had languished for years in my stash! so I plan to do a BMA 707 in 1/100 scale at some stage, am currently building something "Manx-y", and am seeking an AVF VC10 and a Formaplane Hastings for the future!
  3. [ This is the minicraft cherokee .. url=][/url] there is no spatless wheel option in the box so you will have to scratch that up there is an Aurora 1/72 Cherokee available (well at least I have one in the stash) but it too has spats
  4. hi guys thanks for your kind comments, on another website someone posted a picture of this same airframe in manx service.. when I saw it I kicked mysyself as I thought it a really nice scheme but I am blowed if I am gonna build another one of these.. then I had a thought.. the manx scheme cheatline arrangement was exactly the same as BMA so I had a 5 minute play with my BMA decal design: I could strip the BMA decals and manx-ify the model! with no painting required! will I or won't I? mmm
  5. Hello again Olli, thanks for your kind words building the Viscount takes care, you cannot assume that parts cemented in a position of "best fit" are going to result in a correctly aligned components, the engines here are a case in point, the fit is not terribly good, lots of filler is required gluing the parts on to the wing "square" will NOT result in the engines being correctly aligned fore and aft or up and down. the fuselage halves go together pretty well BUT the forward fuselage half shapes are not symmetrical, when viewed from above it looks like the nose bends around a little to the right (it doesnt it just looks that way because one half is about 1 mm fatter than the other) I thought at first that this was because I made a mistake aligning the fuselage extension plug but my centre lines are spot on left right and up down because I jigged all the pieces when gluing them together. The cabin windows are all different shapes and alignment I filled the buggers and decaled them, this looks better (to me) and is much easier to align emergency exit markings etc. undercarriage and doors are clunky, prop spinners need a lot of filling, prop blades need a lot of finishing. The cockpit transparency is very deeply framed, and the frame shape / sizes are wrong far too thick so I filled the window "dents" flush with the incorrect framing and masked / painted a more correct window layout. the kit decals have been reported by others as not being complete to properly finish the standard model, I did not like what was on offer anyway and made my own. wing to fuselage fit needs filler to get the blend right (I just could not be bothered, I painted all the components before putting them together and I didnt like the model enough to go through the tedium of masking filling sanding remasking painting other than that the kit is perfect
  6. Peanut shells! Yes! and just like in nature each one is subtly different..I found the engineering of the wing to nacelle fairing and nacelle fairing to the the engine very in-exact when I had all the engines on the first time they looked like a test cricket wicket keepers hands.. bent and broken fingers going in all directions! had to break them off and do a lot of filing and filling to get everything aligned
  7. Convered using Hamilton Hobbies fuselage plug. I just couldn't find the love for this one I cut a lot of corners finishing it. I know it's a Viscount but there is just something about this model that either does not seem right or just doesn't "do" it for me. The only thing I am happy with is the decal design..I found this a really attractive scheme.. I enjoyed that. (thinking of doing a B707 in this scheme now) anyhoos, I am calling it done
  8. a very handsome model..well done!
  9. hiya gang, just back from a weeks camping trip and finished putting this together..well almost, i have a few touch ups to attend to and also need get some aerials on the roof then semigloss coat the whole shebang. It is undeniably a model Viscount but it looks a little odd to me, I cant put my finger on it..maybe it was just an odd looking aeroplane! did the prop arcs of the inners and outers really overlap? (not on the same "plane" of course, the outer prop line is further aft than the inners.
  10. And I thought the F-35 was ugly!
  11. I am on a camping trip at the moment though I doubt it would have arrived down under yet is your kit complete gene suspected some of your stuff was in my box
  12. Stretched with a fuselage plug, didnt like the kit's noses so I built that up with apoxie sculpt to a shape that matches the pictures better.. the decals are home designed and printed, I am quite chuffed with them.. it is a very attractive scheme I really should be getting ready for a short camping trip, but I couldnt resist printing off the decals and doing one side..I feel the love.. I went a bit far with the white silver cutoff will need touching up.
  13. while we are on Viscounts.. I am building a Mach 2 1/72 job converted to an 800 with a fuselage plug, I just tried out my home designed / made decals I feel the love.. I went a bit far with the white silver cutoff will need touching up.
  14. you gonna start it straight away jess? Mine will have to wait til the end of the year at least and that is if Kev is able to do the resin for us cheers wal