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  1. A civil Canberra Airfix 1/72

    thanks... as for the SM Canberra.. at 36 quid, I'll pass on that one cheers wal
  2. A civil Canberra Airfix 1/72

    Hi Guys, It was a weather monitoring aircraft cheers'wal
  3. Hi gang a while back I started resurrecting an Airfix Canberra from a few wrecks I acquired from a fellow modeller. The decals are home made copied from some drawings provided to me by a hyperscaler..Alex CL-215, I wasnt happy with the resolution of the fin badge so I redrew that as well. I have to correct the white to silver demarcation line on the rear fuselage but I have no time as I leave for the UK again in the next few days, so it this and a few other niggling corrections and additions will have to wait.. I just needed to clear the bench before I left...its not the best but looks ok on the shelf
  4. Tut how vulgar. The phallic outline

    Ha! Been done before by a RAAF Macchi jet trainer on a test flight in 1972 - 73 ish after a major service at Hawker Dehavilland at Perth airport. On the test flight the pilot found a contrail layer and proceeded to draw the art work in the RAAF Pearce airspace over Perth Northwestern Suburbs. The pilot ( a mate of mine -my gliding instructor at the time) was "matted" by the CO., His protests that he was "under Radar control" didn't quite convince anyone and he ended doing a whole lot of "orderly officer" duties for penance.
  5. ARGGGGGGGGGH! Mach 2 is bringing out an injected 1/72 Britannia kit, Blimmin heck you wouldn't credit it!
  6. Hiya kapitam! The Baron came about from converting the single engine Bonanza, though surprisingly the Beech Twin Bonanza looked nothing like either the Bonanza or the Baron and was a completely different airframe, The Travelair was an intermediate step from the Bonanza - Travelair - Baron metamorphosis, as to the Beech 18, I think it's development stopped there but the cockpit window frames / design seems to be carried over onto the Queenair (which was a development of the Twin Bonanza!) but who knows, I am no expert.. I once made a Bonanza to Baron conversion: in 1/48 scale converted from the minicraft ..V35..jeez that was fun
  7. Hey Pete and thanks guys you know it's a funny thing, this is a pretty shoddy model, scars of it's wounds evident through the paint as well as remnants of the original engraving (cheat lines and registration marks) in the plastic, also the nose was not well done the transition between the plastic and bog being visible in certain light but I have put it in the cabinet and from a metre distance it looks absolutely bloody gorgeous in my eyes ( yeah I know I have a really soft spot for this aeroplane) So I am becoming more and more driven to doing a better detailed job on my remaining Aurora kit complete with interior and scratch built undercarriage ( I am torn here, the aircraft looks far better wheels up and flying than on it's legs) bugger, I might have to find yet another kit so I can do another wheels up and another wheels down! but it has to be the bigger 1/60 one Pete, not the 1/88!
  8. so true! sad innit. Airfix obviously had no regard as to positioning of the stand slot, as you say sometimes you had to haveit the other way for the model to balance.... I miss stands in kits was it Frog that used to have a ball swivel and pose-able stands?
  9. Interesting thought on the stand Tony but I am totally 180 degrees from you here.. my reasoning is that in the old Airfix kits that featured a stand there was always a "transfer" of the model's name that was to be placed on the stand, if the stand was placed the other way you wouldn't be able to read the label... your honour my case rests
  10. Hiya Britman, the model was issued in 2 scales, the larger one (mine) was 1/60 scale, the smaller one was in the vicinity of 1/80 ish, my memory is dim but I think I read it was 1/84? nope found it, it was 1/88
  11. I was 17-ish (65 now!), mad keen on aviation and regularly posted letters to aircraft manufacturers requesting pictures. Those were the days I got loads of the stuff,all of it gone in all my moves through life..except one, this one I kept all these years: Then for years I sought the rare and long out of production Aurora kit (it came in two scales this is the larger one about 1/60 from memory). I then found a kit but also managed to get a "junker" a veritable glue bomb that had been put together using military grade nuclear cement, my attempts to dismantle for a rebuild were almost terminal but I persisted on and off for a couple of years. Now this rebuild is very ordinary, full of flaws and scars, the only modelling of any merit maybe are the home made decals but nevertheless,I still like it, it is going to sit on my desk and gather dust, I am going to excuse all it's faults, for those that are interested the model was modified with a new nose and repositioned maingear to get this trigear super H18 version. I did this one as "proof of concept" besides wanting to resurrect the old junker.. I may now do the same conversion on my "mint" kit, scratch building an undercarriage for a wheels down model...maybe, maybe not
  12. hey vinnie, thanks for comments, the yellow and green areas are all paint, national markings insignias etc are all home made decals cheers wal
  13. Like the Stranraer, I started this one early this year. The kit / aircraft always attracted me since it came out in the 70s but I never picked one up until a bargain offer .. 25 bucks from memory...I couldnt refuse came up at an Expo swap and sell last year. One of the reasons I didnt get one before was that it was a one operator machine.. Japan (though India is getting a few soon) and I just didn't fancy doing one of them. I thought I might try a civil WIFFer but thought that a bit silly and shelved the problem till later, then when in the UK last year the refugee avalanche into Europe with all the associated boat sinkings and drownings were raging headlines, with vision of search aircraft and rescues. Hmmm I thought, here was a job for a capable amphibian! So this Wiffer was born... It took me ages, I spent hours tooling around trying to come up with a believable / appropriate colour scheme and came up with this..I like it. The pics are not great, I will do better after make a stand to pose the model in a flight mode.
  14. I started this one when the civil group build on the Hyperscale Group was mooted early this year. The fact I spent 3 months in England plus it being a difficult (for me) build it took quite a bit of time to plod my way through to finishing it. Matchbox Stranraer kit (which I bought the previous year at an Old Warden Air Show), with home made decals of the early QCA scheme.. This aircraft crashed killing all souls on board, RIP. I have a few bits missing from the kit including an "ADF football" so still a few things to do including fabrication of a stand for it.. I hate flying boats and amphibs on beaching gear etc, either flying or on water for me, no I wont be rigging it, life is too short. I can't believe this thing actually flew, so much aeroplane for so little internal volume!
  15. wow, so I wonder, will it be built, or will it languish on a dusty shelf? If the latter then it might as well be a box full of sprue cuttings