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  1. I started this one when the civil group build on the Hyperscale Group was mooted early this year. The fact I spent 3 months in England plus it being a difficult (for me) build it took quite a bit of time to plod my way through to finishing it. Matchbox Stranraer kit (which I bought the previous year at an Old Warden Air Show), with home made decals of the early QCA scheme.. This aircraft crashed killing all souls on board, RIP. I have a few bits missing from the kit including an "ADF football" so still a few things to do including fabrication of a stand for it.. I hate flying boats and amphibs on beaching gear etc, either flying or on water for me, no I wont be rigging it, life is too short. I can't believe this thing actually flew, so much aeroplane for so little internal volume!
  2. wow, so I wonder, will it be built, or will it languish on a dusty shelf? If the latter then it might as well be a box full of sprue cuttings
  3. hi guys, I didnt realise this was still getting some attention.. hiya buspropfan.. that is a vexing question, how much to offer. Of course what makes it hard is the rarity of the item and its perceived collector value. When I go looking for something like this, I think how much do I want it? how good a kit is it and how hard would it be to make up into a reasonable model? Then I have an inbuilt aversion to buying anything more than $100 AUD but that figure has crept up of late with the CPI to about $120 LOL. With mainstream kits you can get a reasonable feel of the market value looking at ebay With vacuforms there is too little data to make a reasonable assessment. So it is really up to you to determine how much you want the item and how much you are prepared to pay. With me I personally don't hold to "collector" value, if I have a kit I am not going to build it is just a waste of space, not something I hang on to because it is rare, I'd rather move it on to someone who really wants to BUILD iit. Because that is my personal ethos plus my aforementioned in-built $120 choke factor, I have dont have too much problem in talking a price with the desired kit's owner. I was after a Formaplane Hastings kit, these vacuforms are horrible, difficult to build things with very thin brittle plastic, I would not part with more than $40AUD for one no matter how rare the item. But talking about the Britannia, it was one of the better vacforms I have ever built and the finished item does look lovely, I paid $75 USD for the kit plus lots of postage for mine..the cost went to over $110 USD. It was a big gamble for me, it was over my comfort zone price and I had no idea what the quality of the kit was. Looking at it now it was worth every penny to me, hope that helps so, how much do you want it now that you know it is a pretty good buildable vacuform? work out your top price from there and haggle away! good luck.. with good luck you may find a seller / modeller who would rather see the kit built than stored on dusty shelves forever cheers wal
  4. hiya propfan, the yellow is Tamiya Rattle can "Camel Yellow" TS 34 yep that was your kit,, evry much appreciated it was too!
  5. AN-12BK "CAVOK" WIP

    This has been my latest project I have been working on and off for the last coupla months.. Because I required quite a bit of white decalage I got my designs printed by "Dekls" at a very reasonable cost, I need to re-do the decals especially around the emergency exits as the carrier film is way too noticeable (two layers of decal paper white underneath and yellow on top) I also need to put aerials and wires as well as clean and tidy up.. I dont know if I will have time to do this before I leave for the UK in a few days Duxford Air Show next weekend..Whoo Hoo!
  6. AN-12BK "CAVOK" WIP

    Hi Dave, they look familiar ! How do you print the "white" bits? cheers wal
  7. AN-12BK "CAVOK" WIP

    Hello evert, this is my third Roden kit, I have built the 1/48 Turbo Porter and the T-28 Trojan, the AN12 is the nicest and goes together pretty well, the engine nacelle to wing interface is the only problematic area
  8. When I saw a picture of UR-CKL of "CAVOK" air I just had to build one, I bought a Roden 1/72 kit at Duxford last year for this project. I hope to finish this before I leave for the UK again in 3 weeks. I designed the required decals and because white is required I am getting them printed for me by "DEKLS"
  9. Some mods to civvie-fy it, need to redesign the fin decal, the rego is too high up the fin
  10. OINK! gotta get me one of those!
  11. Roden T-28 Trojan 1/48

    hi gang, yes I think I will hit it with a bit of flat to knock out those glossy highlights and see if I can find the right size star and bar to put over the top..I think the decal sheet has a a couple of extra for use on another scheme Regarding the Roden kit,lots of fiddly little bits with lots of inconvenient sprue attachment points that need cleaning up, the kit doesnt actually fit together all that well and I had trouble with primer and paint sticking to the plastic even after washing it with detergent and metho,, there was no obvious sign of greasieness or mold release so I have no idea. If you are building it strongly recommend you get a replacement metal nosewheel leg, you need a ton of lead up front and the kit leg is very fragile also if you mount the leg correctly the model takes a pronounced nose down sit, I had to cheat and mount the leg almost flush with the fuselage bottom to get it to sit correctly cheers wal
  12. Roden T-28 Trojan 1/48

    Thanks, but not really... I cheated its a home made decal
  13. Not my usual "fayre". Dunno whether to weather, hit it with semi gloss or flat or just leave it as it is so I am calling it done for now. It was a bit of a wall flower, being built slowly or ignored amongst my other projects (consequently I have a few bits left over Ooops) aftermarket decals, you know I like my models colourful! pity the white of the decals is a bit on the translucent side My second Roden kit, don't like them much I have one left to build, an Antonov Cub.
  14. Neptune P2V question

    I just found this thread, that "Turtle" is my model! No longer on the shelf,she is in pieces in "reclamation" box awaiting a refurb!
  15. Viscount Help 700/800 specs...

    The cockpit framing on the "clear" part has overly thick, incorrectly shaped framing. In 1:1 sale the windows would be recessed by about a foot I reckon I f you wanted to retain transparent windows you would have to sand down the frames and polish the part. As mine was already glued in and the model already primed I elected to fill the recessed windows, mask off a more correct frame pattern and painted the windows