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  1. Kurt Wolff's Dr.I - colors and camouflage querries

    Thank You for the clarification. Does this mean this pale turquoise was an overall color, with green streaks added to top and side surfaces?
  2. Kurt Wolff's Dr.I - colors and camouflage querries

    One more question about the camouflage, because I keep coming up across conflicting data. What was the base color for upper camouflage (under the green streaks) - sand (i.e. unpainted fabric?) or light blue?
  3. Kurt Wolff's Dr.I - colors and camouflage querries

    Thanks for the info, Paul. I am not building the Eduard model, but refurbishing my father's already-built Dr.I from Revell in 1/28th. 102/17 were the spare decals donated from a fellow modeller (who will do the other one from his box - Richthofen's all-red mount)
  4. Kurt Wolff's Dr.I - colors and camouflage querries

    Thanks for the info. Where is this quote from?
  5. Hello, I would like to hear Your opinions on the accuracy of this profile from Eduard instructions. The drawing depicts Kurt Wolff's Dr.I No.102/17: How accurate is the depiction of red nose and wheel hubs, and was it possible at any given time during Wolff's use of this machine? How and where was the "streaky" camouflage applied (i.e. at the factory or at the front? Thanks in advance.
  6. Worst model quality?

    Just a bit of related humor... Stole this from somewhere (not my creation )
  7. Worst model quality?

    Not much rotters to share, since I often find myself chiseling through a short-run kit. But I do find it odd that You had the problem with the entire kit, not just the canopy, which most people report as an appallingly bad part of an otherwise well cast and detailed kit. IMHO, and from personal experience (I have built the same kit with no problems whatsoever apart the canopy), You might have just got a later batch of plastic, when molds got worn out. Mine was crisp as Hasegawa offerings (probably an example from the start of production).
  8. I personally know the author, and I have seen some of the effort that has gone into this book (the plans, for example, were re-sent to the drafter a couple of times for revision, until every minute detail was done right.) Also, I have purchased the book, and it is obvious that this was a bit of a "passion project" for the author, shown in the thoroughness of his research. Highly recommended!
  9. Thank You, Kari, for the detailed explanation. Your explanation firmly puts it into the TDxxx range, which is more than enough to reduce the mistake. Also, the photo gingerbob shared clearly shows the "'Polly Gray'" emblem and (probbably) a dark blue spinner - two reasons I got interested in this machine in the first place.
  10. Thanks for the links and explanation. Could we make a "guess-timate" of the production block this bubble-top from the photo was part of?
  11. Hello, I am keen on building this particular machine - an Mk.XVI, RK840 of 322 Squadron RAF (Dutch). So far, all I have are decal instructions (which state that the appearance, i.e. the profile below, is a probable reconstruction), (img source: Wings Palette) And this CMR kit review at Hyperscale with a bit of machine's history. I would like to ask You for help on these two querries: Are there any period photos to confirm this profile and the decal instructions? Could the accurate shade of blue color used on the spinner be confirmed? Thanks in advance. Aleksandar
  12. Super rare, both as an actual aircraft and as a model. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Pair of P-47s

    No problem mate, glad to see spares I never would have used on a nice model like Yours. Thanks to You too for helping me source a very rare Spitfire Mk.XII by Xtrakit, I've been working on and off on it for some time with no major problems so far. BTW, what silver did You use for the "Balls Out" ?
  14. To stencil, or not to stencil? - Two NMF Spits

    Thanks. That clears the dilemma with the Israeli. Also, thanks to others for suggestions for the MJ250, I might apply just the most important stencils at the end!
  15. Hello, I am building these two spits, both NMF (Camouflage has been stripped down) Were the stencils re-applied after paint removal, i.e. should I apply them on my models? Thanks