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  1. Very successful model, i like the subtle exhaust stains behind the superchargers. I have noticed that the first picture of Your models always has a gray scale behind the model. Could You tell me it's purpose? Regards, Aleksandar
  2. Vol 2 All the Spitfire questions here

    Hello, Another one for the Spitfire buffs and aficionados: When was the ventral signal light (between flaps) deleted in Spitfire production? Was it the same time the upper tear-drop bulb (behind the antenna mast) was deleted? Restored examples make no sense of this, since this Mk.XVIe has it: While this one doesn't (?)
  3. Nice job so far. I suggest avoiding the smallest crystals (i.e. the powder), since it can be difficult to remove from the surface, which causes a "sandpaper" looking surface on the finished model in "salted" areas. Regards, Aleksandar
  4. Hello, Looking at the few photos of 91st (“Nigeria”) Squadron available to me, I can see no “Nigeria” nose inscription on either Mk.XII. But I see it sporadically present on finished Mk.XII models in various scales. Was there a rule to this?
  5. Clipped-wing Spitfire navigation lights?

    Thanks for the drawings, very concise! Looking at the photos, it seems that the shape also varied in section. Aleksandar
  6. Hello, Looking at some Clipped-wing Spitfire photos, I have noticed an oddity: Mk.V (both "b" and "c" wing) photos clearly show small nav lights at wingtip ends: img source: Britmodeller "Spitfire Questions" topic img source: Spitfire Site "Supermarine Spitfire Variants" So do the Mk.IX/XVI examples with the "e" type clipped wing: img source: DCG Forum But in photos of Mk.XII vesrion, the lights are clearly missing Img source: World war photos Does this mean they were over-painted on Mk.XIIs, or they just straight-up flew without them (which I thought was not allowed by the regulations)?
  7. Airfix 2018

    Hello, Since I haven't been able to "google it out", Would anyone please share a list of Airfix kits that have been tooled using 3D scan of the real thing (so far)?
  8. Spitfire PR Mk.IV Trop (BS491) questions

    Thanks, Bob. Does this mean no IFF wires leading to horizontal stabilizer?
  9. Spitfire Mk.XVI Bubbletop (TB675) questions

    Thanks for the links, very interesting to see that M. Lind's son is active here. However, one thing struck me as odd: He wrote "Also I think the spinner was Black and White, not Red and White", and everyone just accepted this at face value. What I mean by this is that colors of the spinner is not something high in a list of priorities a pilot would recollect when telling war stories to someone. Having said that, it does seem more likely, as a white stripe is easier to add to an already black spinner, rather than messing around with complete repaint in red during wartime (having supposed this was done during wartime, of course).
  10. P-40 rare color factory photos

    Agree to that. But there's one more question which bugs most P-40 builds: "what colour should I paint the "US ARMY" inscription on my P-40", as it could be Black or Insignia Blue. Seems that Black is the way, at least for P-40B/C models...
  11. Spitfire PR Mk.IV Trop (BS491) questions

    Thank You for Your opinion, Dennis. My guess also leans towards PRU Blue, but I can see the logic in supposing a darker blue - the s/n is lighter than the background, which is unusual for PRU blue machines (they usually had those in black). Aleksandar
  12. Hello, I have been musing with starting a Mk.XVI Spitfire, namely "Rongotea" - s/n TB675 used by No. 485 Sqn RNZAF at Lind (Germany) in 1945. I have some questions regarding this particular bird: What were the colors of the spinner? I have seen all possible combinations of red (or black) with white (or yellow) so far. Was this bird used operationally with this colorful spinner and all the emblems? Please take a look at photos I have managed to find (below), and give me any opinion on these matters? source: Key Publishing Ltd Aviation Forums
  13. Hello, I have been musing with starting a Mk.IV Spitfire, namely BS491 used by No. 542 Sqn RAF at Gibraltar in 1943. I have some questions regarding this particular bird: What would be different inside from standard Mk.I/Mk.V cockpit Wing reinforcement strips - use them or remove them from kit? Antennae wires - which ones to use, if any? The mast is clearly visible on photos Kit instructions suggest it was overall PRU blue, while "On Target Profile No.8 - Photo recce Spitfires" states it was an "Unidentified Dark blue, possibly Dark Mediterranean blue"? Please take a look at photos I have managed to find (below), and give me any opinion on these matters? source: Site du 350ieme Squadron
  14. Me 262 A1, Revell 1/72 scale

    A quick note in advance: Use white glue or Blu-Tack for fixing the lead wights. If You use super-glue it will oxydize over time, expand, and split the model in two. http://www.ratomodeling.com/articles/lead_ca/lead_ca.html
  15. Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Ia in foreign service

    Another foreign "almost" operator was the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Having successfully obtained some early Hurricane Mk.Is (as well as licence to produce them locally), the same order was places for the Spitfire. Due to worsening situation in Europe, this was rejected. However, Serbian company Lift Here makes a "what-if" set of fictitious decals for the Spit Mk.I, as well as some other unrealized orders: https://lifthereserbia.wordpress.com/2010/06/27/717-lh-so-what-unreal-yugoslav-fighters-part-1-in-172/ Regards, Aleksandar