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  1. Hello Well some rough number extracted from recent publications on mig-21 theme say: 21f13 - around 300 frames ('62-'65) 21pf - around 260 frames ('64-'65) 21pfm - around 750 frames ('66-'69) 21m - around 530 frames ('68-'71) 21mf - around 850 frames ('71-'74) 21mt - 15 frames ('71) 21u - around 250 frames ('64-'68) 21fl - built at Gorky, assembled at Moscow, around 230 frames Of course almost all for export (to Warsaw pact or other friendly countries) btw Gorky is No.21 (type error I guess). And all 21bis are from No.21. regards
  2. Undercarriage cavity something close to RAL1015. They are still capable to carry all MiG-21bis/UM weapon load. But as they primary role is air-policing, they are more likely to be caught on photo with r-60m In this video You can see UM with rocket pods. Also regardind, ModelMaker decals, I think that grey of their rhomboids is not exact match (too light) to real color and dimensions of roundels/numbers are not soo accurate...
  3. @Paul OK, Paul I respect Your cutting edge inks. As I said, for this print that I post in example I used Epson L365 with original Epson ink provided in printer pack (it is ciss printer) and original Testors paper. Regarding no name paper I admit Your suggestion about low quality. Original Testors paper is also in low quality category? What paper do You suggest? I think that problem is most likely in ink, because I printed before on other Canon and Epson printers, on both before mentioned papers, and got satisfying results. Unfortunately, I don't plan to use other than original inks for 365, because printer is under guarantee. Thank You
  4. Regarding origin resolution, it is vector drawing so there should be no problems with resolution. I tried all printer setting combination that Epson printing software have - photo/glossy paper, plane paper, high quality, medium quality... and result is same. Ink just doesn't spread evenly. In high quality settings printer uses more ink but result is same. All other printing (text documents, photos, etc...) on this printer (Epson L365) is OK.
  5. Hello I would also join to this topic with one question about custom decal print. I tried to print some decal art designed in Corel on Testors decal paper and some no name paper (both for inkjet printer) with Epson L365. Problem is same with all combination of printer settings - ink doesn't adhere/spread to paper evenly, but sets up in "little drops" . Anyone knows the solution?
  6. Please, could You tell us what are worst features on Mig-21UM by Trumpeter that made it caricature?
  7. Just be careful when applying Croatian roundels on their orientation. Use photos of real aircraft not instruction pictures.
  8. Hello I think that MF didn't have square canopy. MiG-21bis had change in front canopy shape (from round to square) during some period in 1979/80. Best regards
  9. Just one/two warning regarding AML colour/marking sheet: - There is no checkerboard marking on left upper wing section. Military aircraft marking rules proscribed by ZNDH (NDH) in 1941. (that were on power until 1945.) - rules are cited in Frka, Novak, Pogacic book. - Existing photos of 3504 depict it with overpainted yellow tactical markings (yellow surfaces - back fuselage, uderwing tips). In summer of 1944. Luftwaffe command brought order to repaint yellow tactical markings on all aircraft on this area (Croatia) including aircraft under ZNDH command. There is no evidence if this cowling symbol (devil/goat) and yellow tactical markings coexisted (as depicted in AML sheet) before above mentioned order. And just one off topic regarding Macchi 202: This is photo from old Croatian newspaper in WWII time that depicts one of that "Croatian" Macchi's and where actual Luftwaffe markings are visible: http://postimg.cc/image/3ltdib5th/ So as You can see those were Luftwaffe aircraft with Croat volunteer pilots.
  10. As far as I know there are only that two color images of aircraft with unknown symbol on cowling and nobody knows what that should represent (some form of devil, male goat ...) or are there any more of them on other fiats. Photos are taken in autumn 1944. As you can see, yellow tactical surfaces (fuselage band and underwing tips) were overpainted with some greyish color. In that period came order to repaint all yellow surfaces because of visibility/camouflage problems. This is profile from the Frka, Novak , Pogacic book about ZNDH: If you don't wish to bother with look of that mysterious fuselage symbol - you have option with symbol of 1st Airbase on cowling (drawing of Sisak fort) or variant as they were freshly delivered from Italy (plane green-gray with only Croatian markings checkerboard). Also from Frka, Novak , Pogacic book about ZNDH: Depend of aircraft some have checkerboard without border line (3504), some with black (3505) and some with red. Some photos from some Italian publication (I found it on web, so can not cite author/publication): You also have few photos in Frka, Novak , Pogacic book about ZNDH and one new publication from a group of authors "100 years of military aviation on Croatian ground" .
  11. Of course. From ZNDH Bf-109 best covered with reference material is "black 4", beside it you also have "black 10". From Italian aircraft You have Avia fl.3, Fiat g.50, Saiman 200, sm 79. I would help as much as I can if You stick with Croatia theme. Well, some authors like to copy some ideas that have very poor basis in history facts and so on ... It is interesting that all published photos don't show markings clearly - probably Croat pilots/staff intentionally blocked view on them while taking photos. For balkenkreuze and swastika there are photographic evidence (there are also some unpulished photos). After all those were airplanes in Luftwaffe ownership flown by Croat legionaries.
  12. Hello I have to correct You. ZNDH didn't have Macchi, so there is no red/white checkerboard shield in six positions on any Macchi. Macchi were under direct luftwaffe command but were flown by Croatian pilots that served in luftwaffe ( remanents of Croatian legion - volunteers that served in German luftwaffe) and were stationed on few airfields in Croatia. They all had luftwaffe markings - balkenkreuze, swastika. Also, some time ago one photo is published (in Croatian history magazine) that might ease your problems with camouflage pattern : http://s21.postimg.cc/b0eo3cebb/Macchi_mc13.jpg Macchi with camouflage pattern similar to one, I think, had Poindinger Macchi
  13. Then I must post one that I took: This is photo from August 2014., Zemunik Airbase - you may say fresh from overhaul in Odessa. This version is with mat finish. Before overhaul, it had (semi)gloss finish.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwedQaJDzMU#t=48
  15. Hello If anyone from this forum lives really close to this institution or often visits it, please, contact me on PM. I need some help with ORB of 24 Sqnd RAF. Just to look through few months ORB from 1949. and copy one page. ORB for 24. Sqn from 1945. until 1950. are not available on-line nor I can find their reference number in catalog of TNA (for copy service). Details on PM. Best regards, Marin
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