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  1. Looks nice- bit late for me as mine is as constructed as the photo and has the base colours on but the expensive RS kit is crying out for some extra detail as its pretty basic, plus fettling the rear windows to the fuselage erased that circular panel for me ( had to replace with thin plastic card). The Yahu etched instrument panel is very nice however and probably easier to use as a pre painted one piece drop fit than the panel in this set ( and its cheap too).
  2. Early bath for a Buccaneer ;)

    That treatment works for resin, not so sure its a good idea for Polystyrene. May be a plastics scientist around on the site who would know, but I don't think plastic has memory like resin. it would probably just warp or melt with too much heat. Be better to add tabs from plastic card on the joint lines and then once assembled they will add strength to the joints against any strain from the " warp". You could always add some epoxy on the inside of any visible seams to add a bit more long term strength.
  3. IPMS Avon Show - Sunday 13 August 2017, Thornbury

    What I think we do " miss" is a Trader selling resin/etch/white metal for the Aircraft modeller. We had a good selection of aftermarket accessories for diorama, ships, war gaming and some armour on sale this year , but since MDC stopped selling at shows and the great ED models ceased, there seem to be very few traders out there who stock such items for aircraft who are trading on the show circuit. I don't know our number of visitors yet, but suspect it was up from the previous year and with 3 halls full of clubs of avid modelmakers with full wallets I would have thought someone like Hannants would do as well as I assume they do at Cosford. I really wanted some etch and metal U/C but will either have to mail order or wait for Telford. Got plenty of great tools , paints and stuff like that though. I really wanted a full set of the new metallics on sale from model innovations but by the time I got time off from the Tombola to buy they had sold out.
  4. IPMS Avon Show - Sunday 13 August 2017, Thornbury

    Thanks for the feedback - I thought the bacon rolls pretty decent for the money. I had at least 3 rashers in mine ! I too noticed the toilet floor. It was I think due to the paper wipes running out and the ineffectiveness of the hand dryer. Most people were then just shaking their wet hands on the way to the door. We can ask the Centre to address that for next time. At least it meant people were washing their hands!
  5. sunken plane wreck on Palau identification?

    Tell you what- as a qualified diver - I'll go and look if you guys pay?
  6. IPMS Avon Show - Sunday 13 August 2017, Thornbury

    Sorry - have checked and we are full up now in all 3 halls. Last space went just yesterday. Hope you can make it next year though. More the merrier!
  7. IPMS Avon Show - Sunday 13 August 2017, Thornbury

    Suspect it could be too late, however we often have last minute changes so if you could and want to make it this year- PM me youe details - I will ask Gary our show manager if he has space
  8. Hurricane rag wing

    I looked when the new Hurricane was released and could not find one so had to build my CA example instead. The only wings out there ( MDC & Heritage aviation) are for the old Airfix kit with completely different engineering of the wing to fuselage join. I think they would be quite hard to make for the new kit as they would likely have to either replicate the kit parts in upper and lower halves and be highly accurate in that respect to accommodate all the internal spars of the new kit, or attempt to mould all that high relief detail in the wheel wells in resin so you could chop the kit spars off level with the wing roots. Seems strange that Airfix don't capitalise on sales of the new kits by releasing a rag wing ( surely could have been included in the same mould when tooled but blanked off). Same goes for the Spitfire- why not mould the Mk VC wing in the same tooling and release both Vb & Vc?
  9. IPMS Avon Show - Sunday 13 August 2017, Thornbury

    Yes, and my apologies for misleading you re Tescos. I stupidly looked at Saturday hours not the actual day of our show ...DOH!!!
  10. IPMS Avon Show - Sunday 13 August 2017, Thornbury

    the Lincombe Barn wargaming club will be running a bring and buy but we don't object to under the table sales as long as they do not block walkways and gangways. There is a café on site ( there are 2) . As far as I know, they should be open in the morning - will try to find out from what time - the year that they didn't open during set up was a regrettable mistake by the centres catering manager! For those who turn up horribly early before we have even opened the doors - Tesco next door is open from 6am https://www.tesco.com/store-locator/uk/?bID=3299. There are also coffee shops such as Coffee # 1 in Thornbury itself open from 8am.
  11. IPMS Avon Show - Sunday 13 August 2017, Thornbury

    Yes, us too and nearly there now. Mammoth set up of all three halls on Saturday first and hopefully the weather will remain with the "fair" outlook on the Sunday ( especially for our brave car park volunteers like Nick) !
  12. Things going goofy after recent update

    a) Everything has an ugly horizontal stretch on my monitor. I too had this but was easily fixed by a tip further down this forum - scroll to bottom of the page, find the " theme " button, click the down arrow and select " default". You should then see the width of the page on one screen ( at least on a laptop anyway).
  13. My BM has gone wonky

    well done that man- fixed my problem too - I also had the " widescreen " view!
  14. Hmm, that's a bit better than previously found at approx. £48 , but that's without any possible import costs ( Ukraine is not fully in the EU) and even then £48 for a relatively small 1/48th kit that I have aa " build whim" for is quite an investment. I know the relative arguments for costs such as "try playing golf etc" but it feels a lot. Having said that I paid nearly that much for the Pilot Replicas Tunnan. Oh for the days when I was paid regular bonuses.....Thanks for finding this one though.
  15. Techniques for all black aircraft?

    another technique is not to use pure black but add some brown to black, or use one of the very dark greys ( tyre black, RLM 66) with touches of black added . That will allow you some leeway for tonal variations. For a mosquito, the advice to look at photos is sound since the construction of the Mossie was so different to many other aircraft of the period.