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  1. Be nice to get it in 1/48th first - talking to my local friendly model shop manager today it's looking unlikely that Santa will be able to bring my 2 down the chimney.
  2. French Walrus - painted aluminium?

    Thanks Christian - Hannants here I come...
  3. French Walrus - painted aluminium?

    If I can complete my new Airfix Walrus with decent enough joints, I'm sorely tempted by Xtradecals "Walrus part 2" X48176 to build the French or maybe Argentinian example ( I'd then of course " have" to buy another to build in Wartime camouflage). Given the contact with salt water I assume these were painted with an aluminium paint? Were the interiors the same as UK ones in interior green?
  4. Airfix 2018

    Well, the guy from Airfix did also show during his presentation that one of their research sources when deciding what to produce were the modelling forums..... just see what one casual remark about a trip to Seattle has provoked
  5. Airfix 2018

    OK, back on topic. I and some of my colleagues from IPMS Avon were fortunate to be invited to attend a lecture at University of West of England by Simon Owen ( Lead researcher at Airfix). No surprise he could not tell us what they are researching currently for release in 2019 - its roughly a 2 year cycle from decision to final release - but good news there already! He did say he had just returned from Seattle but said it wasn't a B29! It seems that new kits are definitely already in the pipeline beyond those we already know about.
  6. They do indeed, although I found the seam lines to be more annoying in the exhaust end of the engines with my 28P build. The intake bullets hid the view " down the throat" quite well.
  7. Fairey Swordfish.

    And if you are building in 1/48th, MDC produce one in resin that is a drop fit.
  8. PZL P-11g Kobuz

    That stbd view looks to be an exhaust stub coming from the collector ring but much shorter than the picture of the port side ( which looks similar to a Blenheim exhaust ), and seems to exit outwards at 90 degrees with an oval exhaust outlet.
  9. Plastic Winter Bratislava - November 25, 2017 (Pictures)

    Oooh, I do like that 2CV- thanks for sharing
  10. Tank Museum

    E mail arrived from Oliver for IPMS Avon. Good news. Now all we need to do is see if we can cover the both days.
  11. Tank Museum

    Interesting - I have not seen it yet. 2 tables is as per Cosford and perfectly acceptable although I still wonder how viable this is as a 2 days show for the average club member- suspect you can see everything including the museum exhibits in one day. Is the email from Oliver the show liason? I emailed him re Avon deciding not to attend on a chargeable basis.
  12. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    Trouble with Telford is that its so big it's easy to walk past stuff and not see it. I've found before having been around all 3 halls several times on Saturday, I then spot a stand on Sunday I had yet to see! One trader was selling MRP paint, but only had a very limited range of colours there for sale. SBS and RB tools were selling riveting tools but not specifically the " Rosie" ( which I was also looking for).
  13. Airfix 2018

    I spoke to one of the Airfix team- apparently a new designer- he has been there 3 months. Took the opportunity to mention awkward ejector pin marks, but he suggested that they were getting the 3 kits outr oin time for Christmas as revenue was important, and then the strategy was to release at intervals and not to have the great " surprises" so expect something around Fathers Day, Easter, etc.. That way we know what is coming and when, so we can be ready to buy it , and that should smooth their revenue flow too.
  14. Too good to be true?

    Were these the same guys demonstrating by spraying plastic spoons " live" at Telford last year? From Italy?
  15. Question about aftermarket for Airfix 1/48 Spitfire Mk. Vb

    I liked the trick for the U/C in the linked build. Looked fairly simple to achieve. I had thought about similar as I regularly snap U/C locating lugs and pin them with rod or wire, but the use of contrail tubing to temporarily fix the legs for accurate drilling was inspired