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  1. Hawker Sea Fury FB11

    From Airfix . I wrote to them pointing out the flaw in my tailfin. I should be OK fixing mine with a little Milliput but my point was trying to let them know they need to really fix their QC or ruin the reputation. Got this response quite quickly so if seriously flawed suspect you will soon be able to get a replacement part, and hopefully the moulding company will be forced by Airfix to get their fingers out for future runs. Dear Sir Thank you for your email and I am sorry for your inconvenience. I have checked our stock of this and I have found a small number of these with the short tail fin as you have described and we are now getting replacement parts to cover this for the customers that need it. We are also following this up with the manufacturing to ensure that this does not happen again Regards Nicholas Coles
  2. Same as the Firebar then! I managed to misread the instructions and close up the jet pipes before I installed the rear of the engines . Had to razor saw them apart !
  3. also further down on page 5 here
  4. go take a look on Rumourmonger section - big thread there.
  5. The Sea Fury rumour thread 2

    I hope you are returning it to the seller? Unless Airfix get a truckload of rejects back from the trade they have no impetus to force the injection moulders to up the QC ( well save reputational damage from internet discussion - and lets remember those of us who frequent forums are not the majority ).
  6. Under fuselage lamps on F7F tigercat?

    Many thanks to both of you. I'll use Gunze clear colours over the silver I dropped into the recesses I drilled. Should hopefully look correct. As you say, there are so many fantastic reference shots in the walk arounds we can now find for free on line, but also some key details often missed for modellers with tantalising shots just missing the area we want. I even watched some you tube videos of flight displays of Tigercats in case the underside was visible in some flypasts!
  7. Hi, am building the AMT F-7FN Tigercat and it looks to have three engraved circles under the rear fuselage which look suspiciously like they may be representing coloured ident lamps found on other aircraft of the era. I've looked at many many online walkaround sources and cannot see any shots taken direct underneath that show them. Wondering if they are lamps ( there are no clear parts or reference to them in the instructions) and if so what colours they would be?
  8. The Sea Fury rumour thread 2

    Oooh not sure I could wait until the weekend. Luckily mine is not in front of me yet else my day job could suffer badly.
  9. Invasion stripes, any pointers?

    I spray mine but this would also work for brush painting ( but use very thin coats to avoid build up of a ridge in the paint). Most difficult part is getting parallel stripes on a tapering fuselage ( like a Spitfire). I usually paint the stripes before the camouflage. I start with a pair of dividers and mark out the front and back edge of the whole set of stripes making a tiny mark with the point of the dividers. I then repeat using various points on the kit such as a panel line that is a constant reference point to the top , side and bottom of the fuselage, so that each mark should be in exactly the same place relative to say the cockpit and the tail all the way around the fuselage. I then use the front and back reference points and the dividers to mark where each stripe will start and finish in the same way. I then paint the white area and when dry use very thin ( 1-2mm) strips of Tamiya to mark the front and back of each white stripe using the little marks to ensure the tape is parallel around the circumference of the fuselage. I then fill in the gap with maskol or scrap tape. Then paint the black and once dry cover the lot and paint the rest of the aircraft. Hopefully when you remove the masks you have nice parallel B & W stripes.
  10. A crew of us from IPMS Avon attended a recent lecture from the head of research at Airfix, and he brought an example of these resin models along. They are made up from the early CAD images of layer upon layer of a special type of resin which melts at quite a low temperature. He explained its used quite early in the design process. I would not base much opinion of the final kit on that resin block model.
  11. Definitely not short run if like their Firebar. I would say that the design might use more parts to achieve the complex shapes than perhaps a manufacturer like Tamiya would , but the fit of parts is excellent with small sprue gates and very little fettling required for a good build. As others have said, little from the aftermarket yet, particularly seats , but I found it easy enough to add straps and cushions from lead foil and spare etch.
  12. Four Brewster Buffalo's

    I have trashed at last one of these kits. PM me your address. If I can find the canopies they are yours. I also think I have decals from the USN pre war boxing . Not sure how good they are but if they look useable you can have them too. Will be away this weekend but if you can wait a couple of days....
  13. Hawker Hunter F6.

    apart from the cockpit issues already mentioned, the wheels are too small ( addressed by your resin wheels). You didn't say whose rsin cockpit you have, I used the Neomega one and it was a drop fit with no interference to anything else. The tailplanes can be moved by a mm ( I didn't bother). Far biggest issue is fitting the wings on this kit. Well known but the engine and intake parts seem to interfere with the wing fit, pushing one side or the other out if alignment. Careful fettling of the interior of the wing area where the intakes sit can help with this. I also followed advise to fit the wings to the fuselage half first, then join the fuselage halves. Pretty trouble free after that. Looks like a Hunter to me ( but I will be buying an Airfix one)!
  14. Bf 109G-6 Juutilainen

    could you make them up using Techmods generic serials and markings? http://www.techmod.pl/aviation-72/72130-finnish-air-force-swastikas-1934-45
  15. Scale ModelWorld 2017 Pictures

    Great to see all those clubs and sigs with smiling faces and full tables. Pretty much what makes SMW for me! Thanks.