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  1. Tempted, tempted and bought!
  2. Can't seem to find anyone in the UK selling these? Those on E Bay or Overseas suppliers seem really expensive for a small 1/48th model- close to or over £60 in most cases. Even allowing for relatively small production run that feels "too much" for what's in the box. Much as I like the look of this kit I find my desire lessening a tad due to the prices.
  3. Hi Kotey, what I meant was the Zvezda kit covers versions not used in Finland - wondered if you knew if they were releasing new versions ( or a Pe-3).
  4. Is there a 1/48th kit out there for the Finnish markings on that sheet?
  5. Not aware of an acrylic match for that, but my local shop ( Antics of Bristol) stocks Vallejo Model Color paints. 70.844 deep sky blue or 70.963 medium blue seem to be a good base to mix from either adding light grey or black to brighten/darken. Mixing the 2 together also comes close.
  6. You could try an overall wash of burnt umber oil paint mixed with lighter fluid or other thinner. Wipe off once dry and then gently dry brush the raised areas with a lighter colour of the base shades.
  7. Tan Model - released an F-84 as their first model. Have a look on this Rumourmonger forum- think there is a thread on the Buccaneer planned release.
  8. May help, although not the 1/72nd kit but for the 1/48th Bf-109e, the struts were fractionally too long. I sanded the mating faces down at both ends which took the tension out of the fit between the 90 degree angle. I think if the much smaller 1/72 kit has the same issue the tension would be enough to snap the part. Even in 1/48th th softer " blue" plastic used on some Airfix kits, especially those with the thicker attachment points ( they are getting better with experience I think), the parts can snap easily. I use a very fine razor saw ( the JLC one- see " little Cars/modelling tools on this site) to remove the thicker attachment points. These saws are as thin as a razor blade and reduce any stress on the part. Still takes planning which attachment point or part of the sprue can tension or stress the part and remove in the best order to avoid snapping.
  9. Can recommend those decals. Apply beautifully. I've built the white one, am summing up courage to build and paint the camouflaged one. My freehand airbrush skills not quite there yet! Am practicing on a Caudron 714 in Finnish markings for now....
  10. Oven cleaners and other cleaning products can remove acrylic paints well. I note that you are in the USA so product names will likely be different but in the UK, Mr Muscle and Fairy Power Spray work very well.
  11. That's frustrating. Its getting harder and harder to run a show nowadays. Even if you pay for special liability insurances, the cost of increasing policy cover to protect against cancellation and loss of earnings can be prohibitive. We end up having to ensure back to back cancellation with suppliers ( chairs, tables etc) to ensure the club wouldn't be bankrupted by a loss of venue.
  12. Quite fancy one of these. Anyone know who might stock them in the UK? Hannants shows Mars Models in their catalogue but not showing this one as a future release.
  13. Another vote for Mr Color metallic paints. You can "scrub" them on with an old paintbrush and the finish is as good as Alclad. A little goes a long way and much easier on a small area that you need on your F4 than a spray can. Quite widely available in the UK now.
  14. You didn't say if you are spraying or brush painting. If spraying , a second vote for the Mr Paint range. If you cannot get Mr Color locally or in the UK, its is usually readily available on E bay from Hong King. I have bought it that way many times now, almost completely replacing my enamel paint ranges. The pigments are very fine although you will need to thin Mr Color for spraying. Both dry extremely quickly. They are lacquers so suggest a mask and spray booth. If painting by brush, then Xtracrylics from Hannants or Vallejo ( maybe from Parabellum in Birmingham) would be a good way to go.
  15. Well mine finally arrived on the slow boat from Lucky Model ( yeah I know- cheapskate). Looks very nice in the box. I've got a couple to finish in the line up before I start building, so has anyone heard of any plans ( firm or otherwise) for updates? I know the SAC landing gear is out already but that's just a straight copy in metal and not sure its needed as the kit parts look robust and easy enough to remove from the sprues. In fact the intelligent placement of sprue connections and lack of injector marks in awkward places are a stand out example for me with this kit. Was thinking more of the seats which although nicely moulded in 5 pieces lack any belts and the like, and I do like resin ones with the belts moulded in place ( lazy me) . Not sure if this is best posted here or in the Rumourmonger section. Hopefully the Mods will advise if wrong.