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  1. Could be a while before Airfix tool a Mk IV though ( if ever) . Look how long the new Hurricane has been out and no rag wing one yet. I recall building my CA Mk I and it wasn't too hard. Biggest issue was grinding off the huge pour stubs on the U/C bays. Later kits have smaller pour stubs. The Glazing was a little trying too, but overall it was one of the better limited run kits I have built.
  2. Yes! Finally. Having already built the CA Mk I In Finnish markings I will happily buy this and build another. Well done Airfix.
  3. Hobbyboss wildcat 1/48th scale

    I have this reference data from an article by Bruce Archer on Hyperscale that may help. Wildcats- Martlet I: will take quite a bit of work, moving guns, and the cyclone engine Martlet II (Serials AM954-AM963): these were F4F-3s, which were, re-designated Mk.IIIs. Use the Hobby Boss F4F-3 (early) with the F4F-3 (late) canopy. Martlet II (serial AM964 –AM999) : These were F4F-4As, and did not have the carb scoop nor the intercooler scoops. Use the Tamiya or Hobby Boss F4F-4, with the scoops removed. Additionally, there was one other feature of these; these had an unique pitot which was above the wing on the port side, near the aileron. Martlet II ( serials AJ100-AJ153): These had the scoops deleted (carb and intercooler) but had the standard F4F-4 pitot. Martlet III: These were the ex-Greek order a/c and were F4F-3A a/c. So they lacked the intercooler scoops. Use the F4F-3 (early) with the F4F-3 (late) canopy from Hobby Boss. Martlet IV: A F4F-4B, Cyclone powered, Need to change the entire nose. Wildcat V: This was a FM-1. Use the Hobby Boss FM-1 Wildcat VI: A FM-1. Though Hobby Boss has a FM-2, it has the wrong cowl. Use the Sword kit, or combine the Sword and Hobby Boss FM-2s. Bruce Archer View Member Profile Add as Friend Send Message Find Member's Topics Find Member's Posts Hi! Here is a quick run down of the Martlet/Kit to use.. Martlet I- Needs major work. Need to change the locations of the two guns in each wing, need need shaped cowl which is shorter, and need to lengthen forward fuselage. There may be a conversion set coming. Martlet II- First ten use the Hobby Boss F4F-3 (late)with the F4F-3 (early) cowl, as these were F4F-3s AJ series Mk.II- Use the Hobby Boss or Tamiya F4F-4, remove the carb scoop and intercooler scoops. These also had a unique pitot on the upper port wing AM series Mk.II- Use the Hobby Boss or Tamiya F4F-4, remove the carb intake and intercooler scoops, and these had the standard F4F-4 Pitot Martlet III-ex-Mk.II these were standard F4F-3, use the Hiobby Boss F4F-3 (late), with the F4F-3 (early) cowl ex-Greek these were F4F-3Bs,use the Hobby Boss F4F-3 (early) with the F4F-3 late windscreen, or the Hobby Boss F4F-3 (late)with the F4F-3 (early) cowl, remove the intercooler scoops Martlet IV- as per the Martlet I Martlet V- Use the Hobby Boss FM-1 as is Martlet VI- The Sword kit is the closest to the actual aircraft, and the Hobby Boss kit has the wrong cowl. Perhaps a combo of the two? Or wait as there is a new conversion set coming... I do hope this helps. Go here to the article I wrote about the Wildcat in FAA service. It has a lot of the info you are looking for. http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/wildcatfaaba_1.htm Bruce
  4. Hobbyboss wildcat 1/48th scale

    What sort of updates are you thinking of? The kit itself is relatively new and quite nicely detailed. The Wildcat / Martlet can be a bit of a minefield with folding or no folding wings, 4or 6 guns, different cowls etc!
  5. Antenna masts

    Personally I have yet to see Aerial masts in aftermarket. What I have done in the past is squash some metal tubing ( eg Albion alloys) and then file to shape. You can place a piece of wire inside the tube before you squash it so you have a locating pin.
  6. Is anyone home at Whirlybird Models?

    web site looks a bit dated as it mentions SMW 2016. I'm fairly sure they were trading a the Cosford show back in April. Thinks its a small concern, maybe a one man band. Have you tried the phone number on the website? Probably the most foolproof way f finding if they are still there.
  7. AIRFIX 1/48 Supermarine Walrus Mk.I Released

    Hope this sells really well for them and gives them a welcome cash injection. I'm definitely up for one of these.
  8. Oooh - do you know if they will be there with the 1/48th versions for sale? I want one but would like the chance t save over £10 shipping fees.
  9. Anyone know a way of getting in touch with Mars Models other than Facebook? I wonder if they have either a) a UK source ( Hannants are not stocking these in 1/48th and not listing it as future in 1/72), or b they were maybe coming to Telford ( or someone who stocks their models are)?
  10. 1/48 SAAB J 29 by Pilot Replicas

    Particularly since I sold my CA Sea Venom and Vampire on the strength of the Tunnan.....
  11. 1/48 SAAB J 29 by Pilot Replicas

    But that would involve keeping up the website and presumably paying for it despite not being able to use it for selling product. Thankful they plan to keep going. I am looking forward to the Vampire.
  12. Almost no detail on the Swordfish wing fold, but there isn't on the real thing either. Not a great picture but you will see what I mean. The Tamiya kit is spot on here.
  13. Yes, they did. Written by Geoff Coughlin. I have not seen it in the flesh however to vouch for it or not. There are plenty of build reviews on line though. I've now built 3 one with floats, one fully extended, one fully folded and one with one wing in, the other out. The only really tricky parts I found were making sure not paint is on the fuselage frames where they fit as the tolerances are tight, the risk of breaking the lewis gun mount ( several times), and also, when building wings folded, it was better to rig with the folded wing in place. Although tricky, the weight of the wing hanging on the spar can flex the structure making pre applied rigging bend. If you only glue one end, the other end can float avoiding the issue.
  14. The Tamiya Swordfish is not an easy build as its complex, but if you follow the instructions and clean up sprue attachments points, the fit is the usual exemplary Tamiya. The wingfold is very easy to build as Tamiya provide separate parts for folded and open options. If you buy the photo etched set, the rigging slots into place ( with patience). No stretching sprue or nylon thread on this one ( unless you choose to add the rudder control wires yourself). As others have said, the Tamiya Corsair is another beauty with an easy wingfold. I think for a RN aircraft you may need to just shorten the wingtips with sanding, or otherwise build a NZ aircraft- there are plenty of decal options of those. The Airfix Seafire XVII mentioned is a real gem. I enjoyed that one so much I bought and built another one so I could have one folded up and the other open winged. There are options to build earlier Seafires but you will need one of the aftermarket sets from the likes of Airwaves or MDC ( not always in production but maybe E Bay).
  15. Thanks Bjorn, your photo shows them exactly. I painted mine last night just in case so now I can colour wash them ready for fitting.