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  1. Hi Tom - have you tried Starling Models? They stock Black Cat. I only ordered direct this time because I needed 4 of the depth charge rails and they were currently out of stock.
  2. Hi Tom, According to the book mentioned above, the Captain Class Frigates kept the 1.1" AA gun ( despite it's shortcomings) for most of the war. Some were retrofitted with Bofors as they became available but as far as I can ascertain HSM Rupert didn't.
  3. I have the first book and the anatomy of the ship - the first book is a great read given my Grandad dies when I was a baby so I never has the chance to hear of his experiences in Rupert.
  4. Cheers Ant , my order is going in tonight. I'll be getting the Oerlikons, the 3 inch guns, the 4 barrelled 1.1 inch AA gun , the hedgehog, and probably also the depth charge throwers and rails too. I have the boats from WEM. Going to be a tidy bill but these do seem impressive and good value with the numbers in the pack. I'm on a days holiday today and given I have lost 2 PE parts already from a 1/48th Devastator due to "tweezer ping" so I think these are the way to go for me!
  5. Thanks Michal, that's really helpful and has convinced me to part with some cash with Black Cat! I'm not sure I would enjoy the volume of etched brass in that Five Star set - far too many opportunities to destroy PE or glue it to my fingers. I enjoyed reading through your linked build too. This is getting dangerous, with 120 " must build" unbuilt 1/48th aircraft stashed in my attic, but ship modelling is piquing my interest a great deal.....
  6. Hi, I am usually building 1/48th aircraft but recently bought the Trumpeter Buckley Class destroyer kit with the aim of building HMS Rupert, the Captain Class Frigate my Grandfather served on. to give to my Dad. This is likely to be a one off build for me unless I get the " ship bug" so I bought the WEM brass fret as I definitely want to add railings and the like. I'm OK with etched brass, and have a proper folding tool already but the Oerlikons and the like look a little daunting, and also a little 2D, so I've been looking at the 3D printed Black cat range. Has anyone used these in 1/350
  7. Fortunately I made it to the dispersal hut at Filton first on several trips so never decorated the interior in that shade.....
  8. Basically you have to hold the wings in place in the folded position whilst at the same time positioning the wing strut perfectly into 2 holes. Given glue in all three positions, and the strut is " under" the folded wing so partially out of view it is tricky. I used superglue on the strut held in place using curved tweezers, with accelerator applied from a paintbrush held in my teeth, whilst holding the wing in place with the other hand. I'm sure there may be a better way.....here is the finished article- you can see the number of hinges on the wing fold that you need to align and can just
  9. Definitely Airfix, but if you build it with the wings folded you need to grow an extra hand or have a dextrous mouth! I also added the Neomega cockpit which is stunning in detail and fits without too much effort.
  10. Not sure where to post this as it is kind of about modelling. In this weekends "i" newspaper , Al Murray, aka the Pub Landlord has this weeks guest editorial . At the end the section always says what the writer has been reading, watching and doing. Seems Al is a " born again" modeller during lockdown - making aircraft and armour and by the sounds of thoroughly enjoying re visiting a childhood hobby.
  11. That wing root fillet is exactly the same as the one on the Trumpeter Mig -15 UTI that I am building at the moment.
  12. Not sure. I was at Telford last year and overheard a conversation between a red shirted Airfix employee and someone on one of the Eastern European manufacturers stand (AZ I think) stand - which was generally about cooperating on releases. Did surprise me after seeing the Airfix documentary on TV where they clearly worked to release a new train under the Hornby brand before a smaller manufacturer did, effectively squashing their smaller competitors target market. Nothing wrong in that per se- it's just business, but perhaps different in the plastic model marketplace where volumes are maybe l
  13. I think that's because the built up example is not very built and the photo's are not that sharp either. As already mentioned it's very much like the level of detail of the Trumpeter kit, perhaps without the engine , frame and other rear end internals since, as I did not spot earlier in the thread, the fuselage is full length each side).
  14. Not long after the announcement of this and other kits to follow the Tunnan, the manufacturer went in to a kind of hibernation period. I believe this was something in addition to their full time work ( or something like hat). Only recently they seem to have started releasing earlier kits again so we can perhaps hope they may still get around to this one and the promised Vampire too.
  15. Doh! How did I miss that? You are right, certainly the Trumpeter one I am building has the joint to display the engine ( and as someone has already commented, what a pain that joint was - as are most of the other ones in that kit).
  16. I am building the Trumpeter Mig 15 UTI at present and looking at the sprue images, particularly the lower port wing, all the engraved detail is identical. The upper wing also has one moulded fence and a slot and tab for the other. The moulding of the wing attachment on the fuselage also looks identical. Looks very much like a re box in that case.
  17. I have the Air Collection injected kit and the vac form Karo kit as I had the thought of using the resin details from the latter in the former. Even looking in the box though it's a project I have put off many times! Would be nice to get a nice detailed injected kit of this aircraft.
  18. Well if they do mould all that it will certainly be more detailed than the RS kit. Still be a pig to paint in that French mottle though!
  19. You could always ask for peoples unused ones. I never use mine as all my aircraft are built wheels down so have currently just given all of them away to someone who will use them but there must be others here like me who would rather see them used than go to landfill.
  20. Oh I do so hope for a decent injected Ouragan in 1/48th. Am struggling my way through the JGMT resin kit at the moment with Jonners build on here my inspiration to keep going and not consign it to the bin.
  21. Not sure of the squadron , but this picture came up several times when I googles the 601 squadron in the Western Desert. It looks like Azure blue U/legs and covers. https://www.browntroutuk.com/2018/07/25/imperial-war-museum-spitfires-2019-square-wall-calendar/
  22. If you have access to an airbrush, I start with Alclad steel, then exhaust manifold, then maybe burnt iron, or pale burnt metal misted on. All dry in seconds. There is also a sepia and blue shade, both translucent that can work if used carefully. I then gloss, add a burnt umber wash , matt coat and then dry brush. Not a Spit or Hurricane but a recent build using this process: https://ipmsavon.org.uk/build-page.php?page_id=118#296-2
  23. Early days but if they mould to those rendered images, the Dora wings kit will have more detail. The RS is quite simple, very much like an early limited run kit ( think Classic Airframes without the resin). Mine has built up nicely so far, but has stalled with my first attempts to spray the multi colour camouflage. I did add the Yahu instrument panel which does jazz up the interior nicely.
  24. Have you considered replacing the whole seat?- lots of belts on a Mk 4. The Neomega seat is nice in 1/48th, I have used them on both my builds. Also available in your scale of 1/72 for not much money. https://www.neomega-resin.com/mkiv-239-p.asp
  25. Hi, does anyone know if Iraqi Mig 19's ( and 17's) were stencilled and if so, in Russian, English or Arabic? Not too many pictures came up in a Google search and what O could find were either too distant, or restored museum examples with no stencils visible. Thanks. Found the answer on a Linden Hills decal sheet- if stencils were added they were in English
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