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  1. I think the only lithium battery in the Yeti is in the boot light that doubles up as a removable torch
  2. Hamex Kit swap and 2018 shows...

    I didn't spend quite as much as last year, but I came away with a nice Valom Marauder, a book and a pair of Hase Raidens, so can't complain The highlight of the day was when I was getting ready to leave the house in the morning. My wife asked me if I had any cash with me. I said 'No, I'm going to get some at a cash point on the way there' to which she replied 'There's £20 in my purse. If you take that, you won't need to go to the cash point'. And then we just kind of stared at one another.
  3. Bureaucracy gone mad.

  4. Flying Bottom lets rip

    I took my son to see Airlander earlier this year. Entry to the airfield would involve hopping over a gate - hardly difficult for the earnest yokel. Anyway, my son developed a minor obsession with Airlander and was in tears when this popped up on the local BBC news programme. I had to write a pretend email to Hybrid Air Vehicles instructing them to fix it pronto and also disable the device that deflates the thing in case of emergencies!
  5. Airfix 2018

    + how many bricks and mortar stores are selling Airfix kits compared to 7-8 years ago? With Modelzone gone, there are far fewer outlets to catch the eye of the casual buyer. I don't think it's a coincidence that the decline at Horby started around the time of Modelzone's collapse. It's like the business has been cut off at the knees and all of the problems that could be safely ignored while sales were good have been magnified by the fact that it is getting more difficult to shift boxes
  6. Now who needs 1:48 when you can build as well as this? Absolutely superb
  7. 1/76 T-34 in the snow

    Nice work The figure is particularly excellent.
  8. That looks excellent, and far more successful than my one and only foray into the world of modelling with resin.
  9. I think what Mike means is that it's not based on a Tiguan/Golf/whatever, but they share a common platform. It's a detailed - possibly even pedantic - point but technically correct. Most cars today share a common platform, from the Fiat Panda/500/Ford Ka to the Volvo V40/Ford Focus to Audi Q7/Bentley Bentayga. You can still swap all sorts of parts around on VAG cars because of the commonality under the skin. Want a Yeti with better cornering? Fit the ARB from a Audi Q3. The Yeti in the video I posted above has a five pot engine from an Audi TT (and a turbo the size of a dustbin).
  10. I forgot to mention - @Gorby if you have any questions about the Yeti, do let me know.
  11. Well @Gorby, I for one think you have excellent taste. But then I am a little biased. This is mine: In all seriousness, the Yeti is a great allrounder. As others have pointed out, it has Golf underpinnings and you benefit from a lot of features that many rivals don't have, such as independent rear suspension and great handling. The passenger seats are superb as they can be folded, slid forward, back, sideways or even removed completely, turning the thing into a van. I'm assuming you have the 1.2 TSI 110 engine. I wasn't sure about this engine at first. Having driven the old 1.2 TSI 105, I felt that newer generation 110 was sluggish around town. It has really grown on me, however, and the extra torque means you can charge through the gears pretty quickly. The car has so many hidden features and quality touches too. It really is an awful lot of car for the money and although the styling is marmite, at least it doesn't have the school run image of a lot of its rivals. A word to the wise: if you do invest in a spare you will also need a new polystyrene insert for the boot or it won't fit. A Yeti equipped with a factory fitted spare has a different boot storage system and a higher boot floor, so you lose quite a bit of space. Oh yeah, the Yeti is fast around a track too. Arial Atom? Pfffff!
  12. Airfix 2018

    I'd love to work on the Airfix stand at Telford, just to mess with everyone's heads. First punter: Blenheim Mk IV? No, we're definitely stopping at the Mk I. Next punter: Blenheim Mk IV? Yes, definitely. In fact the tooling already exists. Next punter: 1:48 Short Sturgeon? No mate, but we're thinking about doing it in 1:24. You just watch this space! Next punter: No mate, we're going to stop doing kits and go back to plastic combs. etc. etc.
  13. HA-1112 M-1L Buchón 'Ejercito del Aire' 1:72 Special Hobby The Hispano Aviación HA-1112 was a licence-built version of the Messerschmitt Bf 109, manufactured in Spain but fitted with a variety of different powerplants. The M1L was the final variant of the type and was named Buchón (Rock Dove). It was fitted with the Rolls Royce Merlin V12 and Rotol propeller, both readily available from UK postwar surplus. The new engine further altered the appearance of the HA-1112, giving it a prominent chin intake. Although hopelessly outdated at the time of its introduction into service in the mid-1950s, the Buchón was considered to be perfectly adequate for its intended role helping to police Spanish territories in Africa. The availability of the anachronistic Buchón was a boon for postwar film makers, who were famously able to use it in place of the Bf 109 in films such as Battle or Britain and Dunkirk. This is a re-release of Special Hobby's Buchón, which first saw the light of day in 2014. The package is identical to that release, right down to the marking options. The kit comprises two sprues of light grey plastic, a small fret of photo etched parts and resin engine exhausts and gun barrels. The cockpit is classic Special Hobby in that it's a mixed media affair, with plastic parts for the main structures and photo etched details for the seat harnesses, rudder pedals and various sidewall details. The overall effect should look great, particularly given the cockpit canopy is moulded as a single part. Once complete, the cockpit can be sandwiched between the fuselage halves and the upper and lower cowling fixed in place. The latter part includes a photo etched part for the engine air intake grille. In common with most kits of this type, the lower wing is moulded as a single span, with separate upper wing halves. Some basic structural details are moulded onto the inner face of the upper wing, but keen modellers will want to add more detail to this area. The landing gear legs themselves are nice, with photo etched torque links adding a little touch of finesse. The underwing radiators are particularly good, with photo etched parts and the ability to finish them in open or closed position. Ordnance comprises a drop tank and a pair of rockets, while finishing touches such as the gun barrels and exhausts are finished in resin or, in the case of the wings fences, photo etched brass. The decal sheet provides for three options: HA-1112 M1L (C4K-9) Buchón, 71-5, nicknamed Mapi, 71. escuadrón, Gupo de Caza 7, Los Rodeos airfield, Tenérife, Canary Islands, 1958. This aircraft is finished in dark green and dark olive over light blue/grey. HA-1112 M1L (C.4K-12) Buchón , 71-11, nicknamed Checa, 71. escuadrón, Gupo de Caza 7, Los Rodeos airfield, Tenérife, Canary Islands, 1958. This aircraft is finished in an attractive overall blue scheme. HA-1112 M1L (C4K-104) Buchón, 36-407, 364. Escuadron, El Aaiun airbase, Spanish Sahara, 1963. This aircraft is finished in silver over blue. Conclusion Special Hobby's Buchón is a nice little kit, and popular too judging by the speed with which it has been reissued. Construction looks straightforward, but some experience with photo etch might be helpful as quite a lot of what is provided is essential to the construction of the model. Overall, this is a nice kit an can be highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  14. 1/72 Amodel Yak-9U

    Excellent work Roman. Amodel kits are not easy!
  15. The Holy Grail the Mecca of model shops.

    I'm sure I remember reading some recollections on here from people that had run ins with the owner over perceived slights. They were quite amusing, but led one to conclude that he might be a couple of turnips short of a full allotment.