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  1. Thanks everyone for comments, glad you like them! Winenut: good luck with yours, pretty cool scheme too:-) cheers Libor
  2. Thanks gents for kind comments! Jean: yes, I can confirm that. I only replaced the RP's as they looked a bit crude. Troy: thanks pointing this out, I'm aware about that. I simply followed the DP Casper instructions without too much stress. Cheers Libor
  3. Dear fellow modellers, this is batch of my latest additions built for the upcoming title "Suez Crisis, Empire's End" in the Valiant Wings Extra series. While the Xtrakit Meteor F Mk.8 and Hobbyboss FGA.6 were easy affairs built mostly OOB, the "Cub Special" was pretty involving conversion project using KP J-3/L-18C kits to get something near to PA-11-90 model. More details follow in the book which is due April 2017. Cheers Libor
  4. Hi Bill, thanks! :-) The SH Stuka is pretty good, some extra work was needed on details and surface, but nothing exceptional. Cheers Libor
  5. Brengun 1/72 A-36 Apache.
  6. Thanks mates! Cheers, Libor
  7. No, they will switch now to a complete different airframe, to be announced at N├╝rnberg fairs...
  8. Thanks everyone for comments! Natter: glad you like the book, many thanks for kind feedback! Cheers Libor
  9. Hi folks, this is the Vautour IIN no.67 nicknamed "Cyclon" built in his late-carrier guise. The Azur kit is quite complex with lot of filling and trial fitting, but I enjoyed it anyway as the result is an unique monster within my collection. Built out of the box with addition of Kora resin drop tanks (I guess Special Hobby includes them now as well). Painted with Gunze Aqueous as per instructions. Cheers Libor
  10. Thank you gents! Cheers Libor
  11. Thanks chaps, appreciated, glad you like them. Cheers! Libor
  12. Hi folks, my modelling output last year in pictures, 20 pcs in total. All in 1/72 scale:-) Cheers Libor
  13. Cheers gents! The canopies actually required carefull fitting and also some filling around them, so they needed to be restored with fine polishing and a coat of Future. Steve: no problem Steve, just let me know when needed, I may have more on this topic. Best wishes for 2017 to everyone! Libor
  14. Thanks chaps, glad you like them! Mike: got it to the stock recently, but it will follow later on... Done with Fokkers for the time being:-) Cheers Libor
  15. Hello fellow modellers, this is a couple of Finnish D.XXI's of the Wasp Junior powered 4th version, built with earlier slot-less (FR-125) and later slotted wing (FR-129). The Special Hobby kit needed some extra work to adress too short cowling, which was extended by 1.5mm thick strip and the fabric on the landing flaps was sanded down as these were all-metal. Otherwise, pretty nice build with just few adders here and there, especially around the engine and in the cokcpit. The FR-125 markings for 2/LLV 30 machine depicting it in early July 1941 as flown by T.Mattila came from the box, while the markings for FR-129 representing mount of the most succesfull pilot of the Wasp powered D.XXI , V.Karu (6 kills), was assembled of decals coming from Stratus book on Finish AF, and partially from the kit. Public thanks must go to Kari Stenman for his invaluable help with the markings of the latter kit. Cheers Libor