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  1. Thanks mates! 😁 Cheers Libor
  2. Thanks for comments chaps and wish everyone Merry Christmas! Cheers Libor
  3. Hi fellow modellers, one of my last builds this year, the Eduard 'Wurger'. Opted the markings for one of the best Austrian pilots, Walter Nowotny, who flew this machine on autumn 1943 on the eastern front. Cheers Libor
  4. The F/L is different tooling (short-run), it is on the market for couple of years now.
  5. Thanks everyone for comments, glad you like these colours too! Mitch K: personally speaking yes, for me the best metal wing Mk.I. There kit lacks detail in some areas and the fabric's sag on the fuselage is a bit overdone, bit really nothing that bothers me that much. Really can't understand why Airfix haven't come with theirs... Cheers Libor
  6. Hi folks, this is yet another addition to my growing Romanian AF collection. The Hasegawa kit was built OOB and the markings are combination of fabulous Radu B. decals and my own masks. Hurricane No.7 of Escadrila 53 was flown by Andrei Radulescu who claimed 3 kills (I-153) on 30 June 1941. After the initial campaign on the eastern front the remaining Romanian Hurricanes were sent for overhaul and were no longer used in the first line due to lack od spares and to avoid mistakes for AA gunners with Soviet Hurricanes. Cheers Libor
  7. P-51D Mustang 1/72 Hasegawa

    Thanks mates once again for kind comments! Cheers Libor
  8. P-51D Mustang 1/72 Hasegawa

    Thanks for comments gents! Roman: yes, Rosie the Riveter raged again:-) Regarding the book AIR WAR OVER ITALY is available for couple of months now . See you! Bruce: good question:-), just two weeks ago I finished first part of my display cases exchange for new ones, custom made based on my own design. See below. Cheers Libor
  9. Hi folks, this is another quick addition to my IAF collection, the old 'n' good Hasegawa kit built OOB except CMK resin wheels and an ordnance taken from my spares box. The decals for 105.sq. machine from Operation 'Kadesh' comes from DP Casper sheet. Cheers Libor
  10. IAR-80 1/72 A-Model

    Thanks again, gents! Roman: good luck then! :-) Don't forget to arm yourself with good references, I can recommend either of Radu Brinzan books. See you in BA soon! :-) Cheers Libor
  11. IAR-80 1/72 A-Model

    Thanks for comments lads, much appreciated! Steve: don't worry, such a struggler won't sell out quickly:-) Hope Trumpy may scale it down one day... Courageous: it's Gunze H24 Orange Yellow applied on light grey Surfacer. In reality it has a slight orange tint in it, but the photo-lights suppressed this effect a bit. Cheers Libor
  12. Hi fellow modellers, this is one of my long term projects I recently got finished. Whilst the original kit is pretty spot on as far as the main airframe specifics are concerned, the mouldings suffered from poor moulding quality. That means I completely reworked the surface, rescribed the panel lines and added the rivets. Most of details as cockpit, engine, canopy, undercarriage etc. were scratch built or heavily modified. The decals come from fabulous Radu B. decal sheet and since I was building one of the earlier machines with 4-guns wing, I opted for "42" which wore the unit score. Flown in August 1941 on Eastern Front by Escadrila 42/52, Grupul 5 Vanatoare. Cheers Libor
  13. Thanks everyone for kind comments, glad you like her! Turbofan: yes, that one is in the pipeline, got it to my stash recently. Threadbear: yes, it must be laborious both for crew and passengers. The flight was routed over Berlin-Copenhagen-Shannon (stop over)-Gander (stop over)- Havana, in total 9721 km and with good weather the total flight time was just about 24 hours. Eric Mc: right, that was quite unusual at that times. Anyway, renting those planes from Fidel's comrades seemed to be politically acceptable :-) Mike: I share your enthusiast about these airliners, they are a sort of Aston Martin amongst the planes. Build wise, no major issues, just the engine nacelles did not fit well to the wing's counterparts and needed little filler. But the fit of the large parts was very good. Cheers Libor
  14. Hi folks, a little change in my usual portfolio as do not often build airliners, but this one nicely fits to my Czechoslovak / Czech aviation collection. The Roden kit is pretty good, some fiddling and filling was required just around the engine nacelles. The decal are from BOA Agency for OK-MBA, one of two ex-Cubana machines rented by CSA in 1960's for connection between Prague and Havana (operated with stop overs in Ireland and Canada), until the arrival of Il-62. Cheers Libor [
  15. Nice looking Mossie, good job Roman! Cheers Libor