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  1. Definitely. There are plenty of great details inside and out, it builds easily and looks the part. There are some minor things to address as petit sink marks or incomplete wheels tread pattern, but nothing difficult to cope with.
  2. Dear fellow britmodellers, I thought I may share with you my recent build of the Arma Hobby kit. It was built out of box, mainly for review purpose and also to test how it goes together as I expect I'm not the only one who consider to add many of them to the collection. It seems to be finally the right one:-) Cheers, Libor
  3. My baby arrived just in time before Christmas vacation, so it could go straight on my workbench. Thanks Arma! Cheers Libor
  4. Thanks for your kind comments gents, much appreciated! Thanks Mike, but for sure there are better examples out there. For instance this one from my fellow Vladimir Kafka (Airone Hobby), see HERE Actually I already built three Finnish D.XXI's, but I may add another couple as this is my all time favorite type too! Gunze Aqueous H17 Brown, H36 Dark Green and H325 Light Grey with a touch of H70 RLM02 and H318 Radome. Cheers Libor
  5. Roman: you know, each country had its own specifics:-) Luka: those were the lines around the canopy (the folding hatch), on the nose, making a rectangular aperture on the port side and circle one on the starboard, adding filling cap on the noise along with a bulge, from spare etched I added the elevator hinges and maybe others I already forget. Cheers Libor
  6. Hello fellow britmodellers, this is older Special Hobby which still builds very well. I only added few missing panel lines and some other smaller details omitted in the kit. On the 10th May 1940 the '221' was flown by H.Doppenberg who shot down one Bf 109E over the De Koojl airfield, but the machine was destroyed on the ground few days later. The kit was painted with Gunze H colors according to instructions, just the Beige came out little odd on the pictures (it fact it is more greyish). Cheers Libor
  7. Hi Rich, I used the mixture of Gunze Aqueous mentioned in the instructions, but I guess I could add some red to get more pinkish hue. Cheers Libor
  8. Hi folks, this my recent build of the Eduard kit, i.e. reboxed Revell kit with some accessories. While the etched and resin stuff is great, the Revell molds seems to remember the WII and these were of poor quality indeed with many scratches, flash etc., not speaking about triste state of the cleat parts. Therefore my enthusiasm quickly evaporated and I was glad I eventually found enough determination to get the kit off my table. Kit built OOB, only the AIM-9L were replaced with Reskit items, the RBF are Eduard etched and the "FODs" were glued from a paper tissue. Cheers Libor
  9. Hi folks, this time one of my recent quick builds using the Profipack edition. Built OOB, just for the display purpose I acquired LP Model ladder and wheel chocks. Painted with Gunze SM range. Cheers Libor
  10. The point is elsewhere, it is all about how and where they outsource some of the moulds. Usually they are working on projects which were not announced, so some other news will come before the M irage is released. Let’s wait and look forward to news, one of them is coming along shortly.
  11. Hi Giampiero, definitely not, these are completely different airframes. Cheers Libor
  12. I told you but it was known for a halve year or so. Now onto the Special Hobby secret project
  13. Hi David, both are very good, but IMHO, I rate Tamiya higher thanks to better moulding technology, and also some smaller details are sharper. Btw, on this build I replaced the landing gear and wheels with those from Tamiya kit. Cheers Libor
  14. Hi fellow britmodellers, inspired by a quarter scale Eduard VLR Mustang kit, I took the Airfix kit and modified it to one of Iwo Jima machines. Decals came from georgeous DK Decal sheet. The mods featured some scribing, making new antennae masts setup and borrowing the 165 US gal tanks from a P-38 kit along with some scratch building for their sway braces etc. Painted with Mr. Color SM range. Cheers. Libor
  15. Thanks gents, much appreciated! Guided tours? Usually Friday nights.
  16. These are just discs punched from a self-adhesive tape and painted accordingly. Cheers, Libor
  17. To David H: I think I showed it once here on BM, but if you asked:-) Here is part of my display cases some years ago, now they are more crowded... Cheers Libor
  18. Hi fellow britmodellers, this is my recent Airfix Beaufort project that eventually turned up into a minor conversion to Mk.IA version. Whilst most of the alternative parts were already included in the kit, some extra bits had to be added on my own either as scratch built items or aftermarkets, Markings comes from Xtradecal sheet for DD959 of 217.sq and the kit was painted with Gunze Aqueous and AK Real Colors. Cheers Libor
  19. Thanks for comments chaps! I think the all those opinions are exactly what the modelling is all about, does not matter if you are an active modeler or just a psycho nitpicker that never built a kit. Personally, I prefer the 'visual' aspect of the kit hence my preference for Hasegawa kits still prevails. Cheers and take care, Libor
  20. This time the camo was airbrushed via Blu-Tack pieces as I felt the transitions should be more sharper. The paint mixtures were approx 3:1 in favour of the thinner. I use Iwata HP-BH with built-in micro air pressure valve. Thanks for buying those books and I’m glad you like them! Cheers Libor
  21. Hi Mike, I hope so, but it is a question for publisher:-) Thanks everyone for kind comments! Cheers Libor
  22. Hi folks, this is yet another night fighter kit I built this year. Basically, the Hasegawa kit OOB with few extras (OWL decals, AML nose, Airone Hobby fabric masks) and couple of scratch built items (opened canopy and front entry hatch). The MM 850 served with 68.squadron, where its 'B' flight was formed of Czechoslovak airmen. On the night 7th October 1943 the crew P/O Šerhant / F/Sgt Nečas shot down a Do 217 off Yarmouth, while the other crew damaged a Ju 88 few months earlier. Cheers Libor
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