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  1. Revell 1/24 Routemaster Conversion ALM 34B

    I haven't forgotten the build, but things have been too busy to allow much modelling. However, the research has continued regarding the bus I'm depicting in this build and thrown up some new information that has me back at the drawing board. I've discovered that the Purmo heaters (those boxes running alongside either side of the floor with the grilles on top) were only fitted on refurbished buses, and were not fitted to ALM 34B. This is a bit of a headache as these form an integral part of the assembly of the kit with the interior side panels. Also, they are moulded in a sort of N shape, so if you remove the box section, you lose everything. So some scratch building will be needed. Also, as suspected, the seat moquette covered the whole seats on this bus, unlike the kit that has the leather sides to the seats. Of course, the decals only give enough to depict the earlier style of upholstery, so filling in the seat ends and sides with extra moquette pattern should be fun! Stay tuned....I'll be back in the next few days with some progress. Best regards; Steve
  2. I well remember that! This ten year old had the large Corgi version for Christmas (1979 I think, along with a Dinky Eagle Freighter). Absolutely hated the "safety" bar, so borrowed one of my Dad's hacksaws and got rid of it! I can see why it was necessary though, as that Corgi toy became quite dangerous without it! I borrowed my Dad's hacksaw quite a lot as a kid. I remember using it on all of my Mattel Battlestar Galactica ships....couldn't stand the big blocks of plastic with the wheels they added underneath. I suffered from AMS even then! Loving the Thunder! One of the coolest looking 70's Sci Fi ships out there, and they were all pretty cool back then!
  3. Intros that grab you......immediately.

    The box set is certainly worth the money if you like their stuff. Some of the demos of un-released stuff are very good. I think there is a third un-released album too, can't remember the name now as I don't have the box set at hand (Jamming the Broadcast I think). I don't currently have the ability to play CDs at the moment. I'm entirely vinyl and cassette (1985 Technics Z450 system)....what's the fancy picture sleeve album you have? Is it different from the standard album. My album is a promo copy I think. Lightningboy and Lasermonkey: Enjoying the talk about the vintage synths. Not a muso myself, but certainly either a frustrated synth player or drummer!
  4. Intros that grab you......immediately.

    Absolutely! I love the Politics of Dancing album. A vastly underrated band. Don't know if you have it, but if you pop onto Paul Fishman's website, he has a 6 CD boxset on offer that has the Politics album, their second un-released album, a CD of the 12"s, and loads of other un-released stuff, demos etc. It's superb and one for the complete Re-Flex fan. Can't recommend it enough. Edit: It's quite a rarity and only available from Paul at £60. I've seen the odd set on Discogs for £200!
  5. Intros that grab you......immediately.

    Oh yes! Do like a bit of Slowdive! Would have liked to have seen them with The Cure in Hyde Park this year. That's going to be quite a gig!
  6. Intros that grab you......immediately.

    In no particular order, with loads missed out and just what sprang to mind; Sun King - The Cult World Shut Your Mouth - Julian Cope Beat City - The Flowerpot Men Spellbound - Siouxsie and the Banshees What Difference Does It Make - The Smiths New Rose - The Damned Souvenir - OMD Souvlaki Space Station - Slowdive Hitline - Re-Flex Blue Monday - New Order Tie Your Mother Down - Queen Waterfront - Simple Minds Public Image - PIL (It's all about that bass line) Oh, and all the countless classics and loads that didn't immediately spring to mind.
  7. An Airfix classic - Let the Battle begin....

    As already said...good old fashioned, proper modelling! For those so inclined, such as myself, a build like this is so satisfying and rewarding. I can almost feel the urge to try and correct a Starfix kit! Just an aside, this thread had me looking on EvilBay for an Airfix Battle. Practically all the available kits seem to be in the US for some reason! Edit: Whilst on Satan's auction site, I had a quick peek at the Starfix kits. £13.99 for a Starfix Spitfire Mk Ia/IX/XIV Combo or whatever it represents!! They're avin' a Giraffe!
  8. An Airfix classic - Let the Battle begin....

    Amazing work so far! I remember building the Airfix Battle many years ago and quite liking it. I knew the nose and tail was off, but had no idea the rest of the kit was so wonky!
  9. Woohoo! I'm onboard for this one! And yes! I'm still signed up for a Broussard. (Commited as I've bought the decals!) Looking forward to following the progress on "Bruce". Best regards; Steve
  10. Scratch build 1/8 scale trucks.

    Fantastic and life like builds! This is modelling on a Jedi level.
  11. Revell 1/24 Routemaster Conversion ALM 34B

    Thanks Jorgen! That's very helpful. I didn't recall any modifications to the lower floor in your thread, just the upper floor. Felt best to check first though! Best regards; Steve
  12. Revell 1/24 Routemaster Conversion ALM 34B

    Thanks Jorgen! I'm going to be very, very careful with the body sides. I can imagine that this could be the one area that would throw everything off. Although any miscalculation in any area of this build could throw the whole thing off eventually. The conversion of the fixed window looks like fun!! I'll be back soon with the results hopefully. Just a quick question. I remember that your build thread showed that new cut outs have to be made in the sides of the converted upper floor section to accomodate the locating tabs in the side panels. Do new slots need made in the lower floor section too? Best regards; Steve
  13. Revell 1/24 Routemaster Conversion ALM 34B

    Ok! First milestone of the build completed. Using Jorgen's superb guidance, the chassis, floors and all components have been converted. All that was left was to dry fit and see if it all worked. Very happy to report that it all fits like a glove....so I must have done something right! Managed to get the engine glued together too, but I still need to detail it. So, all seems good so far! DSCN0675 DSCN0676 Next step will be tackling the sides of the bodywork. I'm sweating this one already! Stay tuned folks! Best regards; Steve
  14. Revell 1/24 Routemaster Conversion ALM 34B

    In that case, I think I should probably keep my money in my pocket then!
  15. Revell 1/24 Routemaster Conversion ALM 34B

    I had a look on the website today to see how many issues there are, and for some reason, I couldn't find the answer. I had a look here on thread about the Routemaster part build, and it said 130 issues. As you quite rightly say, £1100 is very, very expensive for a model. It does look very nice though. I've never taken the plunge on any of these part works before. Do they have any value once finshed? I really shouldn't think about buying it, but then think of the years I spent far more trying to kill myself with cigarettes until I gave up five years ago. £8.99 a week doesn't seem too bad when I must have spent three times that a week on roll ups. ....but again I think £1100!!! That's a heck of a lot of money for a model.