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  1. ,crunchy Frog, Lark's vomit,
  2. Hi All; Finally picked up this kit after promising it to myself for far too long. A massive amount of plastic for a very reasonable amount of money, so a very happy bunny here. My plan all along was to try and model a Southend Transport Routemaster, which I realised would mean the conversion from the RML. However, I discovered that Southend Transport operated one RML, which I have read was the only one operated outside of London. Great! I'll do that one then...so time to get cracking on the kit. The only thing I can't nail down is the interior. It's a long shot I know, but would the interiors have retained the London Transport colours with the same coloured seats? I did find a photo of a Southend Transport RM being re-sprayed, and this seemed to include the boarding platform, so that's ok. I just have no idea about the rest of the interior! Annoying thing is, is that being a Southend on Sea lad, I travelled on these buses a few times, and I cannot remember the colours inside the bus! Fingers crossed and thanks in advance! Best regards; Steve
  3. Totally agree! Just try watching anything WW2 German related on Youtube, and marvel at the amount of neo-nazis that post in the comments section. I never, ever bother reading the comments on Youtube. It doesn't have to be anything contentious either. My 9 year old daughter posted some video of her favourite toys on Youtube (Littlest Pet Shop something or other), and some of the foul mouthed comments she got from kids her own age was shocking. Honestly, I wonder what the internet has done to the Human race sometimes! Best regards; Steve
  4. I remember reading that Pete Brothers of 32 Squadron used to help his Erks file down the rivet heads on his Hurricane as well as wax the aircraft to try and gain a bit of extra speed. I think he said he gained an extra 5 to 10 mph, which I imagine could be crucial sometimes. This was during the Battle of Britain. I've read of other pilots that would wax shine their aircraft to gain extra speed, so I guess it's also down to the individual airframe. At the end of the day, go with whatever looks good to your eye. It's your hobby and your model.....and welcome back to the fold! Best regards; Steve
  5. tied up with string
  6. Hi Rich; Damn! Those Czech Truck Model sets are what I just bough from Spotmodel. If I had bought them direct, I would have saved a packet! You live and learn! Best regards; Steve
  7. Hi! Thanks for the reply. I was gaining the impression that FG Models had ceased trading going by the lack of info online, so it seems I did miss the boat. I've only just got around to buying the Revell RML, which the plan is, to convert to a Southend Transport RM, so I figured that I would need these wheels. I've also drawn a blank on pretty much any after market for this kit, as the Revell photo etch set also seems long gone. I know the kit has been out for a few years now, but I'm surprised that there doesn't seem to be any aftermarket available at the moment. Might have to be a OOB build. Edit: Brilliant! Just found a load of photo etch on Spotmodel.com. Haven't dealt with them before, but feel a 90 Euro order coming! Best regards; Steve
  8. Hi all; Just a quick question to ask if anyone knows if the 1/24 FG Models resin Routemaster wheels are still available? I've searched around the web and not managed to find anything. Or have I so missed the boat with these wheels, that it's circumnavigated the globe and already come back to port? Thanks in advance; Steve
  9. Just wanted to add my voice to the Mk 1 bodyshell club. I will gladly buy a couple when they're ready. Best regards; Steve
  10. ...Because I woke up this morning feeling a bit funky...
  11. Love it! Fantastic dio! Scrolling through the photos, I actually had to double take the first hut interior shot. I thought it was real! Rivet counter observation? The desk needs an ashtray. Best regards; Steve
  12. Very nice and useful photo there! I'm building the Revell Hurricane as LF363 in this scheme. I like the way you can still make out the GN-A codes from the previous colour scheme.
  13. It certainly was! I cherished the diecast Corgi Batmobile I had as a kid. I spent a week in hospital because of that thing! RIP Adam West. The only true Batman in my books! Best regards; Steve
  14. Easy really. I've been in to drop off subsequent batches and seen my previous batch still sitting behind the counter. Also, with the drop and go service, I top up payment online. Therefore, I have a log of exact date and time that the Post Office processed all of my items, and I can check that online, so they can't hide anything from me. I worked for 17 years with Royal Mail, so know how it works. If you're checking tracking for when the item was processed, the very first date and time will be the moment the item was processed by the counter staff. So with Signed For (Recorded Delivery), there are only two scans. The time it was processed at the Post Office counter, and the time it is delivered. I will say though, I've been using RM for two years business wise, and the service has been absolutely great. I think we've only had a couple of hiccups out of about £14.000 spent on postage a year. Of course, that wasn't what the op's post was about, but there can be many reasons why we don't get our stuff as quickly as we like. I know most people blame the carriers, but I'll wager 90% of the time, it's because the item hasn't been dispatched in the first place! Best regards; Steve
  15. Found an Airfix Beagle Basset and a LS Rothmans Pitts Special at a flea market for a fiver. More than happy with that. Best regards; Steve