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  1. Airfix 2018

    Well, that Trumpeter 1/24 Ju 87A rocked my world! I've often looked at the 87A conversion chapter in the PSL book on the Airfix stuka, but never had the nuts to try it. I don't have to worry now...I can just buy the Trumpeter Anton. Got to love those early Luftwaffe colours. Have the same story here. The mid/late 70s would see me in toy shops and models shops with enough pocket money for either a series one Airfix kit or a purple range Matchbox kit. That was great and always exciting for this nine year old, but my eyes were always fixed on the Airfix 1/24 kits on the top shelf. I so wanted either the Spitfire, Hurricane or 109E, or even better, all three. Never got one though, no matter how much I begged at Christmas or Birthdays. Never mind! So a new 1/24 Airfix Spitfire would make me very happy too!
  2. Airfix Wimpy for 2018

    ....I don't think my heart or wallet could take the strain!
  3. Model Buses, any interest?

    Our two Transit minibuses at RM ended up being bought by our works social club and could be hired for the princely sum of £15 for a weekend. I hired one for a 40's hangar dance at USAF Alconbury in 1992. We filled the bus up, hit the road and had a whale of a time and got disgracefully "faced" on cheap Jack Daniels. It was a £1 a shot, and our very generous US hosts were practically serving up half a pint of the stuff at a time. As a consequence, not one of us was sober enough to drive home...so ten of us ended up sleeping it off over night in our ex RM Transit minibus. Oh! The hangover the next day was monumental! Best regards; Steve
  4. Model Buses, any interest?

    Well, if it ever comes to fruition, I'll certainly buy a couple. I drove a few Mk 2 Transit minibuses with Royal Mail back in the late 80's, so I would have to have a couple in the collection. Best regards; Steve
  5. Model Buses, any interest?

    Excuse me a mo while I pop on my disguise... ... ...There! That's better! As a closet bus fancier myself, I'm always keen to hear of any new possibilities in the market. I do have a little collection if die casts in 1/76 (nice, but too small) and if I'm building, then I tend to gravitate to 1/24 scale. I agree that it is maybe too large a scale for keeping the costs of conversion kits etc down, but if it's a subject I want, then the cash comes out. I do like the idea of a Bedford conversion, and any bits for the Revell Routemaster would always be welcome. I would love an Atlantean or a Fleetline...but I suspect the cost would be huge I guess. Bit of a curve ball, but how about a minibus conversion for the Italeri Transit? Just a thought. I'll try and brainstorm some more ideas and report back... Best regrards; Steve
  6. Matchbox II GB Chat

    Thanks Anil! I'll keep an eye on the for sale section next week. eBay is a ok for a guide, but not always realistic. I've been collecting catalogues for 15 - 20 years now, and some of the eBay prices are a bit silly...hence the reason I haven't picked up a better 77 catalogue yet. They all come along at the right price eventually. ( I do have a 77, but it's a bit dog eared...always looking to get better copies ) For Matchbox catalogues, depending on condition, £5 to £10 is a more realistic price...anything over £12 to £15 and it won't sell. "Proper" trade catalogues are a different matter entirely. Best regards; Steve
  7. Matchbox II GB Chat

    I'd happily throw some money your way for one of those catalogues. The 77 edition is the only one I'm missing! Best regards; Steve
  8. Airfix 2018

    I gathered all the plans for a 1/24 Siskin....If you ever need a set just shout! I would still love a new 1/24 Spit Mk I. Imagine if it was up to the standard of the Typhoon? I know you'd buy one! Agreed on the EE Lightning!
  9. Airfix 2018

    As much as I love the Siskin, I couldn't see Airfix chancing a 1/24 version! However, the Gladiator could be a hope as they did nearly develop one way back, but the Fw-190 won the toss. No more Spitfires? How many 1/24 Spitfires have Airfix done? The Mk I and the essentially same Mk Vb are very nearly 50 years old. As much as I love the old kit and am happy to scratch build the heck out of it to bring it up to date, they need replacing. A new 1/24 Spitfire from Airfix would be a very sensible choice, probably a Mk IX, but even a new Mk Ia would be fantastic. If they did a Mk XIV, I'd have their babies! I love 1/24 (hence the reason I'm all over the new Trumpeter Ju-87A....who'd have thought!) I would take any of the following if Airfix went to 1/24 town with these... Hawker Fury Gloster Gladiator Bristol Blenheim Me 262 Hawker Sea Fury / Tempest F4U-1D Corsair Spitfire Mk XIV Gloster Meteor P-51B Mustang Bristol Fighter Tiger Moth P40E Replacements of existing tools to new standards.. Bf 109E Spitfire Ia Looney tunes, "you're avin a larf" never going to happen subjects I'd love to see in 1/24.. Heinkel 51 AW Siskin Piston Provost Macchi 200 EE Lightning Fiat Cr 42 Fairey Firefly Dh Chipmunk Supermarine S6B Harvard II Seafire 47 Boulton Paul Defiant Don't know where I would put them all though!
  10. 1/72 Aviation Traders ATL-98 Carvair

    I've been wondering about this too! Yes please! I would certainly buy a Carvair conversion for the Revell C-54....especially if in British Air Ferries markings. Any rumours out there?
  11. Dismantling the stash

    I've sold loads of my stash on eBay over the years, and have always found that kits sell consistently well. Even better if you have some "vintage" kits to offload. For some reason, Matchbox kits seem very popular on eBay....I've given up looking for them there as the prices always end up being sky high! It also seems to be fairly hassle free selling models on eBay too, as us modellers mostly tend to be a good bunch and we know exactly what we're buying most of the time. The wife and I also run a full time business on eBay selling jewellery....now that's where all the grief is at!
  12. Revell 2018

    1/32 Dornier 17Z.....go on! You know you want to Revell!
  13. Airfix 2018

    Well, perhaps dozens was a bit over enthusiastic, but I would want a least a couple of each. The Capri and Zephyr are tricky, as the original kits are long gone as the moulds were modified when they were re-released as the Krackle Kat and Night Prowler custom cars. Shame really. Thanks for reminding me about the Lotus Cortina and Renault! Steve
  14. It's comforting to know there are others with a similar take on modelling. Perhaps we should start a club with Tony?
  15. Airfix 2018

    This would cause me a problem. It wouldn't be how many would I buy? More a case of how many wouldn't buy? We do know that a 1/24 Gladiator was considered by Airfix before. Bring it on I say! I would also have the same dilemma with a 1/24 Spitfire XIV.....Oh yes please!! Please let's also have a 1/72 Harvard II... ...And also that 1/48 Hunter. Not my scale, but a total cash cow for Airfix surely? Totally agree with the 1/72 Ju-88A-1. The missing link from their Battle of Britain themed range. A few re-releases wouldn't go amiss. Unlikely I know, but the Shorts Skyvan, Cherokee Arrow, Cessna Bird Dog, Cessna 02 and Dh Beaver would be nice to see again. Oh, and I'll take dozens of the Vauxhall Victor estates, Morris Marinas, Austin Maxis, MG 1100s and Sunbean Rapiers please? If not, I'll buy the moulds of them and knock em' out myself...