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  1. I used to think that too, which is why I ditched all that 1/32 nonsense for 1/24. Looks like I'm going to have to up the macho factor and ditch 1/24 for 1/18. 1/1 here we come!
  2. Agreed! Not many parts for a kit that large, but what a great canvas for going nuts with the super detailing. If I can find one cheap enough, I may crack and buy one.
  3. I still love flicking through my stash of old magazines. Particular favourites were (and are) Plastic Aircraft Models International and Scale Models International. I've tried most of the new magazines, but I just can't help finding the old mags more interesting. To be fair though, my main thing is vintage kits anyway, so the old mags suit me better.
  4. Oh yes! I'm up for several of these! Daft question, but do you have to buy direct or are they available from other stockists. Hannants don't seem to carry Kiwi Resin. Best regards; Steve
  5. Telford Shopping List

    My weak point will be vintage kits on the second hand traders stalls. I can't resist vintage model kits. I've been re-watching the old TV series "Movin' On" on Youtube. I now want the AMT?Matchbox Movin' On Peterbilt again! ...That is unless I end up spending all day drooling over Peter's 1/18th Spitfire XIV.
  6. Airfix 2018

    Dad did have at least one short circuit after owning the Marina. It was a Datsun 280C estate that was enormous, equipped with more luxury than we had ever known, and took up the whole street when he parked it. We felt like royalty for a while.....then he bought the Maxi!
  7. Airfix 2018

    To a large extent I agree, but it didn't stop Airfix re-releasing the Ford Escort Mk 1 or the Viva and Triumph Herald before that. I would love the chance to build these kits, but I would never pay the inflated collectors prices asked for on eBay. I did the same with the Esci Transit Mk 2 for years, until Italeri came up trumps last year with the re-release. I was a happy bunny! Like you, I'd love to build the Marina. My Dad had one too in orange. I used to pretend it was the General Lee and only get in and out of it by climbing through the window. He used to own an orange Maxi as well, so that's another I would like to build. In fact, he owned far too many BL cars for my liking!
  8. Airfix 2018

    Several years ago, I was invited to Margate for the years trade releases. Put up in a hotel for the night, with meal and drinks and off to Hornby the next day to place loads of orders for the year. Mingling with the Airfix guys the night before, I asked Darrell Burge if Airfix would ever re release some of the old classic 1/32 cars such as the Vauxhall Victor estate, Austin Maxi or Morris Marina. I explained how much they fetched on the secondary market and that they would probably sell well, even as a limited release, maybe as a gift set. He felt that there wouldn't be any interest so re-releases would be unlikely. Shame really, as I'm still convinced they would sell again.
  9. Reminds me of when I began subscribing to Aircraft Modelworld when it was first published back in 1984. I was 14 years old at the time. Myself and my best mate, another keen modeller, would often get frustrated at the conversion articles that regularly featured. One that springs to mind was the Nene Lancaster conversion by Brian Monaghan IIRC. It required hacking up two Frog or Novo Gloster E28/39s for the engine nacelles. Bearing in mind that the hobby was at a low point then, and we were 14 with not much money to play with, the prospect of either having two spare E28/39s in the stash was aproximately nil. Likewise, finding old and deleted model kits at that age, unless you had access to model show etc, was almost impossible. Most of the articles were like this, where we would wince at the numerous rare and exotic kits that were hacked up for conversions. "You only need to acquire four engines from two Airfix Bristol Super Freighters for this conversion". Two Airfix Bristol Super Freighters??? At that time, I had never even seen an Airfix Bristol Super Freighter in the flesh! Best regards; Steve
  10. Oh yes! I'm buying this! Love the second colour scheme. Might have to put it on my Christmas list.
  11. Old Airfix B-17 Bit o Lace

    Loving this build thread! Like many others here, I have a soft spot for the Airfix B-17. I remember saving up four weeks pocket money so I could buy one from Owen Wallis in Southend high street. This must have been around 1979 and I got 50p a week then. It was the longest four weeks of my life!! Finally got to the shop and bought the kit, and still had change to buy two tins of Airfix paint. For some inexplicable reason I chose G5 Brunswick Green and G14 Gloss Pale Grey, and still used the "Bit o Lace" decals. Perhaps I didn't like the idea of painting it silver! Once finished, it graced the skies over my bedroom carpet battlefield and won air supremacy for my HO/OO Airfix Allied soldiers until probably being shot down in flames courtesy of a box of Swan Vestas. I've got this kit in the stash....I must build it now! Best regards; Steve
  12. Lancaster PA474 Question

    Thanks all for the information. Very helpful indeed and will now hopefully make for a reasonably accurate 1/72 PA474! Best regards; Steve
  13. Colourcoats....Are they good?

    ...Well, considering you're talking to the Frank Spencer of modelling! Seriously though, I did try the Crescendo out a few years ago and found that it wasn't as disaterous as I thought it would be. I managaed to successfully paint the cockpit of my 1/24 Spitfire and found the whole process a bit of a revelation. My main problem has been the lack of a good working space. We're planning on moving next year, so that should solve my problem. In the meantime, I hope to get started practicing with the airbrush, firstly on paper and plastic card to get used to it all again. I do like using a brush though. I think I've finally mastered it after all these years and get finishes that please me, and that's saying something as I'm my own worst critic. Can't mottle properly with a paint brush though! I'll certainly check out the Youtube videos and let you know how I get on. Must say that I'm appreciating the post sales communication. That's top notch customer service! Best regards; Steve
  14. Colourcoats....Are they good?

    Hi Jamie; Thanks for the reply, and I'm glad to be a new customer! I'm sure I will be back for more as I really like the range....next on the list will no doubt be an Azure Blue. As for the airbrush: Well. I bought a Badger Crescendo waaaaaay back in about 1992. Nice brush (especially for a large scale nut like me) but it's been used exactly once. When I set out to try and tackle air brush painting, I will probably buy another brush and compressor, so I will probably be looking for some recomendations. If I'm absolutely honest, I've been a bit scared to try my airbrush, despite the fact I have everything I need. It's silly really! Best regards; Steve
  15. Colourcoats....Are they good?

    Thanks for the tip Beard! I'll be using my Trumpeter paint stirrer on them....I'll make sure that I fit Duracells in it!