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  1. Oh Goody! I've got several hundred copies of Michael Palin's "Full Circle" to donate, some Jason Donovan CDs, a My Little Pony decorated with felt tip pen and a Tartan drummer girl doll in a plastic tube... ...And the wife can throw in several copies of Fifty Shades of Grey. That will get the shop off and rolling! Best regards; Steve
  2. Hi Paul; Many thanks for posting these! I remember the 1989 show really well. The Sandringham was fantastic, and was that the year Sally B did the flypasts firing lots of blank .50 cal rounds at the Buchon? I hold the Great Warbirds Air Display very close to my heart. The 1983 show was the first proper warbird show that I went to at the age of 13, and despite the awful weather on the Sunday, the show has stuck with me ever since. I was lucky enough to pick up the 83 show poster off of eBay recently. I can't wait to get it framed. The Gary Numan VHS of the show is well worth picking up too! Top memory from the show for me was Stefan Karwowski flying Stephen Grey's Bearcat...a stunning display!! I've currently got a stash of kits that I'm using to build the line up from the 1983 show. The only kit I'm missing is a Fiat G.46....still looking for that one! I've got the ball rolling and recently finished Piston Provost G-AWPH and Stephen Grey's Bearcat. Next in the build pile is John Watt's Pilatus P.2. Thanks again for posting up these you have any photos of the 1983 show? Best regards; Steve PS: "Ding Hao was the OFMCs G-HAEC, which of course ended up in Germany and totaled at Duxford by a Skyraider!
  3. Pah to all three! I'm eagerly awaiting Starfix to upscale their 1/72 Mustang kit...
  4. That's uncanny! I wasn't aware of Matsumoto's "The Cockpit", but I think he stole my idea! When I renovated the kit (possibly sometime in 1986), I had a couple of spare decals from something Warhammer related and though it would look cool to have a skull under the cockpit. I decided to paint the 190 black in 1979 after getting inspiration from a Commando comic. Best regards; Steve
  5. Well remember the first Airfix kit I bought out of my own pocket money. It was the new Focke-Wulf Fw-190D-9 in 1979. I got the kit, a tin of Airfix G2 and G4. glue and a brush and got change out of a pound. I built it that afternoon and painted it gloss black with yellow wing tips. Played with it with my HO/OO soldiers all the following week! This is the original kit that I restored, repainted in the original scheme I painted it in and replaced a few missing bits when I was about 15, so about 6 years later. It's still in one piece!! First kit I had bought for me, Airfix Ford Escort in 1975. Happy days! Best regards; Steve
  6. I was wondering the same thing, and was also in contact before Christmas. I don't think he's been on here for some time. Hope he's ok. Best regards; Steve
  7. ...I think there are prescriptions available for that... Coincidentally, I've been listening to the Blade Runner soundtrack by Vangelis today. Forgot how good it is. Best regards; Steve
  8. I think the Wellesley, Siskin, Lysander and Piston Provost are a few of my favourites, but to be honest, there has hardly been a Matchbox kit that I haven't enjoyed building. I built loads as a kid, and with about 100 in the stash, I still build them whenever I want some AMS free fun. Just finished a couple of Piston Provosts and have the B-17 and Siskin lined up. I honestly believe that if it were not for Matchbox, I may never have heard of the likes of the Wellesley, Siskin, Piston Provost, Heyford etc. I used to build a lot of kits with an equally enthusiastic school friend, and we often used to try and out do each other as far a esoteric subjects were concerned. Matchbox supplied a lot of those kits and I have always admired their brave subject choices...and this 12 year old (in 1981) proved that it wasn't just the older modelling anoraks buying Siskins and Heyfords! Oh! And I loved that Roy Huxley artwork! So Matchbox will always be held dearly by this now older and wider modeller (and I meant wider not wiser!) One thing puzzles. I often trawl eBay for the odd Matchbox kit, and wonder why the Zero always seems to attract regular high prices...often in excess of £20. Nice little kit, but often fetching a lot more than the other aircraft in the same series. Does everyone have the H&C History of Matchbox kits book? Lovely little book! Best regards; Steve
  9. Can't help you with the identity, but it reminds me very much of Carkits in Southend on Sea... Best regards; Steve
  10. Used to have the album after hearing Spin Spin Sugar on John Peel's show. Seem to remember buying Mars Audiac Quintet by Sterolab the same day. Good album by Sneaker Pimps, but I lost it years ago and a replacement seems to cost an arm an a leg on Discogs! Talking of tunes popping into your head...this is my tune of the day... Best regards; Steve
  11. Homebee; Many thanks for the heads up on this kit! I've been waiting for a nice kit of the P.2 for a long time...this will nicely finish of a collection I've been building. Want to order two, but I've never dealt with FSC before...are they easy to order from? Best regards; Steve
  12. Today, I have mostly been spinning Howard Jones, The Call, Shriekback, Judie Tzuke and Flock of Seagulls. I think Flock of Seagulls got a raw deal just because of a silly hair style, because I actually think the first two albums are pretty decent. Best regards; Steve
  13. @lasermonkey I think we have the beginnings of a Gloy fan club here! Just think of the Anoraky conversations we could have in the pub! Funny, I ended up with loads of Medium Green myself, along with the Dark Earth for some reason. I think it was ex shop stock. I first discovered Gloy at my local model shop when I was 12. I used to buy mostly Airfix and Humbrol, but the shop had some dregs of old Gloy stock that he was selling off. Well, it was half the price of Humbrol, so I bought some. Used it to paint a 1/32 Revell Bf-109G I was building, and I was hooked. Loved the smell of the stuff! Trouble was back then, it was nigh on impossible to buy more as I think it had been discontinued for some time. I have little experience of Compucolour. I remember it being advertised in the pages of Aircraft Modelworld, but I was only 14, so didn't have the money to buy loads through mail order and it wasn't available locally. I do have some now, so must try it. As for exchanging colours...sounds like a plan! Best regards; Steve
  14. Agreed! And I'm seriously jealous of your Gloy stash! I have the same problem with Gloy RAF Dark Earth. 50 tins of that colour in trade boxes! Did you see that guy on eBay a few months back who was selling something like 600 tins of Gloy RNLI Orange? (That was the description...not sure if was actually a colour) Best regards; Steve
  15. In that case, give their first album a go. You won't be disappointed! I'm sure you'll know "My Best Friend's Girl" and "Just What I Needed". Personally, I really like track four "I'm In Touch With Your World"....Oh, the whole album is great!! As for Kraftwerk...just about to spin Computer World... Best regards; Steve