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  1. Kinetic catalogue 2018 - online

  2. Kinetic catalogue 2018 - online

    John has indicated he may do specific upgrade/conversion detail parts to provide either a true D or true B for the forthcoming Kinetic kit (whichever variant it is)
  3. Kinetic catalogue 2018 - online

    Most obvious is the undercarriage. There are other finer details, mostly panel lines It depends upon the base airframe used for the conversion Serial numbers 849 through 844 Cheetah D2 (ex Mirage IIID2Z) Serial numbers 858 through 862 Cheetah B (ex Nesher T) Serial numbers 839 through 841 Cheetah D (ex Mirage IIIDZ) although in general they were all called Cheetah D
  4. Kinetic catalogue 2018 - online

    But using a Cheetah B as illustration. Rumored about three months ago locally
  5. Kinetic catalogue 2018 - online

    I have heard from two sources a Cheetah B/D is in the offing. Easy to do from a Mirage IIID
  6. Heller 2018 online

    Heller paints = Humbrol. Acrylic or enamels? 72nd scale figures ex Airfix? also polyethylene or are they polystryrene?
  7. AFAIK ESCI only did the F100D. AMT/ERTL did release a F100F in 72nd scale though. There is/was a tie-up between the two companies so it could be based on the ESCI kit but my F100F does not look as crisp as the ESCI kit did. Maybe the soft plastic used by AMT/ERTL was the reason
  8. 1:72 revell P-38 F/G/H origin ?

    I do not remember the radiators either, will need to dig kits out of the stash. I do know I landed up buying a number of Airfix P38E/F's. Now there is a possibly a kit that Airfix could re-release.
  9. 1:72 revell P-38 F/G/H origin ?

    Those sprues are almost certainly from the 48th scale Hasegawa kit. ( I see gingerbob has identified source) As to the Revell 72nd scale kits They released the F4 (reconnaissance) version and a P-38J. For some reason my kits are mixed up the wrong way and the P38J has P38E/F/G/H style radiators and vice versa for the F4. The two (72nd scale) kits are very similar but has the appropriate differences as needed.
  10. So you are responsible for my wanting 4 Italeri kits (to add to my 2 Academy ones). Now I have more than enough Hunters for my needs. Somehow I doubt I need an Airfix Hunter now.
  11. They do seem to be accounting for the difference in canopies, The 3d seems to show the nightfighter version.
  12. you forget the 1/72 Wellington
  13. Nope the 72nd Defiant (2014) preceeded the 48th scale (2016) one. There was also a reports that Airfix could not just upscale the 72nd scale one but had to create neww masters etc due to differing requirements for detail and tooling.
  14. Liberator to Privateer - anyone done a conversion?

    New Nose, New tail, chnage engine cowlings orientation Might be easier to find this https://www.scalemates.com/kits/165366-cobra-company-le-02-pb4y-2-privateer
  15. Beaufighter picture - Mark/unit/date?

    Other aircraft (from 16 Squadron SAAF) are captioned as being in Dark Green and Ocean grey with Sky under sides. Take your pic Otehr aircraft photograph very dark, but that could just be a factor of the photograph. As to the aerial, yes it appears on at least one other 19 squadron aircraft. Code letter A , NV480, this is one of the darker (lower contrast) aircraft